43+ Protein Salads

Looking for protein salads that will actually fill you up? Here I’m sharing over 43 salad recipes featuring a variety of protein sources.

When people think of salads they often envision a simple bowl of greens or vegetables, a side dish or an appetizer, but salads can totally be filling (and satisfying) enough to be served as a meal!

That said, the key to this is making sure your salad has a good source of protein. Without adding some sort of protein, salads aren’t as filling so you’ll likely to eat a salad and be hungry 20 minutes later. Not great, especially if you’re trying to eat more salads for weight loss.

Not with the salad recipes I’m sharing today… every one of them is packed with protein. And with over 40 high protein salad recipes and a ton of different protein options, there’s bound to be a couple that you’ll enjoy no matter your dietary preferences.

Collage of four photos: tuna salad, avocado egg salad, Greek yogurt chicken salad and Greek chickpea salad.

I’m super passionate about salads and have a ton of salad resources here on EBF. After you look through this collection of protein salads, but sure to check out my article about how to build a meal-sized salad and my full collection of dinner salads (aka salads you can serve as a meal).

Tuna Salads

Tuna is such an easy way to add a ton of protein to a salad and you probably have a can sitting in your pantry right now! From a classic tuna salad to a tuna salad with lentils or hard boiled eggs, there are so many fun ways to make a tasty salad with tuna. Plus, it’s loaded with protein… 1 cup of canned tuna has about 40 grams of protein.

Tuna Salad

4.49 from 39 votes
The best healthy tuna salad recipe made with canned tuna, red onion, celery, chopped pickles and Greek yogurt. Perfect as a snack with crackers or on a sandwich.
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Tuna salad on an open face sandwich with lettuce.

Tuna Egg Salad

4.13 from 16 votes
This tuna salad with hard boiled eggs is packed with protein and extra creamy. It’s really easy to make and super healthy!
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Two tuna egg salad lettuce wraps on a plate.

Lentil Tuna Salad

4.64 from 11 votes
This lentil tuna salad combines beluga lentils with canned tuna, fresh veggies and a turmeric dressing. It’s absolutely delicious and perfect for summer cookouts and parties.
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Lentil tuna salad in a bowl with vegetables and a wooden spoon.

No Mayo Sweet Potato Tuna Salad

4.05 from 22 votes
With this sweet potato tuna salad recipe the sweet potatoes, hummus and mustard make the tuna salad so creamy you don’t need any mayo. Loaded with protein, gluten-free and dairy-free. 
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Close up photo of sweet potato tuna salad served on a bed of lettuce.

Egg Salads

Hard boiled eggs make a great protein addition to salads whether you’re making a full on egg salad (like the recipes listed here) or a Cobb salad. 1 large hard boiled egg has 6 grams of protein.

Healthy Egg Salad

4.72 from 7 votes
This healthy egg salad is made with Greek yogurt instead of mayo. It’s lighter in calories, but still packed with flavor. Perfect served with crackers or as a sandwich.
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A plate with a slice of bread topped with healthy egg salad.

Avocado Egg Salad

4.44 from 16 votes
This healthy avocado egg salad recipe uses mashed avocado in place of mayo. It’s creamy, flavorful and great served on salad, lettuce wraps or bread!
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Avocado egg salad on toast.

Curried Avocado Egg Salad

4.62 from 13 votes
Make healthy egg salad by replacing mayo with avocado and adding curry powder for a kick!
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A hand holding curried avocado egg salad in a sandwich that is cut in half..

Chicken Salads

Of course, chicken is a go-to protein source for salads and there are so many ways to incorporate it. I love a good chicken salad and have lots of healthier options that are just as tasty as the classic, mayo-based chicken salads. Grilled chicken also makes a great protein packed topping for any salad. 1 cup of cooked chicken has a whopping 38 grams of protein!

Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

4.49 from 39 votes
This healthy chicken salad recipe uses Greek yogurt instead of mayo so it’s lighter in calories, but still loaded with flavor from the grapes, celery, parsley and almonds.
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Bowl of chicken salad made with celery and grapes.

Curry Chicken Salad

4.35 from 44 votes
This curry chicken salad recipe with celery, onion and raisins is super flavorful and comes together fast using shredded chicken. It's an awesome salad to meal prep for lunches throughout the week. 
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Curry chicken salad on an open faced sandwich with sourdough bread. Bowl of cilantro in the background.

Blueberry, Corn and Chicken Salad

4.72 from 7 votes
The perfect summertime blueberry corn chicken salad with fresh blueberries, grilled corn, shredded chicken, roasted pecans and a maple balsamic dressing. 
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Two plates with blueberry corn chicken salad with a fork, cloth napkin and dressing on the side.

Chicken Waldorf Salad

4.88 from 16 votes
This healthy chicken Waldorf salad uses grilled chicken and a light dressing that blends mayo with Greek yogurt! Great for sandwiches, wraps and salads.
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Bowl of chicken waldorf salad made with chunks of grilled chicken, chopped apple, celery, onion, herbs, walnuts and a creamy dressing.

Pear Salad with Walnuts, Avocado and Grilled Chicken

4.42 from 17 votes
An easy pear salad with walnuts, avocado and grilled chicken. This combo makes for a satisfying meal-sized salad that’s perfect for pear season!
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Salad topped with pears, grilled chicken, turkey bacon, cranberries, goat cheese, walnuts, and avocado with a fork.

Crunchy Asian Chopped Salad

4 from 16 votes
This Asian chopped salad is loaded with fresh veggies and tossed with a creamy almond dressing. You’ll love the crunch and flavor! Dairy-free, gluten-free and low-carb.
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Asian chopped salad in a white bowl with chopped almonds on top.

BBQ Chicken Salad

3.68 from 37 votes
This BBQ chicken salad has so much flavor with grilled BBQ chicken, black beans, corn, avocado, crunchy tortilla chips and a drizzle of both BBQ sauce and ranch dressing.
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Bowl with bbq chicken salad. A fork is in the bowl and a napkin and glass of water are beside the bowl.

Almond Butter Chicken Salad

4.56 from 9 votes
This almond butter chicken salad skips the mayo and instead uses an almond butter and apple cider vinegar dressing!
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Almond butter chicken salad in lettuce cups.

Vegan Salads

When it comes to making a protein packed plant-based salad, there are so many protein options you can incorporate including crispy tofu, tempeh, edamame and beans. When it comes to bean salads, I love using chickpeas, white beans and lentils.

Vegan Cobb Salad

4.77 from 13 votes
A vegan Cobb salad recipe that gives you all of the delicious flavors of a traditional Cobb salad along with 19 grams of plant-based protein! Vegan, gluten-free and a perfect meal-sized salad.
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Vegan cobb salad with tempeh bacon and chickpeas in a white bowl with a gold fork.

Curried Chickpea Salad

4.59 from 31 votes
This curried chickpea salad is loaded with crunchy veggies and seasoned with traditional yellow curry. It makes for a filling lunch served over greens! Perfect for meal prep. 
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Bowl of curried chickpea salad made with chopped red onion, red pepper, cilantro, and dates, served over a bed of greens. Half a lime and gold fork also in the bowl.

Quinoa Chickpea Salad

4.11 from 29 votes
This healthy quinoa chickpea salad is loaded with veggies and makes a light and delicious lunch option that can be made ahead of time for easy lunches throughout the week. Great for meal prep!
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Quinoa chickpea salad in a large clear glass bowl with a gold spoon.

Greek Chickpea Salad

4.34 from 24 votes
This Greek chickpea salad is loaded with veggies, feta and fresh herbs, all tossed in a light vinaigrette. It’s such an easy and healthy side salad.
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Greek chickpea salad in a bowl with a serving spoon.

Sautéed Mediterranean Lentil Salad

4.34 from 27 votes
This Mediterranean lentil salad marries sautéed tomatoes, fresh basil and feta with steamed lentils for a hearty, flavorful vegetarian meal that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare!
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Plate with a bed of fresh spinach topped with a warm Mediterranean salad, topped with feta and avocado.

Roasted Cauliflower Lentil Salad

3.77 from 13 votes
This roasted cauliflower and lentil salad with tahini dressing is nutritious, filling, and works great as a light lunch or dinner. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Plate with roasted cauliflower lentil salad and a fork.

Vegan Chicken Salad

4.75 from 12 votes
Homestyle vegan chicken salad made with tofu, almonds, celery, onion and raisins tossed in a creamy vegan dressing. This salad is delicious, protein packed and great for sandwiches and wraps. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Overhead shot of Vegan Chicken Salad made with tofu, celery, almonds and raisins in a white bowl on white countertop.

Soba Noodle Salad

4.58 from 14 votes
This soba noodle salad with edamame and spicy miso sauce is packed with plant-based protein, colorful veggies and savory flavor. Enjoy hot or cold!
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Bowl of soba noodle salad, with red pepper, broccoli, edamame, and purple cabbage, and topped with sesame seeds.

“Cheeseburger” Salad with Special Sauce

4.70 from 10 votes
OMG! This “Cheeseburger” Salad with Special Sauce is reminiscent of a Big Mac, but so much better. It’s totally plant-based and made with lentil walnut burger meat and a cashew cream sauce. 
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Vegan cheeseburger salad, dressing drizzled on top, on a plate with fork and neutral napkin.

Curried Tempeh Salad

4.50 from 8 votes
This flavorful and filling curried tempeh salad is perfect for making a hearty sandwich, adding to a wrap or serving over crisp greens. Vegan and gluten-free.
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Curried tempeh salad in a serving bowl next to two plates with the salad on bread.

Blackened Tempeh Salad

4.67 from 3 votes
Plant-powered blackened tempeh salad with fresh romaine, quinoa, red onion, bell pepper, avocado and a creamy orange tahini dressing.
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Salad topped with blackened tempeh, tahini dressing, peppers, onions, avocado and quinoa.

Detox Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing

5 from 3 votes
Craving a light and fresh lunch? This packable crunchy detox salad is loaded with nourishing veggies and perfect for traveling or an office lunch. Vegan + gluten-free.
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To go container with kale salad, edamame, apples, almonds, purple cabbage and slices of avocado.

Asian Edamame Salad

5 from 1 vote
This Asian-inspired edamame salad is crunchy, colorful and loaded with cabbage, carrots and peppers. Everything is tossed in a delicious ginger-miso dressing.
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Asian edamame salad with a green bowl with a colorful spoon.

Roasted Vegetable Salad

4.64 from 19 votes
This roasted vegetable salad features Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and cauliflower with a zesty horseradish dressing.
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Bowl with roasted vegetable salad with kale and beans.

Shrimp Salads

Because shrimp cooks so quickly, it makes for an easy protein addition to salads. 12 shrimp have about 20 grams of protein.

Shrimp Salad

4.80 from 5 votes
This easy shrimp salad is bright and flavorful with red onion and fresh dill. Serve it up over a bed of lettuce or in lettuce wraps for a light meal.
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Shrimp salad served on lettuce cups. Lettuce cups are on a serving platter.

Grilled Shrimp Salad

4.13 from 8 votes
Grilled shrimp salad with quinoa, broccoli and roasted asparagus! Prepare everything ahead of time and throw it into a bowl for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.
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Overhead photo of a bowl of grilled shrimp salad.

Hearts of Palm Salad with Shrimp

A protein packed hearts of palm avocado salad with grilled shrimp, cilantro and tomatillo avocado dressing. Light, fresh and perfect for summer!
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Salad in a bowl with shrimp, avocado, hearts of palm, tomatoes, and onion.

Caesar Salad with Shrimp

5 from 2 votes
This caesar salad with shrimp is topped with sweet potato croutons, avocado, parmesan cheese and a creamy avocado caesar dressing.
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Kale caesar salad topped with grilled shrimp, avocado, sweet potatoes and parmesan cheese shavings in a white bowl.

Salmon Salads

Salmon is one of my favorite ways to boost the protein content of my salads. It’s so delicious and the combo of protein and fat really makes it really satisfying. A 6 oz filet of salmon has 32 grams of protein.

Superfood Salmon Salad

4.89 from 26 votes
This salmon salad is loaded with roasted sweet potato croutons, avocado, pickled onions and dressed in a light lemon vinaigrette! It’s an easy go-to meal you’ll love having as part of your weekly rotation.
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A plate of superfood salad topped with a filet of salmon topped with quick pickled onions, sweet potato croutons and a lemon vinaigrette.

Mediterranean Salmon Salad

4.47 from 26 votes
This healthy Mediterranean salmon salad combines romaine lettuce, quinoa, tomatoes, red onion and feta cheese all tossed in a light lemon vinaigrette dressing and topped with a salmon filet. It's perfect for lunch or a light dinner.
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A serving platter with mediterranean salad topped with two filets of salmon.

Grilled Salmon Salad

4.65 from 17 votes
The ultimate summer salad with lightly marinated grilled salmon, sliced peaches, tomatoes and grilled sweet corn. The flavors pair together to make a fresh and flavorful entree sized salad.
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Salad topped with grilled salmon, corn, basil, peaches, and tomatoes.

Turkey Salads

Turkey seems to be less popular as a protein source for salads, but both shredded turkey and ground turkey are great ways to add protein to salads. 1 cup of cooked turkey has 41 grams of protein.

Leftover Turkey Salad

4 from 11 votes
This lightened-up turkey salad with celery, onion, dried cranberries and almonds is the perfect recipe to make with leftover turkey.
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Bowl full of turkey salad topped with fresh dill and chopped almonds.

Healthy Taco Salad

4.08 from 40 votes
This healthy taco salad is made with ground turkey taco meat instead of beef and is packed with veggies. It comes together quickly making it perfect for a weeknight meal.
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This healthy taco salad is made with ground turkey taco meat instead of beef and is packed with veggies. It comes together quickly making it perfect for a weeknight meal.

Cheeseburger Salad

3.87 from 30 votes
Enjoy all the flavor of a delicious burger, but make it low carb with a cheeseburger salad that's loaded with veggies and topped with a honey mustard dressing.
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Cheeseburger salad with avocado, red onion, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, ground turkey and pickles.

Mason Jar Salads

Mason jar salads are the perfect way to meal prep protein salads and there are so many options to choose from.

Strawberry Spinach Mason Jar Salad

4.42 from 12 votes
This spinach mason jar salad features grilled chicken, strawberries and a citrus poppy seed dressing. Layer all of the ingredients into a mason jar for a healthy, portable lunch!
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Four mason jars filled with a strawberry spinach chicken salad.

Black Bean Fiesta Mason Jar Salad

4.42 from 12 votes
This black bean fiesta mason jar salad makes for a colorful, convenient meal that will satisfy your craving for Mexican food! The lime jalapeño dressing is zesty and really ties the whole salad together.
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Layers of black bean fiesta mason jar salad, in two jars.

Nicoise Mason Jar Salad

5 from 2 votes
This Nicoise mason jar salad combines fresh veggies, canned tuna, potatoes and hard boiled egg with a lemon vinaigrette. It's flavorful, loaded with protein and is perfect for meal prep!
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A mason jar containing layers of Nicoise salad ingredients.

Chicken Avocado Club Mason Jar Salad

3.78 from 18 votes
This chicken avocado club mason jar salad combines chicken, turkey bacon, blue cheese and avocado. It's filling, loaded with flavor and perfect for meal prep. Low carb + gluten-free. 
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More Collections To Check Out

Check out all of the salad recipes here on EBF!

43 Protein Salads + Easy Protein Packed Salad

5 from 3 votes
43 protein packed salads + a vegan cobb salad with chickpeas and tempeh bacon that has 19 grams of plant-based protein!
Vegan cobb salad with tempeh bacon and chickpeas in a white bowl with a gold fork.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4


  • 12 cups chopped romaine lettuce
  • 2 15 oz cans chickpeas
  • 1 cup grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 large cucumber, sliced or chopped
  • 1 cup grated carrots
  • ½ cup thawed frozen corn
  • ½ cup diced red onion, chopped
  • 6 slices cooked tempeh bacon, sliced
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • ½ cup dairy-free cheese, optional
  • Fresh dill, optional

Red Wine Vinaigrette:

  • cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil


  • Make the dressing by whisking together all the ingredients in a small bowl or glass jar.
  • Cook tempeh bacon.
  • Add romaine to a bowl and arrange equal portions of chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, corn, red onion, tempeh bacon and cheese (if using) on top of the greens.
  • Just before serving, top salad with avocado and 2-3 Tablespoons of the red wine vinaigrette or your favorite dressing. Garnish with fresh dill, if using.


Serving: 1salad w/ out cheese + dressing Calories: 385kcal Carbohydrates: 54g Protein: 19g Fat: 11g Saturated Fat: 1g Sodium: 953mg Fiber: 20g Sugar: 6g
Course: Salad
Cuisine: American
Keyword: protein salad


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