Gift Ideas for Salad Lovers

A gift guide for salad lovers! These gift ideas are perfect for salad enthusiasts, but they’re also great for anyone who is looking to eat healthier. 

I couldn’t resist… I had to create a gift guide for all the salad lovers out there. I know it seems crazy that someone likes salads more than burgers, but I know these people exist because I’m one of them.

If you’ve been reading EBF for awhile, you’ll know that I’m kinda sorta obsessed with salads. I eat at least one salad a day . . . yes, even throughout the winter months. I often eat salad for breakfast and one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever is this salad chopper! Over the years, I’ve probably made over 1,000 salads and I’ve found quite a few tools that make salad life easier, more flavorful and fun . . . so I’m sharing them all right here in this little gift guide.

Of course, these gift ideas are great for salad lovers, but there are plenty of items that would be great for anyone who enjoys cooking or healthy eating!

A graphic with gift ideas for salad lovers.

A Good Knife – Chopping vegetables is no fun if you’re using an unsharp knife. Ever tried using a dull knife to chop a tomato? You basically end up with a smashed tomato and pool of tomato guts. It’s the worst! If you don’t want to invest in a full set of knives, grab yourself a chef’s knife – it’s one of the most versatile knives you can buy. We use this Shun knife and I love it for slicing and dicing all my salad ingredients.

Salad Spinner – Washing greens is a must (if they’re not bagged and pre-washed), but watery greens = soggy salads and diluted dressings. You can always use a towel or paper towels to dry your greens, but owning a salad spinner makes the process of drying greens much easier and faster. The salad spinner includes a colander and once your greens are dry, it has a lid so you can use the same container to store your greens in the fridge. Added bonus: there are a bunch of other ways you can use the spinner that doesn’t involve salad.

Salad Chopper and Bowl – If you buy only one thing on this list, I would recommend this salad chopper and bowl. It’s only $25 and it’s a game-changer for salad lovers. It transforms a big bowl of veggies into a delicious, restaurant-worthy chopped salad. Everything gets chopped into bite size pieces and you get a taste of all the toppings with each bite. And the bowl is extra large so it’s perfect for tossing BIG salads. Watch this video to hear more about why I love it and how to use it.

Vitamix Blender – This powerful blender is amazing for salad dressings that need to be blended, and it also saves time when you’re using things like garlic and shallots. No need to mince them, just toss them into your blender! Obviously, this blender can be used for other things too — smoothies, soups, salsas, nuts butters and more. Trust me, it’s every healthy eater’s dream blender.

Wide Mouth Quart Size Mason Jars – The best mason jars for making salad-in-jar recipes. Just be sure to get the wide mouth jars because they’re easier to fill.

Mini Citrus Juicer – I use this little guy on the daily for juicing fresh lemons and limes. It yields way more juice than just squeezing the fruit and there are measurements on the side of the container for easy measuring. This would be a perfect stocking stuffer!

Vegetable Peeler – This little guy comes in handy for peeling the skin off of carrots and sweet potatoes. It also makes pretty vegetable ribbons for topping salads. Another good stocking stuffer!

Inspiralizer – This is the BEST tool for making veggies noodles for salads and other dishes (some ideas: Zucchini Noodle Salad + Spiralized Apple Slaw). I’m obsessed with mine and use it all the time. It’s totally versatile too – I never knew how many things you could spiralize! 

On-the-Go Salad Container – Regular storage containers work for taking your lunch to work, but having a salad-specific option like this is really nice because you can separate your greens from the toppings and there’s a little container for your dressing. No soggy salads!

Salad Cookbook – The perfect option for someone who still loves using cookbooks and needs a little salad inspiration. The Saladish cookbook looks awesome, but I don’t personally own this one (yet)! One salad cookbook that I do own is Salad Samurai and really like it— it’s all vegan recipes so it’d be a great gift for plant-based eaters!

Salad Scissors – If you don’t end up going with the salad chopper bowl, I think salad scissors are a great option for making chopped salads. Basically you just toss your greens, veggies and other salad toppings into a large bowl and chop everything with the scissors.

Salad Serving Bowl Set – Perfect for those who like to entertain, serve salads at home or bring large salads to potlucks.

Salad Servers – I’m currently obsessed with these marble and wood salad servers, and I think they would make an awesome gift for the salad enthusiast in your life.

Olive oil and Vinegar Gift Set – Salad purists usually go sans dressing and opt to use a little drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. This type of salad lover will go crazy for a high-quality olive oil and vinegar set. Other gift ideas in this same realm include infused olive oils and/or flavored vinegars.

Cutting Board – This goes right along with having a good knife. Cutting boards are essential for chopping veggies. I like having a few different sizes and different boards for different uses — i.e one for veggies and one for meat.

Salt and Pepper Grinders – I’m all about adding fresh ground salt and pepper to my salads because it totally takes the flavor up a notch. These copper grinders are so cute!

Food Processor – Food processors are the work-horse of the kitchen and make chopped veggies a breeze. Whenever I make shredded salads, I always use my food processor. Added bonus: food processors have a ton of other uses as well – I use mine weekly for energy bites, nut butters, dips and sauces.

Enamel Serving Bowl – Salad lovers can never have too many salad serving bowls. I’ve been loving enamelware lately, and this speckled white bowl is super cute!

Glass Oil Dispenser – I love that this glass oil dispenser is functional and cute. I feel like it’s something I would keep out on my counter for decoration.

Do you own any of the above items, or plan to gift them to someone? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. Taylor Hansen
      May 15, 2020 AT 11:34 am

      I liked that you said how a salad server can be a good gift for any salad enthusiasts. My girlfriend is a vegan and I’m trying to find a good gift to send her since I am away for work this week. I’ll be sure to send her one of these gifts that promote her healthy and clean living.

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