Baked Apples

These cozy baked apples are filled with a buttery cinnamon sugar oat crumble and are super easy to make. Enjoy warm with ice cream and a drizzle of date caramel sauce for the ultimate fall dessert!


Mix together oats, coconut sugar, nuts, raisins (if using), cinnamon, salt and coconut oil.

1. Make Filling

Core apples. Add to a baking dish and fill with oat mixture.

2. Fill Apples

Pour apple cider into the bottom of the dish.

3. Add Apple Cider

Bake apples for 45-60 minutes at 375°F until apples are soft.

4. Bake Apples

Serve warm with coconut whipped cream or ice cream, date caramel sauce and cinnamon.

5. Serve

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