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Happy weekend! Here’s my latest loving lately post — perfect for light weekend reading. These posts are just a chance for me to share a few things that I’m digging at the moment or interesting reads. As always I’d love for you to play along and share some of your favorite things as of late in the comment section. 

Ginger Juice Smoothie Bowls

smoothie bowls from ginger juice

Smoothie bowls. The weather is getting warmer here in Richmond (it was a whopping 89° yesterday!) and I’ve been craving smoothie bowls almost every day… especially pitaya (dragon fruit) bowls! I love the flavor and the bright pink color just makes me smile.

Ranunculus flowers. These babies are my favorite (although peonies are a close second). They’re just so whimsical and lovely. They’ve had them at our Trader Joe’s lately and I’ve been making special trips just for the flowers. I arrange them in blue ball mason (leftover from our wedding) and they brighten up the whole dining room.

These Dolce Vita wedge sandals from DSW. A friend of mine was wearing the mint color last weekend and Alyssa and I fell in love. I just ordered two pairs – the blush and black.

Wedding stuff — Isaac’s sister is getting married in July so I have a ton of fun wedding related stuff coming up including her bridal shower, which is today. Her bachelorette party and then the actual wedding. And then my bestie, Alyssa, is getting married next year (and I’m one of the her two MOHs!!) so I’ve been doing wedding stuff with her as well. Wedding dress shopping, bachelorette planning, etc. Our wedding was almost 4 years ago (which I can’t believe) so I’ve been out of the wedding loop for a bit and it’s so exciting to be involved again. Love love!

Salad challenge — I’m planning my next salad challenge and I’d love for you to join. The rules are going to similar to last year so take a peak at this post to see if it’s something you’d be interested in.

Have you heard of napercise? This actually sounds amazing to me.

What to order/eat when fast food is your only option.

Why your salad is causing your stomach to bloat. As much as I love salads, sometimes the healthiest foods can still cause stomach issues. If you often experience bloating after eating a salad, some of these items might be to blame. Read this before the salad challenge so you’ll know what to include in your salads and what to leave out. 🙂

Planoly — this service for planning and scheduling instagram posts has saved my life. I was using Later previously, which was awesome, but I could never see what my full feed looked like. Planoly has the same functionally, but also allows you to see what new photos would look like incorporated into your feed making it more cohesive! I’m currently using the FREE version, which lets you upload 30 photos a month.

Is intuitive eating healthy? You know my thoughts, but this article does a great job explaining why.

With sheet pan recipes being all the rage right now I feel like this idea for sheet tray pancakes is going to take off. I want to try it with protein pancakes.

This avocado desktop background from Nutrition Stripped. Just added it to my external monitor this week and it brings me so much joy.

All the Cinco de Mayo recipes: clean eating fish tacos, this skinny paloma, chicken fajita quinoa bowls, sweet potato quinoa fiesta bake, sweet potato black bean enchilada bake, healthy guacamole, black bean dip. So many delicious options. Olé!

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  1. I love those wedges! Thanks for sharing – I just bought a pair as well!

    Also, I am pretty obsessed with smoothie bowls and love that they are becoming more and more popular. They are also my most favorite thing to Instagram right now. 🙂

  2. I have really wanted to start making smoothie bowls. I got a new cookbook for Christmas (a gift from myself) called “Oh she Glows Everyday” (I think). I love the cookbook and it has some beautiful smoothie bowl recipes in it but didn’t seem right for the winter.

    So, what I am loving lately?? I got a book written by Tiffany Cruikshank called “Meditate your Weight” and it has been life-changing. I admit that I bought it for the weight loss because I work out and am a healthy eater but was pretty sure most of my issues revolved around stress. I mean I have lost some weight but the amazing part??, I feel fantastic. I feel better than I have in years! I feel light-hearted, fun, and even sexy at times. So, those of you in demanding lifestyles (which let’s face it, is pretty much all strong career women), I highly recommend discovering a meditation practice. I doesn’t have to be time-consuming either 3-5 min a day can make an impact (I currently can’t go much beyond 10 min). Next to discovering your blog, it’s the best thing I have found for my health and happiness.

    Also loving yogaglo.com which along with about any yoga you can imagine, also has guided meditation on it.

  3. Awesome list! I love those sandals. I’m loving the warmth & sunshine, spring/summer fashion, & lighter brighter meals thanks to the season change. ????

  4. I love that sheet pan pancakes are coming around! I do them all the time – so much easier than on the stove and virtually no clean-up when you use parchment paper!

  5. DSW is always the best spot for shoes! This time of year is my favorite with all the new sandals, heels, wedges! So many options and DSW has such a vast assortment!

  6. It’s totally smoothie bowl season! I need to get on that. Warm weather + smoothies is the best combo. I’ve heard great things about Planoly– I’m going to look into getting that! Happy weekend, Brittany!

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