How to Make Oatmeal for Babies

How to make oatmeal for babies, from oatmeal cereal for early eaters to steel cut oats, plus the peanut butter banana oatmeal recipe I make for my babe almost every day.


oats water banana cinnamon ground flax or chia seeds breastmilk or formula (to thin if needed) peanut butter toppings of choice like fruit or peanut butter

Add all ingredients to the pot except flax, peanut butter and milk. Cook until water is absorbed and oats are fluffy.

1. Cook Oatmeal

Remove from heat and stir in flax and peanut butter.

2. Remove from Heat

Cool oatmeal slightly. Add breastmilk or formula if oats are too thick. Top with fruit and peanut butter if desired!

3. Serve

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