Wedding Recap: Our Reception

As of today Isaac and I have been married for six months! I honestly can’t believe that we’ve already been married for half a year — time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂 That said, I recently realized that I still haven’t shared a final recap with the details about our reception and figured today would be the perfect day to do so.

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Once the ceremony was over, we did formal pictures while our guests enjoyed cocktail hour and then it was time to get the reception started!

Bride and Groom 0160


Freshlywed062813 111

The wedding party was announced by our DJ as we entered the tent and Isaac and I headed straight to the dance floor for the first dance. You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne.

Reception 0576

My dad and I were next. Stand By Me by B.B. King

Reception 0572

Then Isaac and his mom. Keep Your Arms Around Me by Otis Reading

Reception 0594

Details 0334

Once the dances were done, it was time to sit down and eat!

Details 0223

Details 0228

Freshlywed062813 83

The food was catered by Olio (a local place here in Richmond). The head chef, Ana, worked with us to try to use local options whenever possible and the food was AMAZING.

We had a kale salad that was already on the tables when guests sat down so they could munch while watching us do the first dances. Then everyone (table by table) went through the barn, which is where the buffet was set up.

Details 0366

On the menu:

  • Shrimp with cheesy polenta grits
  • Cornish game hen stuffed with sour apple stuffing
  • Twin Oaks Tofu stir fried Asian style with fresh seasonal veggies
  • Grilled & Roasted Vegetables – charcoal grilled fresh seasonal veggies
  • Broccoli rabe & baby artichokes – sprinkled with Fontina, coarse black pepper, and oregano infused tuscan olive oil
  • Dinner rolls with butter

Freshlywed062813 80

For drinks we had two signature cocktails for cocktail house and a full bar. Isaac, with his brother and a few friends, home-brewed all the beer for the reception. They made six different varieties and people loved it — as evidenced by the fact that two of the six options were already erased by the time this picture was taken.

Reception 0612

Details 0349

Freshlywed062813 79

After dinner guests started getting out on the dance floor or taking photos at the photo booth. We had a dancing bunch and our DJ did a great job making sure everyone was happy.

Reception 0608

We did the traditional Hora dance and Isaac’s face says it all. haha.

Reception 0623

Reception 0631

Reception 0629

Gettin’ low!

Reception 0610

Then it was time to cut the cake!

Reception 0668

Reception 0666

Oh man, I still have dreams about this cake! It was from Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe here in Richmond — two of the layers were oatmeal flavored and two of the layers were deep dish apple pie. It was so good and I loved the mismatched vintage cake plates we used for serving it.

Reception 0670

Reception 0672

Details 0340

Our matron of honor and best man did the toasts.

Reception 0643

Reception 0648

They were so heartfelt and had both of us in tears. Love these two so much!

Reception 0659


Freshlywed062813 231

I tossed the bouquet, but we skipped doing the garter toss.

Freshlywed062813 217

The dancing continued all night. We literally ended the evening with a whole dance floor of people chanting, “one more song, one more song!” Our DJ was awesome and obliged, but then it was time for our exit.

Freshlywed062813 202

Freshlywed062813 244Freshlywed062813 211

Details 0362

The whole thing went by sooo quickly. I can definitely see why some people say their wedding night went by in a blur or that they spent too much time worrying about how things were going. I think Isaac and I did a good job mingling with everyone and enjoying ourselves. We had a blast! And I’m really glad that a couple times throughout the evening Isaac and I took time to look around and soak it all in. It was such an amazing day.

Freshlywed062813 246

Bliss. So happy and on our way to the hotel for the after party!

**All photos were taken by our photographers: Sharon Elizabeth Photography and Warthan Farms Photography. <3 them so much! Our wedding wouldn’t have been so amazing without them and the Perfect Wedding giveaway.

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  1. You are gorgeous!!! Such a beautiful ceremony.After watching the photographs I think all the arrangements made for the wedding were well organized by any event manager.It is a big decission to choose the right type of dance floor based on the wedding according to the number of guest or prize.Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photographs.

  2. That looks like the cutest and nicest wedding! Great pictures! And thanks for the restaurant and bakery info, I live in Richmond and am always looking for new places to go!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I have loved following all your wedding posts. Everything looks so gorgeous (the bride, especially!). Looks like you had a magical day 🙂

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