Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup

This slow cooker chicken fajita soup is a comforting and healthy meal that’s packed with flavor and a hint of spice. The best part? You can make this soup in your slow cooker or the Instant Pot.

Do you know what makes me incredibly happy? Getting done with work for the day only to realize that dinner has finished cooking and is ready to serve. That’s why I LOVE slow-cooker meals! Most have very little prep work involved — you literally put everything in, turn the slow cooker on and let it work its magic.

This recipe does require some chopping, but once everything is sliced and diced you’re ready to roll.

White bowl with fajita soup. Chopped avocado on top, silver spoon in the bowl, half of a lime in the background.

Expert advice — do NOT plan to do an at-home workout while this soup is cooking. About three hours in it starts to smell heavenly and working out with the aroma of Mexican food wafting through your house is like being tortured.

That said, once the workout was over (and we had showered) dinner was on the table in less than ten minutes, which was pretty awesome.

Slow cooker on counter with lid cracked so you can see the fajita soup inside.

Fajitas Turned Into a Soup

Overall, this recipe is pretty straight-forward. All the ingredients you typically use for fajitas, just a bit more liquid to make it into a soup. After slow cooking for several hours the chicken gets tender, the peppers soften and the broth develops a robust, spicy flavor.

We ended up eating this soup for dinner two nights in row and like most soups it was even better the second night. Isaac mentioned how good it was several times so I have a feeling I’ll be making it again soon!

For the chicken I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs to add a bit of fat and flavor. If you prefer white meat, feel free to use chicken breast. You may just want to add an extra teaspoon of olive oil. For my vegetarian and vegan folks, use 1-2 cans of rinsed and drained chickpeas in place of the chicken. If you’re not a fan of spice (or serving kiddos) simply leave the jalapeño pepper out. The soup has plenty of other spices to make it flavorful.

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If you make this chicken fajita soup, please be sure to leave a comment and star rating below letting me know how it turns out. Your feedback is super helpful for the EBF team and other EBF readers. 

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Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup

  • Author: Brittany Mullins
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 4 hours
  • Total Time: 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Yield: 4


Craving Mexican? Simply toss all the ingredients for fajitas in your slow cooker and a few hours later you’ll have a comforting soup that’s packed with flavor and a hint of spice. This fajita soup is gluten-free, grain-free and paleo.


  • 1 yellow bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 orange bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 medium yellow onion, chopped
  • 1/2 jalapeño pepper, sliced
  • 1 cup fresh salsa*
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • juice of 1 lime
  • 4 cups low-sodium vegetable or chicken broth
  • 1 1/2 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs (chicken breasts work too)
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 Tablespoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground pepper
  • cauliflower rice or cooked white/brown rice (optional)
  • toppings of choice: chopped avocado, jalapeño slices, cilantro, more lime juice, tortilla chips or crackers


Slow Cooker:

  1. Put all ingredients (besides rice and toppings) into a slow cooker.
  2. Cook for 3-4 hours on high or 6 hours on low. The chicken should be cooked through and will just fall apart. Once this happens turn the slow cooker to warm and enjoy whenever you’re ready. If adding rice, add it to the slow cooker while set to warm.
  3. To serve, top each bowl with avocado, jalapeño slices, cilantro and serve with tortilla chips and a slice of lime.

Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker: 

  1. Add olive oil to Instant Pot and put on sauté setting. Add onion and garlic and sauté for about 5 minutes, until fragrant.
  2. Add remaining ingredients (besides rice and toppings). Place the lid on the pressure cooker, lock lid and make sure the pressure release valve is closed.
  3. Press cancel on the pressure cooker and then press the soup/stew button and set time to 30 minutes.
  4. Once the timer reaches 0, the cooker will switch to keep warm. Carefully switch the pressure release valve to open to manually release the pressure. (I use tongs for this). Once the steam is released, remove the lid and use a fork to shredded chicken. The chicken should be cooked through and will just fall apart.
  5. If adding rice, add it to the Instant Pot while set to warm. Once warm throughout, portion soup into bowls.
  6. To serve, top each bowl with avocado, jalapeño slices, cilantro and serve with tortilla chips and a slice of lime.


  • If you don’t have salsa on hand, you can make your own or just add 1 cup of chopped tomatoes, 2 Tablespoons fresh cilantro, 2 additional cloves of garlic to the soup.
  • To add more bulk to the soup, I like adding cauliflower rice or cooked brown/white rice. You can stir frozen or fresh cauliflower rice or cooked white/brown rice directly to the soup once it’s done cooking and warming in the slow cooker. Stir and let warm until soup is warm throughout.
  • Category: Soup
  • Method: Slow Cooker
  • Cuisine: Mexican


  • Serving Size: 1 bowl
  • Calories: 322
  • Sugar: 10g
  • Fat: 14g
  • Carbohydrates: 20g
  • Fiber: 5g
  • Protein: 33g

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    1. Vanessa Colon
      October 21, 2020 AT 9:55 pm

      This was absolutely amazing! Definitely going to become a staple when people are coming over as it is so easy to make and super tasty! Loved this so so much.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 22, 2020 AT 12:27 pm

        Woo!! So glad you enjoyed this soup, Vanessa. Thanks for making it and for coming back to leave a comment + star rating. I really appreciate it. 🙂

    2. Stacy Kempf
      February 20, 2020 AT 1:56 pm

      I love how easy this is!

      I skipped the chili powder and jalapeno (because we are a family of South TX sissies when it comes to spicey foods), and while the rest of the fam topped it off with flax seed tortillas chips and cheese, I settled for creamy avocado and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt.
      I have to say that I liked it the first day, but I LOVED it the second! Definitely will be making this again.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        February 20, 2020 AT 2:27 pm

        Soup leftovers are the best!! I’m so glad this soup was a hit, Stacy! Thanks for coming back to leave a comment and star rating. The reviews are SO helpful for other readers, so I appreciate it.

    3. Brittany
      February 3, 2020 AT 3:38 pm

      My whole family loved this! I’ve made it twice and we ate every last bite of it. That’s saying a lot because I have kids who won’t eat a lot of vegetables. This was a wonderful option.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        February 4, 2020 AT 12:28 am

        That’s definitely a win when the kids love it!! I’m so glad this recipe was a hit with the fam, Brittany. Thanks for coming back to leave a comment and star rating. I really appreciate it. <3

    4. Kathryn
      January 10, 2020 AT 8:52 pm

      Incredible flavor! This is my go to meal when I need something quick. A big factor to recipes for me is cost, and this is definitely a budget friendly meal. Leftovers heat up perfectly as well! Thanks Brittany!

    5. Emily
      December 30, 2019 AT 10:19 am

      I have made this recipe several times, delicious! I liked it better with jarred salsa rather than fresh, but it could just be the salsas I picked each time. I do take out the chicken and shred and put it back in. Thanks for the recipe!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        December 31, 2019 AT 11:55 am

        Yay! So glad you enjoyed this recipe, Emily. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I so appreciate it!

    6. Naseem
      November 24, 2019 AT 7:57 pm

      I never comment, but I found this recipe, and as a result, your website, by searching for high protein soup recipes. I recently had surgery and have been having trouble keeping anything down so have been forced to eat what is a basically liquid diet and man, have I been jonesing for something tasty. I can’t eat very much, so I only made half of the recipe, and then I had to purée it (I realize that sounds gross, but it’s my life right now!), and it’s delicious. So happy to have something I can eat that is tasty and easy to make. I look forward to making it without puréeing in the future! Thank you so much.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        December 2, 2019 AT 4:03 pm

        I’m so glad you found and enjoyed this recipe, Naseem!! I really appreciate you coming back to leave a comment and star rating, it means the world to me! <3

    7. Kim Wilson
      September 9, 2019 AT 9:47 am

      I love your site and the recipes and am so happy to have found you!

      Bird food is delicious, except quinoa, lol.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        September 9, 2019 AT 10:06 pm

        Haha! I’m glad you found me too. Hope you enjoy my recipes. 🙂

    8. Eliana Arbelo
      August 25, 2018 AT 10:25 pm

      This soup is amazing! I’ve made this serval times to the T ( Execpt I use jar salsa) and I’m in love and now share your recipes with others. I put a sprinkle of shredded cheese on top to melt into the soup with fresh avocada, cilantro and a small squeeze of sour cream sometimes extra dash of lemon. Which means it isn’t dairy free anymore… but the flavor is so worth it! I love to make a double batch and jar it up as a lunch Togo during the week!
      Thank you for sharing a favorite! <3

    9. Becca
      November 8, 2017 AT 1:47 pm

      Can you use frozen chicken or does it need to be thawed?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        November 9, 2017 AT 11:28 am

        Hi Becca. I haven’t tried it with frozen, but I don’t see why that wouldn’t work!

    10. Shelby
      October 30, 2017 AT 3:29 pm

      Can you make this soup without using a crockpot or slow cooker?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 31, 2017 AT 12:57 pm

        Hi Shelby! I haven’t tried this on the stove-top but I’m sure it will work. Add ingredients to a stock pot, let mixture boil and then simmer on medium/low until chicken is cooked and easily shreds. It shouldn’t take longer than 30-40 minutes. For extra flavor, you can sauté the pepper, onions and garlic in a little olive oil first, add the spices and then the broth, salsa and chicken. I hope this helps! Let me know if you try it. 🙂

    11. Tiffany
      February 20, 2016 AT 8:59 pm

      I made this today. Omg, this was so GOOD! I will definitely be making this again. Thank-you for sharing.

    12. Carley
      December 9, 2015 AT 11:31 am

      About how much is one bowl? 1 cup? 2 cups?

    13. Tamara Anne
      October 22, 2015 AT 12:36 pm

      Made this. Loved this. Posting tomorrow on my blog 🙂 Thanks!!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 22, 2015 AT 3:14 pm

        Woot woot! 🙂

        1. Joanne Tenhoeve
          June 3, 2019 AT 7:23 pm

          This was such an easy recipe and so very tasty! Will be making this again!

    14. Erin
      October 14, 2015 AT 9:33 pm

      I’m really excited to try this, but I LOVE mushrooms and want to add them in. How much should I add and would I have to adjust the other ingredients, especially the liquid ones? If so, by how much? Thank you!!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        October 19, 2015 AT 3:56 pm

        Hi Erin. I apologize for the delayed response, but I think mushrooms would be a great addition. Adding about 1 cup of mushrooms should be fine and shouldn’t alter the recipe too much. Let me know how it turns out.

    15. Monica Crumley
      October 1, 2015 AT 7:24 pm

      I made this last night… it was so easy and delicious! Even my (sometimes picky) teens LOVED it! I really threw everything in the Crockpot around 2pm, turned it on high and it was finished by 5:30pm… just perfect. The avocado mellowed the spiciness of the salsa I used. Thanks for posting!

    16. Amanda
      September 29, 2015 AT 9:31 pm

      I’m totally making this for dinner this week!

    17. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul
      September 28, 2015 AT 3:51 pm

      This looks delicious! How perfect for fall!

    18. WorthyStyle
      September 28, 2015 AT 1:30 pm

      Yummy! Sounds perfect to enjoy throughout this season.

      1. Jayashree M
        September 29, 2015 AT 10:35 pm

        I’d love a post of the slow cooker veggie soup. You can never have too many of those! Thanks Brittany!

        1. Brittany Mullins
          September 29, 2015 AT 11:03 pm

          Your wish is my command. I already have a vegetarian slow cooker recipe ready to post in the next couple weeks! We actually ate it for dinner tonight. 😛

    19. taramdeal
      September 28, 2015 AT 12:50 pm

      Love the slow cooker! Have dinner cooking in there right now 🙂

      1. Brittany Mullins
        September 28, 2015 AT 1:25 pm

        Me too! Doing a veggie soup this time.

    20. Olivia
      September 28, 2015 AT 12:46 pm

      This looks amazing- love your blog!

      Question- can you use jarred salsa or is the fresh salsa best for this recipe? Just wondering as I have all of these ingredients but just not fresh salsa on hand!


      1. Brittany Mullins
        September 28, 2015 AT 1:19 pm

        Thanks Olivia. I bet jarred salsa would work fine! I just put fresh salsa because that’s what I used. Let me know how it turns outs!! 🙂

    21. Jess @ Keeping It Real Food
      September 28, 2015 AT 11:40 am

      I am all about my slow cooker lately. Right now I have some apples in there with red wine and spices. I went apple picking yesterday and need to figure out what to do with some of the apples!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        September 28, 2015 AT 1:25 pm

        Oh, that sounds amazing. I’m going apple picking next week!! 🙂

    22. runningtothekitchen
      September 28, 2015 AT 10:15 am

      Haha, the slow cooker smell when you’re home all day is partly why I find it hard to get into slow cooker recipes! It’s like torture for 6-8 hours every time!

    23. Beth
      September 28, 2015 AT 9:05 am

      Even more reason to bust out my crock pot!!

    24. Julie
      September 28, 2015 AT 8:41 am

      This looks delicious! I’m a big fan of slow cooker meals, too!

      September 28, 2015 AT 7:20 am

      I lovelovelove anything Mexican, so this soup is definitely calling me name! I can practically smell my house it cooks – great recipe girl! Pinned!

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