10 (Healthier) Ways to Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix

Low on Girl Scout cookies or just want to make a healthier version of your favorite cookie? Here are 10 healthy recipes to help you get your Girl Scout cookie fix!  

Have you guys seen that meme floating around social media that says, “You call it eating 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies alone. I call it supporting young female entrepreneurs.” LOL.

We do in fact have Girl Scout cookies in our house right now but I honestly haven’t been tempted by them yet! I know once I start, I won’t be able to stop so let’s just say, I’m so happy to have these healthier options! I tried to cover all the BEST Girl Scout cookie flavors with this round-up. My favorites are Samoas and Thin Mints, but Tagalongs and Do-Si-Dos are up there two because I LOVE all things peanut butter.

10 Healthy Recipes to Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix!

4-Ingredient Samoas

4-ingredient Samoas cookies in a glass storage container.

Thin Mint Protein Balls

Thin Mint Protein Balls in a white bowl on a wooden surface.

Mint Chip Protein Smoothie

Mint chip protein smoothie in a glass mason jar with a stainless steel straw on the side.

Vegan Coffee Toffee Bars

Stacked coffee toffee bars on a white plate.

Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Ice Cream 

Avocado Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a loaf pan lined with parchment paper with an ice cream scoop.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake (aka a Tagalong Shake!) via Minimalist Baker

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake on a yellow background.

Thin Mint Almond Butter Cups via Fit Foodie Finds

Three stacked Thin Mint Almond Butter Cups


Paleo Thin Mints via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Paleo Thin Mints stacked

Clean Eating Peanut Butter Tagalong Bars via Chocolate Covered Katie

Clean Eating Peanut Butter Tagalong Bars stacked

Gluten-Free, Vegan Do-Si-Dos via Fooduzzi

Gluten-Free, Vegan Do-Si-Dos via Fooduzzi

Did I cover your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor with these ten recipes? Let me know in the comments! 

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    1. Amy cook
      March 16, 2021 AT 1:21 pm

      The Girl Scout cookie remake cookies are so delicious and super easy to make. I am looking forward to making more

    2. Amy Cook
      March 7, 2021 AT 6:06 pm

      The tagalong Girl Scout cookie recipe is the best I’ve ever had of re-makes. I am looking forward to trying all of the Girl Scout cookie re-makes.

    3. Travis Balthasar
      May 2, 2020 AT 4:30 pm

      The 4 ingredient Healthy Samoas are amazing! Tip, store in fridge and serve right away because the choc can melt in your hands kinda quick but they won’t stay there long anyways 😉 Excellent!

    4. Genie
      April 6, 2018 AT 2:42 pm

      They all look good, but I love to make chocolate protein balls

    5. chocolate covered katie
      April 6, 2018 AT 1:22 pm

      Aw thanks for including me 🙂
      Those Samoas look amazing!!!

    6. Kimberly
      April 5, 2018 AT 9:29 pm

      The 4 ingredient samosas are fantastic. They taste great cold.

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Parchment paper lined with protein balls.


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