Sandy and Adam Tie the Knot

Happy Sunday friends – I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Sunday.

Despite having a 3-day weekend, it still went by way too quickly! I took off work Friday so we could head to Northern VA for a wedding. The weekend was all about celebrating our friends, Adam and Sandy, and their marriage to one another.

adam and sandy wedding.JPG

The forecast for Saturday looked dismal, however the stars aligned and the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The site of the wedding was at Sunset Crest Manor in Chantilly, VA on a large plot of the land with a gorgeous view of the blueridge mountains.

adam and sandy wedding 1.JPG

The ceremony included both traditional and non-traditional components as well as vows that the bride and groom wrote themselves. It was lovely.

Everyone made their way to the cocktail hour, which was outside of the manor on the pool patio. I went straight for the bride’s drink – a lychee martini.

bride and groom drinks.JPG lychee martini.JPG

I feel like lychee mixed drinks have been popping up everywhere. In case your curious, lychees are are a tropical fruit grown mostly in Asian countries and India. I think they taste similar to grapes, but a little less sweet, and they’re packed with vitamin c so many people use them to treat sore throats or colds.

Isaac was a part of the wedding party so he was busy taking pictures during the cocktail hour. So in between sips of my lychee martini, I grabbed a few lady friends and we took some picts as well. πŸ™‚elleandi.JPG


After mingling for a while we headed to the reception, which was in a new but rustic barn like building that was decorated beautifully.


All the tables were labeled with the names of buildings from James Madison University, the college where the bride and groom met.


Dinner started with a poached pear salad, which was delicious.


For the entree, I had the vegetarian option of pasta and roasted root veggies. I gave one of my pasta rolls to Isaac in exchange for some of his steamed veggies.


The dancing started soon after dinner. I boogied all night – stopping only for the cake cutting and the bouquet toss. Their DJ was awesome and played a lot of current dance songs. It was a blast!


As you can tell, Isaac and his guy friends were loving it.

adamandsandyweddingcake1.JPG adam and sandy wedding cake.JPG

At some point during the night Isaac and I were able to snag a cute photo.

Isaac and I.JPG

And then it was time to send off Adam and Sandy.

adam and sandy wedding sparklers.JPG

We all lined up with sparklers and cheered while they made their way to their rickshaw.

adam and sandy wedding.JPG

Overall, the whole weekend was filled with good food, fun times, great friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to Sandy and Adam, two of the sweetest people ever!

We’re now home sweet home and I need to make my way to the grocery store so I can prep for a week of healthy eating. Got to get back on the track after eating everything in sight over the weekend – especially the serious damage I did on chocolate candy at the candy station at the reception… oops.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.

PS – Thursday, September 29th at 9pm EST: Courtney, Heather, Julie and I are doing a #Fitblog webinar presentation. We’re going to be presenting the same info we talked about during our Rising Above the Negativity Panel at the Healthy Living Summit, so if you were interested in hearing our thoughts but were unable to attend HLS, now’s your chance! All you have to do is register online by going here – spots are limited, so register soon!

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  1. I have always loved sparklers at weddings. I think itlooks so classy and fun. And makes for great pictures.

    PS – I can tell you’ve been working hard on the weights. Nice arms! πŸ™‚

  2. chocolate candy? Candy station?! Screw the vita mix, wine glasses, and toaster oven if I got married I would totally make that station my permanent wedding gift! Omnomnomnom…

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