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How is it already April? I think I say this whenever a new month starts, but it’s just crazy how fast time flies. Weeks and months seem to go by in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of time, as of today I have 28 days until my engagement photos! I’m super excited about them and I’ve been thinking of ideas for cute Save the Date pictures, shopping for fun outfits and also trying to step up my game in the healthy eating and workout department.

I haven’t come out and said anything on the blog before now, but I’ve definitely gained weight over the past couple years and I’m now at my heaviest weight since college. I think some of it has to do with gaining muscle from strength training because I definitely gained weight when I did the Body for Life challenge, but I also know it’s not all muscle gain because my clothes are tighter and some don’t even fit comfortably anymore. In addition, the measurements of my waist, thighs and hips have increased. I’ve gained around 6-7 pounds (depending on the day), but the more important issue is that I’m not happy with my body. It’s been this way for about a year and at the start of each month / week I tell myself I’m going to do something about it, but despite all the talk, I’ve not really made any progress because I keeping falling back into old habits.

green snickerdoodle smoothie.jpg

(Tasty green Snickerdoodle Smoothie topped with Love Grown Foods granola – breakfast this morning.)

A couple things I’m noticing:

Being motivated to workout isn’t the issue

Ever since I started routinely working out my freshman year of college I’ve stuck with the routine, not skipping more than a few days a week. Not to say I’m doing an intense workout every single day, but I always try to do something physically active. I go through phases of what I’m doing workout wise – sometimes I’m really into running (like when I was training for a half marathon), other times I’ve found myself doing yoga 3 times a week, doing workout videos at home or doing a set strength training program like the Body for Life. No matter what it is, I’m always doing something.

My issue

I’m on the computer 8 hours a day at work and then I come home and get on the computer to blog. I’ve wrote about this before and I know it’s not good for me. After sitting all day I don’t feel like an hour workout is enough movement for my body.

Goal = Start squeezing extra movement into my day – going for a walk before work, during lunch, or after dinner in addition to my workout for the day. I also want to start using my stand-up workstation more often.

Eating healthy foods isn’t the issue

I love healthy foods – I write about them here on EBF, I love to cook and I’m hooked on eating healthy.

My issue

I don’t always stick with proper portion sizes. So while I tend to eat really healthy foods, I’ve come to the conclusion that my portion sizes have increased (or stayed the same) from when I was in college or working a retail job on my feet all day. I also notice that I tend to over eat packaged snack foods like cereal and granola. Yes, they might be a healthy variety but they aren’t so great if you’re eating three servings in a sitting.

Goal = Stick with the meal plans and portion sizes given in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I’m also going to start measuring out portion sizes for things like granola, cereal, nuts and trail mix. It’s so easy for me to overeat these types of things. I think measuring them out and seeing what one serving size looks like again will really help.

These are the two main things I want to work on. I’m also going to start tracking/writing down my food again. This is something I did when I first started my weight loss journey in college and it works so well. Sarah of Sarah Fit just wrote a whole post about how writing down what you eat is the key to weight loss and I think it’s so true. Food journaling is one of the first things I suggest to my health coaching clients when we start working together and throughout the years whenever I want to get back on track with eating, I start food journaling as well. It’s really eye opening because most people tend to underestimate how much they eat in a day so this really helps to keep you honest. It also helps to see how the foods you eat make you feel.

The time is now!

This month feels like the perfect time for me to start this challenge because a ton of things I’m part of are all tying together:

Tone It Up just launched the Self Magazine Drop10 Challenge with new workouts and recipes (I’ve already started doing some of the workouts), Sarah just started a challenge where she’s going to track what she eats (which I told her I would join in on), and I just started a new boot camp class that’s been kicking my butt twice a week.

drop10 workout.JPG

(Tone It Up Drop10 toning workout!)

In addition, today I was reading Kelly Olexa’s blog and listening to her latest vlog where she was sharing her recent 60 day challenge to start putting herself first, blogging everyday, working out like she used to, losing weight and getting back into tip-top shape. In her vlog she mentioned that you have to set specific goals and stick to them – don’t give yourself excuses to not do the things you said you would do!! This really spoke to me and since Kelly’s birthday is tomorrow (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!), I’m decided I would dedicate this challenge to Kelly herself and the whole FitFluential group. All the members of the FitFluential are amazing and so devoted to fitness and living healthy lifestyles, but sometimes even the most dedicated fitness folks can lose sight of their goals and put themselves on the back burner.


Being a FitFluential Ambassador means I need to be practicing what I preach!

I’m not sure how long the challenge will last for me as I don’t expect to be where I want to be in only one month but for now I’m planning to work really hard on my goals for the month of April and reassess things around the time of my engagement photos (April 28th). If you’re part of FitFfluential, Tone It Up or just a reader that’s excited about this and would like to join me in the challenge of giving April your all and putting yourself first in terms of working out and eating healthy, leave me a comment.

Knowing that you are working with me this month and having you to keep me accountable will definitely help! We can totally do this!

Isaac and I are going to Austin the second week of April so I know that week will be a bit more challenging, but I still plan to stick with my goals and be feeling great by the end of the month. And of course, I’ll check in here time to time so we can all share our progress updates.

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  1. Hi, Brittany. I know you wrote this over a year ago, but I can relate so much to this post. I am currently at my heaviest weight, having gained about 15 pounds in the last year. I am 28, single, and recently started living on my own for the first time since buying my house 9 months ago. Initially, I was excited to live on my own – I envisioned being able to follow the Tone It Up nutrition plan (woo-hoo! fellow TIU member!) to a T since I had only myself to worry about feeding. But I found the opposite to be true – by myself at night, I found myself adopting unhealthy habits and overindulging out of boredom or loneliness. I let fresh produce (& money) go to waste, so it was easier to buy more convenience foods.
    Like you, I keep telling myself at the start of each week or month that I will start anew, but unhealthy habits keep creeping up. My clothes fit much tighter, and there are some summer shorts I haven’t been able to wear at all! It is my goal to be able to fit back into some of my favorite items – skirts, dress pants, and dresses – comfortably! But it’s amazing how overwhelming and intimidating it can be.
    You looked beautiful in your wedding/honeymoon pictures, and I could see your skin was glowing from all the nutritious foods you fed your body (and from love, of course!). I wish you all the best and just wanted you to know it is inspiring to see your progress since this post. It encourages me! You look great! 🙂

    • Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment and kind words about how I looked for our wedding and honeymoon. You just made my week. 🙂

      I love that you’re a fellow TIU team member! If you’re ever in need of someone to help you stay accountable (because I know that’s the toughest part–at least for me), just shoot me an email. I offer health coaching services and would be happy to work with you. In the meantime, Keep up the good work! You got this!

  2. Just a suggestion, the following website is really useful as a food journal. It’s great because you can track your mineral and vitamin intake as well and watch the graphs throughout the day to see where you are at based on the goals you set.

  3. It’s really nice to hear from a Healthy Living Blogger sometimes that things aren’t perfect. I know in my life, things are DEFINITELY not perfect, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’m with you: I eat healthy and I exercise often…but I still have gained weight since college. My biggest problems are 1) switching up my workouts, 2) PORTION CONTROL, 3) The weekends.

    1) I get really comfortable doing the same thing OVER and OVER! I get scared if I force myself to try something new that I’ll get discouraged and just not do it at all. I just recently signed up to start CrossFit which I’m looking forward to. It’s something different everday but at the same time it’s CrossFit everyday so that’s comfortable.

    2) I eat healthy I would say about 85% of the time, but when I do, my portions aren’t always on par….especially for dinner. This is something I need to workon.

    3) My weekends kill me. I decide to have a cheat day and it turns into a freaking EAT fest. I’ve learned to really pick and choose when I “cheat” and cheating does not mean “eat whatever and as much as you want.”

    I think you’re doing great and even WANTING to make a change is a great first step! Good luck!

  4. I feel the same way – on the days that I exercise less, I feel like it is “less” then other people’s rest day because I spend the rest of my day sitting! I want to figure out how to integrate movement into my day instead of just at the gym!

  5. Hi, I’ve been an occasional visitor to your blog and recipes for a while – and definitely had to post in response to this! I started full time work a year ago and had a very eventful year with relationship dramas, business travel, holiday travel, new lifestyle and all the rest of it. I’m now about 4 kgs heavier than my personal “ideal” weight and have been for a few months. I keep feeling like I am ‘about’ to deal with it but get side tracked by social life, work business etc. I also eat generally healthily – just too much of the stuff! I did a 6 week programme with a nutritionist which was great and reworked my diet a lot – cutting out simple carbs and sugars and increasing healthy fats and proteins. I lost a couple pounds but need to keep going and have stalled. I think it’s partially difficult because I am still supposedly a healthy weight, so while I don’t feel completely happy about it, it doesn’t feel really urgent and I keep telling myself I’m committed to dealing with it but actually putting it off and not making the right choices. I am going to keep following during April and stay accountable too!

  6. I feel like I could have written this post. I have the same thoughts and the SAME issues!! I’ll definitely be joining you 🙂 I’ve already printed off a bunch of TIU journal pages to write down my food and workouts 🙂

  7. This is totally me! I have the same sitting on my butt issue for 8hrs. Its hard to be motivated to for awalk at lunch when its cold and windy! Portion control is hard because i always think veggies and fruit are low cal so eat as much as you want. I am ready to join you!

  8. It’s like you tore a page out of my book! I don’t move nearly enough thanks to this desk job. Great post, I love your honesty and I just love YOU!

  9. Just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are, and that reading you blog keeps me motivated! I am a personal trainer who has made leading a healthy lifestyle my career and I still have trouble with portion control. I bought portion control bowls and plates off amazon that have really helped me.

  10. seriously perfect timing. i’m going through the same thing, but old habits are so hard to break out of. we have been running again, which is nice, but i’ve still got to get my act together when it comes to sweets lately.

  11. I loved this post, it’s almost re-assuring to see such fit and healthy people going through the same thing I go through. You got me motivated and before bed last night I even did some crunches and stretches (which is more then I do normally before bed).

    I’m in for the April challenge!! Thanks for the motivation Brittany :)I know you’ll fab in your engagement pictures too!

  12. Thank you for being so open and honest about your struggle. I, too, have gained weight since starting a 9-5 desk job. It’s got to be one of the most frustrating things ever. Sometimes I try to take a few quick laps around my office throughout the day for some extra movement. I need to get better at writing down what I eat though — you can do this!!

  13. Hahaha..I’m also guilty on this one. The whole day I’ve been sitting and working in front of the computer then when I get home I’m in front on my computer again to write for my blog. With this routine and my busy schedule I haven’t got time to workout. So, before I get to work and after my work hours I see to it that I get to walk for a mile or so from work to the train or bus station.

  14. This is just what I’ve been thinking lately! Trying to boost my walks and get in some kind of activity for a workout as much as I can. I also eat healthy but the portions are on the larger side, and I find that I’m good all day and then am really hungry later on and it’s hard to stay away! This really inspired me, especially all the responses from everyone else as well. Best of luck to all of you!

  15. Definitely in on this! Currently finishing up my Ph.D. and long days of sitting at my computer typing up data and such has made things quite interesting. Eating rolled oats for every meal and sitting in a chair all day does not make for a healthy lifestyle! Ready for my body to feel normal again and I think this is just what I need 🙂

  16. I think you’re spot on about portion sizes. One thing that’s helped me is to eat more nutrient-dense foods (i.e., veggies). Just got a Vitamix … expensive but truly worth every penny IMHO.

  17. I pretty much have the same issue with portion sizes, although my diet needs to be cleaned up as well-I love sweets, and I don’t eat them every day, but I do eat them. Also, I’m a cardio junkie and I need to start weight lifting more. I’m getting married in October and want to feel good walking down the isle-so although I don’t have much weight to lose, I’m definitely dedicating April to getting back on track! Good luck with your goals!

  18. I’m in. Potion size (especially with trail mix) is my nemesis as well. Plus, I have a honeymoon coming up sometime in the near future which will definetly involve a bikini!

  19. First, thank you for the link love 🙂 Second, I am in the same boat as you. We know how to eat and exercise and we do… but too often the calories in are not exceeding the calories out… how do you manage to keep love grown in your house!? haha. I just got my measurement taken and from my lowest weight (January 2009) I have gained 7 lbs. Not a big deal in the health department but they are called Vanity pounds for a reason. We want to lose them for us. I heard one tip the other day that resonated: It’s easier to make decision when we think about our future selves. How will this decision impact my future self? Will the routine night nibbles leave me feeling energetic and confident in 8 months? I don’t know why but it helps. I think of myself in 3 months wanting a cocktail on the beach and it’s easier to say no to the cupcake at a blogger event thinking about it ha.

  20. Thank you for your honesty! I hate reading blogs where the blogger just writes about how awesome everything is and never addresses any “real life” stuff. This made me love you more than I already did!

    I’m in the same boat when it comes to sitting. I work 8-4:45 in a cubicle and I definintely need to start walking more and taking computer breaks. My eyes tend to glaze over…

  21. I have the same problem. I am dedicated to eating healthy but sometimes I simply just eat too much and over indulge. Like you said, one portion of cheerios is great for you eating an entire box is a whole other thing.

    Here’s to following portion control!

  22. Brittany – I really enjoyed reading your post today; I love how honest you are. I’ve been struggling with the same things these past few weeks, quickly retreating to old behaviors and habits. I too have made myself some goals this month and will be using my blog as a journal to hold myself accountable. Good luck this month!!!

  23. Hi Brittany,

    Thanks for sharing this! I’m new to reading your blog — you turned me on to IIN and adding some variety to already healthy recipes. What a great start 🙂 This entry was off from what I was used to reading on your blog, and I have to say what a wonderful change of pace. It’s so cool to see such honesty and openness that allows so many people to relate and share their stories too. So thank you again!

    On a separate note, I have a similar issue of sitting at my desk all day. One thing that I found really helps is taking a workout break every hour. I listen to music throughout my workday, and bring 5 lb hand weights that sit behind my desk. So every hour, I put on a song that gets me excited, do any variety of exercises till they start to burn, then add 10 more reps: air chairs, arm curls, plank, calf raises, abs, etc. Once the song is over, it’s back to work.

    Also, my friend just recently got an exercise ball for her desk to use instead of a chair. It keeps her bouncing and happy, but gives the added benefit of her having to keep stability and keep moving just a little bit throughout her day.

    Hope that maybe helps. If not, good luck girl!

    • Thanks so much for your kind response Danielle. I’m so excited about your interest in IIN. Are you enrolled in the Health Coaching program?

      I love your ideas for working out at your desk. I take breaks pretty often but rarely squeeze in any exercises. I’ll have to try your song idea!

      I’ve definitely considered using a stability ball instead of a chair but haven’t bought one yet. I would LOVE one of those treadmill workstations where you can have your computer set up at a level that you can walk and read emails at the same time. They’re pricey though!

  24. Wow, thanks for sharing..I am definitely feeling a lot of the same feelings! I definitely choose to put myself first when it comes to working out and eating right! I might trial journaling again but last time I tried journaling I found that I got too preoccupied with my eats…love your post!

  25. Great post Britney. I can relate to portion size issues, I’m the same way. I know for me measuring foods like granola, cereal, etc like you said does help. Even though it’s healthy doesn’t mean it should be unlimited amounts. I know you’ll do great with this!

  26. Good luck with the challenge. I can’t wait to read about your thoughts.

    I too have the issues of (1) desk job and (2) larger than normal portions. My food scale helps a little with portions, and I take 1 or 2 10-15 minute walks a day at work. It’s hard to make yourself do it, but once you’re in the habit, the walk becomes a special treat.

  27. I really love your honesty — that’s why I keep coming back to your blog. I love the idea of committing to putting myself first – April’s my birthday month, and turning 38 years old is close to 40, and it’s scary! Your body changes a lot over the years, so you just have to keep readjusting your goals. I agree w/you about food tracking. I was doing it for the past 8 months, and slowly have weaned myself off of it. I feel almost lost at sea, but I’m trying to trust all that I learned while tracking. It’s good to know it’s something to go back to to set myself back on course, though.

    I like that you advocate for the HIIT workouts, too, like the ToneItUp ladies (it’s just a matter of time before you’re also in Self Magazine or any other fitness/health magazine, I believe!!!!). It’s been the key to managing both stress and my weight. And it feels incredible. I also got a large-breed puppy recently, and that keeps me super active, which helps so much.

    Since I also have a sit-down desk job and like to sit on my butt when I get home from work (after a long commute also on my butt), I try to squeeze in activity throughout the day, like you mention — taking the stairs, a quick 10-min power walk around the block during the workday, extra walks with the dogs, and I do lots of desk yoga, stretching, and squats at my workstation. It all adds up.

    Thanks for mentioning a lot of great tips. I’m with you this month!

  28. I just found your blog and for me it could not have come at a better time. i am really struggling with my weight. i gained about 14lb after my wedding and can not get it off! It is refreshing to see i am not the only one to struggle and it will be nice to have some support and advice through the next few month. So pleased to have found you.

  29. hey girl,

    i am in the same boat, I got married over a year ago, moved out, and gain weight, about 6-7 pounds. I work out every day and eat super healthy as well, we are starting up two new business, just moved… it is a very stressful time. I hate having cloths be uncomfortable and I do not want to spend money on new cloths, my goal is to get back on track as well! No picking on snacks for me, unless they are preplanned 🙂

  30. YES! I can absolutely relate to this on so many levels. It’s not a lack of exercise or healthy eating, but portion sizes that get me every time. How nice to hear that I’m not alone in this! I love that you look at starting fresh for 30 days, then reassessing. That is much less intimidating than starting something up… indefinitely.

    I always love your blog and thanks for this April inspiration. I’m up for the challenge!

  31. like everyone said, i love your honesty.

    I really think desk job + portions is something that gets to all of us. I am (fortunately) the kind of person that just doesn’t easily gain weight (metabolism) & really eat whatever I want. But the one time I did gain weight (about 5 lbs) it was this exact combo. I was in my first long hours desk job & cooking for myself a lot more (and super healthy) so I probably ate 4 times the portions I should have. I figured if it was healthy I could eat limitless amounts!

    I’m excited to see your progress. I also just started a 30 day exercise challenge (bodyrock) to get more toned as a personal goal, so i’ll be following yours closely!

  32. i absolutely love this post because sometimes, whether it be a few months or a few years, we all lose sight of our goals! I definitely do but in the past few months, I’ve really been holding myself accountable for my goals! I follow Tone it Up too and the twitter community online has really helped me check myself in line with them! THere’s so much motivation on there! I’ll totally be checking in with you! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your engagement photos!!

  33. I can definitely relate to this! I had gained a few lbs. over this past winter and having just started Livefit Trainer this past week, the April challenge is right up my alley 🙂
    Like you, the food I was eating wasn’t the problem, it was how much of it. Just being more aware of portion sizes over the last 5 days since starting Livefit, I realized I had definitely let certain things get a bit out of hand (mostly carb servings which I’ve always struggled with and always seems to have the most effect on my body). I always find specific goals to be the best. Just telling myself I’m going to do something vaguely in my head doesn’t work. I need a plan.
    Here’s to April!

    • Gina – I feel the same way about carbs. I love them but they seem to have the most effect on my body as well. Good luck with the LiveFit Trainer. I’ve been loving your recent posts with recipes adapted from the plan. I hope to make your Protein Cinnamon Cake soon!

  34. Wow. I mean wow. What you’re experiencing is exactly what I’ve been going through lately. Ever since Christmas my portion sizes, even for only the healthy foods I eat, have expanded and I feel like eating more after meals even when I feel full. I’ve even gained a few pounds because of it. Therefore I started a new blog (“Being Well”) where I journal about what I eat and when and leave nothing out, not even nibbles (b/c enough “nibbles” makes a lot of mouthfuls 😉 I’ve already felt it helping. So I’m with you in this 🙂

  35. Yours was the first food blog I ever read, since then starting my own over a year ago, and I think this may be the first (possibly second) time I’ve commented! I made a similar declaration two months ago and have been really happy with the results so far: 7 pounds down and a few more to go over the next few months. The best part is how I feel, not the number. The only way I was able to do this and stick to it (I’ve tried many times!) was to write specific goals and share them, learn my weaknesses and identify them to myself and my husband, and keep track of all my workouts and weight on a calendar where I put my makeup on in the morning that inspires me even when the numbers aren’t perfect! Best of luck!

  36. This post really struck a chord with me. I am also at my heaviest weight since college and, even though it’s only a difference of 5 lbs or so, I can really tell the difference in the way I look and feel. Rather than letting the next 5 lbs creep up on me, I am committing to getting back to a place where I feel confident by summer. I also have trouble with portion control when something is tasty and I tend to rebel against too many dietary restrictions (meaning, I can stick to a strict diet for about a day after which I’ll probably eat a chocolate cake.) So, my plan is to try to cram as many health-promoting foods (especially veggies) into my diet as possible so that there won’t be as much room for the unhealthy things. I’m also going to be more consistent with exercise.

    I’ll definitely be joining you in your April shape-up. Thanks for all the motivation and honesty!

  37. Hi! Love this post. April is the month for changes 🙂 do you have the recipe for the smoothie you posted? I’d love to try!!

  38. I feel that I’m in the same boat. I’ve been out of grad school about a year and a half now, have moved cross-country twice within a year and have had only desk jobs. It’s been hard for me to keep my exercise habits steady, I eat larger portions of healthy food (I hear ya with the granola and cereal..PB is my enemy too), and I want to drop a those 5-6 pounds I’ve gained…my motivation isn’t gone it’s just the constant moving and re-adjusting. I need to re-commit to my self, my healthy habits, and a fit lifestyle. The Drop 10 Challenge sparked my intereste too..I think I’ll be joining along with you as well.

    Wishing us both the best of luck!

  39. Brittany, you’re freakin’ awesome. I love how honest you are. You have to do what’s best for you and your body – and I KNOW you can do it! You’re going to rock this challenge and come out on top, feeling more confident than ever!!! <3

  40. Ok we are not just neighbors, we’re soulmates. haha I know we talked about this a little bit on our run, but it’s so true, it’s like I have the basics (I workout, I know what to eat and what not to eat) but it’s all the little things (sitting at a desk all day, eating handful upon handful of nuts…) that add up to me being a liiiiittle larger than my jeans would prefer. And just like you, every month (or year, or week, haha) I’m like “This time, I’m going to do it!” But it’s really hard! I’m hoping to really step up my workouts, because I can definitely get in a rut.

    I’m sad you can’t come to Secco tomorrow, but lets catch up soon!

  41. I’m all in. I was just thinking the same exact thoughts. I’m injured and on crutches, so I should be extra diligent about everything else but it’s been the exact opposite thus far. This post was great motivation and I hope you do periodic check ins along the way to keep us all motivated!!

  42. I am so happy that you wrote this post. You are very strong and brave to share your body frustration issues with everyone.

    Half way through this post I thought to myself “I want to do this with you!”

    Like you, I have gained weight when I started a new workout and eating routine. I know that a lot of it is muscle but I have definitely gained body fat as well. I feel like everything that I say in this response will sound exactly like your post because I am experiencing exactly the same things! My clothes don’t fit as well as they used to and it makes a huge difference in my confidence. My mood is so easily effected with how my body physically looks, and I know that I am not at my ideal weight/shape.

    I too have slacked with portions (especially when I go to visit my family) and it has really been setting me back. Portion size is so incredibly important, and even healthy foods need to be measured and eaten in moderation, which is so easy to forget (I just wrote a post about portion sizes, it’s like you read my mind!)! I am 2 weeks back into cooking everything at home and measuring out perfect portions. I have also tried to cut down on the healthy fats. I used to use a lot of nut butters and nuts in general, but have reduced those portions to half of what I was eating. I have already lost 10lbs which is mainly water weight, but it feels great to see my clothes fitting a bit better.

    I am right there with you, working on getting back into my groove! You are very disciplined and have tremendous strength and I know you will succeed with your healthy eating & exercising plan! You already got passed the hardest part, which is admitting that it’s time to change it up 🙂


  43. You know I’m in! I’m actually starting a new challenge on April 3rd so this works perfectly, I’ll send you an update on that 🙂 I also need to get back into tracking what I’m eating, I lost the 10 pounds I gained after the wedding but I’ve definitely stalled. Great idea to add a little activity in during your day, I’m trying to do that more too. I’ve been taking at least two 10 min walks at work most days.

  44. This blog came at a perfect time for me! So I used to check your blog every day and read all of your posts in addition to working out every day and eating healthy. For the past few months I’ve stopped doing all of this. Being a student has gotten the best of me balancing work and studying with trying to cook and work out has been hard. And as a result, I’ve gained weight as well. I decided today that I was going to challenge myself to get back to my healthy ways and I also decided to check out your blog for the first time in quite a while! So I will definitely be a part of the challenge and good luck to you as well!

  45. I could have written this post (well, most of it!) I am the exact same way – I workout, I eat healthy food – just too much of it. I’m doing my own challenge and I am going back to tracking my food, because that is the one thing that really helps me know how much I am eating. I decided the same thing – I can do this for 30 days (till the end of April) and then assess what my next step is. You can do this! Last year I was about 10 pounds less than I am now, and it was right before my wedding! 🙂 The things that motivate us!

    • I love how you said “I can do this for 30 days (till the end of April) and then assess what my next step is,” because I always think “I can do this for 30 days and then eat “normal” or “not workout as much.” But you are right, after 30 days, then I assess what the next step will be, weather it’s maintaining or continuing with my diet. Step-by-step, changing my mindset! Thanks Jane. Love reading everyone’s comments on here. It’s so nice to know that there are others dealing with the same issues!

  46. Great post! I do feel a lot of times that when I eat healthy foods I get lulled into thinking I can eat more. The fact of the matter, though, is if you eat too much of anything you’re going to have some problems. Good luck with your plan!!

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