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Yes, you can eat salad for breakfast! These healthy breakfast salads show you how easy (and delicious) eating salad for breakfast can be!

There’s something to be said for starting your day with a veggie packed meal. It not only gives your body a host of nutrients, fiber and energy, but it sets you up to crave healthy things the rest of the day!

I’ve always loved salads but it wasn’t until 2017 that I fully embraced my salad obsession and am no longer shy about it. I’ve hosted several salad challenges and am working on a salad ebook for you all! It’s been so fun sharing the #saladeveryday movement and getting folks excited about eating salads again!

Why Salad for Breakfast?

Most people think of salad as a lunch or dinner food, but I’m here to spread the word that salads can be for breakfast too! Breakfast salads are such an easy way to load up on fresh vegetables (and/or fruit). You can toss them together pretty quickly and they’re light and fresh while still being filling. As long as you have a good source of protein and some healthy fats on there, the salad will keep you full until your next meal without weighing you down. And if you haven’t ever had a fried or poach egg on top of a salad you’re seriously missing out. It’s absolutely delicious!

Breakfast Salad Recipes

Ready for some breakfast salad ideas to add to your morning routine? Just scroll down and feast your eyes on this epic salad roundup!

A breakfast salad bowl topped with eggs and avocado.
4.78 from 18 votes

Easy Breakfast Salad

A simple, delicious breakfast salad with sautéed greens, roasted veggies and two fried eggs! You'll feel so good after starting your day with this combo of protein, healthy fat and veggies.
View Easy Breakfast Salad
A blueberry breakfast salad with eggs and fresh greens in a bowl.
4.75 from 12 votes

Blueberry Breakfast Salad

This sweet and savory blueberry breakfast salad combines scrambled eggs with fresh blueberries and pistachios served over a bed of greens. It's hearty, delicious and the perfect way to start your day!
View Blueberry Breakfast Salad
Arugula with artichoke, sardines, and over easy eggs in a white bowl on a wicker mat.
4.41 from 5 votes

Sardine Breakfast Salad

A quick and easy protein-packed paleo breakfast with sardines, artichokes and eggs, baked and served over fresh arugula.
View Sardine Breakfast Salad
Fall breakfast salad in a bowl with apples, avocado, squash, onion, and walnuts on greens.
5 from 8 votes

Fall Harvest Breakfast Salad

A festive fall breakfast salad with cinnamon roasted butternut squash, apple slices, avocado, red onion, walnuts, hemp seeds and an egg!
View Fall Harvest Breakfast Salad
White bowl with fruit salad including strawberries, pineapple, melon, apples and mint.
4.75 from 4 votes

Fruit Salad with Mint

This colorful fruit salad with berries and melon is lightly sweetened with maple syrup and topped with fresh mint. 
View Fruit Salad with Mint
Overhead shot of Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowls with chopped fresh fruit, served in white bowls on wood table and glass of milk.
4.60 from 5 votes

Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Serve quinoa for breakfast with this warm cinnamon quinoa breakfast bowl. Loaded with fresh fruit, cacao nibs and a maple syrup drizzle, this bowl is the perfect start to your day.
View Cinnamon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Bowl of fruit salad with strawberries, clementines, kiwi, grapes, blueberries and pineapple. Fruit salad is topped with lime zest.
4.62 from 18 votes

Easy Fruit Salad

This colorful fruit salad combines ripe strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kiwi, pineapple chunks and mandarin oranges with a hint of lime.
View Easy Fruit Salad
Poached Egg & Avocado Salad from Jar of Lemons

Poached Egg & Avocado Salad from Jar of Lemons – Honestly I would eat this at any time of the day! It looks like a grain bowl with an egg on top… which you know I’m all about!

Nourishing Paleo Warm Breakfast Salad from Cotter Crunch

Nourishing Paleo Warm Breakfast Salad from Cotter Crunch – Create a healthy warm paleo morning meal with lightly cooked broccoli cole slaw, onion, and butternut squash topped with seasonal fruit and a protein rich fried egg!

Vegan Savory Breakfast Salad from Minimalist Baker

Vegan Savory Breakfast Salad from Minimalist Baker – This looks like a staple breakfast recipe I need to incorporate on the regular. Hearty vegetables, refreshing ingredients and vegan? Sold.

4-Ingredient Seaside Paleo Breakfast Salad – A quick and simple low-carb, paleo breakfast salad with sardines, artichokes and eggs, baked and served over fresh arugula.

Blueberry Eggs Breakfast Salad – Add blueberries to your egg scramble and serve over fresh baby greens for a sweet and savory blueberry breakfast salad that’s nourishing and hearty.

Breakfast BLT Salad from Skinnytaste

Breakfast BLT Salad from Skinnytaste – This Breakfast BLT Salad can be eaten anytime of the day really, but eggs and bacon served over this simple massaged kale salad with avocado and tomatoes is a delicious, savory, healthy breakfast idea.

Balanced Breakfast Salad from Fresh Planet Flavor

Balanced Breakfast Salad from Fresh Planet Flavor – This standard breakfast salad is the perfect place to start if you’re new to breakfast salads! Swap in your favorite greens and veggies and make it your own.

Mediterranean Breakfast Salad from Camille Styles

Mediterranean Breakfast Salad from Camille Styles – The soft boiled eggs alone make me want to make this recipe! It looks so refreshing and filled with flavor and nutrients.

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl from A Thought For Food

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl from A Thought For Food – Add extra protein with the smoked salmon in this bowl. I love the difference of temperatures in this bowl and I always love the added herbs!

Have you ever had a salad for breakfast? If not, doesn’t this post make you want to try it tomorrow? 🙂 

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  1. Thanks for writing this article and sharing recipes. I recently started eating salad for breakfast when a local Publix Greenwise opened. They have a small salad bar with delicious healthy selections priced per pound. I can go every day and get a fresh salad fir around $6. I generally have half fir breakfast with a small croissant and coffee. Then the other half for like nch/dinner with some protein. Think it’s a pretty healthy way to eat❣️❤️

  2. I have been craving breakfast salads and I feel like I hit the jackpot with all these beautiful recipes. I bookmarked this page – Thank you!!

  3. Mmmmm all of these look so delicious and I could definitley get on board with eating a salad for breakfast! I ate a salad/rice bowl at a restuarant called Sqirl while visiting in LA and it was AMAZING, I need to try to recreate it.

  4. I’m always looking for ways to sneak in as many greens as possible! The fried egg on top looks absolutely delightful!