Healthy  Twix Bars

These healthy Twix bars are vegan, gluten-free – made with an almond flour crust and a date caramel filling. They taste like the real deal and are sure to satisfy your candy craving!


Mix together almond flour/meal, salt, baking soda, maple syrup, coconut oil and vanilla. Form into Twix shapes or press dough into an 8x8” pan. Bake.

1. Make Cookie Layer

Using a food processor or blender, process dates, coconut oil, almond butter, salt and vanilla until smooth.

2. Make Date Caramel

Spoon date caramel onto cookies. Set in freezer while you melt chocolate and coconut oil. Dip bars and cool again.

3. Assemble

Enjoy these Twix bars! Store at room temp 3-4 days, in the fridge up to a week or in the freezer 1-2 months.

4. Enjoy!

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