Welcome Reception & Street Food Fare

Foodbuzz knows how to throw an amazing party. Last night started things out with a bang..


My roomie and I sipped minted water at the hotel bar to prepare ourselves for the evening.


How cute is she?


Once we were fully hydrated we headed down to Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason where the Welcome Reception was being held. As we pulled in on the bus, the sun was setting and I got a great shot of the Golden Gate Bridge!


San Fran is BEAUTIFUL and definitely my favorite city in California!

Jacob’s Creek wines were presented as soon as we entered the pavilion. I gladly started with a glass (plastic cup) of the Cabernet.


There was a ton of buzz around the Mission Mini cupcakes and rightfully so – they are amazing! The flavors lining the table were pumpkin, vanilla bean and pistachio spice..


There was a camera crew from the Food Network surrounding the table all night. Apparently Mission Minis might be featured as part of an upcoming show and if so, some Foodbuzz Festival attendees might be features. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to be on TV! 😉


Once we all settled down we started the foodie gift exchange to “break the ice.” I was with a table full of lovely bloggers and had a fabulous time getting to know all of them.


I love that Foodbuzz incorporated this into the festival this year so sometimes it can feel overwhelming to branch out and meet new people at such a large event.

My foodie gift from Jun, who is a San Fran local, was much appreciated – olive oil and sea salt are always welcome.


After the exchange we were all let loose to eat our way around the pavilion! I think pork must have been the theme of the night because at least 3-4 vendors were severing pork dishes, however there were plenty of veggie options as well.


I started with a slice of vegetarian pizza from Pizza Politana.


Holy yum – I love thin curst pizza without an overload of cheese so this slice totally made my night.

I also really enjoyed the vegetarian paneer wrap from an indian food truck, Curry Up Now.


It’s truly amazing how good food that is made in a truck can taste!

Although, I didn’t eat a ton in the savory department I filled my belly up with sweet treats – the pumpkin spice cupcakes and Caramel Toffee Crunch ice cream were way too good to skip.

IMG_7551.JPG IMG_7554.JPG

I stuck with wine for most of the evening, but to make Isaac proud jealous I decided to try a few of local brews being featured by the San Francisco Brewer’s Guild.


The Thirsty Bear Golden Vanilla was a fan fave but I was drawn to the Magnolia Blue Bell Bitter.

I had the pleasure of seeing my good friend Michelle again and meeting the lovely Gina and Averie.


I also got to hangout with Allie and Heather, who I recently had the pleasure of meeting in Charlottesville for Kath’s b-day a couple weekends ago.


Overall, the evening was a total blast, but once my belly was full with all that food and wine it was definitely time for me to crash. I think I almost feel asleep on the bus ride home. If it wasn’t for talk of hot white russians with the ladies in front of me – I think I might have. 😉

Today has been another world wind tour of eating and exploring – I’ll be back with all the details soon…

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for doing such a great job at capturing this weekend. I so wish I could be there. So many amazing bloggers, so much amazing food…and I agree that San Fran is the best city in California. I love that place. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

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