Banana Bread  Oatmeal

Gluten-free, vegan banana bread oatmeal that’s super simple to whip up and tastes like the real deal. Add some caramelized bananas and toasted walnuts on top for a gourmet breakfast!


Add oats, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt and half of the banana slices to a medium pot. Add water and stir to combine.

1. Stir

Heat over medium-high heat for 8-10 minutes. Be sure to stir the oats several times while cooking to make sure the banana slices melt into the oats.

2. Cook Oatmeal

Heat a skillet over medium and add coconut oil and maple syrup. Add remaining banana slices and walnuts to the skillet.

3. Heat Skillet

Cook banana slices 2 minutes on each side or until they start to get a golden crust. Heat walnuts until just toasted. Remove from heat.

4. Caramelize Bananas

Place cooked oats into a bowl and top with caramelized bananas and walnuts. For sweeter oats, drizzle with extra maple syrup.

5. Serve

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