Homemade Gift Idea: Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

There’s something special about homemade gifts. They typically take a little more forethought and effort than just picking an item out at the store, but I think it’s the love that goes into making a homemade gift that really shows through.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love gifting edible delights, however you may be surprised to learn that sometimes I get creative and make other sorts of homemade gifts. I’ve made everything from wine cork cork boards to photo albums, coasters, and books with secret hiding spots.

This year I continued my infatuation with homemade beauty products and came up with a couple simple sugar scrubs using essential oils to give as gifts.

Small mason jar filled with sugar scrub sitting on marble counter with linen towel and scoop with a gift tag that reads 'Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub'

What is Sugar Scrub Used For?

I love using a sugar scrub on my skin to exfoliate dry, dead skin cell buildup. I love doing it on my hands but honestly scrub my entire body because I love how silky soft my skin is afterwards! One thing to note, you shouldn’t scrub your skin more than three times a week. I like to do it just once a week!

Small glass jar filled with sugar scrub, twine bow wrapped around top of jar sitting on a marble countertop. Essential oil bottles in background.

How to Make a Sugar Scrub

The scrubs are so easy they almost don’t require a recipe — basically you just use a 2:1 ratio of sugar and oil, then add your favorite essential oils if you want it to be scented.

I noticed that the in-house sugar scrubs at Whole Foods are made with safflower oil so I decided to test it out for the first batch. I tested one batch with safflower oil and that worked well but I really wanted to try using coconut oil as well. I whipped coconut oil in my stand mixer on medium for 10 minutes, then stirred in the sugar and essential oils. The whipped coconut oil made the scrub turn out thick and seem more luxurious. It also leaves your body ridiculously silky smooth after using it! It’s definitely my favorite of the two.

Small jar of sugar scrub sitting on linen towel with white scoop sticking out of jar.

To give the scrub as a gift, I simply put some into a cute jar and added a little tag. Ta-da — a lovely little homemade gift!

Small jar of sugar scrub, white scooping spoon and gift tag that reads 'Happy Holidays!' sitting on marble countertop.

What Essential Oils Are Good in a Sugar Scrub

I used lavender essential oil because I’m obsessed with all things lavender but you can’t really go wrong here! I think all of these essential oils would be amazing in this scrub:

  • peppermint – can relieve muscle pain, headaches and soothes inflamed skin.
  • eucalyptus – can help focus the mind and boost your mood.
  • lemon – is anti-bacterial and a good disinfectant.
  • orange – excellent for disinfecting as well as killing fungus and pathogens. It’s also has very effective actions against colds and flu.
  • grapefruit – helps balance your mood and skin.
  • lavender – calming and soothes skin irritations.

Whipped Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub


The scrubs are so easy they almost don’t require a recipe — basically you just use a 2:1 ratio of sugar and oil, then add your favorite essential oils if you want it to be scented.


  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, in solid form
  • 3/41 cup cane sugar
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil


  1. Place coconut oil in a stand mixer. Using the whisk attachment, whip for 10 minutes on medium speed.
  2. Add in the sugar and the essential oil and whisk a a little more until everything is blended together.
  3. Store in a covered container.


Three doTerra Essential Oils sitting on a marble countertop.

What’s the best homemade gift you’ve ever given or received? 

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  1. What is the best container for the scrubs? Glass versus plastic. Im worried about it staying contained.

  2. Need help when I made the sugar scrub I put into jars but scrub turned hard really fast. I dumped out added
    More oils but coconut oil seems to harden too fast. Need to fix a bunch so it’s not wasted do u have any iseS what to put in the scrubs to ensure they do t get hard.

    • Hey Cheryl, Are you whipping the coconut oil before adding the sugar and you’re using 3/4 – 1 cup of sugar, correct? I’m thinking that maybe you are in a cool place so the coconut oil is hardening back up. Place the sealed jar under hot/warm running water or in a warm room. It should soften back up.

  3. Hello..I made the whipped sugar scrub and was great for a day..then crystallized.? what happened?? Can it be reshaped? I’m bummed!

    • Oh no!! I’m sorry. I’m thinking that maybe you were storing the coconut scrub in a cool place and the coconut oil hardened back up. Place the sealed jar under hot/warm running water or in a warm room. It should soften back up.

  4. My sister and I make sugar scrubs and we use doterra holiday joy blend (you can only get it the months of November and december) it is a
    Christmas in a jar….a…ma…zing.

  5. Just wondering if the coconut oil you use is one that smells like coconut and how this will affect the scent of the essential oil you add in? I have a refined coconut oil at home that doesnt smell like coconut. I melted the oil and once it cooled, added the sugar and mixed…it turned out nice but after it cooled completely its super hard now. Wondering if another non refined/cold pressed coconut oil will mix better?

  6. I just made the whipped coconut scrub. Whipping allows the coconut oil to blen much better with the sugar. I added rosemary and grapefruit essential oils and yellow food coloring to get a nice grapefruit color. I reserved some and added a few drops of red to make a nice soft orange as a layer on top of the yellow. It’s really pretty and smells delicious! Spreads nicely when using it. This is going to be my go to method even though it’s a little more work, result is nicer sugar scrub. Thanks

  7. I just found this recipe after i made one that was 1 cup sugar and 3/4 cup coconut oil but im definitely going to try this one soon

    • Hi! Coconut oil is solid at room temp so that’s probably why it has turned solid. I would heat up a cup of water in the microwave and place the container in the water. I use this method whenever I need to melt coconut oil and it works like a charm. Once the scrub has warmed up a bit, the coconut oil will melt and then you’ll easily be able to get the scrub out and use it. Hope this helps.

  8. I hate to sound stupid, but how in the heck do you measure solid coconut oil? I can stick a spoon in and hack off chunks, but how do you measure that? And will it really whip? Maybe what I have is not what you are talking about. Help!

    • Hi Patti. To measure it when it solid form, I just put the chunks into my measuring cup and estimate. I usually make it a heaping 1/2 cup to compensate for the gaps of space. You can also put your closed container of coconut oil in a cup of hot water to melt it a bit and make it easier to measure. And yes, it will really whip!

  9. I love this recipe!!! I only used the sugar & coconut oil. It was perfect!! Creamy & fluffy and applied to skin nicely!!

  10. The coconut oil I purchased today is actually OIL. It is liquid form. Should I buy a solid oil instead. It sounds like from the comments that I may have bought the wrong thing!

    • if you got it out of the cooking oil section of say like walmart its more than likely 76 degree coconut oil which means temps higher than 76 degrees it becomes liquid i have some and its the hottest time of year here in georgia so mine is all liquid form right now but when i bought it it was solid.

  11. This is so going to happen next Christmas! I’ll be experimenting with recipes until then. The best part is that I already have everything to get started. I use coconut oil as makeup remover so I have a big jar of that, and I have essential oils I’ve had forever that I never use. I was thinking of making a lavender vanilla one with lavender oil and a vanilla bean. Do you think the vanilla bean would make it mold faster? Maybe it would be ok if I buried it at the bottom. Oh well, I have 11 1/2 months to figure it out!

  12. I LOVE doTERRA Essential Oils, the skin care products and everything else they make! Everything smells wonderful and I use the oils to cook with. Thank you for this yummy body scrub recipe.

  13. I just made a huge batch this past weekend. I did not even think about mixing it in my KitchenAid! I will try that for my next batch!! I put peppermint essential oil in mine but want to make some with lavender.
    Thanks for this awesome post!

  14. Love love love this idea! I made a big batch for gifts and kept a little for myself. Wrapped them in gold & white chevron tissue paper. It was so nice to bring these to a get together last night!

  15. I just bottled up three of these for my kids’ teachers! I had a little left over for me!! We added peppermint oil…smells delish! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You can use a hand mixer (if you have one) or you can simply mix the sugar and coconut oil together by hand. The coconut oil won’t be as “whipped” but you’ll still end up with a lovely sugar scrub.

  16. I have a question about this. I’ve debated making similar things like this for myself before, but my hesitancy is the unknown shelf life. How long would this last? And is this something I’d need to keep in the fridge? When would it expire? I’d love to just make my own and save my money– the upsell on something like this is ridic– but I’d hate to make a big batch and it have mold or something.

    • Since coconut oil, sugar and essential oils have really long shelf lives, I’d guess that the scrub will last at least 3-6 months, probably longer. The only issue would be keeping the scrub in your shower and water (or other contaminants) getting in it, which could potentially cause mold to grow. Ideally, you’ll want to store the scrub in a cool, dry place after each use. Hope this helps!

      • Another tip about that is to make sure it’s in a GLASS container when you store it, or make it in general, or the essential oils will seep into a plastic bowl for example.
        When using the scrub make sure to have a little spoon to scoop it out so that you don’t get finger oils or wetness into the scrub, which could cause mold.

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