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Spicy and Cheesy Kale Chips

Hello amazingly delicious kale chips!!

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First, there’s a little story behind me making these: Recently, I won a giveaway for the book Ravenous: A Food Lover’s Journey from Obsession to Freedom from The Wellness Woman.

While I’m super excited to read the book, I was also pumped when I saw that there were two raw treats (kale chips and a raw sugar cookie) included in the package. I sat the packaged treats in what I thought was a “safe spot” on the coffee table for later. Well, it wasn’t a very safe spot because I came home for lunch and found empty packages on the floor and a dog with a belly full of raw foods! We don’t feed Olive human food and she’s never gotten into food on the coffee table, but for some reason the raw goodies attracted her. Apparently, she has good taste. Obviously I was mad at her, but it’s really hard to be mad for long because she’s just so darn cute. Anyhow, since my kale chips were eaten without me even getting a bite I decided to make a batch of my own.

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This recipe makes kale chips that are covered in a thick spicy/cheesy sauce and perfectly crispy. They’re seriously amazing! I ate over a dozen as part of my breakfast and by the time lunch was over I had polished off a whole dehydrator sheet of them. Luckily I made a large batch and still have 1 sheet worth left, for now! No dehydrator, no problem. While I definitely think dehydrating takes kale chips to a different level, that doesn’t mean you can’t make kale chips if you don’t have one. I’ve seen (and tried) several recipes that can be made using an oven. Check out both Kath Eats and Smitten Kitchen for recipes. But I will let you in on a little secret – while kale chips are healthy, they are just as addictive as regular chips! Be prepared. πŸ™‚

Spicy and Cheesy Kale Chips
  • 1½ bunches of kale, washed, dried, stems removed and torn into medium sized pieces
  • 1 cup cashews, soaked for 2 hours
  • 2-3 T lemon juice
  • 2 T nutritional yeast
  • ¼ cup red bell pepper
  • 1 t ground chipotle chili pepper
  • ½ t of pink Himalayan sea salt (from Trader Joe's)
  • pinch of cayenne pepper
  1. Add all ingredients expect the kale to a high powered blender or food processor. Process until you get a smooth consistency.
  2. Massage sauce onto kale with hands.
  3. Dehydrate at 115Β° until crispy. (8-12 hours)
  4. Try not to eat the whole batch in 1 sitting! πŸ™‚

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  1. ahhh I have been wanting to try these for awhile now yum!

  2. Those chips look so good! I don’t have a dehydrator that goes that low; mine goes to 148F, I believe. Hoping to get an adjustable temp one some time soon! πŸ™‚

    • I bet you could use your dehydrator on 148Β°- just for a shorter amount of time.

      • Amy Cohan says:

        I sold my dehydrator thinking I wasn’t going to use it but I was wrong I love it and missed but you can make Kale Chips in the oven. My oven only goes to 170 so I put them on the top shelf and leave the door open a crack they came out great! And Yes they are Addictive! I am always picking at them before they are done!

  3. THANK YOU! I had cheesy kale chips as part of a foodzie tasting box and they were AMAZING… so I went to order some only to find they were almost $30 for 3 bags – no thanks! Now I can just make them myself, much cheaper πŸ™‚

  4. Love this recipe! I have been toying with the idea of chard chips.. we’ll see what comes of that..

  5. Yum this looks good. I tried to make kale chips once but wasn’t 100% sold… I am convinced I need to give the a second chance though πŸ™‚ maybe I’ll try these! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I still haven’t tried these! I don’t often see kale in the supermarket, so I must seek it out!!

  7. I JUST made these the other night but since I don’t have a dehydrator I just coated them with some olive oil, sea salt, and nutritional yeast and baked them in the oven. They were absolutely to die for! I can’t wait to make more of them. Will you be reviewing the book that you won? Im excited to read it, it seems right up my alley! :o)

    • Hi Laura, i definitely want to review the book once I’ve read it.

    • I don’t have a dehydrator either…Do you remember the setting you used on your oven and how long you left them in for? Thanks πŸ™‚

      • lindsay says:

        Just wanted to let you know that I made this recipe and it was great! I don’t have a dehydrator, so I put them in the oven at 200 degrees and baked for a little over an hour. They were perfect and very similar to other versions I’ve tried made with a dehydrator!

  8. my dog’s name is Olive too : )

  9. YESSS!!! I never knew it was possible for kale chips to be made in the oven. My life is now complete! πŸ™‚

  10. Lucky dog! Recipe looks delicious.

  11. haha One year at Easter, my childhood dog ate all of my family’s Easter bunnies! It was funny though because she neatly took them out of the package. There was no big mess, just missing chocolate. (She apparently did not have a sensitivity to chocolate/sugar)
    I can’t wait to hear about that book. It sounds really intriguing.

  12. Thank you for sharing this recipe! Once I get a dehydrator I will be trying these!!!

  13. I love kale chips with nutritional yeast & garlic salt, but that sauce looks like it’d take them to a whole new level!! YUM!

  14. Cait's Plate says:

    I’m DYING to try Kale chips!! I’m so scared to make them for some reason and I don’t know why! I think it’s time to break out and just finally try it – this recipe has inspired me πŸ™‚

  15. What a sneaky puppy!!!! Can’t wait for dinner tonight, yay! πŸ™‚

  16. I was JUST making kale chips a few minutes ago! I was just making plain ones… but I left them in the oven and forgot about them. Oops. Burnt to a crisp!

  17. mmm I love kale chips! This looks like a fun way to spice them up!

  18. My mother in law loves kale. I still can’t bring myself to try them, although, the chip idea intrigues me a bit. I have to be on a lower salt diet because of my heart and I think these might be a slightly better alternative to the processed and super-salty tortilla chips I get in the store. Have you tried them with less salt, like maybe only a pinch instead of the half tsp.?


  19. Is there a way to print this recipe?

  20. Yum, yum, yum!!! Thanks for this recipe!

  21. Vicki beach says:

    Great recipe! I also loved the book!

  22. I just put a batch of this into the dehydrator. I made this once already and they disappeared so fast I had to make it again! Wonderfully delicious!

  23. these look just like the ones they sell in the store! brava! I MUST get on my dehyrator grind.

  24. Awesome recipe! Wonderful kale chips!

  25. How much in cups is 1.5 bunches of kale?

  26. This recipe was DELICIOUS!
    Ok, I admit that the first time I made this, I was too anxious and turned the heat up… smh! Note to self: Do not make when hungry or seriously craving chips. The second batch was too perfect. Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

  27. These are dehydrating right now. The cashew cheese sauce was super tasty; I kept taking finger licks. Yum!

  28. Can these be stored in an air-tight container, once they are completely dry? Or are they best eaten immediately? Sounds so delicious but I don’t think I’ll bake them everyday if I’m craving them all the time.

  29. There is no nutritional yeast that I could find in stores near me, Can I use something else?

  30. Angela L. says:

    Can cashew butter be substituted for the soaked cashews? Just got a dehydrator for Christmas and these are the first thing I’m making!

  31. I made my first batch yesterday. Tastes amazing and kept in an airtight container. Today it lost a little crispiness, but still delish. Should I dehydrate longer or this is normal?

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