Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Boost your morning with this healthy apple pie apple cider vinegar drink. Apple cider vinegar is known to help balance pH levels, lower blood sugar levels and even help with weight loss!

As most of you probably know I’m a HUGE fan of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and for good reason. Among other things, it’s been known to help balance pH levels, lower blood sugar levels and even help with weight loss! I have a whole post detailing the health benefits of apple cider vinegar so be sure to check that out if you’re interested in the WHY behind my healthy obsession with this vinegar.

I drink it daily and try to get all my health coaching clients to do so as well. ACV is definitely pungent at first, but after drinking it regularly you get used to the flavor and it’s easy to drink plain mixed with a little water. That said, some days I still enjoy making it taste delicious using one of these apple cider vinegar drink recipes, this grape and apple cider vinegar antioxidant drink or the apple pie apple cider vinegar drink I’m sharing today.

Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink in a shallow glass sitting on a marble countertop with a silver spoon next to it.

It feels a bit more like a treat when prepped this way… especially when served out of a fancy stemless wine glass. It’s almost like your drinking an actual cocktail. Almost.

Overhead shot of an Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink on a marble countertop with a silver spoon sitting next to it.

Ready to give your morning a healthy boost with apple cider vinegar? Try this apple pie apple cider vinegar drink tomorrow. This recipe is particularly good for people who can’t stand the strong taste of apple cider vinegar or those just starting out with it! I hope you like it as much as I do.

A couple notes:

  • Be sure to buy raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg’s). This variety has the “mother,” strands of proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria that give the product a murky appearance similar to kombucha.
  • Don’t take shots of plain apple cider vinegar! I hear of people doing this all the time and it’s not good. Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and can damage your tooth enamel or the tissues of your mouth and throat. Always dilute it with water.

Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink in clear shallow glass sitting on a marble countertop with a silver spoon next to it.

If you make this apple pie apple cider vinegar drink be sure to leave a comment and star rating below letting us know how it turned out. Your feedback is so helpful for the EBF team and our readers!

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Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink in clear shallow glass sitting on a marble countertop with a silver spoon next to it.

Apple Pie Apple Cider Vinegar Drink


Boost your morning with this healthy apple pie apple cider vinegar drink. Apple cider vinegar is known to help balance pH levels, lower blood sugar levels and even help with weight loss!



  1. Combine all ingredients in a cup and stir or shake to combine. Taste and add more stevia if necessary. Serve chilled or over ice.


I got the genius apple pie idea from Kasey over at Powercakes.

  • Category: Drink
  • Method: Stir
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 25
  • Sugar: 4 g
  • Fat: 0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 7 g
  • Fiber: 2 g
  • Protein: 0 g

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Recipe rating

    1. arooj
      September 28, 2020 AT 3:32 am

      very informative l and useful information. you give the amzing recipe. apple vinegar drink is best for weight loss and also control the cholestrol.

    2. Lissa K.
      September 22, 2020 AT 3:49 pm

      Very helpful article Brittany, Thank you for sharing. I am trying a lot to loose my weight. Apple Cider play indirect role. Is there any side effect of consuming on daily basics?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        September 23, 2020 AT 1:43 am

        You’re so welcome, Lissa. Not that I’m aware of, but I would talk to your doctor about it if you have any concerns.

    3. Megan Rivera
      September 5, 2020 AT 2:16 pm

      I used a little more apple juice in place of the water, of course you’ll still detect the acv .. it’s acv🤣
      Thanks for your time and efforts🥰

    4. Corryn
      July 15, 2020 AT 8:46 am

      I tried this recipe hoping that it’d help me drink ACV because I can’t stick it by itself… but I’m sorry to say that I still don’t like it – even in this recipe! To be fair, in this recipe it is more palatable and does taste a bit like apple pie, but unfortunately my tastebuds still detect that tangy ACV in there! Thanks for the inspiration though!

    5. Mary
      April 17, 2020 AT 12:41 pm

      I make something similar to this but I switched to using an apple (instead just juice) to add some fiber. I also add some almonds and leave out any sweetener. Yummy way to start my day!

    6. Rose McClaran
      January 29, 2020 AT 9:52 am

      I love this drink my only issue is allergies to ragweed hence allergies to stevia. I use honey instead. It’s amazing and helps with so many issues. Love it every morning!

      1. Brittany Mullins
        January 29, 2020 AT 11:38 pm

        I’m so happy to hear that this recipe is working for you, Rose! Thanks for coming back to leave a comment and star rating. It means the world to me! <3

    7. Leslye Kerns
      December 26, 2017 AT 10:05 pm

      Can you make up a weeks worth at a time?

    8. Winnie
      March 16, 2017 AT 7:03 am

      I’m just starting out with ACV so I’m going to try your “cocktail”. Sounds and looks good. Thanks for the tip about not doing shots with it, good to know to always dilute it.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        March 16, 2017 AT 9:12 am

        Yes, knowing to dilute it is huge! All the benefits of ACV aren’t worth damaging your teeth.

    9. Rajendra Das Shrestha
      February 13, 2017 AT 12:32 am

      Sounds great…will try this…and btw what if i add some vodka to make my evening you think we will still get the same benefits??

    10. Vickie Barhydt
      February 12, 2017 AT 10:47 am

      Going to give your drink a try.started drinking with water.not so good, going to try your drink . Thanks

    11. Janee
      November 16, 2016 AT 2:51 pm

      Is it worth drinking ng it if you don’t use the unfiltered/organic kind? In other words, the plain old cheap stuff?

    12. Melanie
      October 23, 2016 AT 2:37 pm

      Super yummy recipe! I had to modify since I didn’t have vanilla stevia. Instead I used pure vanilla extract and liquid stevia and I ran out of apple juice so I used only 1 tbsp ACV since I’m starting off drinking ACV on a lighter note until I get used to it. I’ll definitely be drinking this every morning from now on!

    13. barbara bouchard
      August 2, 2016 AT 4:10 pm

      I drink ACV detox every morning…great stuff 🙂

    14. Arletta Sloan
      August 2, 2016 AT 12:35 am

      Hey! Pretty cool! I make my own drink that I tell people is like drinking an apple pie – but, so far, no one has believed me until they gave in and tried it. For mine, I make tea, add cinnamon, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey. How much of each depends on how strong I want it to be. I never measure the cinnamon, but, sometimes it’s 1 tbsp each of ACV, honey and lemon juice or 2 tbsp., though I usually put much less honey unless I’m really in the mood for dessert; and, that’s in an average mug of tea.

      ours sounds really yummy, too, and, lower calorie!

    15. Arvie
      July 14, 2015 AT 7:00 pm

      Or maple syrup????????

      1. Brittany Mullins
        July 15, 2015 AT 9:22 am


    16. Candice parks
      July 12, 2015 AT 6:38 pm

      What else can be used besides stevia? I don’t like the taste of it?
      Can we use agave nectar?

      1. Brittany Mullins
        July 12, 2015 AT 9:33 pm

        Yup, any liquid sweetener will work.

        1. Cheryl
          March 12, 2017 AT 1:43 pm

          Would honey work instead of liquid stevia?

          1. Brittany Mullins
            March 12, 2017 AT 4:49 pm


    17. linda varnado
      July 8, 2015 AT 6:34 pm

      i am going to try this drink.thanks so much.

    18. Kim
      June 29, 2015 AT 5:09 pm

      I first found out about ACV through your blog and I am still addicted to it and it makes me feel so good when I start the day with it. I’ll have to try this one!

    19. Lynn @ The Actor’s Diet
      June 29, 2015 AT 1:48 pm

      I often drink hot water with a side of apple cider vinegar…and a couple chocolate candies… 🙂

    20. Ashley @ Fit Mitten Kitchen
      June 29, 2015 AT 11:44 am

      This makes my heart happy, Brittany! I LOVE ACV 😀 Drink it basically every day.

    21. Cara’s Healthy Cravings
      June 29, 2015 AT 7:34 am

      I will definitely give this a try! Sometimes I just shoot back a Tbsp of ACV, but I don’t love it, so this seems like a better option.

    22. Lauren @ The Bikini Experiment
      June 28, 2015 AT 6:11 pm

      I have tried several ACV drinks and this looks like a great combination! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Brittany Mullins
        June 28, 2015 AT 11:07 pm

        Thanks Lauren. What’s your favorite ACV drink?

    23. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul
      June 28, 2015 AT 3:52 pm

      Oh this sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

    24. emilie
      June 28, 2015 AT 2:22 pm

      Perhaps I should try that – I am currently making a lot of homemade stuff so this would be a good option too!

    25. Annie B
      June 28, 2015 AT 12:06 pm

      I’m a diehard ACV drinker! I usually dilute it and add a couple drops of lime juice.

      Where are those gorgeous wine glasses from??

      1. Brittany Mullins
        June 29, 2015 AT 10:53 am

        Oh yum! I haven’t tried adding lime juice before. That sounds good.

        The stemless wine glasses are from World Market ( They came out last year around Christmas time but were out of stock for months. They’re finally back in stock now. 🙂

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