These pumpkin protein bars are vegan, gluten-free and oil-free. They’re perfect for munching on before or after your workout or as a grab-and-go breakfast. Each bar has less than 60 calories, 5 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar!

I have another pumpkin recipe for ya (shocker, I know!). With oats and protein powder as the base, these bars are gluten-free and vegan as long as you use vegan protein powder. They’re also oil-free and low in sugar! The entire batch is sweetened with just 1/4 cup of maple syrup and a few dairy-free dark chocolate chips on top, because chocolate makes everything better, am I right?!

These bars have the perfect amount of pumpkin pie flavor and a good protein to carb ratio — perfect for munching on before or after your workout or as a grab-and-go breakfast bar. I hope you love these bars as much as I do. Seriously, they are so good!

Pumpkin Protein Bars in a clear baking dish on a woven place setting.


Ingredients + Substitutions:

  • rolled or quick oats – oats are naturally gluten-free but are often cross-contaminated during processing. If you need these bars to be gluten-free, make sure you look for oats that say “gluten-free” on the package!
  • vanilla protein powder – You can use your favorite protein powder, but if you want to keep these bars vegan, make sure you use vegan protein powder. If you’re not a protein powder fan, I recommend making these healthy pumpkin bars instead. 
  • baking powder + baking soda
  • salt
  • pumpkin pie spice – use store-bought pumpkin pie spice or make your own.
  • maple syrup – feel free to sub in your favorite liquid sweetener like honey, agave or stevia.
  • pumpkin puree – either canned pumpkin or homemade pumpkin puree works. If you’re using store-bought, make sure you pick up canned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling.
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk – I like to use unsweetened so I can control the amount of sweetness I add to the recipe. If you don’t have almond milk, feel free to use your favorite milk instead.
  • chocolate chips – I like dark chocolate chips, but any type of chocolate chip works. For a low-sugar version, use Lily’s Sweet stevia-sweetened chocolate chips (semi-sweet or dark chocolate). For a vegan version, use Enjoy Life’s dairy-free chocolate chips.

Pumpkin bars cut in squares scattered on the woven place setting. Clear baking dish with some bars in the upper right corner of the picture.

How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Protein Bars:

Start by mixing together your dry ingredients: oats, protein powder, pumpkin pie spice, baking soda, baking powder and salt.

In a separate large bowl, mix together your wet ingredients: maple syrup, pumpkin puree, and unsweetened almond milk.

Stir the dry ingredients into the wet until just combined.

Pour the batter evenly into a prepared dish with parchment paper or oil and sprinkle a few dark chocolate chips on top. Bake in a preheated oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let the bars cool completely before attempting to remove from the dish. Once cooled, cut and enjoy!

Hand holding one square pumpkin bar. Two small pumpkins out of focus in the background.

Storing Pumpkin Protein Bars

After letting your bars cool completely, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week. They can be stored at room temp for up to three days, but they do keep best if stored in the fridge. You can also store them in the freezer for up to three months!

Pumpkin Protein Bars stacked on a marble countertop. Two small pumpkins out of focus in the background.

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If you make these pumpkin protein bars be sure to leave a comment and star rating below letting us know how they turned out. Your feedback is so helpful for the EBF team and our readers!

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Pumpkin Protein Bars (Vegan + Gluten Free)

  • Author: Brittany Mullins
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins
  • Yield: 16
  • Diet: Vegan


These pumpkin protein bars are vegan, gluten-free and oil-free. They’re perfect for munching on before or after your workout or as a grab-and-go breakfast. Each bar has less than 60 calories, 5 grams of protein and only 4 grams of sugar!


  • 1 cup rolled or quick oats (certified gluten-free, if needed)
  • 1 cup vanilla protein powder (vegan, if needed)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 Tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin
  • ½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or other non-dairy milk)
  • 12 Tablespoons dairy-free chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray a 8×8 baking dish with non-stick spray or line with parchment paper.
  2. Stir together the dry ingredients including oats, protein powder, baking powder, baking soda, salt and pumpkin pie spice. In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients including the maple syrup, pumpkin and almond milk.
  3. Gently stir the dry mixture into the wet ingredients and stir until well combined.
  4. Spread batter evenly into the prepared dish, sprinkle on a few dark chocolate chips and bake for about 20 minutes or until a toothpick come out clean.
  5. Bars keep best if stored in the refrigerator.
  • Category: Breakfast/Snack
  • Method: Bake
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1 bar
  • Calories: 56
  • Sugar: 4g
  • Fat: 1g
  • Carbohydrates: 7g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Protein: 5g

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Recipe rating

    1. K.A.
      February 22, 2021 AT 1:53 pm

      Made these as part of my week’s meal prep. They’re super easy, tasty, and healthy. I’ve been eating them topped with strawberry chia jam and a drizzle of peanut butter. Great snack!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        February 22, 2021 AT 9:45 pm

        So pumped you loved these bars!! Thanks for the review, I so appreciate it!

    2. Missyf
      January 17, 2021 AT 1:18 pm

      Delicious! I made these for hubby’s food prep, but they are so good he’ll have to share. Mine were a little “wet” so I just added another scoop of protein powder and viola! Thanks for a great recipe.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        January 17, 2021 AT 6:40 pm

        Woo!! So glad these bars turned out for you. Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it. 🙂

    3. Melanie
      November 23, 2020 AT 4:46 pm

      Great recipe! Made them for my daughter and I. I traded out some of the protein powder for a small amount of coconut flour and added a little extra almond milk. I will definitely make these again!!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        November 23, 2020 AT 10:36 pm

        So glad you enjoyed these bars, Melanie! And good to know that using some coconut flour worked as a sub for some of the protein powder.

    4. Colleen
      November 2, 2020 AT 5:18 pm

      I made this today and I think a bit more spice would be better, you could then taste more spice flavor

      1. Brittany Mullins
        November 2, 2020 AT 10:21 pm

        Thanks for the feedback, Colleen. You can definitely adjust the spices and seasonings based on your personal preference.

    5. Maxwell
      January 15, 2020 AT 3:16 am

      Vegan pumpkin protein bars with pumpkin flavor, a hint of sweetness and a good protein to carb ratio — perfect for before or after a workout. Or as a grab-and-go breakfast bar.

    6. Zukhra Gallant
      January 12, 2020 AT 11:35 am

      I love this recipe! I have a question about nutritional value. How many grams or ounces does one protein bar have? I want to measure it exactly so I consume exactly 56 calories and the recipe doesnt say how big one bar is.

    7. Mary
      November 5, 2019 AT 10:15 am

      Hi! What would you recommend as a sub for oats? Sadly I need to eliminate grains from my diet and this looks amazing!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        November 5, 2019 AT 6:16 pm

        Hey Mary! I haven’t tried making this recipe with anything other than oats, but it will probably work just fine to swap the oats for AP flour or AP gluten-free flour. I’m just not sure how they’ll turn out since I haven’t tried it yet. Another option would be to make these other pumpkin bars of mine. They don’t have oats in them. Definitely let me know if you end up making them with the flour instead of oats and how they turn out! 🙂

      2. Brittany Mullins
        November 5, 2019 AT 6:14 pm

        Hey Mary! I haven’t tried this recipe with anything except oats, but you could probably swap the oats out for AP or AP gluten-free flour.

    8. waverly
      November 3, 2019 AT 6:40 pm

      Made this tonight after doing a google search for protein powder pumpkin bread. I had whey protein powder and white sugar on hand so I used those and it was still very very good. I had to bake it for closer to 40 minutes. I would describe the texture as very dense bread, and is perfect for on-the-go breakfast this week. thanks for posting your recipe, its a keeper!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        November 4, 2019 AT 1:11 pm

        I’m so glad that you found and tried this recipe. And happy to hear that it turned out well for you with the whey protein powder and white sugar. Thank you so much for coming back to leave a comment and star rating, Waverly. It means the world to me. <3

    9. Sarah
      October 27, 2019 AT 3:26 pm

      For those of us who don’t like chocolate or maple syrup, how might we use banana as a substitute?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 27, 2019 AT 4:31 pm

        Hi Sarah! I haven’t tried using banana to sweeten these protein bars. The chocolate can easily be left out as it’s not necessary for the recipe, just an add-in. Maybe try raisins instead. If you don’t like maple syrup you can easily sub it for another liquid sweetener like honey or agave. You could certainly try replacing the 1/4 cup of maple syrup with 1/4 cup of mashed banana, but it definitely won’t be as sweet and I’m not sure how it will affect the texture of the bars. Let me know if you decide to experiment.

    10. maya
      October 20, 2019 AT 7:49 am

      could you make these as muffins?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 20, 2019 AT 4:43 pm

        I’m pretty sure that they will work as muffins, I’m just not sure how you should adjust the baking time because I haven’t tired them as muffins (yet). Let me know how they turn out if you decide to try it.

    11. Caitlin
      October 13, 2019 AT 8:52 am

      If you only have unflavored protein powder, do you think adding some vanilla extract would work as a substitute?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 13, 2019 AT 10:10 am

        Hi Caitlin. I think adding vanilla is a great idea. You might also want to add a little more maple syrup (maybe 1-2 Tablespoons more) because most vanilla protein are sweetened.

    12. Megan Littlejohn
      October 2, 2019 AT 5:26 am

      This may be my new favorite recipe! I just made these and I can’t wait to make it again and play with the recipe more.
      I did modify it slightly. I always do. I used whey protein, a mix of fresh baked and pureed 3/4 cup pie pumpkin and 1/4 sweet dumpling squash. Molasses (equal amount) instead of syrup and a splash of maple extract.
      I wanted to see how it would cook as a mug cake so i popped a little batter in a mug and microwaved it. So good, but it did flatten a bit.
      I can hardly wait to try this as a waffle batter! I bet it will make some lovely crisp, fluffy waffles.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 3, 2019 AT 9:35 am

        Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and star rating, Megan. I so appreciate it and I love how much you experimented with the recipe. I can’t wait to hear how the batter works as waffles. You’ll have to let me know when you try that.

    13. Julie De Silveira
      August 16, 2019 AT 12:19 am

      I love your website and am always looking for gluten free recipes. With this recipe, can I replace the protein powder with something else. I am not a fan of the taste of protein powder. Thanks!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        August 16, 2019 AT 10:54 am

        I haven’t ever tested the recipe with something to replace the protein powder. I think using 1 cup of oat flour to replace the protein powder should work, but I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure they will turn out the same. One option would be to try these pumpkin bars instead. You’d need to use oat flour or gluten-free flour instead of the whole wheat pastry flour. 🙂

    14. Catherine
      October 9, 2018 AT 12:33 pm

      Just made these and they’re soo good my fam loves them! Question: are you supposed to store them in the fridge after baking?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 9, 2018 AT 5:53 pm

        You don’t necessarily have to store them in the fridge but I like to and they will last longer stored in fridge. So glad you are enjoying them!

    15. Alli
      August 13, 2018 AT 8:23 pm

      I made this with orange juice instead of milk—turned out great!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        August 14, 2018 AT 9:16 am

        Oh! I love the idea of using orange juice instead of milk! So glad you liked the bars. 🙂

    16. Lauren C
      October 8, 2017 AT 10:29 am

      What size can of pumpkin do you use?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 9, 2017 AT 9:52 am

        Hi Lauren. 15 oz can, but you only need 1 cup of the canned pumpkin! 🙂

    17. Sadie
      October 6, 2017 AT 2:53 pm

      These are delicious! Just made them today. What kind of camera do you use to take pictures of your work? The pictures turned out beautifully!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 7, 2017 AT 2:44 pm

        Hi Sadie! Aww thank you for the sweet comment. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the bars. I use a Canon 7D for my food photography.

    18. Seekingpenury
      September 22, 2017 AT 9:42 am

      Wow! I am excited to try this one! Can you please tell me what plant-based protein powder you use to NOT get green results? My powder leaves me endlessly green results with recipes.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 2, 2017 AT 10:52 am

        Any plant-based protein powder that doesn’t have sunflower seeds. I like Sunwarrior or the Tone It Up protein powder.

    19. Jamie
      May 10, 2017 AT 10:33 am

      Not sure if I clicked post comment, but I was wondering how would sub the rolled oats for steel cut oats processed into flour? Would you still do 1:1?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        May 12, 2017 AT 5:12 pm

        Hi Jamie. Yeah, I think that should work although I haven’t tried the recipe with steel cut oats. Let me know how they turn out.

    20. Ariel
      May 4, 2017 AT 4:55 pm

      Hi I just made them and I love them!!now I used Vega Vanilla sport protein and I got 18 bars. I followed your recipe to a T. I was wondering if the nutrition would still be the same if i used Vega protein? Which protein powder did you use?

      Thank you for the amazing recipe

      1. Brittany Mullins
        May 5, 2017 AT 2:43 pm

        Hi Ariel. I’m so glad you like the Pumpkin Protein Bars. I bet the nutrition facts are pretty similar with the Vega Vanilla sport protein, but you could also put all the ingredients into the myfitnesspal nutrition calculator if you’re interested in the specific stats.

    21. Jamie
      March 22, 2017 AT 8:26 am

      How do you weigh/measure the protein powder?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        March 22, 2017 AT 8:32 am

        Just use a standard measuring cup. You’ll need 1 cup.

    22. Kelley
      September 19, 2016 AT 5:09 pm

      I made this today and have to admit, I tweaked the recipe in my endless quest to pack a little more nutrition in. I added a handful of walnuts, a handful of unsweetened coconut flakes and omitted the syrup as my protein powder is presweetened. I also used cow’s milk because I was out of almond milk but couldn’t wait to try your recipe! I loved it although I could see where some might also need the syrup. It was also a little spongey in texture, probably because of all my adjustments and honestly I didn’t mind. Maybe a quick toasting right before I hand them over to the fam….

    23. Caitie
      May 3, 2016 AT 4:43 pm

      I just made these and they are delicious! I have a friend that wants to try, but isn’t a fan of using protein powder. Do you like a gluten-free flour (coconut, almond, etc.) could substitute well? Thanks!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        May 3, 2016 AT 10:11 pm

        Hi Caitie. I’m so glad you like the recipe. 🙂 I haven’t tried them with any other flours, but I’m thinking that almond flour or even oat flour would work well. I’m not sure about coconut flour since they’re aren’t any eggs. Let me know if your friend does decide to test out using a flour instead of protein powder. I’d love to know how they turn out.

    24. Renee
      January 30, 2016 AT 9:55 am

      Could you freeze these after cooking?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        January 30, 2016 AT 10:36 pm

        Yes, they freeze well. 🙂

    25. Tawar
      November 3, 2015 AT 8:01 pm

      I’m curious to know – has anyone tried this with chocolate protein powder?

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