Magazine Overload and Indianapolis

Welcome to the weekend and hi from Indianapolis. I hopped on a flight this morning and I’ll be here until the middle of next week for a work conference.

The only time I’ve ever been to Indy was in 2006 when George Mason went to the final four. I was junior in college and Isaac and I drove with a few friends to see Mason play. Even though we didn’t win the NCAA championship, we had a blast! I have a feeling this trip is going to be quite a different experience. Oh how I miss college. Despite all the school work I always seemed to have ample free time to do other things – work a part time job, hang out with friends, go to parties, hit up the gym or read magazines.


When looking at our pile of mail this week I realized I really don’t have time for them anymore. I’m kind of on magazine overload.

For one reason or another I have a subscription to quite a few food, health and fitness magazines. While I’ve never been one to sit around the house and read magazines, I love thumbing through them in car rides (Isaac almost always drives when we go on long trips) or reading them while on the treadmill or elliptical. And it’s much cheaper to get a subscription rather than pay the news stand prices.

But over the past few months I’ve noticed that more often than not my magazines are going unread. I might read or look through one or two but most of the time at least 3 of them aren’t read. It’s kind of sad because I do wish I had time to read them.

Perhaps its a good thing I’m not reading a ton of magazines any more because I’ve found that a lot of them run recycled content from year to year and I’m not really learning anything new. Maybe a new recipe here or there, but I can find those on the internet, along with most of the other content. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has moved to using the internet for workout ideas, recipes and health tips rather than traditional print publications. I’m really curious to see what happens in the future and if all media goes digital. It will definitely be different for those of us who are used to flipping glossy pages (one of my favorite parts about mags) or snuggling up with a good book.

I did bring a couple of the magazines with me on the trip to Indy so hopefully I’ll get some time to read them. πŸ˜‰

So this is just my little thought for the day as I try to decide whether or not to renew my subscriptions. What do you all think? Do you still subscribe to or buy magazines or do you just use the internet to find the same content you would get from the zine? What are your favorite magazines? Most of mine are pictured above but I like Cooking Light, Shape, Natural Health and Oxygen as well.

In other news, I’ve only been in Indy for about 30 minutes, but so far I really like it! It’s clean, has a lot of art work everywhere and fancy pedestrian sidewalks. It doesn’t hurt that I’m staying a new hotel with a lovely room and a view of the city. Lovin’ the J.W. Marriott!




Okay, my co-worker and I are off to explore Indianapolis – hopefully there’s some fun sightseeing opportunities close by! Have a great weekend.

PS- I’ll post the Micoplane zester giveaway winner tomorrow.

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  1. I really missed magazines when i first moved to Japan, but now after reading blogs for the last few years and only buying a handful of magazines, I don’t miss them at all. If I really want to read a magazine, I hit up Half Priced Books and buy that month’s recycled mag for usually a buck or two.

  2. haha I definitely have 7 unopened magazines sitting on my floor that I simply haven’t had time for. I subscribe to self, shape, and women’s health (all three are great!) and usually I read them while doing cardio at the gym. Lately, however, I’ve been doing running and classes for most of my cardio so they get neglected on my floor haha. But I have a long car trip – maybe I’ll squeeze some reading in between my grad school reading

  3. I’m not really one to have many subscriptions to magazines – I’ve had a subscription to Rolling Stone since 1996, and my sister got me a subscription to Eating Well for Christmas last year. I would probably never give up my Rolling Stone subscription – it’s not one to rerun content, doesn’t really work for their format – and I quite enjoy Eating Well, so I imagine I will renew it myself. As much as I love technology, I really like print books and print magazines, so I don’t see myself giving them up. In fact, I prefer recipes from print books, because I find them easier to use in the kitchen.

  4. I am a complete magazine addict. Seriously, I even read men’s mags – my friends and family consider me a mag hoarder. I think it has something to do with the fact that I used to want to be a magazine editor. But, to your point, I find that I have less and less time to read them these days. I guess it’s not a bad thing that we are all such busy bees.

  5. I loooove reading magazines, but I only subscribe to Elle (for the fantasy fashion and wonderfully written articles on all topics). I love to read US Weekly at the grocery store/gym, and I flip through Self or Shape sometimes for workout ideas, but I hate seeing the skinny celebrities on the cover (makes me sad about my non-existent abs!). I hope magazines don’t go away because I love the shiny pages and perfume samples.

  6. It seems I’m letting more magazine subscriptions go by the wayside. I used to get Redbook, Goodhousekeeping and Prevention. When I started really learning about healthy eating, I got irritated with the mis-information these magazines published. The plethora of milk advertisements was just one example of that! You can’t eat processed junk food and call that healthy eating.

    I always liked Cooking Light, but I’m finding that even that has so many meat and dessert recipes and those aren’t the types of foods we’re eating. I do like Vegetarian Times (which I get at work since we do a lot of vegetarian cooking there) and I still get Health.

    I would love to know if anyone gets any healthy vegan/vegetarian cooking magazines. I get most of my recipes on-line, but do like to have printed recipes!

  7. I’ve always been addicted to magazines – it was like a present when new ones arrived in the mail! But these days I’m realizing I’ve passed on my obsessive reading to blogs and it takes me longer to read them. However, there is something to still enjoy about unplugging and reading print that I don’t think I’ll ever give up.

  8. I order magazines, but just my absolute favorites. (Health, Real Simple, and Family Circle). I look forward to getting them in the mail every month. πŸ™‚

  9. i used to subscribe to a ton of magazines but never read them, either. i thought i was saving money by subscribing, but once i unsubscribed i realized i only missed a few! now i just buy them when i know i’ll have the time to read them. stocking up on them before a train ride/flight is like a special travel treat πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve always been a magazine addict, but I’ve gotten better about it. I used to read tabloid magazines too which got really expensive and just felt wasteful. I’d say that you should keep a subscription to your favorite magazines only, if you’re not reading the others. For me, this meant Self and In Style. πŸ™‚

  11. I subscribe to a couple of magazines but I just find them in a hoarded pile that I never look through anymore. I feel like I find the majority of my recipes on blogs now and I am perfectly content with that! Eventually my guess is that all books, magazines, and even newspapers will be electronic. I find it a bit sad because sometimes there is nothing better than the feel of the pages and the smell of a good old book.

  12. Having lived in Fort Wayne for three years, going to Indianapolis was a day trip I took several times. I would recommend Le Peep for breakfast! Great tasting, made to order healthy omelets, they are located downtown too.

    Another great option for sight-seeing would be to walk along Massachusetts Avenue. Artsy shops, some nicer bars and a cupcake shop.

    Enjoy your time there!

  13. Indy is my second home! I love it there. For running you should check out the White River State Park area. I can’t remember how close it is to the JW though.
    Check out the Slippery Noodle Inn, it’s a fun bar, the oldest around, and usually has great live music (jazz usually). For dinner I highly recommend St. Elmo’s although it is expensive. It’s younger sister is Harry & Izzy’s which is more reasonable priced and still has the world famous shrimp cocktail.
    Oh, and there’s a mall downtown, Circle Center!
    And I’m a magazine addict as well. I have a stack a foot high of ones I need to read/glance through! Shape, Self, Whole Living, Rachel Ray, and Food Network Mag.

  14. The recycled content REALLY bothers me – so for the past few years, I’ve only been getting The Economist (since news doesn’t really recycle much on a weekly basis). Good for you for thinking hard about whether or not the renewal is worth it.

  15. I have to admit, I’m a bit of a magazine addict myself. I love buying them and stacking them up next to my favourite chair for those lovely weekend afternoons when they’re my only task. Though that doesn’t happen very often, I love it when it does! As much as I love browsing and reading on the internet I don’t think I’ll ever get past wanting paper magazines. I’m old school that way…

  16. I’ve started reading my favourite magazines online..when I get the time! I’m the same these days, I buy them and have quick flick and take a mental note to read a couple of pieces and disregard the rest of the repetitive articles only for them to lie in the magazine rack! Traveling is the only time I simply must have a few in my bag, the two just go hand in hand! πŸ™‚

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