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EBF Healthy Recipe List

Here’s a list of all the recipes I’ve featured on EBF. Look for the triple stars (***) for some EBF favs. These recipes are a good place to start if you’re a new reader.












Vegetarian Main Entrees

Seafood Main Entrees




Holiday Desserts



  1. I tried your peanut butter jar oatmeal tonight for dinner and it was GREAT! I hadn’t really mixed in the oil very well when I first opened up the peanut butter jar (Smuckers Natural Chunky, of course), and so I had all of this somewhat dry peanut butter on the bottom…wasn’t sure what to do with it. And then I remembered seeing a picture of your oatmeal on your blog! So, I made some instant, plain oats, mixed in some cinnamon and sugar, and it was delicious! Just wanted to say thanks, and let you know that I’m about to blog about it right now!

    PS- I LOVE your blog! Just reading it makes me feel healthy…which isn’t always the case!

    • Emily,

      Thanks so much for this comment. It made me smile! So glad that you tried the PB jar oatmeal and liked it. I didn’t actually come up with the idea, but I do think it’s a fabulous one.

  2. need your black bean brownie recipe can you share?

  3. Sarah Latona says:

    I enjoy your blog. My husband and I are vegetarians and you have lots of good recipes. Next weekend we’re throwing a fall-fest. I need some ideas for quick, easy, and good appetizers and main dishes (all fall-oriented, of course). Got any? Vegan-friendly would be best…Thanks for anything you can give me 🙂


  4. Hi,

    I want to share a recipe with you, and I think the readers of your blog would really enjoy it, too. It’s simple and truly delicious!

    Oven-baked sesame fries

    Slice potatoes into fries
    preheat oven to 450 degrees
    Lightly coat fries with olive oil (I use about 1.5 TBS for a HUGE bowl of fries, prob. about seven potatoes)
    Grind some roasted sesame seeds and toss them into the bowl, until fries are coated (I LOVE sesame seeds so I put lots, but this is to taste…the more sesame, the crunchier the fries become, and I’ll even throw some whole seeds in, too)
    Bake for 30-40 minutes or until cripsy, flipping them about every 7 minutes or so
    Lightly sprinkle with some sea salt the last few minutes of baking

    These are the BEST fries I’ve ever had–and I’m not even just saying that because I invented them 😉

  5. Any good cauliflower mash recipes? I’m trying to add more veggies, since the french fried green beens were a hit, and am wanting to explore cauliflower mashed potatoes and cauliflower fritters.

    Do you have any favorite recipes for these?

    • Hi Lisa. I don’t have any good cauliflower recipe on hand at the moment, but if I think of any I will definitely let you know!! I do love roasted cauliflower – it’s super simple. Roast cauliflower with a little oil, salt and pepper in the oven set to 400° for about 30 minutes. Delish!

      • I add garam masala when I roast cauliflower, the flavor is amazing! also, you get more even browning if you stir once, midway thru cooking. love your blog, btw

    • I roast cauliflower with a peanut dressing, either homemade or bottled. Delicious!!

  6. Found a GREAT mashed cauliflower recipe. It’s not vegan, but I’m sure you can alter it for your needs. Looks like cauliflower CAN taste like garlic mashed potatos!!


  7. Wow, you’ve got a LOT of great sounding! Also, your blog name is totally cute 😉

  8. My only problem is that I can’t make all these recipes at on once! 😉 I love your secret to smooth hummus; processing garbanzo beans finally makes sense. Keep up the amazing work, Brittany!

  9. I love your blog! I’m not a vegetarian and I have no intention of becoming one, but I had been wanting to eat more vegetation, and felt that if I had to have one more plain salad or random raw fruit/vegetable, I was going to scream. Not that I don’t love them, but it gets old very quickly. Thanks to your blog, I think I’ll be good for quite a while. Also, I tried the following recipe a few weeks ago that you might like to add to your page. It’s great for the current weather and goes well with a lot of black pepper. It’s pretty awesome.


  10. Found your blog while searching for a clean black bean burger recipe. Im so glad I found this! I can’t wait to try more recipes!

  11. Camilia says:

    I found your blog by searching for healthy recipe blogs online. I am going to the grocery store now to try some of your recipes! I’m really excited about these recipes. Thanks for the ideas! Really overall great blog!

  12. I am looking for great websites where I can find healthy meals, living in the city is so hard to find time to cook and prepare meals, I guess it is for a lot of people but I am to live healthier and this website looks great!

  13. Kimberly Morris says:

    I was wondering about your healthy apple butter. You have it for storing in the freezer, but is this something I would be able to process in a water bath as well, for longer storage? Thank you so much and I love your blog/recipes!


  14. Your spicy cheesy kale chips are amazing! Everyone that tries them is dumbfounded that they are eating kale and enjoying it. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  15. Hi! Your recipes look beautiful, but since I’m on a very strict anti-Candida diet, I haven’t seen any I can actually make! I was wondering if you had any ideas for delish anti-Candida recipes? Basically it’s no fruit, sugar, starchy veggies, red meat, dairy, or grains of any kind.

    All I CAN eat are non-starchy veggies, chicken and fish, yogurt, eggs, stevia, and coconut products.

    For flours I can eat:
    coconut flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
    oat bran flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
    brown rice bran flour (Bob’s Red Mill)
    Tef or teff flour
    buckwheat/soba (Bob’s Red Mill Buckwheat Hot Cereal or Pocono Cream of Buckwheat) and Soba Noodles.
    Ground Hemp Seeds (organic if possible)

    Would love your ideas as I’m going a little crazy eating the same things all the time!

  16. Your blog is fantastic! I love the idea behind it and I think promoting good and healthy food is necessary. Here is my blog if anyone want to check it out :
    Thank you

  17. Hi my name is Pam. I just made the cauliflower pizza using your recipe. I added turkey pepperoni to the top. I LOVE it!!!!!!! I am trying to follow a wheat free plan and pizza is my favorite. I can’t wait to make another one. I might add goat cheese to the top. Thank you for posting this recipe.

    Pam from Delaware

    It’s not where you go. It’s who you’re with.

  18. jose kelly says:

    Saw a picture of your lime and avocado tart on your instagram and came here for the recipe, but I can’t find it on your blog!! Would love to make it if the recipe is still available. Thanks!

  19. Great blog! Thank you


  20. Hi!

    I love your Instagram posts & recently saw one about a no mayo tuna and sweet potato salad! If you could, please share the recipe?

    Thank you so much!


  21. Bobbie Dillon says:

    So happy I saw your chia seed strawberry jam recipe on Pinterest ! Love your recipes.I use chia seeds for a warm breakfast cereal or sprinkle some on whatever I’m eating but The possibilities of Chia jam and jellies is so exciting. How long will the jam stay in the fridge before it goes bad? Just wondering, I’d like to make a quart jar size because 4 people will be eating it.Thank you!

  22. This blog is incredible! I think that everyone should know about it. I love your cute little side statements that help us as the readers get to know you a little more. I am so excited to try some of your recipes. Especially the Butternut and Red Lentil soup! That sounds fantastic. Keep posting because I love it all. I will definitely being sharing this with my friends and family. It would be great if you could incorporate some more tofu recipes. I am also struggling to find ways to cook it. I would also love to see some more fun and fruity recipes! You are great! I wish that I was as great of a healthy eater as you are- and so creative!

  23. Jesus Raygoza says:

    hello i’m just trying to be helpful the green links on this page are very hard to see or read it’s really bad color..I came to this page for the apple cider drint to treat kidney stone ,just to let you know.

  24. Found you blog through The Protein Kitchen, and I just wanna say that it´s simply amazing! You have so many great recipes here for every craving, and I hope to make a whole lot of it in the future. I just hope that you would consider two versions of the lists of ingredients whereas one of them uses a different system, with dl, cl, grams and so on, as I have no idea what a cup is.. Of course, I can always convert it, but it would definitely be well received in Europe!

    Anyways, thank you for sharing so many great recipes!

    Lots of love from Norway 🙂

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