What’s in My Fridge + Healthy Fridge Shopping List

I’m pumped because I’m shaking things up today and sharing a VIDEO. I’ve shared a few videos on YouTube before, but it was a looong time ago. Plus, they were all taken with my iPhone and not very good quality. Luckily I now have a friend who is willing to shoot the videos for me and someone to edit them. Hooray! So if you all enjoy this video, I’d love to do more!

With this first video I’m giving you a sneak peek into my fridge. And by my fridge, I mean the fridge I share with Isaac. Don’t mind all the beer. 😉

I didn’t go to the grocery store and stock up or stage the fridge before shooting so you’re getting a real-life look into what we have on hand at any given time. <— Real is better anyway, right?

Since I wasn’t able to show you everything I typically keep on hand, I also put together a handy little graphic with a bunch of healthy fridge staples. As I mention in the video, you basically want to think about loading up on lots of produce (veggies and fruit), lean protein and healthy fats!

Healthy Fridge Shopping List

Oh, and just in case you’re looking for it, the recipe for the chocolate chip peanut butter protein balls I show in video can be found here. 🙂

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  1. why oh why does an intelligent professional constantly use the slang “GUYS” 4-5 times in her message? MOST of your audience are women!!! why not rise against the dumbing down and culture-less language of “Dude”(said to women) ,” guys” and just say Hello, or Hi..and start talking…..

    • Good point! I don’t know why I use “guys” all the time. I do it without really thinking about it and I don’t mean anything by it, but I’ll definitely be more aware of it now that you’ve pointed it out. 🙂

  2. Fantastic list! Have you tried Braggs Liquid Aminos as a substitute for tamari? Its fantastic. Love the video!

  3. I went to WF tonight and bought the Zesty Tahini Dressing. It is awesome! Thanks for the great video. Nice animation!

  4. That was great! Thanks for sharing. It’s always fun to take a peek into someone’s fridge and get new ideas! Love that list too especially for people who might be starting out on a Getty lifestyle.

  5. Yaa! A great video – I love watching them! I really enjoy seeing what’s in other peoples fridges. Mine also has lots of beer (technically not mine… but sometimes mine 🙂 ) I love grocery shopping (wierd, i know), so thanks for the list, too!

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