Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)


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Learn more about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar including blood sugar control, lowering cholesterol and weight loss. Plus tips for how to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet.

It seems like everyone is talking about apple cider vinegar these days. I’m sure you’ve heard about it and are wondering if it really lives up to the hype…

So I’m going to break down the facts for you!

Spoiler alert: I’ve been using apple cider vinegar for years and love it! It’s such an easy thing to add to your daily routine and the health benefits are amazing. Read on to learn more.

A bottle of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with a gold tablespoon on the side.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar

First, let’s start with the basics! Apple cider vinegar is a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. The process starts by adding yeast to crushed apples.

The yeast ferments the sugars and turns them into alcohol. At this point, bacteria is added which further ferments the alcohol and turns it into acetic acid… the main active compound found in most vinegar.

Acetic acid gives vinegar its pungent smell and flavor and is also responsible for many of ACV’s health benefits.

Apple cider vinegar in a small glass bowl with gold tablespoon.

Apple Cider Vinegar Nutrients

ACV contains similar nutrients to apple juice and apple cider: pectin; vitamins B1, B2, and B6 (also known as biotin; folic acid and niacin), as well as, pantothenic acid and vitamin C.

It also contains small amounts of minerals including sodium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium.

One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar has about 3 calories.

Health Benefits of ACV

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar aren’t something we just discovered. For centuries people have known about its antimicrobial and antioxidant effects and generations have used it in both cooking and medicine.

That said, recent research has brought many health benefits of ACV to light so let’s talk about them.

Weight Loss

Multiple studies have shown that consuming vinegar is linked to “feelings of fullness” which in turn will help manage your caloric intake. (Source)

Of course, only adding apple cider vinegar to your routine and not changing anything else about your lifestyle isn’t recommended. Still, if you’re looking for a boost to your healthy eating and exercise habits, it’s certainly worth incorporating ACV into your daily routine.

I’ve personally found ACV to help a ton with feeling full. Whenever I’m drinking 1-2 Tablespoons of ACV a day I don’t have intense cravings for food or find myself snacking mindlessly.

Blood Sugar

This one is huge because studies have shown that apple cider vinegar improves insulin sensitivity and reduces blood sugar after meals. (Source)

Researchers are excited about what this could mean for people with Type 2 Diabetes, but also for the general public as high blood sugar has been linked to chronic diseases. (Source)

Heart Health

There aren’t enough studies to link apple cider vinegar and heart health in humans, but multiple studies have shown a link between the two in animals. Animal studies have shown that ACV can lower cholesterol, blood pressure and other heart disease factors. Again, more research needs to be done with humans but the studies are promising with animals! (Source)


Apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic so for people with low stomach acidity, adding ACV into their diet may help raise stomach acid levels, which will help with digestion and overall gut health.

ACV also has antimicrobial properties, which may help kill bacteria in the stomach or intestines. Excess bacteria can lead to gas and bloating so eliminating it with ACV may help alleviate these symptoms.

I personally love drinking ACV regularly to help with my digestion! If you feel gassy or bloated after a meal or when traveling, try drinking apple cider vinegar.

I like to take it before a meal to prep my digestive tract, but I have also taken it after eating if I was in pain and my body needed a little extra support.

Improve Your Skin

While some have noted improvements in their skin by taking apple cider vinegar internally, you can also use it topically! It has been used to improve dry skin and eczema.

If you try this, be sure to dilute the ACV and spot-test a small area of your skin before applying it over a larger area. Here’s a recipe for making your own apple cider vinegar facial toner.


What Type of ACV Is Best?

There are several types of apple cider vinegar on the market! You want to look for one that is labeled organic apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ or unpasteurized. The ‘mother’ is made up of strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules with living nutrients and bacteria, similar to the ‘mother’ that’s in Kombucha.

Clear vinegar is processed and doesn’t have any of the benefits that raw apple cider vinegar has. There are different brands out there but I use Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar which you can find at most grocery stores and on Amazon.

How to Drink

Now that you know all the benefits I’m sure you’re wondering how to incorporate ACV into your daily routine. You can totally just dilute it with water and drink it that way, but if you’ve tasted ACV diluted with water you’ll know that it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s pretty pungent and doesn’t taste all that pleasant on its own.

Lucky for you, I have a ton of drink recipes to share!

Glass of apple cider vinegar drink with a spoon and bottle of apple cider vinegar in the background.

These recipes make drinking ACV enjoyable and delicious!

More ACV Recipes

Of course, you don’t have to drink your apple cider vinegar! There are a ton of other ways to incorporate it into your diet. I love adding it to my salad dressings or using it as a marinade for protein. Here are some of my favorite recipes with ACV.

How Much Should You Drink Daily? 

I drink 2 Tablespoons a day, in the morning, and I usually make one of those drinks that I linked above. I also incorporate ACV in a variety of recipes, which I shared above.

What Happens When You Take ACV Daily?

It’s hard for me to tell if the habit of adding in ACV daily is working wonders on my body and helping in ALL the ways I mentioned above, however I do know that my complexion has been really clear since I’ve started taking it and I crave my apple cider vinegar drink every day now.

In the morning I make my drink in a large mason jar. I’ll sip on it throughout the morning or have it after lunch with my afternoon snack. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that it helps to keep me feeling full and less hungry, which is huge for me because I tend to have a habit of mindless snacking!

Disclaimer – Due to the lack of supporting research, apple cider vinegar cannot be recommended for treatment or prevention of any health problems. Also, please consult with your physician, pharmacist, or healthcare provider before taking any home remedies or supplements. I’m just sharing my experience and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. 🙂

About Brittany

Hey there, I’m Brittany, the creator of Eating Bird Food, cookbook author, health coach and mama of two littles. Here you’ll find quick and easy recipes that make healthy fun and enjoyable for you and your family!

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  1. I’ve been doing the AVC cocktail (AVC and lemon water) for almost a month and I really do crave it now. I use to despise the taste but I actually love it. It kind of reminds me of a poor man’s Koombucha! I was taking it every single morning but then I just heard that its actually better to take after a meal? Not sure if that holds any truth but I may switch it up to see if it helps better with digestion.

    1. I take it twice q day before meals(per Dr. Josh Axe). I feel more energetic all day and in a good mood in the morning.

          1. I mix a Tablespoon of Bragg’s with an 8 oz glass of ice water and give a good squirt of Berry Pomegranete water flavoring. With ice it isn’t bad a t all.

        1. She didn’t say that mixing it with water makes someone not allergic to it. But she did offer an alternative: pineapple juice.

        1. Sorry, I hit reply too early. I wanted to say that you can soak it in water in the evening and eat it the next day whenever you feel bad but also as a prevention. If you understand a little German, watch this clip. It‘s from a super popular TV show with doctors treating common diseases with food and activities. This one is how a girl with reflux improved her condition very successfully.


  2. This is definitely a trend I’ve heard a lot about but never tried myself. It can’t hurt!

  3. Great post! I have been using acv for a few years on and off. This past weekend I came down with an awful sinus infection. I really don’t like using medicines or antibiotics to “get rid” of this sort of sickness. I did some research on how get rid of the mucus and inflammation in my body. Acv was the number one recommendation I found. Two days ago I started with a big shot of it in the morning and man did it get things out fast!!!! I would recommend to anyone with allergy or sinus issues!!!!

      1. Hi, I just started drinking the Bragg organic apple cider vinegar drink, but I can’t seem to find out how much to drink a day
        Can I drink the entire bottle in the a.m.?

          1. I’m pretty sure Barbara means the pre-made Bragg’s “drink” that can be found in many places now–not the whole bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar!
            And Barbara, good question! I just drink the whole “drink” at one sitting, with a meal: I’ve never looked on the label to see if there is more than one serving in that 16 oz(?) bottle! I do feel pretty full after I drink it with a snack or meal, while I’m shopping!

  4. I noticed a difference in my skin too when I started to drink it. It is something that you have to get used to, but it goes down easier as you get used to it. It seriously helped my throat when it was getting sore too! Some days I don’t really want to drink it, so I’ll use it as a dressing on my salads.

    1. I have a gout and high uric acid is it good for me to take bragg apple sider vinegar, if it is good for me when do i take it after meal or before meal

      1. If your have gout, put your foot in a pan and dump straight ACV over your foot and let it set. Gout will be gone

      2. Jun, taking it before meals is probably best for better absorption. That’s what I’ve read and the way I do it. I take it between 3 and ten minutes before eating a meal.

  5. I just started taking AVC last week and was thinking about blogging about it myself! It’s pretty okay once you get used to it, but if you accidentally put a little too much in than normal, it’s CRAZY! I do feel like my stomach is a bit flatter though! 😀

  6. I was drinking it every day for awhile, and then I guess I just started forgetting to do it! Now that I think about it, my skin was clearer when I was drinking it. I’m not sure if it was the time of the month, my face wash, or the vinegar, but I think I’m going to try to remember to drink ACV again. It also helped me to stop snacking at night!

  7. Do you follow the TIU recipe or do you just combine ACV and water? Just curious as I tried it when I first bought their plan and I would love to know if that is the recipe you follow daily!

      1. I do like the Tone it Up recipe better than just putting it in water but it’s part of their paid nutrition plan so I can’t post it. But, I’m curious to hear what Brittany thinks since she seems to have a lot more experience with ACV drinks than I do!!

        1. I was interested in what was in the TIU version too! I did a little bit of google searching and found the recipe on pinterest and on google, so I’m sure you can too.

      2. juice one apple and add 2tblspoons of acv then some splenda, cinnamon, and cayanne pepper or try some all natural grapefruit juice…..both make it more enjoyable ‘. )

        1. I slice a apple very thin, The entire apple, skin, seeds and core. I put it in a pitcher with 1 stick of cinnamon, sometimes two. Fill the pitcher with filtered water and let it sit for awhile. Put ice in a glass and add 1 tbls of ACV. Pour in the apple water and stir. I’m hooked on it and drink it all day. Is there such a thing as too much ACV?

          1. I heard you can over do it . Acv is high in alkaline and too much of that can harm you, but I guess if you drink lots of water you’ll be alright .

      3. I add some ACV with some unpasteurized aloe juice and a big helping of seltzer water. The carbonation really helps with that bite. 🙂

      4. I put 2 tsps in a tumbler with ice, add a big splash of grapefruit juice, sweetener of choice & then top off w/ club soda. Super yummy.

      5. You can use gatorade or Kool-Aid or any kind of other drink mixture or juice(But not grapefruit if you have health issues that say you can not have grapefruit or grapefruit juice!). I’ve used gatorade & V8 juice(Not tomato juice but the fruit juice blend) & crystal light & that tastes pretty good especially the fruit blends of V8 cos it’s fruity tasting and tart!

      6. I make a just fruit smoothie with a banana, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberries a little flax seed and. mix it in my nutribullet with some water. Its pretty good.

      7. I lke to have it with honey and water but if you are diabetic you should try sweetener, because i thinkhoney might effect diabetes.

      8. 1 T each of ACV & Organic honey in a cup of hot water. That’s my morning drink to start my day. Love it!!

      1. Awesome – thanks!! I did it for a bit when I first got the nutrition plan but didn’t stick with it. But, the promise of clearer skin and better digestion is definitely making me want to start again in the morning. Thanks for re-motivating that habit!

  8. This post came at the perfect time! I bought ACV a few weeks ago and drank it once or twice because I remembered hearing something about it years ago. Obviously, I didn’t recall a lot of the information and stopped drinking it due to lack of knowledge. Your post has made me want to incorporate it in my diet again! Thanks for sharing and I’m really glad you shared Tosca’s article! It’s all helpful even if it’s not 100% supported by research.

    1. It’s confusing, but foods are classified as acid-forming or alkalizing depending on the effect they have on the body after digestion, not on their own intrinsic acidity or alkalinity (or how they taste to us). A common misconception is that if a food tastes acidic, it has an acid-forming effect on the body. This is not always true. Very often, an acidic-tasting food is alkalizing. Citric fruits are a good example. Oranges, tomatoes and lemons, for example seem acidic, however, they are actually alkalizing because the minerals they leave behind after digestion help remove hydrogen ions, decreasing the acidity of the body. The same is true of ACV.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply! It does help a bit. But just to clarify further…in your post it says that ACV is acidic enough to damage tooth enamel, etc. Does that mean that your body’s digestive processes change the chemical compounds, turning it from acidic to alkaline? Or does it mean that ACV damages tooth enamel, not because its chemistry is acidic, but because of other reasons?

        1. ACV can damage tooth enamel because it’s very acidic on its own – the main ingredient is acetic acid. It should always be diluted with water or juice before swallowed. Pure apple cider vinegar could damage the tooth enamel and the tissues in your throat and mouth. (This info is from Web MD)

          It’s the digestion that makes it alkalizing in the body.

          1. Awesome! Thanks for the replies. Very interesting about the possible health benefits of ACV…I just might try it myself.

            1. I am type 2 diabetic I was taking 2 pills morning & night .I take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day & do not take diabetic pills at night & my test next morning is 80;s to 110 that is very good. I checked with my doctor He said that taking the vinergar with mother in it was ok. Me & my sister buy it a a time at health food store. AVc is good weight loss & you dont eat as much. my sister puts avc in coffee cup of water & 1/q2 teaspoon of cinnamon & honey Myself I use warm water only.

  9. I start each day off with a shot of ACV on an empty stomach. I find it really gets things moving and helps my digestion throughout the day!

    1. Not a very good idea. The first thing everyone should drink first thing in the morning is water. All your organs need to be hydrated after several hours of sleep without any fluids or food from sleeping…

      1. If Brittany is taking her ACV with 8 to 16 ounces of water then she’s getting plenty of water first thing. She’s getting both water and ACV, which is a healthy combo.

  10. Informative post–I keep reading about the benefits of ACV! I’ll take those and clear skin thank you! 🙂

  11. When I first got into food blogs I had read somewhere that apple cider vinegar had health benefits and thought I should give it a try. I proceeded to drink it undiluted for about a month straight before both I and the lining of my throat couldn’t take it anymore. Your ideas sound much more palatable. 🙂 Thanks for the great information!

  12. My digestion is so much better when I have ACV before a meal. Either that or rejuvelac. I have ACV before dinner every night. It makes a big difference!

  13. I certainly intrigued to tree ACV for skin and detox reasons… what ‘solution’ do you drink and how often?

    1. I use the Tone It Up recipe and drink it daily. It includes 2 tablespoons of ACV, water and a few other ingredients that boost your metabolism. The full recipe is in the TIU diet plan, but if you’re looking for a good recipe to start with, I’d do 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8 ounces of water and drink it once daily. You can add a splash of unsweetened juice, honey or stevia to make it taste better.

    1. I think it needs to be both raw and unfiltered because the pasteurization destroys/removes some of the most important components. Although I found things online suggesting that some users of pasteurized apple cider vinegar report the same beneficial effects.

      1. I have used the WalMart Great Value brand first and it works great! It seems to have sped up my metabolism although I haven’t lost any weight- I am using Apple Cider Vinegar because I have acid reflux/Gerd & also Asthma and it helps so much so that I quit taking my Acid reflux medication as well as my asthma medicines(Asthma medications make your acid reflux worse and acid reflux makes your asthma worse according to Web MD!). I would rather spend money on something natural as opposed to a man-made synthetic drug that’s more than likely to give me harmful side effects- my liquid asthma medicine that I put in my nebulizer causes me to have the shakes after using my nebulizer! And years ago my Doctor prescribed an antibiotic and after taking it I got a yeast infection!

        1. Do not take cider vinegar from stores only organic apple cider vinegar with mother in it it works we drive 30 miles to buy it at a health food store we buy it buy gal. it works on my type 2 diabetic A1c test & weight loss it keeps you from eat alot.

    1. about organic apple cider vinegar with mother . well im type 2 diabetic for 30 days i have been taking 2 teaspoons in 8oz.of water 3 times a day .I was taking 2,000 mg of sugar pills a day with this i dont have to take any sugar pills at all. my sugar is better than before wih all that diabetic meds

  14. This is so great…I swear, you read my mind with this post. I drink my Meta-D almost daily ever since I bought the Tone It Up plan, and was randomly thinking about Googling ACV last night for a little more research and just didn’t do it….then I wake up and see this in my Reader!! I am almost out of the bottle I have been using now, so I just bought a gallon online of the Bragg’s since I have been using ACV everyday…I didn’t know about “the mother” or have any knowledge about the type I should be ingesting, but now I know! Thanks 🙂

    1. Oh, and in the reviews for the ACV I bought on Amazon, it is apparently a natural anti-inflammatory, too. I have bad hip problems from years of dancing and any little bit can help! I try to limit taking my arthritis meds as much as I can. Interested to try to notice a difference in that area.

      1. Google or Bing search for 20 uses for Apple Cider Vinegar- I think you’d be suprised as to what you find out!

    2. my sisters doctor told her about organic avc with[ mother ]but not the kind you get in stores. Good for Dr.said [weight loss.] & it would make her breath lots better she also had acid reflex now she dont. but we both take it 3 times a day. in a cup of water 1 table soon in water 3 times a day.she has lost 17 lbs. & doing lots better Doctor told her to keep up the good things with avc I have found it at the [health food stores only . we buy it buy gal. $27.oo we drive 30 milers to another town to buy it. But that reg store avc gives you acid reflex it tried it first. Her dr. said talk to your dr. before you start taking it. My sister was in the hospital 3 times for breathing problem before she stated the organic acv with [mother] shes lots better now. i take it & i have type 2 Diabetic . Her dr. also told her to take[ magnesium 400 mg ]once a day for bones & muscle it works i take both of them I im pain free .keeps my sugar way down. try it i hopes this helps people that needs help. Shirley

  15. Hi Brittany,
    Great article! I’ve been taking Bragg’s ACV for a while now.
    I either mix some in with my water bottle and sip on that throughout the day, or I put it in my superfood cocktail. A little green superfood, some raw organic honey, a tablespoon or so of ACV, and some water to dilute it down.
    Like you, I can’t tell for sure if it’s working wonders, but I have always felt good taking it.

    Hope all is well!

  16. Love this post. Obvi I am a ACV fan and always have it at my house. I didn’t notice the skin clearing effects, but it def gets things moving in the morning 😉

  17. If I were to reintroduce ACV into my routine, I’d have to be very aware of my motives…it used to be an obsession for my to ensure that my intake included ACV so I had to cut it out cold turkey a while back…

  18. Great post, thanks for sharing! I’ve only ever used it in salad dressings or on my hair, but ACV may show up in one of my drinks soon 🙂

  19. love ACV we have it all the time. we also use it on our face which we love which we have discussed before on our blog. can’t get enough of it!!

  20. don’t judge me for knowing this, buuuuut word on the street is apple cider vinegar is a nice little cure for hickies. I learned that tidbit in college.

    I said no judging.

  21. I love it with seltzer water for a fizzy drink and sometimes I’ll add a splash of pomegranate juice for an extra kick!

    1. Hey Maria! I use the Tone It Up recipe and drink it daily. It includes 2 tablespoons of ACV, water and a few other ingredients that boost your metabolism. The full recipe is in the TIU diet plan, but if you’re looking for a good recipe to start with, I’d do 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8 ounces of water and drink it once daily. You can add a splash of unsweetened juice, honey or stevia to make it taste better.

  22. I have been reading more and more about this simple inexpensive remedy, and just recently made a purchase to try it for myself. I am new to the blog world, and just stumbled upon yours. I like blog…very informative! Thanks!

  23. I’ve never heard of the benefits of ACV before! I have bad digestion and have tried sooo many things out– just not regularly enough! Right now I am trying to drink aloe vera juice– but again not regularly enough to tell if it is helping. My achilles tendon! Also, the credible peer reviewed evidence on its benefits is lacking. This seems like it may help me more in the long run.

    1. I’ve heard some good things about aloe vera juice but I’ve only tried it once or twice. One great thing about ACV is that it’s not definitely not as expensive as aloe vera juice. 🙂

  24. Nice to be reminded of the health benefits of ACV again! My mom drinks either ACV or lemon juice diluted in water each morning before she has anything else; she has a really nice figure and is very healthy. I’ve tried following her and it increases my metabolism. It’s great, especially after having huge meals the night before! 🙂

  25. This is interesting, but I do have one question. On the WebMD site it says: “Long-term use of apple cider vinegar could cause low potassium levels and lower bone density. If you already have low potassium or osteoporosis, talk to your doctor before using apple cider vinegar.”

    However, your first point of “good” for this vinegar is that it is rich in potassium. How can that be when another sources is saying it will cause low potassium levels?

    Just curious. This is definitely something I am going to try.

    1. Hi Kelly. I read that as well and was confused but with a litte research I found that ACV was proven to cause Hypokalemia (low potassium levels) in a study with one patient ingesting large amounts of apple cider vinegar. This makes sense because ACV is a natural diuretic. I’m quite certain 2 Tablespoons a day isn’t a large amount so I wouldn’t worry about it, but if you are concerned you should ask your doctor before adding it to your diet. Hope that helps. 🙂

      1. My local Raley’s/BelAir health food section carries it. A 16 oz. bottle was $6.49. I bought it to use on my skin for rosacea and age spots but will start drinking it thanks to all of this info.

      1. Your right HEB carries it.I took 2 tsp. tonight. I’m curious to learn more.Some say 2 tsp and others say 2 tablespoons which is correct.

    1. The organic avc hast to have[ mother] in it You can not find it in Reg, gro. stores only from Heath food stores. We drive 30 miles to another town & buy it by the gal. it work on acid reflex, .breathing problems . joints

  26. Started ACV one week ago…Urinary tract infection gone…also lots of problems with yeast infections and odor…GONE!!

  27. Hello..found this via Pinterest and I read through some of the comments but not all of them so forgive me if this question has been answered! I’m interested in adding ACV to my daily diet but I have a 4 month old baby who is exclusively breastfed. You mentioned that ACV is great for detox but I know it can be dangerous to do a detox while breastfeeding. Do you know if the detox effect is strong enough to affect breast milk?

    1. HI Elizabeth. To be honest I’m not sure about taking ACV while breastfeeding. I would ask your doctor about it to be sure.

  28. Definitely bought myself some the other day… tried having a TBS before dinner but it really did NOTHING to help my digestion 🙁 Although, your post inspires me to re continue what I started. LOL
    We shall see… I am now off to the kitchen to give myself another dose!

  29. Just trying this out too -but putting 2 tablespoons in 8 oz of grapefruit juice and 1 tsp. of honey (saw on Dr. Oz)…I am very picky about eating/drinking things but actually really liked the taste of this and I felt instantly healthy. I am only going to do this once a day -too much of anything in my book is not good. Since it is a bit of a harsh liquid, I don’t feel comfortable doing more than this.

  30. Hi – try mixing the ACV in apple juice instead of in water. It is much more palatible that way. I’ve removed the honey from the mix – too much sugar.

  31. Hi can you tell me if ACV contributes to the acidic level in your body or if it has aniline properties?

  32. For the past 3days ive been drinking a glass mixed with acv and i have to say that it help with my oovarian cyst pain…it feel the difference

  33. I start my mornings everyday with 2 tablespoons of APV.
    I have been doing this for about 6 months ,and i would never go back to before this.
    My hair no longer falls out,i dont have swelling on my fingers and feet anymore
    and my allergies have been extremely reduced.i cant live without it.!!

  34. This is so helpful! I started drinking ACV about a week ago and I really think I am seeing a difference in my skin and definitely in my hunger and energy levels! Thanks 🙂

  35. Hey I would like to share my review here if you don’t mind. I found the bragg apple cider vinegar weight loss remedy back on march 12 2012 from another website called clinical earth or something like that (i know the date because my daughter turned 2 on that date and I ate all the cake and icecream and felt like a pig so that day i made a change). Anyway I have been pretty big all my life no matter what I did I just couldn’t drop the weight. I tried all the traditional methods to no avail. That night, I ran out to a grocery store called Publix and they carry the BRAGGS vinegar. I started at 219 lbs, 5 ft 7 and determined.
    I didn’t exercise at all other than the occasional walk to the park with my kids. As a matter of fact, Ive been pretty much stuck in the house due to all the rain we’ve been having in FL so my walking has decreased since taking the braggs vinegar. I haven’t changed my diet, either. I am now 182 lbs and this is the smallest I have been since college!!! I am 33 yrs old and I just wanted to share my story just in case someone is in my position. I pretty much followed the recommended recipe of 2 tbsp of vinegar to 20 oz of water twice a day, primarily with breakfast and dinner. Thank you for allowing me to share this. I just want to scream to the world my story but being that I am a stay at home mom and a military spouse I rarely get out so no one really notices the difference besides my hubby and his friends so I thought I’d share my good news with the world on forums, blogs, and where ever I can
    I do plan on starting an exercise regimen and eating right with this vinegar thingy after july 4th and I have bookmarked your blog so that I can come back in 3 months and report my progress, ok thats all, thank you!!

    1. Ciara, that sounds AWESOME!! Congrats to you and keep up the good work! I just started the ACV drink yesterday, so I don’t have anything to report. It tastes great to me-I use a little apple juice. I started using this help with my digestion and crazy menstruals. From what I’ve researched, this should improve a lot of my syptoms

    2. This is the most helpful infomative message i ran across today…i did read a whole bunch. Thoroughly explained….this is great and i hope you much happiness in the future.

  36. This is great info!!! Thank you so much. Quick question – is the ToneItUp food plan – clean eating? Or is it just like a diet?

    1. It’s clean eating with a breakdown of what type of foods you should eat at each meal and recipes. 🙂

  37. just started 2 tsp acv in the morning about a week ago — been researching the benefits and am beginning to see some great results!! i have seen a difference in my complexion and a taut tummy 🙂 so excited to be doing the “natural” thing

  38. wonderful to hear that so many people are taking this news seriously , its about time …

  39. Thanks girls! Your inspiring comments & experiences are very motivating! I’ve started the ACV a week ago, it’s great stuff! It helps my crazy digestive system, my skin is looking great and my cravings has minimized! I just wanted to share along with all the other brave natural dieters who’s looking for a healthy multi- purpose remedy like ACV. I drink two cups of grapefruit juice with 2 TBSP of ACV daily and I love it ! It has an acquired taste that’s well worth it! Good luck with good health! 🙂

    1. I started drinking acv after watching Dr.Oz I notice that my digestive systems is more active and inches off my body.

  40. Hi Brittany,

    I was just wondering if there is any reason to drink ACV in water vs. mixing it into my morning smoothie.

  41. I just started using Bragg’s ACV… someone asked for suggestions on how to drink it daily. I put a tablespoon in a small glass and mix either grapefruit or orange juice, and then drink 2 glasses daily. I don’t think you can taste the vinegar that much, but then again, I love vinegar!

    1. Yes. That’s actually the first application of ACV I ever tried and after years of trying T Gel and Selsun Blue, etc it was rinsing with ACV that resolved my dandruff issues. I very rarely get dandruff anymore.

      I recently rediscovered how amazing it is on my skin. I started having bad hormonal breakouts with slow-healing cystic type bumps along my jawline, really unsightly. Two months ago I started back using ACV as a toner regularly and I had a couple of tiny bumps on my forehead and that was it. None of the terrible jawline breaking out. I’m now going to go back to drinking ACV daily to see if it will help with some internal issues, which is how I found this blog post. 🙂

    2. I have been using ACV for quite awhile and love it. I thought I would try it on my cat Joey’s dander (dandruff) which he regularly has down the middle of his back. I mixed a capful in a small bowl of water and totally wiped down his fur with a wet paper towel dipped in the mixture. Joey actually seemed to really like it and the next day his coat was very soft and smooth, it took 2 wipedowns with the ACV and water and no more dander. It really does work so I think it would be great for dandruff.

    1. I thought she said it was an alkaline??

      *Rich in ash which gives ACV its alkaline property. This aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels for a healthy alkaline state. (It is particularly important if you drink a lot of coffee or wine.)

      1. It is also very high in acetic acid which is what can damage tooth enamel, mouth tissues and esophagus. That is why dilution is very important. I take a morning mixture of 3 tbsp. ACV, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 C warm water and it does wonders for my allergies and energy level. I discovered ACV when I had a stomach ulcer and not even morphine in the ER helped the pain. A mixture of 1 tbsp ACV, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1/2 C water, and some honey to taste would knock the pain right out. I still use this remedy today for upset stomach.

  42. dont drink this stuff guys. i drank it , and it gave me chroniic gastritis. dont belive the hype, i dilluted it like hell, and over time it will inflame your stomach, thats why it burns when you drink it. you cant compare it to stomach acid because its a different make-up. vinegar isnt natural to your stomach, just beware, if you want 8 months of trying to heal your stomach, with awful pain, not being able to breathe, or eat, drink up, if not, use this stuff externally. and even that, burned my skin after 3 days, DILLUTED.

    1. Maybe you should state it as “this is my experience” and not instruct others not to use it, just because it didn’t work for you. I use it, and it has done wonders for my digestive system. We also use it for my daughter’s dandruff, we massage it diluted into her scalp, then she wraps her head with a towel and waits for 30 min. Then she showers as usual… dandruff gone. There are many uses for ACV, but just because it didn’t work for you, don’t steer someone else from seeing if it will work for them.

      1. I agree with you on that sir…. The man is just giving his bullshit advice..
        Hipocrates himself talked about this wonderful health drink. ACV rocks. Works for everyone I have ever seen using it .. Including me.. 🙂

      2. Chris, I’m sorry if it didn’t work for you. I have been taking ACV for 4-5 years now. My body and skin is much healthier than ever including my stomach. My husband who’s got very sensitive stomach was afraid to drink it but eventually he tried. I told him the ph in his stomach will feel better because ACV will balance it. It works! He is no longer having stomach problems like before. And both our cholesterol and sugar level gone normal and our immune system is stronger than ever!

    2. That’s really funny jojo because I’ve been drinking diluted ACV for almost a month and it doesn’t burn when I drink it! Nor does it burn my skin cos I used it in my hair to get all the build up out of my hair and my hair was squeaky clean! Never had that happen before and I’ve tried Head & Shoulders shampoo as well as Selsun Blue- which is very expensive and I didn’t notice much difference with either shampoo!

  43. Hello there,
    I have to say in the old days my Aunt used to rince my hair ACV all the time and put it in my bath. Years went by after she passed and I never thought zbout it again, Then i started getting itches and it felt like bites all over and I was getting desperate and it came to mind ACV? Well I splashed it all over the itch and the added water showered and ricned my body and hair with it. I seemed to nutrilize my skin and my hair is softer as well. I have melanoma and recently had surgery and the spot just stayed there red and ugly-after ACV it is clearing up and blending with my skin.
    I am very excited to start adding it to my diet as well in moderation not to much but I am thinking if it helps outside it must help inside as well.
    Just thought I would share and Thnk you

  44. hi ive been drinking this product for a month an i dont see any change do any of u see a difference in ur body structure how long before this actually works .

    1. Please just keep with it. I drink it all the time. I lost over 20 lbs. but it is slow like a couple pounds a month. From my experience it flushes fat and toxins out. I actually lost 3 jeans sizes so it doesn’t show on the scale as much as in your clothes size.

  45. I have really bad hand eczema. I’ve been mixing 1\2 tsp acv mixed with 2 oz real unsweetened cranberry juice with 1 tsp lemon juice, and 6 oz spring water. I drink this before every meal, so three times a day. You can’t taste the apc vinegar at all hardly, just a strange after taste. Within 3 days my hands have cleared up very nicely and don’t itch hardly at all. None of the prescription creams came close to doing anything this good. My husband and I can finally sleep again !! I used to wake us both up at night itching like crazy.

  46. Eastern medicine has thousands of years of research on ACV. (Google ACV and ‘dampness.’) Just sayin. 🙂

    Just discovered your blog — love it! Thank you for all of the wonderful stories and recipes. I immediately ran to Whole Foods and bought kale — I’ve been meaning to give it a try in the kitchen and finally found the inspiration in your writings. Yippee!

  47. Could you mix it into a smoothie? (I make green smoothies every morning to get me going – Kale, Spinach, Brocolli, Cucumbers, Almond milk, Kiwi) Would that be something that I could mix in there? Or would I need to drink it separately with water? Just wondering if you had any insight…..Thanks!

  48. hi can anyone tell me if the use of ACV can reduce hair lose applied to the scalp. apparently the solution massaged into the scalp can break down the DHT build up which causes male hair lose….have you heard this?

  49. I am wondering if its a typo, 2 tablespoons ACV per glass of water? I drank the mix and it was all I could do to keep from vomiting. My stomach hurt like crazy for the rest of the afternoon. I am thinking 2 teaspoons makes more sense. I am pretty sure the body isn’t meant to ingest that much ACV in a single dose. I have heard of 1-2 teaspoons but never 2 tablespoons.

    1. I drink it constantly in my water but I’ve been doing this for a year now. Start small and work your way up. Anythings better than nothing and its takes getting used too! Hang in there it’s worth the benefits!

  50. I began using ACV about 4 years ago. It’s amazing. Using it topically and orally (drinking and or tablets)regularly, completely cured a chronic yeast infection I lived with on and off for many years.

  51. I have been drinking 1 Tbsp. ACV with 1 Tbsp. Raw Organic Honey and 8 oz. of water 2-3 times a day. It has been about 2 weeks and when I drink coffee there is a horrible bitter taste in my mouth. Anyone else experiencing this? Oh I started this because I developed gout in my toe. I read on line that this would help and yes, in 3 days it was gone. Reading all the other health benefits has kept me on the drink. 😉

    1. @ Debbie….don’t use anything else but a natural, UNFILTERED, organic apple cider vinegar that has “The Mother”, which is a heavy brownish sediment (contains all the good stuff). Braggs is a very good and popular organic brand of Apple Cider Vinegar. Don’t bother with the regular, clear store brands like Heinz.

      1. The basic recipes provided for an ACV health drink are intended for use with ONLY a raw, unpasturized apple cider vinegar with the “The Mother”, such as BRAGG’S Apple Cider Vinegar. You should not use a clear, processed/ distilled apple cider vinegar such as Heinz, and you should NEVER use distilled white vinegar or white pickling vinegar which is diluted to 9% acidity. (Bragg’s ACV is diluted to 5%) I have been using Bragg’s ACVwith the Mother for about 15 years, drinking the basic recipe at least 2 or 3 times a week, and everyday during flu season. I also use diluted Bragg’s on my face and as a dandruff pre-rinse before shampooing, and full strength as an amazing foot soak to soften calluses. It truly works wonders on scaly itchy feet! I have even used diluted ACV on my most delicate areas to stop the mind bending itch from a yeast infection. I have also gargled with and slowly swallowed a teaspoon of Bragg’s ACV straight to effectively clear mucos in my throat.
        I feel relatively certain that those who experienced extreme reactions, such as those described by jojo, did not use BRAGG’S ACV with THE MOTHER.

    2. I would not suggest you drink it undiluted. It can damage tooth enamel, mouth tissue, and esophagus. That being said I mix 2 Tbsp. ACV into 1 cup of warm water and drink it in the morning before any food. Just look out, the Heinz vinegar has a less “potent” taste than the RAW Organic ACV you should use. You may not be expecting how vinegar-y it is! Best of luck to you.

      * I just found this blog this morning and I love it! It is so nice to hear from and be able to communicate with like minded people. Yay for healthy living!

  52. Hi,i am thinking of starting taking apple cider vinegar for weight loss. how can i start to take as daily dose,2 table spoon or tow teaspoons full? with any fruit juice or can i take with warm water in the morning first thing? please advice me as really wnat burn some fats and be fit and healty.

  53. I really enjoyed reading all your information about ACV had some in my cabinet, wasnt taking it but I will start back on it.

  54. Yesterday was my first time taking acv but tonight I feel bad my stomach hurt so bad IM thinking that the process for a cleanse hoping this pain will pass because I really want to give it a chance what can I do for my stomach

  55. I have been using ACV for the past 10 weeks and I have lost 10 pounds. This is in conjunction with exercise. I am conscious about the nutrients that I intake so that also makes a different. My drink 2 teaspoons of straight ACV after my morning exercise.

  56. I was using the Apple Cider Vinegar but was not aware of its enormous health. benefits. Does it help to lower the LDL and what is recommended quantity to use it.

  57. Good Post.
    I have been taking apple cider vinegar for a couple of weeks now and I find that I am less hungry and my tummy fat is burning much faster than with exercises alone.

  58. I have been using ACV for a dedorant under my arms. For a minute you smell like a salad but the smell goes away in just a minute or so. It is better than any deodorant I have ever used. I put some in a small bowl and use a cotton ball and apply it in my arm pits.

  59. My husband and I have been using ACV for over 3 weeks; we both have sinus /allergies. Since we have been using ACV we have less symptoms and don’t have to take medication. It does burn at first but we take it without water, if you dilute it it shouldn’t be quite as bad.

  60. I have heard for a while the virtues of ACV and have been usin it topically on my scalp for dandruff (with success) but was always too chicken to try it orally. I started tonight after reading this blog and most of the comments. I started with one tbsp in a glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey and it wasn’t bad at all. Almost like a nice honeyed tea. We’ll see how it goes.

  61. I am using Apple Cider + Honey + Glass of water , this because I have acidity problem. Is there anyway I can use Apple Cider which do not cause acidity

  62. I Tried ACV a long time ago for acid reflux heartburn really painful and it worked. I had a lot of energy and my skin looked clear. I’m going back to ACV again due to Acid reflux issues.

  63. Dear Brittany,
    I live in Taiwan and i couldn’t find the brand you use, instead i bought a 100% apple vinegar, i can’t tell if it’s raw or not. The label reads.. ingridients: Apples, no sugar added.
    It really doens’t work if it’s nor raw?

    Thanks a lot

  64. Hi! Came across your blog as I just started using ACV as a daily regimen. I was reading through posts and there’s a lot of confusion on whether it’s 1 TBSP or 1 TSP. I think I know where the confusion lies. I am using Bragg’s brand of Apple Cider Vinegar. On the nutrition label it reads “Serving Size: 1 TBSP” but on the instructions it suggests mixing “1-2 tsp of ACV in 8 oz of water with 1-2 tsp of honey.” However, if you read the paragraph above the instructions, it suggests taking a dose 3 times a day (morning, mid afternoon and evening) so if you take 1 TSP three times a day, you have taken 1 TBSP total (3 TSP = 1 TBSP). I have been doing 2 TBSP a day (1 TBSP mixed in 8 oz of cold water in the AM before I brush my teeth, and 1 TBSP mixed in 8 oz of cold water in the PM before I brush my teeth). I am a dental assistant and I want people to really be careful of drinking ACV undiluted. It not only dissolves the enamel of your teeth (giving you “soft” teeth) but it can cause ulcers and burns on your tongue, throat, esophagus and stomach. I asked the Dentist I work for the best way to drink it daily without damaging my enamel. He says that the best way is to either mix the ACV with water before you swallow it, or, if you don’t want to drag out the acidic taste, swallow a TBSP and then chase it with a glass of water. ALSO IMPORTANT: Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after you swallow ACV. Brushing immediately after actually rubs the vinegar INTO your enamel (this is true with sugar too!). Saliva is the body’s natural way to neutralize acids in the mouth, so let your spit do its job before you brush. And in answer to the acidic vs. alkaline debate, ACV (and all vinegars) is ACIDIC. The scientific name for vinegar is ACETIC ACID. The pH being between 2 and 3, where 0 is the most acidic a substance can be (Battery Acid is 0). I just wanted to clean up some confusion among ACV users 🙂

    ….having said that I DO have a question. Has anyone felt sick at all from taking ACV? I’ve taken it for about two weeks now and the last few days I have felt a little under the weather. Not knocked-on-my-butt sick but just icky: headachey, swollen lymph nodes, running nose, and I am burning up. Doctor can not find anything bacteria-wise. I don’t have a fever (even though I feel like it!)…I’m wondering if this is the detox aspect of ACV? Has anyone else experienced this same thing or something similar?

  65. I started drinking ACV one week ago & my skin looks amazing!! I saw immediate results. I heard it is amazing for GERD & I felt immediate results with that too. I drink 2tsps 2x a day, diluted in water.

  66. I started drinking Bragg’s ACV about a month ago for chronic bloating, fluid retention and bowel issues. My hands are no longer swollen with fluid and my bowels have become more regular. I actually lost a few pounds, dont know if it has to do with the ACV or not, but i am going to continue just for the fact of the relief of stomach bloating and fluid retention. Sure seems to be helping…stuck in memopause and hypoactive thyroid land! I drink it in warm water and just shoot it down, morning and afternoon works best for me!

    1. Hi! I just started using ACV today and I am using it to clear my cystic acne which i suffered for 5 years. All over the counter medicine failed and dermatologist medicine failed too. So I decided to clear my skin the natural way since I read about this on your blog. I am using ACV on my face and to lose weight, I ingested 2 TBSP. of ACV with 8 ounces of water today and I made a ACV toner for my face with 2 ounces of ACV and 2 ounces of water which I will start using tonight after cleansing my face. i have a question this is my first time ingesting ACV and applying it to my face, will my acne clear up right away? or will it get worse before it gets better? and how long will it take for me to see acne clearing results in my face? By the way i love your blog its very informative!

      1. Hi- glad to hear you’re giving ACV a try. It’s great but it works at different speeds for different folks. If you read thru the comments ( yes, there is a LOT!) you’ll see mostly that it’s important to give it time to work. It’s not an overnight miracle cure not matter what people may imply. ACV will only be half as effective for your acne if your diet is bad. Same goes for losing weight. Exercise and reduced calorie intake PLUS ACV is awesome.
        Stick with it- wish you the best!

  67. After reading your blog, I tried drinking it and I find it not too bad. I added 1 tspi honey. It tastes like sour apple juice. My concern is that I am drinking alkaline water at home. Is it good to use the alkaline water to dilute apple cider vinegar? How does this affect the alkaline acid balance either of the drink or of the body as I drink ACV?

    1. not reg apple cider vinegar from gro.stores Dr oz said organic apple cider [ with mother in it.] you can buy it at the health food stores & boy it works for weight loss, blood presser, joints, i take a3 tablespoons every day in a coffee cup of warm water. its also helps keeps type 2 diabetic sugar down if you have type 1 dont take it. talk to your doctor before starting it.

  68. I have had a chronic cough my entire life that I get between the months of Oct. to April. I have been doing some research for a natural remedy and a Dr. of mine told me it may be “Silent Reflux”. Well I went to my health food store and what was good for “Reflux”? Apple Cider Vinegar! I was so excited, so I bought some Braggs ACV, take it 3 times a day, my cough has subsided tremendously!!! I am also going to mix it with some local honey, I think I will be rid of this cough in no time. PTL!!!!!!

  69. I’ve been drinking ACV for about 6 weeks now … I have felt more energetic, but haven’t seen a lot of other results. I’ve been drinking 2 TBL/3 times a day dilluted in about 4 oz of water and then with about 6 oz water chaser. … I don’t mind drinking it at all …. but I’m thinking that maybe 2 TBL is too much ACV?

  70. i’ve been putting it in sparkling water and it is great! It makes it very kombucha-like… and I definitely feel the energy improvement and possibly less bloating

  71. Hello everybody. Thought I should share my experience with avc.
    I’m a 21 year old guy with mild acne, maybe a but worse then that actually. It was bad enough for me to get really upset about it. Ive had it for about 4 or 5 years. Tried everything.
    Slowly learned that its more about diet and natural remedies.
    Im very athletic I lift weights and play sports so im not taking avc for weight loss. However I decided to take it for healing my facial skin.
    When you look at my skin from far it looks ok but when you look upclose I have acne everywhere . They are probably just old acne scars but I get fresh ones every week.

    Used applesider viner mixed with water and a drop or two of tea tree oil which kills bacteria as a toner. I moisturize afterwards . Twice a day. I also have a little bit of avc to drink.

    My acne scars have started to disapear. Its been 1 week. Feels great . Fresh acne gets smaller and eventually goes away.

    I also take vitamins etc… but avc and tea tree oil is what rlly stsrted to get things moving.
    Used a bit stronger dose of avc on my shoulder acne and gone in 2 days.. magic.
    Hope this helps. Dont usually comment on these blogs. Cheers

    Ps- if you dont drink water all day everyday then anything you do is pointless. Buy a big water bottlr and youll be forced to drink. All the time!

    1. i make acv for a living and unfortunately over the past few years most american made acv has switched from actually pressing the cider from apples and making it into vinegar;to, buying apple concentrate from china which is very high in arsenic ( a naturally found chemical in apple seeds)and mixing it with alcohol and water even where i live the apple capital of the usa this method has been deemed more economical and the apples just rot on the ground when we used to make cider we would remove most of the seed not to mention in china, they may still use arsenic for pestacide. also several years ago they made it manditory to pasturize which definetly changes the taste and benefits be careful what you are drinking

  72. I started drinking ACV 2tbs in glass of water morning and 2 tbs mix in water before go to bed for my sinus it works for me. its not necessary ACV should be organic i am useing Heinez..

  73. I have tried ACV in my grape fruit juice and it’s not that bad. I have learned about this a few months ago from a friend at work. He drinks it daily. I am still getting use to drinking it. I am hoping it will help with my digestive system and acid reflex. Thanks for sharing!!

  74. Started drinking ACV a month and a half ago due to having a terrible gall bladder attack which I thought i would need to have surgery. It wasn’t long and I my digestive problems i had for most of my life were no longer an issue. Not only that but I have lost 5 lbs. I also have been using Heinz or generic. I do feel an energy boost. Even cured a girl at work who had hiccups for 2 days straight-within 10 minutes they were gone. I drink mine with apple cider or apple juice-usually warmed up (preference). Thank god-has been a miracle to me. No more indigestion, bloating, heartburn, constipation

  75. I posted above, but I have now been drinking the ACV for a month & it is nothing short of a miracle. My GERD has almost completely stabilized, I am down from 40mg of Prilosec to 10mg & will be off that soon. My hoarseness is much better, my digestive system has done a 360′, my skin looks great, I have more energy, have lost 2lbs, & generally feel amazing overall. I take the Braggs, 2 capfulls, 2 times a day diluted in 8oz of water.

  76. In the past, I’ve just taken a shot of 2 tablespoons in the morning, and chase it with water (just to get it over with since it tastes so bad!). After reading about how it can damage tooth enamel though, I may start diluting it with water.

    I used to do this every day for over a year or so, and I stopped a couple of months ago just because I ran out and got lazy. Looking back… definitely made a difference. I’ve gained about 5 lbs and my skin has been awful that past few months! So, needless to say, I am going to go buy a new bottle today and get back on track! Also – just to add to the advantages…I have read that drinking ACV helps to keep a flat stomach 🙂

  77. I’ve been using ACV in my water for a while now, because I have really bad sinus issues. It really helps boost my immune system to help me fight off sinus infections. You can also find recipes for ACV toner online too. I put it in my smoothie every morning, and it makes it more tangy and healthful. I really can tell a difference when I don’t have my smoothie everyday, because in my smoothie I have some probiotics, ACV, flax seed oil, and other natural medicines of sorts. Without acv, my stomach just doesn’t feel the same. I do way more than two TBLS sometimes too.

  78. i think health conscious vinegar drinkers should encourage US manufacturers to again press American apples instead of compromising health benefits, and outsourcing millions of jobs by making acv out of China made apple concentrate true apple cider is a much better product its sad to accept that its more profitable going this route

    1. Thank you for this info, Al. Sadly, i’m not too surprised – i’ve only recently noticed brand-name spice jars that state “Product of China,” as well as frozen vegetables at the upscale Trader Joe’s that state “Product of China.” It’s so very sad to see Big Business march arm-in-arm with a country that doesn’t even meet minimum drinking water safety standards, much less any type of toxic sewage or pesticide standards. China’s stuff is so intertwined into our food system now that it takes considerable effort, time and money to push against it. Sometimes the average, overworked person finds it hard to walk uphill all the time. You know it’s necessary, but the system we have tries to pull you back into the feed trap. You are their cash cow…I’m talking agri-business here. Please boycott China’s products.

  79. Just started ACV again and googled the benefits to refresh my memory and your blog showed up.. subscribing now 🙂


  80. For all of you skeptics here is something to think about ACV….I orginally begin using Bragg ACV in the summer for hair growth. One day I was listening to a show on TV and they discussed the importance of vinegar and blood pressure. So I started with the red wine vinegar and one day ran out of the red…so I decided to try the Bragg with mother ACV and much to my surprise adding pure honey to the mixture was an unbelievable drink! I cautiously begain drinking this mixture hoping that the effects on my blood pressure would beneficial. It seemed to have helped but now I drink this AVC mixture 3x’s a day…and I’m totally hooked…but now I just noticed something else! My hair…it’s growing even faster. As I mentioned at the beginning, I orginally began using ACV for hair growth. I read where using Bragg w/mother was the best in helping with hair growth, but this was using it externally as a pre-rinse. After applying to hair I massage into my scalp and my hair has truly grown. But now my body is receiving the benefits from the inside out and the outside in using the Bragg ACV!
    Now I could be wrong, but I really don’t think I am…All I know now is that I’m really loving the results I’m obtaining using the Bragg ACV!!! If you’re not sure just try it for a week and you will see what all the buzz is about! This is the best possible thing I have done for myself in a really long time!!!

      1. Hi Ria,
        yes the ratio is easy…1 cup of to use boiled, pure water..1 or 2 tsps of Bragg ACV w/ 1 or 2 tsps of honey. Really I use 1 tsp of honey..just love the taste..I take this drink 3x’s per day! It really makes me feel great! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Sharon, I’ve been using ACV internally for years. It is great to use during cold and flu seasons, I rarely get sick. I’ve not heard of it as a pre-rinse for hair. What ratio do you use? Thank you!

  81. I had never heard of ACV until I read Sylvester Stallone’s training and diet book Sly Moves. He describes how he had a bad case of food poisoning when he was younger and as he had no money for meds his friend suggested he take 2 tablespoons of ACV. Within a few hours his symptons had gone and he felt back to his normal self again. I therefor take it whenever I start to feel a bit of upset stomach coming on.

    Anyone else find it helps with this?

    1. When the flo went around, my daughter and I usually get it, while others in the family do not. This time we took ACV and we did not and they did. Yes it very much helps most every thing. I am diabetic and my legd itch a lot. Rub them with vinegar and the itch is gone.

  82. I have used ACV quite often over the years. I noticed it helped mitigate acid reflux symptoms (heartburn, whatever you want to call it); whenever I take it regularly, I find I am less likely to catch colds; it’s crazy, but it helps with, how do I say this, generally speaking, “bedroom stuff.” Those are my observations.

  83. Also, to add to my previous comment, I take one tablespoon with a drop of iodine and one ounce of liquid glucosamine. That’s my concoction.

  84. Hello there, I love apple cider vinegar, I dont add anything in it but water & that. I was coming down with a cold, & I would drink this. My cold was gone in a few days honestly. I really hope it works with hair growth, and other things. I kinda gotta a vitamin deficiency, hope it gives me something. At first i was just drinking it once, but im going to try to drink it like 3 times a day. I’ll report what it has done in the future, Thanks

    1. Hi Tracy – You can refrigerate it if you’d like, but I don’t think you have to. It doesn’t say anything about refrigeration on the bottle.

        1. hello. vinegar has a virtually indefinite shelf life. the acidity prevents bacteria and/or mold from growing (hence why white vinegar is used to kill bacteria in showers!). you don’t need to refrigerate it. I’d say if you’ve had it for years and years and it begins to smell funny, throw it away.

  85. Hi Tracy you don’t have to refrigerate acv it’s better to digest room temperature or warm it is so good with cranberry juice & it is also great in Apple cider warm I uses it as a toner after I wash my face & b4 I put my collagen serum on makes my skin tighter

    1. Hi Kimmie,

      How old are you and what is your skin type/color if you don’t mind sharing? I mean are you caucasian or latina or? I am trying to collect data on ACV and the different skin types and age. Thank you!

      1. Does my skin justice I exfoliate mildly then I cotton ball it with acv let dry then I uses an moisturizing collagen serum morning & before bed

        1. Thank you for your reply!!! I have actually started to do that myself… can’t quite tell if it helps yet. I’m 36/yo, caucasian but italian descent.. you get the idea. Thanks again!

    2. What kind of Measurement for the ACV skin regiment. .I really need this I wait till I get 64 and start having skin problem.

    1. i just started using apple cider vinegar on my son’s head….he has psorisis on his scalp…I had heard it helps with the flaking… i will post again to let you know how it worked

  86. I started using ACV three years ago after several decades of digestive issues and numerous, varied prescription drugs. After reading an article written by a pharmacist that suggested doctors prescribe meds to cure our symptoms and not our problems and that acid reflux can often be fixed using ACV rather than Nexium, etc. I gave it a try. I feel like I could be the poster child ( ahem, middle- aged poster adult!) for Bragg’s! Not only do I no longer take any medications for acid reflux I do not take medications for digestion or high cholesterol. I truly believe it has also helped me reduce the amount of belly fat that I have too. I feel better now than I did taking any of the drugs I took for 3 decades!

      1. One tablespoon in a cup of water before breakfast and supper. I started out doing it before each meal but find twice a day still does the trick!

    1. Melissa, I use 1 Tbsp in a glass of water though some say 2 tsp. I take it 3 times a day, 1h before meals if I can. Get a bottle of Braggs and then order the materials listed on the bottle.

  87. I had really bad eczema for six months on my hands and arms to the extent my fingers would split daily when I bent them. I tried different diets and medication to ease the problem unfortunately to no avail. I had already been drinking 3 caps of ACV in cold water twice a day but also to no avail. But here’s the weird thing when I added 3 caps of ACV to warm water by mistake my itching stopped almost immediately. Now three days on and my arms and hands are clearing up and my fingers are no longer splitting. Can’t recommend AVC highly enough. What is the secret in warm water and AVC???? I now drink it 3 times per day!

  88. If you want to drink this stuff, then the best way, seems to be to take a tablespoon at a time, put this into your mouth, then add a huge gulp of water and swallow the two together. I guess itsl like a water chaser. .It stops you tasting the acidity of the vinegar.

    1. Be careful putting straight ACV in your mouth…it will take the enamel off of teeth. I put a splash in a glass of water, and down the hatch.

  89. Does AVC really work? My sister and brother have used apple cider vinegar for years and my brother looks the same size as he did in high school. I really didn’t believe it, but I decided for the new year to give a try. This will be my second time trying it. I didn’t stick to it the first time. If anyone has any advice to help me stick to it, please advise. I want to lead a healthy life and good clean living. Especially as far as my diet goes and exercise. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  90. When washing your hair with Braggs ACV, do you mix with water or pour directly to scalp and how long are you suppose to let it sit to penetrate the scalp?

    1. the general rule is 1 tablespoon of ACV per one cup of water. how long you let it sit depends on your hair. if you have dry hair, let it sit for longer. about 5-7 seconds is a good length of time to start with.

    2. My daughter has used ACV for years for scalp flair-ups. It’s amazing. Clears it up quickly and thoroughly. She even noticed that her hair became really bright and shiny and healthy looking. She uses 100% ACV, no dilution. We picked up a bottle with a long narrow tip (like the ones hair stylists use to apply all over hair color). This made for easy application to the scalp. I can speak from experience. Stopped the dandruff and the itchy scalp better than any anti dandruff shampoo. And there we no bad effects from long term use.

    3. I do an ACV rinse on my hair about twice a month – I dilute about 1 tbsp to about a cup of water, let it soak in for a minute or two, then rinse away. No need for conditioner. You may smell like an easter egg for a bit until your hair dries, but your hair will be soft and the itchiness is gone (which is my primary reason for using the rinse). I usually do the rinse in the evening, by next morning, the vinegar smell isn’t there anymore.

      1. I remember when dyeing Easter eggs, you must pot vinegar in to make the color set in the eggs. The same is true with your hair. It helps maintain your natural color, gets rid of any itch and makes your hair so shiny!! Love it

  91. Hi Y’all I just started taking ACV yesterday haven’t seen any benefits yet but I’ll keep you posted. Thank you all for your comments and the great tips you posted I can’t wait to see what it does for me. I will be using for internally and externally on my scalp see if it helps with my hair loss, as a toner for my skin, my sons dandruff and might as well try it on his athletes foot see if it helps. I’m excited and hope to see results soon. I hope I can stick with this long term and wish you all great success with ACV.

  92. how can ACV help my current conditon . My dr. said im suffering from Seborrheic Dermamatis . Tried different moisturizer , creams , antibiotics but it doesnt work?.
    Anyone tried the ACV for skin problems
    . How ?

  93. Im wondering what all ingredients to put into the ACV in water drink you reference to making everyday and drinking throughout the day.

  94. Amazing Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar from Cold to Cancer, check and study, this will definitely useful for you and your family, if need more info or online guidance or telephonic discussion with experts, mail us. I am authorized distributor for Apple Cider Vinegar. (For India Only)

    1. Hi yvette, I started with just two capsules of acv and a lil bit of purified water and I used it twice yesterday in the am and before bed, be sure to add your moisturizer afterwards my face is really smooth, I’m sure you have to use it at least a week or longer before you can see the tightening in your skin. Someone else posted she used 2tsps of acv and 8 oz water you could also try it that way.

    2. I usually don’t dilute it when I use as a toner I apply it with a cotton ball while my face & neck is still moist let air dry then I apply my collagen serum let air dry also you will see the difference I do it day & night

  95. I really love ACV and I’ve been doing a tonic of Bragg’s ACV, raw organic honey, water and raw crushed garlic. It’s been about a week, I originally started this routine because I was attempting to get over a horrible cold. Now, after doing some research, I’m in love with all the other potential health benefits. I do tend to take this tonic mixture after eating a meal, once a day. It is 1/4 of a cup full, its strong, hardly diluted. I honestly love the taste and have no problem “shooting” it like a shot of liquor. However…
    I also really enjoy drinking multiple large glasses (16oz) of milk, through out my day. I am very cautious not to mix these two, knowing full well the ACV will cause the milk to curdle in my stomach. I am so concerned with the idea I may cause my self to get really ill. I have been wanting to do more doses of ACV daily so that I may start seeing the benefits. What are my chances of making my self sick by upping my ACV tonic doses and not cutting back on my milk intake as well?

    1. I have been using the ACV daily for a week, sometimes twice a day and at first I couldn’t stomach the taste, but now I mix it with 1 tsp of honey and it tastes much better. I pray this works. I feel great.

    2. Well seeing as your stomach acid will already curdle the milk, as well as it being healthy to drink buttermilk, I would say there are no chances of it making you sick 🙂 I frequently have dairy after taking my ACV and have never had an issue! I say go for it!
      The only thing I would caution about is taking it minimally diluted- it is very acidic and over time will damage the enamel on your teeth. I remedy this by mixing with juice and drinking with a straw, placed far back in my mouth. This helps prevent as much contact as possible with ACV and teeth.

    3. I thought it was recommended to keep to a tblspn of ACV per day (or thereabouts). Sounds like that dosage might be overdoing it. I have always stuck to no more than 2-3 tblspns per day and have been doing it for years. It does what it needs to at that dosage.

  96. I noticed that I’m feeling more energetic and now that I’m diluting it with honey, it tastes much better. I’m going to stick it out.

  97. I started taking ACV a few days ago and I noticed my energy levels go way up. That’s not the reason I started taking it though but this is certainly an added bonus as my energy levels are not nearly as high as I would like. I am using it for the other benefits. I drink Dr. Braggs and mix a tbsp with one tbsp of manuka honey and 8 oz. of water

    1. I started drinking Bragg’s ACV 2 weeks ago…(1-2 tablespoons in 8 ounces of water before each meal) and I cannot believe how much energy I have now!
      I also swithched over to a gluten free diet with tons of veggies, and lean proteins…I have lost 17 pounds in just 14 days, and feel better than I have in decades. peolpe around me at work are dropping like flies from clods and flu, and I feel fine…I won’t go without my Bragg’s!!!!!!

    2. Hi! I need to start this for losing some weight can u tell me if I can drink this cause I have Osterioarthrits. Will it be helpfull for me.

  98. I had been suffering with kidney stones. The pains were excruciating at times and thought for sure I’d wind up in the hospital. The pastor at my church told me about ACV, so I looked it up and started taking it. My stones were gone in a couple of days. No more pain. I now drink a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water with stevia 3 times a day. It helps with digestion, and I’m hoping to regulate my blood sugar too.

    1. Braggs is not your only option. Look for an ACV that is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and organic. The brand I use is Spectrum which I purchase from my local grocery store in the health food section.

  99. I have polycystic kidney disease and often times I feel pain on my upper abdomen and while sleeping, the pain awakens me..But when I started drinking 5mL of apple cider vinegar with water in the morning everyday, the pain disappeared, and there is no pain anymore until now and my blood pressure went back to normal. I am a living proof that apple cider vinegar really works!!!

  100. I have been using ACV for a couple of years now as a an after shower toner. I have very sensitive/dry skin and have battled with it ever since I was a child. To add to the problem a Dr prescribed a cortisone cream to me when I was 13 but never explained to my parents how dangerous it was and so I used it everyday until my 20’s when another Dr refused to give me a prescription for it. It had left my skin thin and even more delicate. I have tried many moisturisers and such and have found many that I can use safely but the dry skin was always an issue. I read an article about using ACV as a toner and how it was good for removing dry skin…something to do with the pectin’s breaking down the ‘glue’ that holds dead skin cells together. I gave it a try and have never looked back. I don’t use it every day, just when I see the skin starting to build up, splashing it on after a shower, leaving for 10 minutes, then rinsing off and applying my normal moisturiser. It has also helped with a problem I had on one foot that a Dr called ‘infected dermatitis’, which I think was medical talk for ‘I don’t have a f**king clue’

  101. I first found out about acv on after researching about tmj.. Ive used it for about 2wks now twice a day.. I mix a teaspoon of pure honey with a tablespoon of braggs acv in about 8 oz of water.. i must say my monster appetite is under control! My acid reflux is gone and i have alot of enery just feel peppy…im sticking to it i acually crave it… Which i find kinda wierd.

      1. Hi marie,
        in response to your question of the ratio of acv is 2 cap fulls to 2cups of water. I have a rottie and 3 lil size dogs and they love it. my rottie has been having ear problem and i clean his ears with them also. I get cotton balls and soak them in acv and a lil warm water . It kills the fungus and yeast that sometime infect the ear. All in all i love the stuff , i use it every day it is so beneficial for everything.

        1. Hi Tina thanks for responding so quickly I will add it to my dogs water as far as cleaning her ears with it do I put a drop in her ear or just clean the outside of the ear with the cotton ball?

  102. My whole family drinks ACV. My great-grandfather was a doctor and lived to be 105 ! When asked how he stayed so healthy he would always say to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day. He swore by it!!!!

  103. My partner began using Bragg Raw Apple Cider Vinegar after hearing that it was good for his skin condition. For some reason I cannot remember the name of his condition, but it causes his skin to harden, turn red and sore up. He’s been taking it internally as well as using externally on his skin for 5 days now and there’s a noticeable difference in his skin. His skin is going back to normal, the colour is back, and feels like brand new skin. Of course he still has a ways to go before it is all clears up, but I can’t believe how fast it’s working. He feels so much better about his looks and is happy that his skin condition will finally go away. I can’t believe how amazing this stuff really is and I started taking it today just for overall health reasons.

  104. I started incorporating acv in my meals 3 days ago and I feel great. I’m still nauseous when I drink it first thing in the morning. Any recommendations?
    I found that if you add it in your smoothies it’s great. If you’re a snacker you sip the smoothie while at you’re at your desk or watching television, you feel a difference in 2 days. And Bragg is a great brand of acv

  105. I’ve just started using acv yesterday, cause a month ago I lost 5 kg in about 3 weeks by cutting out sugar, gluten and milk for that time. Over holidays I put on two again, now I started taking acv, 1 tsp per 500 ml water x 4 a day and sip that throughout the day. I had major runny tummy this morning and stomach feels weird, why is that happening? Normal? Also my daughters have got acne, what can I do to help their skin using acv . Appreciate your advice.

  106. I would like to know if you can use any kind of apple cider vinegar? I have Heinz. Does it do the same. I hear its good for belly fat is it?. Someone answer me please. Thank you

    1. You cannot use Heinz,,, EVER! That stuff is garbage. You have to use the organic, unfiltered variety for benefits. Just use Braggs.

      1. Hi Tom,
        I just purchased Heinz vinegar, it is also organic and u nfiltered(it says so on the bottle anyway)!
        Am I missing something?!?! Please advise…


        1. I started drinking ACV about 5 weeks ago. I first bought Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother. I was going through the 16oz. size bottles rather fast, so one day I went to the local Wal-Mart store (everyone always say that you can find pretty much everything there) and surprisingly I found organic raw unfiltered acv! It came in 32 oz. glass bottle, the price was cheaper and it was from Heinz. I bought just to see if it is the same as Bragg’s.

          Well, here is my verdict: Bragg tasted better. I couldn’t stand the taste of Heinz. Yes, I realize that I will be spending more money, but at least I am able to swallow my acv drink (and I find it refreshing, too!).

          For anyone curious, I dilute 1/2 cup of Bragg above mentioned vinegar in 1.5 liter (=0.396258 US gallon) room temperature filtered tap water (I use PUR counter filter for that). I do not add any honey to it, or any other stuff, so I don’t need to deal later with extra calories. Your taste buds will get used to the less sweet taste in a week or so, so just drink it. It’s worth it.

        2. I’m not sure about Heinz, but Braggs is raw which I don’t think Heinz is. If it doesn’t have “The Mother” it’s probably pasteurized.

          1. I was talking about Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother and Heinz Unfiltered All Natural Apple Cider Vinegar with the ‘mother’. So both products are natural. I just prefer the taste of Bragg.

  107. Is their any Scientific facts to back these claims ? Because let’s be real folks, don’t forget the placebo effect. Also companies who sell supplements and natural cures , post outrageous claims to sell their products. Good luck.

  108. I have this felling in my knees feet arms it flare up painfull all the time and I’m worried abou it Reading ur rticles make me feel like AVC could help me .PLease give advice what to do desperate need help

  109. Please help I have this feeling it flare up my knee ,feet arms apinfull and I’m worried all the time do u Ishould use AVC too but maybe I have too much acid already .

  110. I have sinus issues and routinely wake up with a sinus headache in the morning during the winter. Up until a month or so ago, I would control this using prescription steroid nasal spray. I am not big into alternative remedies, but decided to try ACV because I didn’t like the dependence on the steroid. The results have been excellent. Since I’ve started ACV I’ve been able to stop using the nasal spray. I drink three glasses of water a day with 2 tablespoons of ACV in each. Through experimentation I’ve found if I drink the last glass right before bedtime, I do not wake up with a headache. If I skip the last glass, I wake up with a headache. Frankly, I don’t care if its a placebo effect or actually doing anything, I just know it is working for me.

    1. Hi Bob how long did you take ACV before you noticed the difference with your headaches? I have sinus issues also and I take 1tbs 3x’s a day and haven’t really noticed a difference. I did try for a couple of days taking it your way, it seems to be to much for me but I want to know how long before it helped you? Any suggestions?

      1. Hello Marie,

        I noticed the difference fairly quickly, I’d say within a week. Incidentally, I ran out of ACV last week and haven’t been able to pick more up, and I’m already back to my old sinus/headache symptoms. There’s definitely a direct correlation for me. Perhaps how effective it is depends on the cause of your sinus issues. Mine (at least according to the doc) are from indoor air allergies. I’m not sure of what might work for you, I did notice though that it looks like you were talking half as much as I am. I also found that if my sinuses do start to become congested, nasal irrigation with a netti pot helps quite a bit. Between the ACV and doing the occasional nasal irrigation, it’s worked really well for me this winter.

        1. Hi Bob,
          Thanks for replying. I’ll have to try it your way (doubling up on the ACV) and see if clears up my congestion. I’ve heard so much about the benefits of using a netti pot… I guess it’s time I try it too!

  111. Hi
    Can you use this on children specifically aged 11 yrs and 8 yrs. My 11 year old is getting a lot of spots and her skin is very dry in places and oily in other she is to young to have any medical treatments. If anyone has any advise I would appreciate it Thank you

    1. I give it to my four year old. It really helps with his hyperactivity. He is like a different kid. He used to never stop talking. He is so nice and quiet now! One teaspoon two or three times a day does the trick. I add it to a little bit of apple juice.

  112. Bob, It’s not placebo because that’s not the way the placebo effect works. I’m sorry you haven’t really explored the alternatives and I live in a state that recognizes naturopaths, thank God. If you do, I would very much recommend finding one that specializes in homeopathy. I have one and I don’t know what I would do without him. I can’t explain how homeopathy works, I just know that it does. It’s not a placebo effect because it works on animals. Let me know if you want more info and I’ll send it to you.

  113. I always suffered from constipation and water retention.
    Since I started taking the ACV 3 times a day my life has changed.
    While taking the ACV, I went 3 times a day and feel great and lighter.
    Also, I eliminate water about 6 times a day. I also noticed that the ACV
    suppress my appetite!!!! I stop for a while because I started to have
    Heart burn, so I took a break. Tomorrow, I am going to start again for two weeks
    and take a break after to prevent the heart burn.

  114. I had a stroke, my blood preddure went up and down within minuets as did my blood sugar. I was exhausted. I hate to lay down so was up sorting things and felt I must lay down. I came across a paper saying doctor won award for proving vinegar gets rid of fatigue. I immediately drank some Braggs in water and was energized. I felt better and took my blood pressure. It was good. I started drinking it twice a day, 2 teaspoond in a glass of water and in a couple of days had to STOP my blood pressure meds as I was going too low. My Blood sugar was great also. Now I have stopped my insulin and am off of ALL drugs. HalleluYah! I am no longer DRUGGED! I have a lot more money. I went through the cold and flu season with out a sniffle, while the rest of the family of 6 got sick. I have lost 40 pounds and feel great. I washed my hair and rinsed it in vinegar and my itching stopped and my hair looks much darker and so shiney. I am hooked on vinegar. When I get tired, I teke vinegar. I am 67 years young.

    1. Yahannah, I have been following comments about ACV coz I don’t like my prediabetes condition to develop into full blown diabetes. Your comment is very interesting to me and promising as well. How long did you take ACV for you to get off insulin and blood sugar lowering drugs?
      Wow, you lost 40 pounds, that’s something! Over what period of time did you lose these pounds? Did you do anything other than taking 2 tsp of ACV a day to lose these pounds? I am currently taking 1 tbs of ACV in a cup of lukewarm water with 1 tsp honey. It tastes good and the only visible benefit I feel is the increased energy level. I haven’t checked my weight yet but I weighed my self before starting on my ACV regimen. I have been taking ACV for week now.

  115. I have had a wart on my finger for over 3 years and have tried many things to get rid of it…dermatologist, salacylic acid, aloe, duck tape, etc. Nothing worked. My sister recently told my to soak a bit of cotton in ACV and put it on the wart with a bandaid…within 3 weeks the wart was gone!

  116. I have used regular ACV on my hair for about two months now. I read it stimulates hair growth. I used regular because I had a hard time finding the organic with the Mother. It has helped my hair tremendously.

    I am 47 years old and have gone through early menapause…….and all the issues associated with it. My skin is covered in Barnacles. Because I pour the ACV over my hair in the shower, it also runs down my back. I’ve noticed the Barnacles are going away. So now I am going to do a better job at actively seeking the good stuff so I can drink it. I’ll just add to my daily cranberry juice. Hopefully I can eliminate this belly fat that ONLY started in the last 3 years due to Menapause.

    This is NOT a placebo affect as it had never occurred to me help with the barnacles.

    1. Dear CrayCray~

      Found your post so interesting. I also have gone thru early menopause and am having issues with hair loss. Do you know if ACV helps with this as well?

  117. I started drinking ACV on February 3rd and in four days I’m starting to notice a difference. My doctor just recently prescribe meds for indigestion and I plan on stopping those meds. No more bloatness or gastro pains in the upper abdominal area. And he also prescribed Statin to lower my chlorestoral when I finish those pills…I will not get a refill. I am currently taking two pills (low doses) a day for blood pressure and plan to stop after I get my current readings. I don’t want my pressure to get too low. I want to be drug free because I think prescribed meds are more harmful than anything.

    Question: What is the proper amount to use on your skin as a toner..diluted or nondiluted? Thanks…

  118. What is the best way you recommend taking AVC, I want it to help with digestion/ weight loss. Do I take it 2tbs together before breakfast or one before and one at bedtime? Or before meals?

  119. I drank my first cup of Bragg’s acv & water today, as did a friend of mine. I am hoping to see increased energy, weight loss and just feel better in general. I will check back in one month. Excited!

  120. I started using Bragg’s ACV awhile but wasn’t using it i mix 2 tbs acv,8 oz boiled warm water.1tsp agave, use a straw to drink the concoction down. On 2/10/13 i start the 2 tbs and today i see result, i’ll keep everyone posted.

  121. I’ve been taking ACV for a little over a month now 1tbs 3x’s a day. I notice the my increased energy level the first week. The second week I noticed I slept better and woke up before my alarm clock wow that was a great surprise! By the end of the third week I lost a few inches around my waist line and I can fit into a size 10-12 jeans and that hasn’t happened in long time! It hasn’t helped much with my sinuses and that was one of the main reasons I started taking ACV so if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it. How can it help with my sinus congestion? Should I increase the tbs? Would love some feedback, Thanks = )

  122. My name is brandon in my hair Iine is receiving I was wondering can ASV can grow my hair back….an also my skin is lookn like a dark dry loook too it can ASV doin anything too lighten my skin an also stop the dryness

      1. Try castor oil or coconut oil to grow hair. You can add rosemary oil to these oils to grow back your hair however rosemary oil is known to darken hair.

      2. @DaveyC….pretty rude comment, even though you put a winking emoticon afterwards….sometimes we shouldn’t let out those negative things that linger around in our head-it just puts negative energy into the world and I’m sure you didn’t make Brandon feel any better about himself by saying that. Thinking before you speaking your mind is always a good thing to remember. Perhaps you should drink the AV in large doses …to help with your ignorance….

        1. Way to go Julie!! Why is it that when someone is reaching out for help there is always someone out there that wants to make them feel even worse!! Why not instead try to say something nice to someone at least once a day!! It is nice to see that some people care about the way a total stranger feels. If there were more people like Julie out there this world would be a better place. And to DaveC if you give love you will receive it. You will be amazed at how your life will change. So to you DaveC I wish you a wonderful weekend!!

    1. hello brandon,
      my husband had a small bald patch at his crown so i said to him to start the vinegar organic with the mother unfiltered. it definitely grew back could not believe it he took it everyday over several months. they said a hair folicle can be stimulated to grow again as long as it is not dead. ibelieve the bald patch hair may have been dead but there where still small hairs that could not be seen and started to regrow. this seems to be the same for the rest of his head as although his hair has thinned he is not bald. he’s delighted. definitely gave it a try as he also had a receding hairline but has not worsened any. goodluck. you will have many benefits to your health as well as your hair.

      1. Hi Majella,
        Did your husband drink the ACV or did he apply it directly on his scalp? Exactly how many months did it take to see results? Hope to hear from you soon.

        1. I have not used ACV internally for hair growth, however, ACV makes a really good hair conditioner, and is really healthy for the skin. I have an unbelievably sensitive scalp and just about any shampoo/conditioner will make me itch like mad and even break out from build up. I started using baking soda as my ‘shampoo’ and ACV diluted with a little water and some of my favorite essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil in a spray bottle as my ‘conditioner.’

          My itch went away within days, I didn’t have the constant scabs and breakouts, my hair was super thick shiny and healthy within weeks. I highly recommend it to, not just people with hair and scalp problems, but to everyone. Although, I do not know how this works ultra curly or ethnic hair… I suggest reading up on it first before trying.

    2. Jesse, ACV does help with weight loss but shouldn’t rely on it solely. Your body needs vital vitamins and nutrients which also help with weight loss. If you’re unsure of what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, then I highly recommend an online presentation called “5 foods to never eat” by Isabel De Los Rios. You can watch it at:

    1. I don’t know about Jeddah, but I get mine at the local Kroger in the organic foods section. I would assume any organic food store would have it.

  123. I am a Filipino, I am 52 years of age, I am suffering skin asthma, do you think ACV can clear my face and also my arms? please advice me on how to apply ACV on my skin. Thank you .

    1. Hi Rosemarie, I use ACV daily on my face and body after a shower. Use as directed on the bottle which is: 8oz water (I use warm water) with 1tbs of ACV some people use 2tbs. I put it in a spray bottle and use 1/2 the bottle on my hair as a pre rinse and let sit for 10 minutes, this will make your hair soft and shiny, after showering take a cotton ball and spray it then apply to your face and spray the rest it of it on your body and rub it in, air dry. After air drying I also apply baby oil on my body only not my face. You should see a difference in less than a week if done daily. I hope it helps with your skin asthma. I almost forgot I use it on my face morning and night.

    2. I am 54 and never used vinegar for anything until I purchased the plain white vinegar in a huge bottle (from Costco) for cleaning some odors in an old dresser and discovered that it calmed the itch on my hands. This was remarkable to me and completely by “accident.” My hands have always been hypersensitive due to allergies (I also have asthma) and are sensitive to washing dishes and a lot of hand washing but it seems like the vinegar sooths and calms the itching and eczema. I use an over-the-counter cortisone cream and even that doesn’t feel as calming as the vinegar. This is what got me interested in the health claims of vinegar. I only recently decided to try and go gluten free since food testing done years ago showed that I have grain allergies.

    1. YES- ABSOLUTELY- that comes from someone who’s tried it. Contrary to most of the info on here,
      Internally- it is not a bad thing if the vinegar is taken full strength (if you can handle the taste of it, go right ahead. I always had a thing for salt & vinegar (or malt-vinegar and sea-salt) chips for many years- stronger the flavor, the better.) I DO follow the vinegar with a bit of food, however. Never had burning sensation in my throat or stomach from taking it straight-up.
      Externally: YES to the varicose/spider veins- although most doctors will tell you to go get an operation to have them removed. DON’T LISTEN. Twice a day, after a shower in the morning and just before bed at night, take about 1 cup or so of the vinegar- UNDILUTED AND FULL STRENGTH- and literally MASSAGE it into the bulging veins in the inflamed leg. Don’t stop until that cup of vinegar’s used up. (Sit on the side of the bathtub while you’re doing it.) You won’t see results for about a week or so as your body needs time to adjust- but eventually you will not feel pain anymore if standing on your feet for a length of time. Yes, you may go through a few bottles of ACV quickly- but for the pain relief- it’s SO worth it.
      Regards, Nigel

  124. hi i am mary lyndel canlas OFW in kuwait,since i started to work abroad,i noticed that the skin on my face having more pimples specially acne, do you think this ACV can help to clear on my face and could possibly remove the pimple scars and dark spots?pls share what i am supposed to do and how to apply on my face…

    1. Simple – instead of eating meals, drink diluted ACV instead. I guarantee you will lose weight very quickly.

  125. Thank you for the information Brittany. I used it for acid reflux that I used to suffer at night and found immediate help with this. I also noticed that it helped my allergies greatly and it allows me to breath through my nose which I was often unable to do before trying it. I usually drink a couple of tablespoons in a half glass of water two or three times a day and I use it with an olive oil and vinegar in salads. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar has a long history of use and was one of Hippocrates remedies. Hippocrates is a Greek physician from before the time of Christ and is considered the father of modern medicine. Bragg’s is the brand that I have tried.

  126. You say that ACV has alkaline properties….It’s incredibly acidic. This would definitely not be good to drink if you ingest a lot of coffee or wine. The reason the serving size is such a small amount is because excessive quantities are bad for the lining in your stomach. Unless I am mistaken this is a big issue because you’re informing people with already acidic intakes that by drinking ACV they can regulate this acidity, when in actuality it would severely increase the acidity levels of their body.

  127. I think the most recommended drinking dosage is 2 teaspoons mixed in minimum of 16 ounces of water. You list 2 tablespoons without indicating how much water. That is very risky on your part. That much acv taken with a small amount of water can be dangerous!

    1. I’ve been taking mine straight off a teaspoon… Is that not recommended?? I’m used to the taste but if it’s not safe then I will mix it with my acai or orange juice.

    2. @ Fraser,
      Why would this be dangerous? I think I would rather do that to my body than drink a can of cola.

  128. You should not be taking ACV straight off a teaspoon. It will destroy the enamel on your teeth among other things. I use 1Tbsp in 16 oz of water. Fraser, if you’re going to make an assertion like this (dangerous), could you please provide some documentation? Thanks.

    1. Actually, you just did Tom. Damage to teeth and throat and stomach if the acidity (ie., acid) isn’t brought under control. Brittany states 2 tablespoons into a glass of water, no mention how much water. A small amount of water may not be enough to counter the acid. I take ACV, and feel better, although I can’t provide testimony that it is the cure all to end all cure alls, it isn’t. And most of the aforementioned health claims are not substantiated…

      Anyway, for documentation, all one has to do is a Google search for recommended safe dose, and you will have hundreds of hits…

      Please no drinking straight, yikes!!!

      1. Thanks. It’s true that most of the claims are unsubstantiated. I like Dr. Joe Mercola’s position on it, a man I trust implicitly. You can see it at

    2. Ok, I’ll add my two cents’ worth. I’ve taken it straight-up and undiluted for years and never had a problem. The bottom line is- your system needs to adjust to it. It’s never a bad thing at all. Take it a bit at a time (undiluted) with some food or water until you can handle it. Straight up is the best way.
      In fact I’ll very happily pop the cap off a bottle of ACV and sip on it occasionally all through the day like a glass of fine wine. Even better in summer- it cures the thirst and hunger pangs and replaces them with healthy vitamins and minerals.
      Tooth enamel has never been a problem- but the same goes with lemon juice and soft-drinks. And this is FROM a dentist-
      “DO NOT keep the liquid in your mouth and swish it around- lemon juice, ACV or soft drinks- one’s just as bad as the other. It is fine for your tooth enamel- but always make sure you drink it instantly and do not keep it in your mouth.”
      I used to take lemon juice three times a day as well. I’d go to the dentist and there was NEVER a tooth enamel problem.
      Regards, Nigel

      1. Nigel,
        I agree with you. I have been taking ACV for about three years straight off a tablespoon and sometimes just right from the bottle and it did wonders for my acid reflux issues. BUT… Then I started reading this thread and thought I should be diluting it as some posters were suggesting it was “dangerous” or unwise. Thus I started diluting it. About a month later I left the country and forgot to pack the bottle. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a store that carried it where I was vacationing. By the time I returned home, my Acid Reflux was back with a vengeance. I started my regime again but in its diluted formula and after several weeks there had been no improvement. So quite recently I decided to go back to the undiluted state and I can see a difference already. I will be listening to my body from now on.
        Also, I tried Bragg’s ACV but I do not find it as good as my regular brand Omega Nutrition Organic Apple Cider with “mother” Unfiltered and Unpasteurized. The Bragg product has water addes to it whereas the Omega Nutrition product is just the vinegar.

  129. Since I started drinking Braggs apple cider vinegar — 2 tablespoons in a 12 oz room temperature glass of water, once a day, my knees and back have stopped aching. I also drink 3 fresh lemons squeezed into a glass of 12 oz water at least once a day. My complexsion is very clear and bright.

  130. Do you have a link for the Meta-D recipe you refer to? I am interested in trying different ACV combinations to mix it up a little during the week. Thank You!

    1. The meta-d recipe is part of the Tone It Up nutrition plan and I don’t have permission to share the recipe. Sorry!

    1. For Hemorhoids, you’ll have to find what works best for your body (everyone’s body reacts differently to different methods – I have a roommate that uses Hazelnut dry coffee creamer in her daily coffee and that regulates her bowel movements. Weird, I know, and not very natural, either). For me and establishing my own regularity, I go with apples. I usually can correct things in 24 hours with eating 2 apples (not necessarily one after another), and then follow-up with an apple a day or every other day, whatever fits your tastes/appetite. You simply have to try different things.

      Drinking water is critical to keeping things flowing, so to speak, in your digestive system. I am not a health professional, and I love my coffee, but if you have, say, 3-4 cups of coffee a day, I think at the minimum you should try to match that in water, just as well, for daily consumption. Daily water intake seems to be related to a decent functioning of the upper and lower GI tract, or lack thereof.

      I would also recommend you consider (if you can afford them – i think they are expensive) using a daily Probiotic pill (in addition to a yogurt/kefir/sauerkraut/ element in your diet). I agree with one of the other commenters on this thread that is a good place to use as a reference. There you will find Probiotics for sale/purchase. I have purchased Probiotics from Amazon, and I noticed their impact for the positive. They aren’t miracles, but I did notice a change in regularity.

      I have begun to learn that in my later 30’s certain beans (legumes) don’t affect my regularity as they used to, so I am having to be more attentive to what works now and calibrate as needed.

      Also, for anyone looking for Apple Cider Vinegar, I would recommend

    2. Try Googling using the squatting position to defecate. This is how our ancestors did (and much of the world today still do) their business. It lines up your colon in a straight line, and reduces pressure so things just flow out.

      Sitting on a Western seat with a bent up colon and pushing causes higher pressure on the veins. If you are overweight, unsteady or have bad knees it may take a bit of getting used to. You can try building up little platform on the sides of the bowl to stand on. They sell commercial adapters too. I just stand on the seat, haven’t had any since. Helps too when you’re constipated to prevent tearing. I know, poo talk is gross but it seriously helps a lot.

    1. Angel, if you cannot find the unfiltered vinegar in a store in Nigeria you can order it online. or possibly even Amazon. Otherwise try Whole Foods website or GNC’s website.

  131. i have high blood presser can apple cider vinegar help me an if it could how do i
    consume it can any help me please thank you.

  132. Cayenne pepper in shampoo also helps grow hair back to Brandon. Never heard of access or castor oil will help much

    1. Hi Ally how much Cayenne pepper is used to put into your shampoo? And I agree with you on the castor oil.

  133. I use ACV regularly to control heartburn and acid reflux. I’ll take about 2 tbls right before a meal. I’ll never take an over the counter pill to treat heartburn again. I swear by ACV for preventing digestive/heartburn issues.

  134. Greetings all. In 1998 I moved to Sydney to work and a women who worked with me was 65 yrs old and had the body of a 25 year old, I who have never had problems with my body asked her what was her secret and she mentioned apple cider vinger and I started drinking it in the mornings, afternoon and evenings. Within a month I had beautiful skin, a body of a 20 year old and mind you at that stage I was 38. My doctor told me to stop due to the fact that I had lost too much weight and I did, years later at 51 I have started the apple cider again at yhis point of my life I look 35 but I started again and I know that within afew months I will look like a 21 year old. Trustme it works!

    1. I’ve been taking ACV for two months now and I didn’t get the same results as you did. Do you maintain an organic diet? Is there something else your doing along with taking ACV, that is helping you with your results? I too find it a bit hard to believe that in a month you looked younger and have a body of a 20 year old. I will keep you posted if I start to look younger, that would be great! I can not lie I am hopeful but still in disbelief.

  135. I definitely believe in ACV. It has been a tremendous help with my body. It is good for killing bad bacteria, improving blemishes on my skin and weight loss. I use to only drink ACV during the day, but then I read about drinking it at night for insomnia and burning fat while you sleep. So, I tried this and it did help with both. I have lost ten pounds in the last four weeks. I do believe though that it is important to maintain an organic diet to maximize the full benefits of ACV.

    1. I purchased mine in New Hampshire at my local supermarket next to regular vinegar in the same isle. I started yesterday. We will see. I put 2 teaspoons in a shot glass and chased with water. Had my second dose this morning. Didn’t wake up 20 years younger 🙁

      1. Pam. You should not be putting straight vinegar in your mouth. You’ll ruin your teeth. Please do what the instructions say and put the vinegar in at least 12oz of water.

        1. The vinegar in its natural state is no worse for you than having juice or pop in your mouth….just ask a dentist. The benefits are increased for me when I take it undiluted. Just don’t swish it around in your mouth. People don’t do that with juice or pop so…I would continue the shot glass approach personally.

  136. Ive used for approx four months and recently ran out. After a week or soof forgetting to pick up at store, I began to notice: break outs, allergys, sneezing, yeast accumulating in mouth(ewww that thick spit) joint pains, and digestive issues. I immediately felt a difference. Thats the kicker. If you ever do start taking, you deff see a difference when you dont. Your body gets uae to having it just like anything else you put in on a regular basis. ACV is deff my “cure all”

  137. ACV helps to alkalinize (de-acidify) your body. Too much wine, coffee, or in my case…add in a daily diet coke (I know…but I love it) and your body becomes too acidic. Also with the American diet, too much meat does that too. This alkalinization is why it helps GERD and can help with joint pain due to arthritis. I hadn’t thought about the teeth thing, but that is of concern. It’s probably no worse than diet coke for your teeth though. I will try the diluted approach. It is helpful with cardiovascular disease because it can help your body self-regulate which means lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure if it helps reverse part of the cause. It can not help hemorrhoids or varicose veins because those are the end result of poor cardiovascular health but as part of a long term plan could help reduce your risk, just like a good diet. It also helps with infection because the acidic environment (of your body) makes proper function of your immune system more difficult and applying diluted ACV to treat skin ailments can kill the fungus or bacteria because it is alkalinizing.
    It is difficult to explain why ingesting it alkalinizes your body (lemon juice is acidic but benefits you for different reasons) without a biochemistry lesion, but it is true, and a scientific fact. It’s the opposite of acid…but just as powerful. It is antimicrobial and probably has a much of micronutrients that a modern diet might lack. Explained by a scientist.

  138. I LOVE Acv I had fibrods went to the doc for they did a ultrasound and the doc told me you don’t have fibrods any more so what ever you been taking keep on taking it. I started drinking it cause i heard it shrinks them and stops the bleeding well sure enough after bleeding for over a yr ACV final did it the doc even took the info do she said she never heard of it and was amaze…. I told her to google it a read the reviews that’s what made me start to drink it. so if you know any one with them pass the word I A LIVING TESTIMONY THAT IT WORKS!

    1. How much were you taking? This is very impressive…I used to work in a medical practice that treated fibroids. How extensive were your fibroids? It’s really hard to believe…

  139. this is my very first try of acv….will post results on 7 days… i need weight loss – indigestion – insomonia

  140. I will start today, using morning and night .I have Braggs on hand in the cuboard. I will read and follow directions and report back weekly on results. I currently need to loose about 20 lbs, plan to eat healthy and have recently made some changes in my diet. Switching to organic milk and eggs to start. Going organic will be a gradual process for me. Portion control and controlling bad habits such as eating junk or comfort foods at night are other issues I have to conquer. I also have miscelanous aches and pains, knees and other joints ( probably from increase in weight). Look forward to incorporating this into my overall plan for improved health and well being. Thank you all for your information. Sweetpea

  141. Helped my dandruff.. After a week I no longer have dandruff and it was getting pretty bad. I didn’t wanna use shampoo with some weird chemicals so I gave it a try and it worked fast!

  142. I am so glad i found your website! I have always been told that it does help with weight loss, so I am going to try to use it and see the kind of results that I get. Thanks so much for sharing!

  143. I have a hard time lowering my blood pressure, and my have always told me take ACV to regulate my BP. So now I have decided to take the challenge. Just finished taking my first dose. Will keep you updated on results. Hope it works!!!!

  144. “Clear vinegar is processed and doesn’t have any of the benefits that raw ACV has.” Just wondering if you have any citations for this? Thanks. I’m doing research myself.

  145. Hai ACV cn also cure a skin allergy?tel me plz how cn i take ths?its okie to take 3xaday?
    I will try to take ACV if my skin allergy cure and also my weight loss

  146. I have been using the clear apple cider vinegar for a long time. I used to have real bad knee pain and joint pain. I started using one 8 oz glass of water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon honey once or twice a day and within a few weeks I notice that my morning joint pain and my knee pain disappeared. I will try the unfiltered organic but the clear vinegar has worked very well for me. It worked for my son´s acne. One part vinegar to 3 parts water mixed in a small jar, apply over clean face with a cotton ball. After spending hundreds of dollars on proactive products, apple cider vinegar and water was the answer. his face cleared up. It makes sense vinegar kills bacteria and I guess whatever sits on the skin is bacteria that causes acne problems. I just know it worked. I did not notice my youth coming back I will try the unfiltered now maybe I can look younger in no time.

  147. Very important, don´t drink it on empty stomach in the morning. Make sure to drink it after you have eaten breakfast. It makes your stomach feel very weird its too acidic. I drink it during the day any time but never on empty stomach,.

  148. For years I had Rosacea so bad I did not even see my skin ( on my face ). I started taking a cotton ball and dipping it in Braggs ACV, it’s a cure all for Rosacea. After 3 uses I can see my skin and all the redness is gone. I use to spend 100.00 on a tube of cream that never worked. I have had Rosacea for at least 10 years now. It’s now gone. My daughter even said ” Mom your face ” ! She even noticed the Rosacea was gone. Thank God ! You wonder why Dr. never tell you about this. Now I drink it and put it on my face. Only good can come from it !

  149. I LOVE ACV, Im obsessed! I drink Braggs faithfully, everyday with boiled Ginger and Lemon. Its so beneficial not only for weight loss but also for so much more! I tell everyone i know:) Ty for posting this!! Such a positive website i <3 it!!

  150. First day trying acv after my mom recommended it. She said it would taste horrible but it’s not to bad diluted in some water. Thanks for all the post

  151. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! i’M 47yrs young, have been using organic acv for 2yrs now on n off then as of 4mths ago ive become a daily faithful user 2 tablespoons in 16.9 ounces of water per day, sip it through out the day as chugging it ISN’T the way, just remember to take a sip or two of it through out the day :0)

    My skin looks sooo pretty, my energy level is raved up naturally, i feel soo much better PLUS i take omega 369 fish flax borage formula 2 to 3 times per day along with my womans daily vitamin 2wice per day… im also going to become consistent with my daily cardio&kruches workout…im moving it forward in highly positive manners….wooohoo

  152. I started to have a cup of ACV with water and honey while staying with a friend for a week… because she did and it seemed worth trying… even though I didn’t know much about it. First day it was like ‘WHAT!’ and I forgot I even had it… so half a cup of it was just forgotten about. But by the fifth day I actually found myself missing it and wondering why we hadn’t had it that morning!
    Now that I’m looking into it more I think I understand. 🙂

  153. I started drinking Apple Cider Vinegar recently also. To early to tell what benefits I will get but based on my research, I am very, very confident.

  154. Hi,
    I have a lot of brown spots all over my forearms and hands. i think it is due to hormones. I have been trying acv at night on them , and hopefully they’ll disappear soon. It’s only been 3 days. I shall try it internally too. I wouldn’t mind being a little more beautiful!!!! Has anyone tried it on there brown spots? If so has it worked?

  155. I’ve been taking ACV for a week now. I tried with water (gross) and tried making a hot tea with honey out of it (still kind of gross).
    Read somewhere online that mixing it with apple juice masks the taste. I tried it and sure enough it does. I use pure apple juice, not the from concentrate kind. I put 2 table spoons of ACV with about 8 ounces of apple juice, I use a straw so as not to have the liquid on my teeth as I’ve read it’s bad for teeth. I do this in the morning. Before dinner I half the recipe.
    I am taking it primarily for weight loss, but any other benefit is welcome :). Over the week I have found that my appetite has decreased and I don’t crave sweets or even snack like I used to. I’m finding that it’s a lot easier to stick to a low calorie diet and not feel hungry. I’m excited about it as I’ve been overweight all my life (I’m 36).

    I’ll report back my progress to let you all know how it’s going and if I’m actually losing weight.

    1. Report back as promised. At last weigh in (yesterday) I’ve lost 2 pounds. I skipped a day and the hunger pangs were unbearable. ACV isn’t a cure but it’s helping me with hunger, when I take it I don’t over eat.

      I’ll try and report back again.

      1. Down 7 pounds now! Eating great food and learning how to cook things I’ve never cooked before. ACV has helped me on my way!

  156. Hi my name is Dawn. ACV has helped me with it’s anti-bacterial properties. i have an absess under my arm that the doctors are stalling to remove. I have been prescribed every kind of antibiotic (none have gotten rid of the boil) there is in the last four years and the absess still bothered me. I have not had anymore pain since using ACV on a daily basis. It has shrunk in size also.
    I put a few drops of ACV in my pets water and they do not have fles, ticks, worms or any other ailments that affect canines. Their coats are shiny and soft. It helps my family. I am also shedding inches of fat without trying.

  157. I gargle with it, add a little salt and hot water and clear up swollen glands in my throat. Works wonders.

  158. I heard through the grapevine that ACV can cure Polio and Fight Communism. Why doesn’t the miitary use this against North Korea?

      1. Whoooaaaa!!!! Eeeeeeasy Tomcat. I’m here to learn all about the mystical powers of ACV. I’ll admit, I’m not nearly as entertaining as say, The A-Team or Magnum P.I., but it sounds like the real problem here is that you may have come down with a case of The Mondays!. But have no fear Tomboy, there is a cure for that! Thats right, its a little miracle drug called APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!

          1. Oh TomTom, what are we going to do with you? You better drink your Apple Cider Vinegar and turn that frown upside down! You can call me names all you want Tommy Boy, I still love you. Hang in there squirt!

  159. A long time ago, I remember reading an article in Cosmopolitan magazine, about a actress who took a tsp of vinegar in warm water every night before bed. I think it was Joan Rivers. I suppose like everything else it depends on the individual’s own biology. Dr. Oz says vinegar is rough on teeth enamel and his guest recommended drinking with a straw. I found your site while searching for Bragg vinegar. I’d like to know how it compares to other brands. I’ve seen it on the shelves at our local grocery store, and comparatively it is a lot more expensive. Looking for the best value, I was wondering if there has been any official independent study done.
    Here’s a link to ACV at webmd:

  160. Outstanding article! This is the first one I’ve found that actually delves deeper into what the ‘Mother’ is and actual explanations of what causes the benefits. Bookmarked and saved to Evernote!

  161. Hi Brittany, I was looking for more info on the ACV diet and I found your site. You provided me with more than I expected so thank you. I have been drinking ACV for only two weeks and the benefits I see already are awesome! I have always had flat abs with little effort. Then I turned forty and my body started to change (yes it happens,it’s true smh). I had a muffin top and that lower ab gut that ladies get. I workout moderately but I know I need to step it up now, but even without a change in my exercise routine, I am almost back to my flat abs! Even my cellulite looks better! I will drink ACV for the rest of my life! Thanks again, Brittany!

  162. Hi,

    I was having issues with bumps and boils on the back of my head in the lower hairline. I used ACV and wow, what a difference. 10 parts water, 1 part ACV and leave on for an hour or so. I then rinsed with water and the next day I am much better. I then searched for other benefits of ACV and found your site! I will try this tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks again.

  163. I’m currently using ACV alongside the Diet Solution Program – (www.DSPmethod) and I’m seeing great weight loss results.

    I didn’t realize how many benefits AVC has! My skin feels amazing. Definitely would recommend.

  164. I was diagnosed with tempro mandibular joint disorder and I also developed tinnatus as a result of the severity of the disorder. I started taking ACV with water 3 times a day and my symptoms almost diminished. I also take magnesium suppliments as I read that TMJ (tempromandibular joint disorder) was as a result of a magnesium deficiency. My skin is clear, I sleep better, I am losing weight and overall I just feel great. I will drink ACV for the rest of my life, OH! its also a great skin cleaner, it helps to balance your tone and if you have excema it helps as well.

  165. Thank you for this information. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer, went through surgery and then was advised to follow up with chemo therapy “to be on the safe side”. I have elected to alter my diet and enhance my immune system using homeopathic means. Coincidentally, I had been working on a natural safe bug repellant for my dogs. Organic ACV mixed 50/50 with the following: 4 cups dried mint, 5 large crushed cloves of garlic, 4-5 lemons that I would crush after removing zest with a scraper. Into a gallon plus a cup of water I would add the lemon zest, lemons, mint and garlic. Bring it to a boil then reduce heat to a slow simmer for about an hour. Set aside to cool then strain. Add the gallon of ACV. I had been using this to rub into my dogs fur in the mornings. No ticks, mosquitos or hitchhikers of any kind,,,,then I had the ” hey what if” moment. I mix an ounce with juice in the morning and again in the evening. After a month, my digestive system is functioning better, my skin and even hair seems healthier and overall energy is better. I hope to start a blog next month following taking a natural approach in dealing with my diagnosis. Apple cider vinegar has a long history of beneficial treatment for a number of things. I am not saying this decision of mine is not for everyone. Inform yourself before making any decisions concerning your health and well being.

  166. Hi well i wud lik to ask u if. I can take acv as im still breast feeding my baby does it harm thnk u n does it really lose weight

  167. I just started this today. I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago an I have gained some weight especially in my belly so I hope this works.

  168. I quite smoking recently and discovered that drinking Apple Cider Vinegar when I crave a cigarette curbs the physical craving that comes along with smoking. Just mix a tablespoon in with water.

  169. Hi, just a little FYI for women out there. Im going thru menopause and started taking ACV for hot flashes! WOW!!! they are completely gone, It only took about 2 days for them to STOP!! I sleep so much better have a lot of energy but most of the the night sweats and hot flashes have STOPPED!!

  170. Hello there everyone…I want to start to take ACV, but I can not find the place where to buy it, can please someone help me? Thanks very much

    1. Any health food store and most grocery stores will carry Bragg ACV. If you don’t find it there, has it or the Bragg website. Google “Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar” and you will find it.

  171. I have left two previous comments & was waiting to leave this one until today. I started taking ACV, twice a day, in November. I have lost 7 lbs, my skin looks fantastic, I am completely off of Priolsec & my GERD is completely under control. The GERD is the reason I started taking it. I just had my labs drawn last week, & my cholesterol is the lowest it has been in years!! It went from the 227-240 range, 6 months ago to 195 last week!! My triglycerides have always been low, but dropped to 69. The overall ratio is GREAT!! The proof is in the pudding…..ACV works wonders!!!

    1. How did you use the acv for your acid reflux? I too have been using it as I found out I have silent reflux and not wanting to stay on drugs kicked my doctor to the curb.I’ve been taking two table spoons after each meal with water to follow it .Is this what you do to control your acid reflux? Please reply thank you

      1. Nick, you need to take it about 15 minutes BEFORE you have a meal, not after. It gets the digestive juices activated to start doing a better job. There is a lot of science behind it.

        1. Thanks for the reply ,your right it works much better that qway than the way I was taking it .I also noticed I had to cut back to Two table spoons for my biggest meal as taking it every time I ate was actually to much and causing issues now it’s perfect and I’ve been losing weight in the past two months of taking this stuff from my tummy with no exercise I am becoming more and more of a believer .


  173. I have been drinking ACV mixed with water as the first thing in the morning after oil pulling and my sense of smell has become really strong. Maybe it’s the ACV’s effect on my nose?

  174. Thank you !
    It is wonderful! We make our own kambucha, and this is a nice add to the choices of drinks.
    I just shared some with a friend of mine at the office.!

  175. I began acv two weeks ago and my hotflashes are gone! No more bloating and gas and my belly seems to have gone down. I try to drink ir twice a day but just one time a day shows improvement. I will continue to use acv in my diet and step it up!

    1. Hi Joyce I’ve been suffering with the same thing constanley bloated I look pregnant does this really work I’ve been looking into this for awhile now :@)

      1. Hi Amy,
        I had bloating issues for decades. Once I started taking one tablespoon of ACV 15 minutes prior to eating it changed my life! I no longer looked pregnant!!
        I also made some other changes….drinking Kefir…anywhere from one tablespoon a day to a cup as well as trying to eliminate refined sugars. For sweeteners I try to use pure maple syrup, raw agave nectar or stevia. These three changes made a big difference in how well I felt with the added bonus of slimming me down!

  176. Bragg vinegar is really very good, in the sense that it keeps me feeling balanced.I consume this thrice per day,in the morning. in the mid morning, and in the afternoon, with a cup of hot or warm water.I have become so addicted to it that i can only think of drinking it, and just barely eat,therefore i am slim and trim.

  177. well i jist started taking braggs acv on friday and i do notice my stomach lowering down i dont feel bloated at all i will keep informed of results!!!

  178. I have been using ACV for almost a year now mixed half and half with distilled water for a toner after using a mild cleanser on my face 2 times a day. This product has changed everything about my skin. My pores are smaller, the dark spots have faded, I rarely get any acne anymore, and when I do, it goes away within days.

    If you need help finding ACV check out and read the article titled “where can I find apple cider vinegar?”

    You will also learn more about how to use it to help get clear skin.

    Enjoy 🙂

  179. Will the ACV not affect my kidney for a long period of time using it? Is ACV not acidic? Is it good for diabetic people?

  180. Hi, I used acv before, and I lost 10 lbs two weeks. This is great. So, I and my sister will buy again acv. I used every time…. I put four teaspoon in one glass. I think I used 5 times a day or more than,,,,,

  181. i was just told to look up dis product and wat i really want to know is if it really works for skin disorders mainly acne…………i’m sufferin from face,chest and back acne really badly for about 3 years….. could someone assist me?

  182. i am using simple apple cider vinegar of american garden is that ok for weight loss because i have’t find brags apple cider vinegar with mother kindly help me

    1. If it’s clear or in anyway filtered and it’s not organic, it is not OK. You can get Braggs over the Internet.

    1. Hi Jeanette,

      Is it braggs brand?? I love braggs but I did find Heinz less expensive and when I run out of my braggs I will try the Heinz brand its not with the mother but I wanna try and see if I can feel the difference if there is any. If you found one that’s organic try if finish the bottle and then try the braggs with the mother and yes its organic.

      1. I found Heinz brand with the mother but it does not say organic. From everything I have read you definitely need it with the mother.

  183. Can just drinking apple cider vinegar itself help improve your skin or do you have to actually apply it to your skin manually? I was wondering if anyone had noticed improved skin and less acne from just the drinking part of it itself?

    1. I haven’t tried drinking apple cider vinegar, but I’ve used it 3 times now for treating my face with clay mask. I mix one parts each of Bragg’s ACV and Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and my acne were murdered by this lethal combination. Only used it 3 times and my pimples are GONE. I started the mask when the pimples were at their peak, red and swollen,and the next morning they all flattened out and my skin was glowing! I stopped for a day, then did the mask again, and same results, instead of my pimples taking more than a week to heal, it takes 2-3 days, and the scars are minimal. Smaller pores, glowing skin, no more blackheads, and the blemishes are lightening. It works topically, for one thing. I’m going to try ingesting ACV and see if that would speed things up even more. I need to lose some weight too anyway.

  184. Hi Richard,
    Yes just drinking it you can see a difference in your skin after 2 months but results may vary per individual. I have been taking acv for 5 months my skin is softer and I find I don’t use as much lotion as before but it also helps to apply it directly on your skin diluted of course not straight from the bottle. If your trying to clear up your face because of break outs apply it every day twice a day from here on out to keep your acne under control, make sure you dilute it, you will notice it clearing up faster than just drinking it daily. It will take you longer if you stick to just drinking it.

    1. Hi M&M,

      I have been using it straight on my face twice a day for a few weeks. Is that bad? Does it need to be diluted? My skin has been awesome. I used to only drink it, but I still had a few blemishes and now I have none.


  185. Hi Deanna,
    I only dilute it to make my bottle last longer because I use it for so many other things and I drink it 3 to4 times a day. I don’t think it can hurt you except I wouldn’t drink it straight that could be bad for you. By the way what cleanser do you use if any? Or are you just using acv by it self on your face? Just curious.

    1. That is a great idea to add water to make it last longer. I sometimes use only ACV for my face, but when I wear makeup or feel like I really need to cleanse my face I use grape seed oil. I really like it because it doesn’t clog your pores and it is cleansing and moisturizing all in one. Sometimes I am just feeling lazy and only use ACV lol.

      1. I’ve never heard of using grape seed oil to cleanse your skin, I think I’ll try that! Thanks for the tip.

        1. You’re welcome, glad I could help. I like to put the grape seed oil on my face with my fingers and wet a wash cloth with hot/warm water to take it off. It feels great. Then I follow up with the ACV…

  186. If I were to apply apple cider vinegar to my skin, how long or how many minutes do you leave it on your skin? And afterwards, do you just rinse it off with soap and water?

    And how long should you do this for, every night until results are seen? Or should you continue even after results are seen? Thanks

    1. Hi Richard,

      Just curious did you buy the Braggs ACV Brand? If you did on the bottle there is a couple of books advertised that you can order and in the ACV miracle health system book which is the one I have, has 3 different ways you can use it for your skin. I will tell you how I use it from the book. Mix 1 cup of ACV and warm water in a spray bottle and spray yourself after a shower and rub and massage until the skin is dry do not wash off do this twice a week. I use a 20oz bottle 1 cup acv 1 cup warm water. I spray my entire body twice rub & massage let dry and repeat. Keep water bottle in shower. You can try to find the book at a health food store or call the number on the bottle if you’d rather order it. I also use a Herbal soap from a health food store or I order it online. The book recommends do not use soap at all just the acv but I like soap I use the good stuff not from department stores.

  187. Thanks M&M I will have to buy the book.

    One more question. I am guessing that since it takes weeks and months to gain weight and get all this junk in your body, we should be patient drinking apple cider vinegar for the effects to fully work right? Like I notice my blood pressure right away feels better and I am starting to have less an appetite, but I am guessing I should give it a month or so to see more standard results right? Because wouldn’t it make sense that since this is not a “lose fat quick scheme”, it takes time right? Please let me know if you all agree.

    1. I noticed a difference in two months my clothes were fitting a little looser because I was walking 4 times a week. The book suggests to fast 2 times a week, you can drink juice and water but no food and have your daily cocktail of acv 3 times a day 1 to 2 tablespoons and you need to have an exercise routine, your work out doesn’t have to be a vigorous work out, brisk walking, jogging, light weight lifting 40 to 60 minuets, 3 to 4 times a week you will see faster results. If you just take acv alone for weight loss results it will take longer. Results vary per individual but for most people yes your right, it takes time usually after 12 wks you can start seeing results.

  188. Yes! Can just drinking apple cider vinegar itself help improve your skin or do you have to actually apply it to your skin manually?

  189. I drink acv every morning with a little lemon juice and local raw honey. It’s a great start to the day! 🙂

  190. I just drink 1tbsp of straight acv every time I brush my teeth its also supposed to be a natural breath fresher.

  191. I turned to ACV this past week out of total desperation. I was given a tetanus shot on June 14th and had what can only be described as bad allergic reaction. I developed huge red itchy welts all over my torso, legs and backside. No antihistamine came close to stopping the spread or the horrendous itch. I then started to develop blisters on the palms of my hands, in between my fingers and on the underside of my fingers. They were quite painful. I decided to try applying ACV to the welts and to my hands in hopes of getting some relief.I have to say that the welts and blisters are shrinking and have stopped spreading. The itch had almost gone away as well. I am also using ACV in the bath to soak in for my skin before going to bed at night. I just started taking it orally today too. I mix two teaspoons in some flavored water. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to taste. I do recommend not chugging the drink but sipping it slowly and follow it up with extra water to make sure you’ve washed it down. I am also in the process of losing weight. I have lost 31 pounds with about 25 more to go. I have been in a plateau for the past two months so we will see if the ACV helps me break through that too.

  192. I have been using ACV for two months 2 tbs morning and night. I heat up water in the microwave and pour ACV in it with a teaspoon of raw organic honey. Let me tell you, my cellulite is GONE. The fat under the skin on my legs and arms is gone as well. I really have to squeeze my legs hard to see and cellulite. I poured too much one day and forced myself to drink it and now when I think about drinking it I kind of get sick feeling kind of like if you get a hang over off of a certain type of alcohol. I am going to start drinking it again because I know how much it changed my body and helped me lose my baby weight. 20 lbs in three months! Working out and ACV is the answer.

  193. Hi

    Thanks for the explanation of what the ACV is for and i appreciate the way you took time to expalin, ‘The Mother’ because i just started usnig that brand ‘Braggs Organic’ ACV with water about two days ago, so i’m looking forward to experience the result that is to gain from using this product.

  194. I just started the AVC and was able to find it easily at Kroger’s in the organic section that they all have under condiments. It’s was $6.59 a bottle for the Braggs raw AVC. If you want to pay more at the wholefoods stores or GNC that’s up to you. But Many main grocery stores have it as it is becoming increasingly in demand for all it’s wonderful benefits. As much as I will be using this GVC, it pays to find it for cheaper.

  195. ive started from last friday,feeling great already,dnt eat so much anymore and my stomach is smaller.hooray!

  196. I love ACV!!! As soon as I bought the bottle I was feeling better, more energized, and it was loads of fun. I was getting painful erections. I lost 20 pounds in like 2 days or so. I like ACV!!! My hair loss will be no problem. ACV helped me get a life. Thanks, ACV.

  197. I use ACV along with black coffee, Bitter Melon Tabs, Cinnamon and a few other supps to manage my type2 diabetes. The ACV seems to get me off to a strong start every day and prevents nightly indigestion. The most obvious effect is the lack of an after meal “sleepy time” brought on by the aftermeal spike in blood sugar. I’ve been on this regimen which was set up for me by an 80 year old pharmacist 4 years ago.

  198. I wanted to let everyone know that Bragg makes an Apple Cider Vinegar drink with organic cinnamon, has 13% organic apple juice too. It’s very tasty and gives you all the benefits of ACV.

  199. I think apple cider vinegar works wonders. I was developing a bad case of facial folliculitus and painful acne. I used this on my face as an astringent with a cotton ball. It burn like crazy, and was extremely painful, so I’d lather up in aloe vera afterwards to help soothe the skin. The next morning, the pain decreased dramatically. I’ve also been mixing 2 tablespoons of it with water to drink twice a day. I’ve been using this for a few days, and have very impressive improvements in my skin. It was definitely a huge relief in my daily activities. Now when I apply it to my face, there is no bacteria or not much, so the burn is no longer there. Definitely recommend trying this! *I also was taking vitamins which helped too

  200. I just heard about ACV reducing belly fat this past weekend and am very anxious to try it. This article and all of your comments are great, I am finding them very useful. I do have some questions – can anyone recommend how I should start? How many times a day, how much, and when? Is it better to not dilute it? And does it have to be that brand that you all were talking about it or can I just get some at the grocery store? Thanks in advance!

    1. I would dilute it because it helps create a a larger area in your stomach to burn off the extra fats from the food you eat plus its rough to take it straight like shots.Use the Bragg brand it really works the best make sure you take it 2 tablespoons 15 mins before every meal.Mix the apple cider in 8 oz of water you can also add honey to it if you like .Good luck!

      1. So, if you eat 3 meals a day that equals a total of 6 tablespoons per day – just checking as it seems a lot of acv??

    2. You definitely must dilute it!!! It’s acidic and can damage your tooth enamal, esophagus, skin, etc. Never drink it straight!

      1. Bragg’s website recommends diluting 1/3 cup vinegar in one quart of water. I use more vinegar to water and store in a squeeze bottle in the shower. I also infuse herbs in the vinegar before diluting with water and add essential oils to improve the smell. This has been my shampoo since March. My hair has never been healthier. I rinse the vinegar out and then apply leave-in conditioner.

    1. Oh!! It definitely works wonders as a cleansing aid for all hair types. I love using ACV in my hair as a cleanser…much better than shampoo. ACV leaves my hair so soft and shiney! It’s not the best smelling product, but the results sure are worth it. I also follow up with essential oils to kill the the ACV odor 🙂

      1. How do you follow up with essential oils regarding the odor? Do you mix it in with the ACV or apply after? Do you rinse them out? Thanks!

  201. hi ! jst wanted to know how to take apple cider for weigh loss ie hw many times in a day do I take it ie the proportion with water , for how long do I take it for, r there any side effects if I take it for a long perod of time? need to know hoe to apply it for the skin also.thankyou so much and awaiting ur reply.lastly need to tell you that we get the Heinz Apple cider .Thanks

    1. 1) Mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass a water or herbal tea. If desired add raw honey for taste. You can also add cinnamon, which also helps you to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and improve your health.

      2) Drink twice (or three times) a day about a half an hour before each meal.

      I started doing it after reading how to make Bone Broth for soup. If you simmer the bones with some apple cider vinegar in the water it helps pull calcium out of the bones for an even healthier soup. Bone broth soup is HIGH in minerals and very healthy. I had made it a few times without the apple cider vinegar … after the first time using apple cider vinegar I felt more energetic the next day (have been very zapped of energy in recent years due to mega stress right now).

      I have continued with apple cider vinegar every day and it has helped with weight and stomach measurements. And when I do not have time to make soup sometimes I just make bone broth with the ACV and drink it throughout the day instead of ‘tea’.

      When I do not have time for either soup or bone broth I just have apple cider vinegar in plain hot water with a little apple juice added to flavor it and cinnamon…
      and a bit of grated cheese added when I am getting bored of the taste.

      If you have been trying to loose weight with no or little success try adding apple cider vinegar to whatever other healthy modification you have been making and see if the weight doesn’t start coming off.

      1. Hi Joanne,
        I was wondering what kind of bones do you use to make your bone broth?
        I’ve never heard of this before, can you give me the directions to making the broth please I’d like to try it.

        Thank you

        1. Hi M & M …

          I have been staying with my mom over the past few weeks and taking care of her as she is in her mid 80s and came close to dieing a few weeks ago. Her blood pressure had been over 200 and medicine wasn’t helping get it down to safe numbers and then a couple of weeks ago she fell and hit her head. I used homeopathy for her head and she is recovered well with that but she spends most of her day in bed and was very week and depressed.

          So I started looking into what to do to rebuild her strength and help with her mental attitude.

          The stress on myself was taking a toll as I found myself having gained wait (I was already heavier then I should be before this happened. I have a bone in my rib cage missing from birth … not a problem when I am slim but if I gain TOO much weight it causes pressure on my heart because my rib cage is concave due to the missing bone.

          So I had to find a healthy way to loose some inches fast … I decided after doing some research on the web that PARSLEY ROOT would be a good diuretic to try.

          Most of us know of parsley as that cute little green ‘decoration’ on our plate when we eat at a fancy restaurant (that we usually end up leaving on the plate). Too bad as it may be the healthiest part of the whole dinner!

          My soup making all started …
          While looking for Parsley root at my local supermarket I came across a package of “soup veggies” … celery root, celery. parsley, radishes, green onions, carrots etc … but no parsley ROOT … eventually I found the parsley root …and… having found the soup veggies during my search decided to try making soup from scratch. I had remembered seeing BEEF SOUP BONES in the meat section in the past and thought I’d buy some and try making soup.

          I live in Long Island … part of New York State. Not all supermarkets have it here but Fairway Market carries in their BEEF section …
          up until now I have used the BEEF SOUP BONES but I bought some of each this last trip to the market and will try BEEF MARROW BONES this time also.

          There is little to no meat on them … so if you want little bits of beef in your soup then buy a cut of beef that has a LOT of BIG bones in it. You are cooking the meat bones for long enough that any meat attached will be tender so you can use CHEAP cuts. The meat will taste like BEEF STEW meat when it is finished no matter how tough it was going in. When you strain out the bones just separate the meat and
          cut smaller if needed and throw back into the broth you are using to make soup.

          I do not own any special pots so I am just using a 3 quart pot with a cover and putting it on a low flame after it starts to boil. Then letting it simmer for a minimum of 3 hours. (I usually ladle out a mug full of broth before the 3 hours are up while it is cooking because i am too impatient to wait till it is finished before I start).

          If I am just making enough for one day I start with 1 1/2 FIJI bottles of water (1.5 liter bottle size) and I put 3 or more tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in it. That’s how I make broth for myself. If I want to make soup I start with 2 full bottles of FIJI water. After cooking the broth and straining out the bones I can add veggies and turn it into a soup for that night or put it in a glass container and refrigerate it for another day.

          Eventually I may buy a special pot for making the soup broth … but for now I am using what I have and experimenting. Imay not be getting the full benefit of cooking the bones for 8 or more hours as most recipes suggest … but I still feel I am getting health benefits from my shorter 3-4 hour version.

          Oh and after I make broth i put the bones in a glass jar and use them again 2 or 3 more times and make broth every day. If you want you could make more at one time and store more for future use. I’m home taking care of mom now so it’s just as easy to make it fresh each day.

          Here are some links about making BONE BROTH …

          Ultimately I think we have to listen to our body and see how we feel when trying things that have been benefitial to others. There may come a time when I do not feel the need to drink bone broth every day but for now my body seems to crave it. i must be deficient in something it is supplying me with.

          Take a look at the nutrients in bones …

          I have heard that most calcium supplements are not from a source that is easy for our bodies to utilize … which means that taking them is not solving deficiencies but also that we are storing the supplemental calcium in areas that are possibly harmful… as calcium deposits/calcification. That is just a theory and not agreed upon … but I thought I’d try getting more calcium from things other than supplements and see if anything improved for myself and my mom after trying it for awhile.

          Her blood pressure is back down in the 140s something that has not been that low in YEARS. Is the bone broth the reason or part of the reason??? Calcium is important to heart and blood vessels so maybe so. She is gaining a little strength with the passing days as well.

          All i know is I feel much better taking the bone broth daily.

          Stress leeches calcium from our bodies … both calcium and magnesium are important for so many things – healthwise. As far as magnesium goes … since I am under stress these days I’ve started taking it by opening up NOW brand Magnesium Citrate softgels and squeezing out the contents and spreading some on my face and the soles of my feet and I absorb it through my skin …great right before bed to help relax and sleep (and my face’s skin looks so young). Plus you do not get diarrhea from this way of taking it. You can also put it on areas where you have muscle or joint pain. And it makes a good toothpaste too! I use it a couple of times a week.

          And on the subject of weight loss

          My brand of Magnesium …

          … perfect for spreading on skin and for toothpaste consistency.

          Oh and back to the subject of calcium …
          And another way of getting calcium in your diet from a healthy source that I think I may try soon …

          Oh one last link …


    1. U can get it at live healthy GNC,at lere the mall beside shoprite adeniran/ogunsanya,upstairs.

      1. You Can also buy at health plus pharmacy at the palms in Lekki or at their other branch at 11 commercial ave., sabo in yaba Lagos. I bought mine two days ago from Lekki the palms – not cheap N2250 per bottle of 473ml

    2. I just gott Braggs Organic ACV at Mediplus pharmacy inside MM2 airport in Lagos. I was so excited. It’s the big bottle for 3300. Pricey but so worth it.

  202. My mother tried this on a wart on her thumb. she just applied it with a cotton ball a couple times a day, and when she came to visit me, literally the wart fell off!!! I know its a little horrid to picture this, however, it really did work. It happened right in front of my very own eyes. This stuff from what I here, is like magic. Im starting to use it as a detoxifier, so we will see what happens. Wishing luck to myself and everyone who tries it. Feeling anxcious but excited.

    1. Thanks Kaka! That is such a wonderful article. I have noted most of the benefits. I never knew ACV is such a wonderful thing. It is cheap, readily available and wonderfully healthy.

  203. I have PCOS and ACV helps me in my weight loss. I take 2 tbls with 8oz of water every morning. I also use it as a hair rinse. I use 1tsp with 32oz of water before I actually shampoo my hair. It helps remove conditioner and other hair product residue. I also use it as a face toner, 1tbls ACV, 1tsp honey, 8oz water.

      1. Hi Maria. PCOS is short for polycystic ovarian syndrome and is suffered by many women. It causes several symptoms such as obesity, hair growth on chest, chin etc, hair loss on head, infertility, imbalanced hormones, heavy menses or no menses for a long period of time, diabetes and a few other negative effects. You can do research on it since it is a lot to explain. But pray that you will always be free from it especially if you would love to have kids.

  204. I want to try ACV for weight loss, but I am concern with the fact that it can soften the tooth enamel. What is enough ACV intake daily and what is too much?

    1. For the tooth enamel problem, use straw instead of drinking direct from the glass. This will minimize contact with teeth. Also, do not brush your teeth immediately after your drink acv. hope this hleps.

    2. You can find ACV in the form of a pill that you can take to avoid damage to your tooth enamel. I have found it to be just as effective in the form of a supplement. Swanson Vitamins brand is great quality and cheap.

  205. I do 2 Tbls to warm like hot tea with 1spoon of honey sip slowly enjoy great for weight ccronic joint pain and many other uses <3

  206. some additional benefits of Apple cider vinegar are also found refer : Best part now available in INDIA

  207. Hi … I just learned thay we shoild take only brag beand of acv but here In india in pune I tried checking all big food mall buy they dont keep braggs brand what we get here is Heinz brand so will that b ok to take…. thank s

      1. If you cannot find the organic mother or Bragg kind, use the Heinz. For some time now I have been using Bragg; my husband just started 3 days ago with the plain, old, cheapest vinegar he could buy by the gallon. It works fantastic for him! After 2 days, he lost 3 pounds to my .25. I must say though, men do lose faster than women anyway, but, also with this cheap brand of vinegar, his morning blood sugar reading is lower after he takes a tablespoon in 4oz of water before bed. His fasting blood sugar readers were always high in the mornings. His blue eyes are clearer and his skin looks great; PLUS his big-fat-belly has gone down by half. He downs 1 diluted tablespoon before he eats and 1 before bed. He’s also not eating snacks in-between his meals which is a first! Though it has only been 2 days now, he is wondering if wine will have the same effect as he does not like the taste of vinegar — gotta luv him!

  208. Nobody likes obesity…

    When You raise your metabolism you lose weight…

    A good tip is to watch what you eat…

    Having less fat on your body will allow your organs and bodily functions to perform better…

    1. the trader joe’s apple cider is organic and unfiltered, but it IS pasteurized, so that’s not going to have the ‘mother’ in it.

    1. I’ve just found the Bragg brand of ACV at Wellness Warehouse, but it’s R85.00. Health connection brand found at most health shops and even some pharmacies (Dischem) have an organic ACV as well. It’s the unfiltered, organic that is important, not the brand. Good luck!

  209. I just started using ACV (about 2 weeks ago) and I am hooked! I take mine a little differently though. I found the recipe in a women’s health magazine. It’s a little spicy but I do it twice a day (morning and afternoon) and it’s better than coffee! 2 TBS organic OJ, 1 TBS ACV (Braggs), 1/8 tsp ginger powder, pinch of turmeric, pinch of cayenne. Drink it like a shot. It tastes like a spicy ginger snap! I have noticed I have better digestion, more energy and clearer skin already. Not quite time for cold and flu season but my usual fall allergies (which kick in around this time of year) have yet to come calling!

  210. Just ran to store for apple cider vinegar because I suspect that I have a mild , but painful case is shingles. Had the shingles vaccine 3 yrs. ago, which does not guarantee that you will not get shingles …but promises to help you avoid getting a serious case! Made a drink using organic cranberry/apple juice and 1 tblsp of organic apple cider vinegar, no sweeteners necessary . It tastes like wine! I was pleasantly surprised. Will keep you posted regarding my success or failure to relieve my pain.

    1. Judy or anyone suffering from shingles, try a high dose of Vit C &/or B-12. This is what worked for me & it amazed my dr that he could believe I even had shingles. I started the Vit C/B-12 right after the sharp pain moved into an uncontrollable itch. Luckily, I never developed the lesions & the pain/itch was all gone in less than a week! Whew! I hope this information can help someone out there bc shingles is a horrible experience w/lingering affects!

      1. Oops that shouldve said my dr couldnt believe it was shingles. Also dont wait if you think you might have shingles try this approach & get into your dr right away!

  211. I have used ACV in the past and experienced weight loss. I stopped drinking it just because, I didn’t believe it was really that effective. Well, two weeks ago I decided to start drinking the ACV again just to get rid of the bottle. Well, I have lost five pounds!!! I had already began my weight loss journey, so the five pounds was even more noticeable. This is with no exercise!! Everyone has noticed the weight loss. And I told them you’re not gonna believe this but I have been drinking 1 tablespoon of ACV in 8 ozs of water EVERY morning. I’m so glad that this product is working for my body!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing! The closer I get to 50…the more weight I gain every single year! I exercise and and watch what I’s so discouraging! I will try ACV this week.

  212. What a surprise—3 tsp in a small glass of oj twice a day —-I have bad fall allergies–at lest I did—since I have started taking the Apple Cider Vinegar I have had no allergies this fall. I starting taking it for my not working so well system—does a pretty good job of keeping this normal. I also have found my face redness and brown spots have almost disappeard after 3 weeks. Saved myself a trip to the medical doctor and a dermitologist!

  213. I have had gall stones and kidney stones which have bothered me over the years. My cousin had very painful ones and needed surgery his doctor said. He started drinking 3 tbsp. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day in a glass of water, and within a few weeks he passed a huge kidney stone. His doctor could not believe it. I have been drinking the same thing now for the past couple of weeks, have passed a small kidney stone and have had no gall bladder problems. It takes awhile to get used to it, but it’s not bad. I mix the vinegar with apple juice, tastes fine. If drinking this can help anyone avoid surgery then why not?

    1. Dave,
      Does it really Bragg ‘s Apple Cider Vinegar clear up your gallbladder and kidney stone? Please help me how to prepare and drink it? How long does it help to clean it? I have sludge in my gallbladder. It bothers me and the doctor wants to remove my gallbladder but I do not want it. Thanks…and please send the reply email to me.

  214. i want to Lose the weight really bad and my friend told me about the Apple CIder Vinegar and she lose alots off weight and now Im take it I start this MONDAY and you got to watch what you eat AND YOU DRINK in the Moring and in the after noon 15 mins before you eat diet food is the best thing that what my friend told me you losses the fat and IM WATCH WHAT I EAT ; MY DIET FOOD GOOD LUCK TO THE PEOPLE WANNT TO LOSS THE WEIGHT;

  215. ACV can also be used in pest control to confuse the scent of ants when following a scent trail of pheromones!

  216. Recently I had a very bad sunburn on my face. I usually never burn but before in the sun I gave myself a facial along with steaming my pores which made my skin sensitive to the sun that day. I purchased Briggs acv to mix with water and applied to my burned face and had relief immediately! Usually I would use an aloe plant but only had the bottled aloe which actually burned my face more. Apple cider vinegar not only relived my face from the tightness and stinging sensation but I woke up the next morning with my skin healing/peeling into the tan I wanted 🙂

  217. Just an FYI … you can make your ACV very, very easily instead of buying the expensive Braggs all the time. I have 3 batches going right now. One that’s almost ready, one that just started the mother, and another I just started. There’s plenty of web sites on the internet that tells you how to get started. Check them out by searching for homemade ACV. Lots of directions.

  218. Hi I was wondering if you would know if I added some Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother to processed Apple Cider Vinegar, would it change the processed to become unprocessed?

  219. Question: Knowin that ACV has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, if digest would it be help in ridding the skin of sun spots or what is also known as shifting clouds?

    1. Go to ozone in yaba, there is a phamarcy store down stairs that sells Braggs Apple cider vinegar, soon as u walk in turn left just after couple of shops, they always have it stocked..

  220. Many people are wondering where can they buy apple cider vinegar? Beware of buying it in the Supermarkets. They are not organic and not the best thing. Ugliest is the best. Make sure there is mother in it and is organic. Here is the page where you can buy organic ACV if you live US, Canada or Europe

    Buy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Online

  221. Can you take ACV capsules and get the same results overall? I have a terrible time taking liquid or drinking anything like this but have found ACV capsules 650mg at the local health food store.

  222. A couple of months ago I bought ACV to remove a wart on my finger and went to my Dollar General local store to buy it and got the stores brand since that was the only brand available, so now I was searching to find out how to use it since I have a full bottle (only used it a little) well I came across this so I was wondering if I can use it for the weight loss, hair treatments etc. Or do I have to buy the organic raw unfiltered that has been mentioned alot? The one I have says its 100% pure Apple Cider Vinegar and Reduced with water to 5% Acidity. Really hope somebody can answer my question.

  223. Um, so I just drank a tablespoon of ACV and , I thought It almost killed me, lol. But, as soon as I swallowed it, my throat had a crazy reaction and I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t stop swallowing. But, finally , I burped and could breath again. It just really scared me. Any one has any idea why? Maybe I didn’t dilute it enough?

    1. Exactly! you didn’t dilute it enough. IMO I wouldn’t use it in less than 10 oz of water/liquid. I drink mine in a water/apple cider mix to taste. love it.

  224. I have been taking a teaspoonful mixed with water morning, noon and night. I was diagonoised with acute colitis in 2005 (after returning from a two week trip in Ireland where I picked up a bad bacteria) and have been taking meds daily for that. I still had diareahea daily. Started taking Apple Cider Vinegar with the “Mother” ( Bragg Organic) three weeks ago and results have been very much positive. I am a happy person. I forgot what normality was. I was becoming a home-bound person for fear of having accidents out in public. My gastric system has improved 100%. I am hopeful, too, that my arthuritis symptoms improve also. Can’t say enough good about ACVWM!!!!!!

  225. I take a shotglass full straight once a day and chug a beer to mask the taste and give my throat lubrication and my stomach some liquid to mix with it….havent had a problem and have lost 30 pounds….with very moderate walking and no diet restrictions….in 3 months

  226. hi any idea where in kuwait city can i find braggs ACV?.. im using a local brand of ACV now, but i want to have that mother thing.. thanks

  227. Been following this forum for about a month now…..I used to take a shotglassfull straight and wash it down with a beer…..well beer certainly isn’t helping me lose weight….so I now pour 1 oz into a 12 ounce cup….fill it with water and drink it down….followed by another 6 – 8 ounces of water…..then swish my teeth and mouth with an ounce of tequila to rinse my mouth out to hopefully protect my tooth enamel……Ive decided after reading thru today that Im going to start doing this twice a day 8 AM and 4 PM and have set my phones alarm to remind me…..feeling great and losing weight….but the beer had to go…

  228. hi guys……i heard so many side effects by use organic acv…..and it wil give severe acne after stop organic acv… it correct?is it helpful for get rid of sun burned hands…..plz any one can tell ..

  229. I have had recurring bouts of mucus build up for few years which was annoying, frustrating & stressful, however since I started taking ACV it has cleared up and I feel so much better & feel a lot healthier.

  230. I agree this is great for gall stones. I was advised to remove my gallbladder by a surgeon. I could’nt eat greasy food, like just french fries. Not only do I no longer have gallbladder pain, but I can eat even fried chicken if I want. In the beginning I took it to soften them to allow the stones to be expelled, taking 1 tbsp in water daily and when I’d have something greasy, would follow it up with the same. Maybe did this like for a few months. Now I can eat what I want, even skipping taking it -no pain! I think that it rid them or maybe just made my gallbladder work optimally again.

  231. I’ve been using this since I was a kid! I’m glad others are into it before traditional medicine. I’m using it for Candida. I’m going off sugar.

  232. For better taste, try drinking acv with vegetable or tomatoe juice. Remember to use apple cider vinegar and not apple cider flavored vinegar which is not the same thing. Also remember to drink plenty of water.

  233. after I started adding apple cider vinegar to my salads I have noticed that my gums stopped bleeding. They were especially bleeding during flossing. Well, not anymore. I had to eat such a salad maybe 3-4 times to have this stunning effect. Quite quick as you see.

  234. Wow- so many good hints and positive reinforcement for taking the natural, organic vinegar! I take Braggs brand, and even as a kid- my brothers and I would fight to drink the vinegar salad dressing left over at the bottom of the bowl. I have no trouble mixing it with about 4 oz of water- but I like the idea if taking it like a shot that tastes like a ginger snap! I’ll have to try that recipe.
    Please,anyone- give this a try. It is worth the small investment of only a couple dollars to see your health improve. My digestion is awesome- no heartburn ever anymore and I have great loads of energy.

  235. Hi I recently had an experence with this acv I, had a bad rash on my back that wouldnt go away I started drinking and put acv on my rash it help me a lot , but it almost clear , does anyone know if after the rash is gone , maybe cone back , I would appreciate anyone thats has experence something like what I’ve been through any comments , is much appreciated thank you .

  236. I have high cholesterol, skin issues, allergies, inflammation and 85 lbs over weight. I am glad, some people are going back to the more natural way for healthy living. I used to take ACV on a daily basis but it would “burn my throat” which of course discouragedown me. To make a long story short, I have a new bottle of ACV and have started today with 2T (on a daily basis) with the suggested ways to take the ACV. I’ll check back in a week or two…. Thanks.

  237. hi guys i am john and live in greece.i heard about acv for the first time from paul bragg and his amazing books(i have to say i admire his work and lifestyle).is it true that soo many benefits are coming from this drink?i mean really?hippocrates?i read 10 years ago some books of hippocrates where he mentioned to treat illness with wine(?)and acv but i never thought it could be so effective.i myself drink often acv with 1 tsp organic honey everytime i have gastric problems or micro-infections and in just 1-2 days any symptoms disappear.hippocates also wrote about the balance of the 4 main juices inside our bodies(αιμα,φλεγμα,κιτρινη και κοκκινη χολη)and the different tastes of the foods that we are supposed to consume(γλυκο,πικρο,αλμυρο,ξινο).

    1. I live in a small village of Somerville, Ohio, USA. I recently started taking ACV, to see if I could cure (or at least help) my aching joints. This is not the reason I’m commenting here, however.
      My husband has very small ear canals, and is always getting ear infections, and constantly calling the doctor for a script. One afternoon, he was cleaning out his ears with a Qtip, and showed me a black residue of infection which came out of his ear. I mentioned to him, maybe he should clean his ear out with ACV? He did, along with peroxide, and in 2 days the Qtip came out clear. I’m sure there has to be something, some kind of properties in ACV, that even an ear doctor doesn’t know about. Or, maybe they know, but won’t tell their patiences about, for fear they’ll lose their patience!

      1. That’s interesting but I am not surprised. I have known about ACV for a couple of years but never really experienced its benefits myself until I drank it once a day and it totally improved my acne! Not only that, but I also found that it can cure other things if applied topically, so lo and behold, it came into handy use when my niece got a baby rash: I told my sis in law to dilute ACV with some water and apply it to her rash throughout the day and the next day it was completely healed! I am a firm believer in using alternative/natural things to heal yourself (which is why I want to be a Naturopathic Doctor);l but to answer your question, I am sure that these Docs know the power of this stuff but just want to keep us trapped in this mindset of “medication cures all). Instead of always relying on a Doctor that never really helps you (while spending your hard earned money) just treat yourself!

        1. If you talk to your doctor about ACV and he or she seems surprised remind them that this is a remedy that was used by Hippocrates who is known as the father of modern medicine.

  238. Need to add 2 tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water. I am grateful & happy I started taking apple cider as I noticed many benefits & noticed improved health.

  239. I have started having a daily dose of ACV and I absolutely notice the difference in my energy levels, weight, skin and hair. My husband just said “you look younger.” It is working for me!

    1. No, you don’t have to keep it in the fridge. I keep mine on the kitchen counter so I remember to take it every day.

  240. The best way to drink ACV is 2 Tsp in a half glass of apple juice or 2 Table spoons in a almost full glass of apple juice and mix well it tastes delicous and u don’t have to worry about going through all the trouble with the rest of the crazy ingredients they put on here!!

  241. I as a vinegar drinker since very young, even raw cane vinegar back in the Philippines. Until today 6-7 tsp.every night and a sauce for my salted fish, etc. My metabolism is sky rocketed. i can never past 160 lbs. which i desperately want b/c im a bodybuilder, although my strength and stamina is awesome. Vinegar plays a big role in my performance and in my health. Vinegar + exercise = powerful! 😉

  242. I enjoy reading the comments about acv. (came across ur website accidently).
    I have been a user of acv for over (5) yrs. & have found it to be an excellent health booster. I have lost over 50 lbs. I appreciate all the info, as I am also open to new ideas. Everyone, please keep it up. Natural HEALTH ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!

  243. Have been trying the Vinegar Detox drink…. but could still taste the vinegar with all the recipes I found online…. NO MORE TASTE… just mixed 1TBLS with Lipton Diet Green Tea with citrus 16.9 oz… shake and drink… amazing no more taste of vinegar… I will try with 2 TBLS tomorrow… or just drink two bottles in the morning

  244. I have been taking 2-4 tblspoons of ACV almost everyday since my acid reflux and heartburn started up, it definitely contains it and has cured me from the horrific daily occurrences of reflux. I tried everything to over the counter and natural and nothing really helped except for the Braggs ACV…it is a taste to get use to, but it’s worth it.

      1. My acid reflux seemed to get better immediately. I take a little both in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Mixing it with juice works best for me. I also found that my allergies seemed to improve. If I feel that my acid reflux is acting up sometimes I will take more or take some when I notice it.

        1. my reflux is cured and i have noticed my energy level is up 10 fold…my allergies as well calmed down…i have been juicing for 20 days and i have lost 15 pounds and i have never felt better…look into juicing to completely clean out your intestines and help your other organs as well…

  245. I have been using an organic unfiltered ACV from Trader Joe’s for about a year now and it doesn’t seem that strong. No wonder, I need to jump on this Braggs bandwagon bc it seems to be the best brand! I enjoyed your post and stumbling on your cute blog

  246. Grew up on Braggs as a kid. Old Country remedy. Now as an Adult I’ve returned. I take this elixir twice a day. Once in the am first thing upon waking it and a couple hours before bed.
    2oz ( 4TBSP) ACV
    1 Table Spoon Raw Honey
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp smoked red pepper
    1 oz Limon Juice

    Mix the honey and spices first or you’ll be stirring for days. Cinnamon just doesn’t mix well. The honey grabs and holds it allowing it to disolve in the ACV.

  247. I drink a shot glass every day of the ACV and it works great for many issues one of them was to clear a smell of urine I had that not any doctor could cure. So with drinking this the smell is all gone. Love it!!!

  248. I just started Braggs Brand today. Turning over to a healthier life style and only have 10 lbs to loose before the Spring so I am super excited to hear all the comments about weight loss. Has anyone tried using the vinegar for a small amount of weight lose and what were your results….. Please respond…. I’m trying two teaspoons three times a day.

    1. Hello Joanne,

      Well done for switching to a healthier life style, 10lbs is definitely achievable if you stick at it.

      The main weight loss benefit that comes with ACV, is that it suppresses your appetite. I have a sweet tooth and it’s brilliant at getting rid of sugary cravings, works every time for me.

      The best way to lose weight is to focus on your diet and implement some cardio into your routine. If you’re not sure what plan to follow, I highly recommend you check out: – It’s a fantastic program for women. (I hope it’s ok to post links, please remove if not!)

      Good luck with your weight loss goal!

  249. Wonderful post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

  250. I learned to mix 1 cup of ACV, 2 cups of 100% apple juice and 3 cups of 100% grape juice. Drink 1/2 cup in the morning before breakfast. Haven’t had blood work yet, but have lost 5 “bag guys” off my stomach. Will let you know how my numbers are after blood work.

  251. Has anyone had any experience using ACV for diabetic/blood sugar issues? Looking for natural remedies for my mother in law who suffers form type 2 diabetes.

  252. Are there any drawbacks to taking ACV while also taking the blood pressure medication Lisinopril?

    I was told by my doctor to stop taking Potassium tablets when beginning the Lisinopril. The two don’t mix well. Some potassium is OK, however, as, for example, there’s no prohibition on bananas.

    So it’s a question of how much potassium is in one half teaspoon of ACV once a day – which is what I’m taking now.

    And suggestions?

  253. I have been taking Bragg’s ACV off and on for almost a year now. I have a sensitive digestive system and after drinking this after a meal, I feel as if my stomach has been cleaned out. No heaviness or bloating, which are common occurrences after a day’s worth of eating. I’m going to keep on drinking this. It makes me feel so much lighter.

  254. Hi, I came across your website! I have been doing a lot of searching as I heard that ACV is good to reduce the buldging blue veins on your legs they call varicose/spider veins. I am 22 years old and I am in desperate need of help I want to so something to prevent them from getting bad. I am an active girl run,jog ride bikes and everything. I was wondering if anyone or if you have known of someone who has tired ACV for varicose veins or spiders veins and noticed a difference? I will appreciate the info thanks!

    1. Hello, I started taking the ACV drink approximately 2 months ago. I wanted to lowered my blood pressure, lose weight and lower my cholestorol. My doc check up is due in April. However, shortly after I started taking the ACV, one night , not even expecting any thing of the sort, I noticed my spider veins were so light looking. I had no idea as to what had happened. Seriously at this point they are almost totally invisible!!! I kid you not!!!!! Mine were many & very dark. I also am being asked by people of different ages, genders and races, what are you using on your skin? It is so beautiful. I also lost about 4 lbs thus far. I use 2 Tbs of Braggs Organic Vinegar (with the Mother), ACV and 2 Tbs of Braggs Black Strapp Organic Molasses in 8 ounces of warm water, first thing in the morning. I drink it with a straw. My body, now graves it and it gives me a feeling of fullness that does last all day! Try it! Those veins will disappear. Let me know!

  255. i actually bought this acv for my bulldog.. i have heard that it is good for their skin and digestive system but then i read all the other benefits of using this so it looks like me and my bulldogs will be using it.. thanks for the post.. i will definitely give this a try and post my results;..

  256. I drink Braggs ACV and Raw honey every day but it tastes awful at first but you get use to it and it will never taste good to me. lol I mix it with a bottle of water. I do it for the Ph factor, it will keep it balanced.

    1. very good for blood and vessels. i use it to cleanse kidneys of uric acid production which causes my gout problems.

  257. I WAS WONDERING HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE & IS IT BEFORE THE MEALS & WHERE CAN I BUY THIS AM IN SPRINGFIELD Mass I never seen it in any store even thou stop & shop has an organic section please help & thanks a bunch

  258. Hi! I have been taking ACV for two days now…I have been having slight headaches. Supposedly it can be common for you to get headaches the first week of taking ACV since its your body reacting to the “detox.” Did you have this problem? Or anyone? I am really in it to clear up/stop the cystic pimples I sometimes get from time to time, was anyone successful in that aspect?

    1. I also just started using ACV to help with stomach unsettledness. I have also been keeping a headache for the last few days. Has your headaches subsided yet?

  259. I’ve been drinking ACV for about 8 weeks now, and I’m hooked. I first started using it on my face after I read that it could clear a spot up that the dermotologist called “prec cancerous”. He used a freezing method which didn’t take care of it, but the acv did….its completely gone. I drink it in the am and pm, and can tell a difference in how i feel. I’m a life timer for the acv. I also use it as a toner in the am before i put my moisturizer on, and once a week on my hair….

  260. My mom introduced me to this drink..i despise the taste but with a sprinkle of estuvia made it taste a little better…its only been a few days but ill try anything to lose i do trust my mothers judge ment shes been drinking this for some time and lost weight and eats better and now she no longer is isilin dependent..not a diabetic now..which is awesome..i will continue to give this a try and will coment back at a later time..thx so much.:-):-)

    1. Hi Koreenalee,
      I was just wondering how much u use and at what time of day i have been taking ACV at night before i go to bed i mix 2 cap fulls with a half teaspoon of honey and maybe 2 tablespoons of boiled water not liking the taste much lol but just wondered what ur mum did .
      Cheers 🙂
      Im in Australia so I’m hoping I’m using the right one it is organic and has the mother in it.

  261. Hi. Just wanted to comment about the ACV. I’ve lost weight with it and my skin feels and looks great! I use Aloe juice, ACV, Cinnamin and honey. One bottle a day. Mmmm! It scared me when I looked in the mirror!

    1. One bottle per day? Of ACV? Not sure your post is correct- sorry but you’d get sick I’m sure if you drank that much.

  262. Contrary to current popular belief adding acid to your diet, no matter what ph it has, will not make your body more acidic. Basic chemistry tells you that adding any two acids together will create a stronger acid no matter what strength the acids are.

  263. Apple cider vinegar can be a cure for hundreds of health and skin issues. I personally got a great result for my heartburn and thick hair. ACV has low to no side effects. So keep calm and use ACV!

  264. Hi I have a history of developing kidney stones,would like to know if
    Bragg cider vinegar could help to reduce or eliminate kidney stones?
    I’m eating approx. 50% raw veggie diet,take apple cider vinegar 2 day past 2mo.
    any help much appreciated. Thanks, Chris

  265. A different perspective. In chinese medicine,cider vinegar is considered a
    medicine that ‘unsticks’things (I’m sure they say this with characteristic poetic
    imagry..but I’m scots-irish and that’s what it does.)For instance….a longterm
    healing of some sorts will often..’stick’..just ‘hit a plateau’,energy flow will sometimes just ‘stagnate’..for any number of reasons..ACV.Thoughts or emotions
    can get ‘stuck’….ACV.Perhaps it’ll even unstick stuck lifecycles (‘Oh god,my life’s just in a rut’)Don’t know if it’s THAT strong,but,hell,what’ve you got to lose?Might
    help along WITH other stuff.

  266. Great post on ACV. I’ve been drinking my morning elixir daily for months now. I love it. Will share your post because it has such great info. Thank you. Lisa

  267. i started having digestive problems and even ended up with an infection. i could have went to the doctor again and again but they would have told me i have IBS and sent me out the door $$$$$ later and prilosec. Instead I started drinking Apple cider vinegar and taking probiotics and am stating to detox and i am feeling much much better. and saved a bunch of money. i think i actually had SIBO due to eating to much processed food for too long.

  268. Most of my family raves about ACV for a multitude of ailments, I recently posted apple cider vinegar detox recipes on my blog as well as meal recipes that subdue the ‘tang’ of ACV. Making an ACV detox daily is as easy as brewing a cup of coffee or tea and gives you an amazing energy boost!

  269. I like to make a Sour Mango Green Smoothie. 1 T flax and 1 T chia put in blender and grind to powder. Add banana, 3 cups greens (usually 2 cups spinach and 2 cup kale) and 1 cup frozen mango chunks. Sometimes the fruit and juice of one grapefruit and/or orange if I have it. Then add in the liquid: 1 cup coconut milk, 1 cup water, 2 T ACV. Really Tasty! Start off with 1 T if you don’t like a super sour taste.

  270. One thing Ive noticed since using the ACV in water (sometimes…..very rare though…I will put a dribble of honey in it…..) is that it doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it did the FIRST time I tried it……apparently it’s not just me….I did some reading and yes, the body will “get used to” the concoction and you won’t “cringe” as much…..once your body’s alkalinity adjusts…..or something like that lol. sounded odd….but makes sense I guess 😛

  271. I am now going to try ACV for the first, i hope that it works, i have many different ailments too many to mention.

  272. I have had a cough that sounds like a smoker’s cough for close to ten years, though I am not a smoker, it’s sinus related. I get post nasal drip a lot and when I would take a deep breath in, it would trigger me to cough. I took a Benadryl every night, sprayed Nasonex and took Claritin every day and STILL had all these symptoms. In the beginning of April, I started mixing one tsp of ACV in 4 oz of water and drank it every night before bedtime. WITHIN ONE WEEK, ALL SYMPTOMS WERE GONE!! I don’t take any more meds, just the ACV. I have been using Heinz brand with the mother, but just tried the Braggs brand and find it much more palatable. I am going to up my intake as I really want to lose weight and get rid of some belly fat. It’s wonderful that something so natural can be so healing, cheaper and so much better for you than meds, especially since they didn’t work!

  273. I find it easier to just knock back 2 tablespoons of acv and then drink a glass of water …. Is this dangerous? Do I have to mix with water/ juice ?

    1. Hi Kath. I hope you’re doing great. It’s good that you’re taking the time to maintain your health using ACV. I’m going to give you my opinion about your question. The acidity of ACV will have an immediate effect on the soft tissue of your throat–as soon as it touches your soft tissue when you swallow. The seconds that it takes you to wash it down are seconds that allow the fully concentrated acidity to effect your soft tissue. The drink of water will stop its immediate reaction, but only after the concentrated acidity has affected your throat. Over time, this can cause harm to your throat. Diluting the ACV before swallowing it, reduces the acidic concentration so there is little to no affect on your throat or soft tissue. All the best to you. D

  274. I have been taking my ACV for awhile and it has done wonders. I do a very simple one a spoonful of raw organic honey with ACV it tastes like an apple water to me it is all I drink. I am a bit concerned about all the posts I have read that use a splenda or whatever artificial sugars most of those are GMO and very very bad for your body . Do your bodies a favor and leave the faux sugars alone because you are cancelling out the good health by adding that poison to your drink .

  275. I drink ACV for a while like 2 months. I started slowly with 1 teaspoon as the taste is horrible to me. I used to drink 1-2 teaspoons, now I increase it to 4-5 teaspoons and regulated to 1-2 teaspoons depending on my diet. I notice my stomach no longer bloat up. I feel more energized. My nose mucus no longer developed due to cold or sinus. My skin is clear of blemish and spots. I notice my bowel is much more clear now. I feel lighter around my waist now. I recommended to my mum who got asthma to drink it, she felt refreshed and energized as the mucus didn’t get into her way when she sleeps. She sleeps better at night now. It is certainly a good way to alkaline and detox the body.

  276. Hello! Love reading all these posts however, curious if anyone has experienced any improvements after using ACV for eczema. Unfortunately I’ve had eczema on my face/neck/arms on and off for the past few years. I started using ACV (with the recommended 2 tsp in 8 oz water 3 x/day) and though I’m only on day four, not seeing my skin getting any clearer? Actually got more flushing and redness so wondering if this is the natural course as ACV is working through my system. Look forward to others who have eczema and their experience and length of time using ACV until they saw their skin improving. I have not tried using it topically since my skin is already sensitive and want to avoid any further reaction. Would like to continue using ACV since I have great energy and my appetite is controlled. Appreciate your feedback and hope ACV will work for me eventually!

    1. Would u be interested in trying a sample of Locus Balm the stuff is wonderful. Just a suggestion.

  277. Hi Karen
    You said it, just let it take it’s course but I suggest you try it topically dilute it of course, drinking it alone will eventually help your skin but applying it daily works faster. You might see a difference in less than 2wks. Everyone’s result will differ it could take less than two weeks or longer than two wks. I hope it works for you stick with it, please keep us posted on your results. Hope I helped.