Here’s to You Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the special moms out there!


The photo above is my mom, the Tender Heart Care Bear and I! Although it doesn’t seem like I’m that interested in the Care Bear, I actually loved them!

While I was digging through old photos I also found this one of my mom circa 1977 and couldn’t help but share it as I think she looks gorgeous.


Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I love you very much!


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  1. U R so special to me dear! I love those pic’s of U and me U R beautiful!!!!!! U look just like me of course me back in the day! Thanks for such a wonderful Mother’s day enjoyed every min. of it of course sharing special time’s with both my girl’s and my grandaughter’s and my momma and other family as well! Also enjoyed my son-in-laws family as well! Thanks so much for always takin time for me! U will always b my special little valentine’s girl!!!!! I love u so much!!!!!!!!! Been busy lookin for a real job!!!!! need to move as well tired of all the drama!!!!! Also enjoyed seeing U and Issac on friday!!!!!! Take care sweetie have a great week!!!!! LOVE YA MAMASITTA

  2. Gorgeous is right 🙂
    And I loooove that style of pictures! I hope you’re having an amazing day Brittany!! And thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. you look so similar to your mommy in that last pic. i totally can relate to digging thru old pics- its so fun and amazing to see what kind of life our mother’s had growing up and relate it to ourselves. my mom was such a ball of energy and it was so neat to discover it in pics. your mommy is gorgeous just like you! thank you for sharing the pics, and reminding me how fab vintage 70’s clothing is! hehe xoxo <3

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