Coffee Talk + Upcoming Fun


Well hello! I haven’t done a life update in a quite a while so I thought I’d do  a coffee talk style post where I share the things I’d chat with you about if we were actually having coffee together. <– I got the idea from Kristen of Dine and Dish who does a fun […]

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Tropical Overnight Oats


Tropical overnight oats are a healthy, portable breakfast with a taste of the tropics. Enjoy the unique combo of oats with creamy banana, sweet pineapple, delicious mango and toasted coconut. My love for overnight oats is still going strong and I’m figuring most of you are right there with me! I shared my Strawberry Shortcake Overnight […]

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3 Ingredient Homemade Almond Crackers


A recipe for homemade almond crackers with 3 simple ingredients — almond flour, ground flaxseed and sea salt. Rich, buttery, crunchy, gluten-free, vegan and perfect for dipping into hummus! Working from home has its benefits (hello, wearing yoga pants 24/7), but there are some downsides as well. Being alone all day and feeling kind of […]

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10 Healthy Asparagus Recipes for Spring


When I find myself getting caught in spontaneous rain showers, enjoying late-evening sunsets and waking up to a dusting of pale yellow pollen all over my car in the morning — that’s when I know it’s spring! Not only do I get spring fever to go outside (hello working on my patio!) and start exploring new trails to […]

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Quinoa Tabbouleh


A fresh, healthy and incredibly easy quinoa tabbouleh recipe. Bulgur wheat is replaced with quinoa so the salad is naturally gluten-free and packed with protein.  Do you like tabbouleh? Yeah? Me too! It’s delicious and such an easy recipe to play around with. I actually already have a grain-free cauliflower tabbouleh recipe posted, but today I’m sharing another […]

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Portland Vibes


I spent the weekend in Portland and didn’t experience a single rain drop, yet I come home to dreary skies and rain here in Richmond. It’s funny how that works! Anyhow, I want to share a bit about my trip to Portland for those of you interested. I had a couple reasons for going 1. […]

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