Young House Love Book Signing and A Knee Update

Good evening friends!

I have WAY too much to share with you all – including some awesome recipes (which some of you have already gotten a sneak peek of if you follow me through social media). I’ll be posting those asap, but for now here’s a quick little post about my weekend…

First thing first – I had an MRI on knee last week and found out some pretty good news Friday morning. My fall caused my patella (kneecap) to dislocate. As soon as I fell I knew something was wrong by the angle of my knee and I even cried out that I thought I dislocated it. Luckily, as my doctor pointed out, I just dislocated my kneeCAP not the whole knee. Thank heavens there were no ligaments torn so I don’t need surgery! I just have to wear a brace (at all times besides when showering) for 4 to 6 weeks and do intensive physical therapy (2-3 times a week). And since the patella isn’t a weight-bearing bone, I am still able to put weight on it. Hooray for no crutches – they are seriously no fun!

patella brace

BTW – can you believe this brace costs over $200. Crazy!

So overall, it’s not AMAZING news (I’m still injured) but it’s pretty awesome considering the alternatives, which I know all about from researching knee injures online. Seriously, the internet is the worst thing when you’re sick or injured – self diagnosing online is always a fail. Swollen leg? Yeah, you’re pregnant. 😉

In terms of getting back to exercising… I wasn’t able to do anything for a week and a few days except sit on the couch. The good news= my doctor said that even though I still can’t bend my knee fully, I can use the stationary bike, swim and do arm workouts while wearing the brace. For the first time since the injury, I woke up yesterday and did the Tone It Up fine toning arm routine, some ab work and PT leg lifts with ankle weights. It wasn’t much but it felt really awesome to get back to moving a little bit. Sitting on the couch 24/7 was driving me bonkers.

I haven’t been doing too much walking since it’s still quite a chore (and I walk at a snail’s pace), but I did make a trip to Sweet Frog on Friday night for celebratory fro yo and on Sunday I took my first big journey to Mongrel for the Young House Love book signing. I’ve met John and Sherry before – AKA I’ve ran up to them at local events and geeked out about how much I love their blog. That said, I really wanted a signed copy of their book so the journey had to be made!

The signing was at 1:00PM but I decided to head to Mongrel right when they opened at 10:00AM to purchase my book. People were already forming at line – it was crazy! I didn’t think my knee could take standing for 3 three hours so I came home for a few hours, made a little treat to share with Sherry and John and then went back when the book signing started. I waited for about an hour and 20 minutes but the lined moved pretty fast and the ladies in line with me were super friendly so the time went by quickly.

Then it was my turn to get my book signed!


Sherry and John were super friendly (per the usual), full of energy and even remembered my name! <;-- This made my day!!

John and sherry young house love

And the book – it’s seriously so cute – duh, everything they do is cute!

But seriously, I love that it’s organized in a simple way with chapters like “TWEAK – Accessorizing Ideas” and “NOSH – Kitchen and Dining Ideas”. All the projects come with step-by-step instructions and look so approachable. There are even sections that offer basic info like: Curtain Basics OR Spray Painting Basics. Both of which I should probably go read right now. I’m not the biggest DIYer when it comes to home stuff – I feel like I don’t have the “eye for interior style” but I can see this book helping me a lot. I’ve already bookmarked several projects I want to do sometime soon!

I think Sherry and John would be happy to know that I have the book sitting on our coffee table and it’s already helping to spruce up our house…

Cracked coffee table

by concealing a huge gash in our coffee table.


Perfect! 😉

See you all tomorrow with a tasty holiday recipe.

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  1. I know I am super late to the party, but….

    I am sorry to hear about the knee injury, but wanted to share that I had the same injury myself a few years ago. I figured I would share my story and my experience with the injury so hopefully you can prevent future issues (that I unfortunately didn’t avoid because I wasn’t careful enough).

    But before I get to the warning, in case you are interested in how it happened: I was salsa dancing, and went into a dip that my partner wasn’t aware we were doing. I was twisting and bending backwards simultaneously, and when there was no one there to brace me, I went down. I can totally relate to that feeling when it happens. The only way I have been able to describe it is that it just feels *wrong.* I didn’t really know what happened, just that something had gone very wrong. It didn’t really hurt at first, though, so after sitting down for a few minutes, I figured I would get up and join the dancing again. I quickly realized that was not going to happen, and by the time I left 20-30 minutes later, I could barely walk.

    I was on crutches for a few days, and then wore a huge, full leg brace, for a few weeks. After that, I was able to resume my activities and I don’t remember any serious problems.

    HOWEVER-I was not as cautious as I should have been, and ended up dislocating it again a few months later. I was going to sit on my couch and sort of twisted as I sat, and there it went.

    Since that reinjury, I have had some pretty frustrating symptoms and have been limited in the activities I can perform. I cannot bend my knee without it crunching audibly, and as a result can’t do any type of lunge or squat. I can’t even use the elliptical because my knee crunches so badly. I also have moments that I would describe as either near or partial dislocations, which are unsettling.

    I don’t mean to scare you, but I wanted to hopefully help you by letting you know that I was fine the first time it happened, and so you should be back to normal in no time, but there are some slight precautions that I would take if I were you:
    -stay away from slippery surfaces! (I’m sure you know that one, since that’s how the injury happened (: )
    -if you have to turn, try to remember not to leave that injured leg planted on the ground. Lift that leg before you turn
    -when sitting down, be sure to be lined up straight, so as to avoid twisting as you go down

    Those are the main things, but I think if you understand the reasonings/principles behind the type of movements to avoid, you should be golden!

    I hope you are feeling better soon, and I’m sure you will be back to normal in no time. Just didn’t want you to risk another injury, and possibly being limited in your activity like I am now. Best of luck!

  2. I’m so jealous that you got to see them (again)! We had friends visiting that weekend so I wasn’t able to go. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a YHL book-shaped present under the tree though so that’ll have to do. 🙂 Hope your knee is doing better!

  3. I’m sorry about your knee! That’s such a bummer 🙁 I fell on my ankle wrong and had to wear an ankle brace for months. It’s no fun.

    I’m jealous that you got to see Sherry and John! And how awesome of them that they remembered your name! Don’t you love people like that? I can’t wait to get their book.

  4. Hi Brittany! I am sorry to hear your news about your knee, but relieved to hear you won’t be out of commission for too long. I tore my MCL a few years back and remember being SO frustrated with exercise since I couldn’t do too much of my old routine. The pool was such a lifesaver! If you miss running, you can always do aquajogging in the pool with a flotation belt. Sounds so lame I know! But it really does work the same muscles and is SUPER gentle on the knee. Best of luck!! Lots of TLC 🙂

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