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Charlotte, NC for the Weekend

We’re home after a lovely little weekend getaway in North Carolina! We had this trip to Charlotte planned for a couple months, but just last week Isaac found out that he needed to drive the Reverie Distribution truck down to Charlotte as well. It was pretty convenient timing and allowed us to combine business with pleasure and extend the trip a bit. We drove down on Thursday, spent one night at a hotel downtown and then headed to Julie and Ryan’s house for a couple nights. Alyssa and Alex met us there so it was a fun group.

Thursday night we arrived at The Westin only to find out that Trump was hosting a private dinner party on the 2nd floor and having a rally across the street at the convention center. What are the odds?!? Luckily, we got out of the hotel for dinner pretty early so we missed out on much of the commotion.

We ate at Halcyon Flavors From the Earth, a farm-to-table spot located within the Mint Museum Uptown. We weren’t ravenous so we each got a drink and shared a few small plates. The small plates were actually pretty large (woot!) so we felt perfectly full upon leaving. I loved everything we ordered, but the kale salad was my absolute favorite. I’m already thinking of recreating it.

Halcyon Charlotte

Baba Ganoush

Halcyon Charlotte

Ceviche made with scallops, yellowtail and gulf shrimp. <— This was some of the best ceviche!

Halcyon Charlotte

Kale salad with roasted cauliflower, farro, kale, almonds, golden raisins and tahini dressing. <— Amazing!

Halcyon Charlotte

Scallop and pork belly with local mushrooms, roasted green onion and spicy aioli. <— Both the pork belly and the scallops were cooked to perfection!

After dinner we tried to grab a treat at Amélie’s but the line was cray so we hit up two local breweries, Free Range Brewing and Heist, before calling it a night.

Public Market Breakfast

The next morning we walked over to Not Just Coffee, realized it was inside the 7th Street Public Market and decided to stay there for breakfast. The Public Market is such a cool spot with over a dozen different shops where you can find everything from coffee, raw juices and acai bowls to cheese, beer and locally made goodies. I ended up with an acai bowl from Rico’s Acai and a cold brew coffee. Isaac sipped a cortado while eating a biscuit and a muffin from Local Loaf. Thanks for the recommendation, Taralynn. 🙂

Not Just Coffee Charlotte

I’m still cutting back on my caffeine intake, but I love trying local coffee shops when we travel so I’ve indulged a bit recently.

Public Market NC

After breakfast I headed to Okra for a yoga class. The class was called Chillax Yoga Flow and it was just what I needed — lots of restorative, stretching poses combined with a little flow.

Okra Yoga NC

I loved the class and would totally go back on the regular if I lived in Charlotte.

Okra Yoga

I mean, just check out the studio vibe. It’s seriously adorable.

Okra Yoga Charlotte

Post yoga I went back to the hotel for a quick shower. We checked out and made our way back to Free Range Brewing to hang out for a bit while waiting for the truck.

Free Range Brewery

Luckily friends are easy to make in the beer world! The guys at Free Range, Jeff and Jason, were the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet and total lifesavers. They let me and Isaac hang out for the afternoon and use their space to get a little work done.

Strawberry Frosé

Say hello to your new favorite summer cocktail! Strawberry Frosé, aka frozen rosé, made with 5 ingredients, no refined sugar and only 200 calories per drink.

A few weeks ago one of my best girlfriends, Britt, moved away to Wisconsin. Her parents live in Richmond so I know she’ll be back to visit often, but it was still such a bummer to see her go. We made the most of her last full weekend in town by doing an all-day (9:30AM to 11:00PM) Richmond adventure. Nothing was planned out — we just went from one thing to another as we pleased and it ended up being one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

There were quite a few highlights including a little shopping at the SOTJ Farmers Market, walking the Pipelne, having lunch at Union Market and sipping frosé at Kabana Rooftop. After walking about six miles we totally needed something cold, icy and refreshing!

Rosé Ice Cubes

I’ll be the first to admit that I LOOVE frozen drinks, but I rarely order them because they’re usually made with mixes, filled with sugar and who knows what else.

Luckily frozen cocktails are super easy to make yourself… it’s like making a smoothie with a little alcohol instead of protein powder. 😉 Seriously though, whenever we go on a beach vacay I always make frozen drinks. I call them my concoctions. This skinny pina colada is one of my favs and if you invite me on a beach vacay with you I’ll make you all the skinny pina coladas you could ever want.

Broadbent Vinho Verde Rosé

Okay, back to the frosé at Kabana!! It was a special treat and sooo good. Both Britt and I fell in love. We ordered two each and then took copious selfies with the rooftop sunset. It was fun.

And now, I want to drink nothing but frosé for the rest of the summer.

Frosé Ingredients in the Blender

Luckily, the folks at Kabana mentioned what goes into their mixture and I was able to come up with a homemade frosé recipe that’s pretty similar using Broadbent Rosé. I actually haven’t had this rosé on it’s own, but I love Broadbent’s regular Vinho Verde so I knew it’d be good!

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