Thanksgiving Recipes for Any Day

Hello there. I hope everyone who celebrates had an amazing Thanksgiving. Ours turned out to be quite nice!

I wanted to share with you the two dishes I made because although they were perfect for Thanksgiving, they’re really not holiday specific and would be wonderful anytime. For instance, the appetizer I made was a Pumpkin Spice Cashew Cheese Dip served with apples and pita chips for dipping.

pumpkin spice cashew cheese dip.JPG

After seeing the recipe over at Healthy Happy Life I knew I needed this pumpkin dip in my life. And, I was right – everyone, even the non-pumpkin lovers, agreed that it was one tasty dip.

It’s pumpkin flavored and sweet, but it also packs a punch with a bit of cayenne pepper and citrus juice. No one would have guessed it was made of soaked cashews instead of cream cheese!

pumpkin spice cashew cheese dip.JPG

I followed the recipe and used a deep dish for baking because I wanted the dip to stay creamy. After baking, it was still smooth, creamy and amazing! Although I liked the dip warm, I almost prefer it room temperature or cold. There are left overs and I’ve been eating it cold all day – on apples or bread. Soooo good!

The second dish on my list was Cracklin’ Cauliflower – a copy cat recipe of my fave Whole Foods hot bar dish. There are several recipes for this dish floating around the internet and I used this one for inspiration, but my exact ingredients are below.

cracklin cauliflower.JPG

Roasted cauliflower is always tasty, but when it’s coated with curry and spiciness, it’s even better!! Trust me.

As I mentioned, both of these items went great with our Thanksgiving feast, which was delish and primarily prepared by Isaac’s Aunt Beth…


But, they’re GREAT recipes overall so feel free to try them out whenever you’d like. :)

Today we hung out with Isaac’s Mimi and Poppy for breakfast, took our friend to the airport (bye Aub!) and stopped by the mall for the quickest visit ever. We hit up Anthropologie, Saks and Dicks, then darted out of there. Now we’re meeting up with friends for an evening rendezvous.. should be fun!

Riddle me this – Are you still stuffed from your Thanksgiving feast?

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  1. I woke up full – ick!

  2. love the cauliflower recipe! I will definitely use it next time i make some!

  3. Yum! Both look great. I will need to try the cauliflower recipe soon. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. Those are both FANTASTIC Recipes! I am going to try them, I have almost all the ingredients.

    Hahaha, yes still stuffed and eating leftovers as I type. :)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Definitely still full! Getting fuller with all of the leftovers too. Happy Day after Thanksgiving – It looks like you all had some delicious food!

  6. Yum, Britt! These recipes look great – thanks for sharing! I so enjoyed looking at your pictures from the holiday. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I look forward to catching up with you soon. Have a fantastic weekend! <3

  7. YUM! I might have to test that recipe.

  8. Yes they are great recipes anytime! Thanks for sharing.

  9. glad you are having a nice holiday girl! this long weekend has been amazing :) :) :)

  10. The cauliflower looks great…sorta like Aloo Gobi minus the potatoes..Yum!

  11. That cauliflower looks sooo good!! I’ve never tried it from Whole Foods so I’ll have to try yours! Does anything beat roasted cauliflower?? YUM :)

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