Golden Tote Review

Hi there! I haven’t done a fashion post is way too long so I’ve got one for you today that involves a new service I tried out last month called Golden Tote. They describe themselves as the ultimate ‘Surprise Grab Bag’ filled with clothing and accessories for women, but basically it’s a flash sale site with inventory that changes monthly. You go to the site, fill out your style profile, pick 1-2 items from the current inventory that you love and the stylists at Golden Tote pick out a few additional “surprise items” to fill your tote.

You can choose between the small tote ($49 with 2-3 pieces total) or the large tote ($149 with 5-6 pieces total).

Golden Tote

I’m all about getting fun surprises in the mail and I love having other people style me so when Golden Tote reached out about reviewing the service, I scanned the May inventory and quickly agreed. The items they had in the boutique were stylish and I was easily able to find a handful of items that I really liked. I was offered the large tote so I got to pick two must-have items.

I really liked this Farmers Market Shift Dress, but ultimately went with these two items for my picks:

Golden Tote Picks

A pink Business Casual Blouse and white Distressed Boyfriend Jeans.

I placed my order and eagerly awaited my tote’s arrival.

Luckily I ended up loving both of my picks.

Golden Tote

The pink top is super soft and light — perfect paired with skinny jeans for a cool spring evening. I actually ended up wearing this exact outfit to a Memorial Day cookout!

Golden Tote

I’m still not 100% sure if I love boyfriend jeans on me in general, but I think these work. They’re super comfy and I’m happy to have a new pair of white pants for summer. The teal tank was one of my surprise items. Nothing too fancy, but I like the design at the neckline and the loose fit for sweaty summer days.

Golden Tote

The second surprise was a black and white striped 3/4 length top with a blue polka dot “shirt” underneath. I’m usually not a big fan of horizontal stripes but love the style of this top and it’s actually really flattering. My only complaint for this one is that it doesn’t feel very summery to me. I’ll probably save it for fall.

Golden Tote Review

The third surprise was another top — this one is pretty with an embroidered coral pattern that I love. It’s a little sheer, but will work great with a bralette this summer.

Golden Tote

Last up, a black and white dress. I wasn’t so sure about this one at first but once I added the brown belt to cinch in the waist I liked it. It’s a little more formal than my typical summer dresses but it’s a good length and really comfy so it’s a keeper.

My overall thoughts about Golden Tote…

  • All of the items were high-quality, stylish and fit well. I think the stylists did a great job picking my surprise items based on my style profile.
  • I feel like $149 for the six items (about $25 per item) is a really good deal.
  • I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about the surprise items because Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal! You either keep everything or send everything back. I totally lucked out and liked everything in my tote, but if for some reason you don’t end up liking something, the company offers a Golden Tote Trading Facebook group so you can trade items with other Golden Tote peeps. That said, I think I’d probably just end up taking the item I didn’t like to a consignment shop or selling it online instead. It seems a bit easier.

Is Golden Tote for everyone? I don’t know, however if you like surprises and/or love new clothes, I think you’d enjoy trying Golden Tote. It’s nice because you can try it out by shopping in their boutique first and you don’t have to sign up for a monthly subscription! Plus, they have some really cute stuff. Many of brands are only available via wholesale so they’re pretty unique as well. I’m definitely planning to check out the June items this coming Monday and if I find some cute stuff, I might just have to place another order. 🙂

Question for you: Have you ever tried a service like this where the company surprises you with a few items? Would you be willing to try it? 

This post is sponsored by Golden Tote. I received a free tote and was compensated for the post. This post also includes affiliate links. As always opinions are my own. 

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  1. So intriguing! I’ve used Stitch Fix a handful of times, and it’s been pretty hit or miss for me. But when it’s a hit, it’s amazing — nothing better than having a perfect fitting, cute piece of clothing just arrive at your doorstep.

    I think I’d be nervous about the all or nothing thing! But your pieces are all so cute, and you look great in them, so I might have to give it a try after this baby arrives. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    • Totally agree. I have used Stitch Fix before and loved it but lately my fixes have been pretty awful (which is why I haven’t been sharing them here).

      I’d definitely recommend giving Golden Tote a try! To me, they’re stuff seems more stylish than the stuff I’ve been getting from Stitch Fix lately.

  2. wow they really did a nice job styling you! so you either keep everything or nothing, what about shipping? if you send it back do you know if its free or do you have to pay for it? is there a styling fee like stitch fix if you send everything back? sorry for all the questions, I tried to look on their website first and its not entirely obvious how it all works. thanks!

  3. Golden Tote looks like a really interesting service! I’ve heard about them and Stitch Fix before, but haven’t had the chance to utilize either, but I am curious. I really like the teal top from Golden Tote and also the dress! Both are cute and stylish!

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