Engagement Photos & A Few Tips

We finally got to take our engagement photos last week. Luckily, the weather was beautiful on Thursday and everything fell into place quite nicely. Being used to the instant gratification of digital photography, waiting to see our engagement photos was like counting down the days until Christmas morning. Seriously.

Our photographer, the lovely Michelle Chu, posted a little preview on her blog and some others on her Facebook page today. The ones she posted are amazing and I couldn’t be happier to have her as our photographer. She and her assistant/boyfriend, Jon made Isaac and I feel totally comfortable during the photo shoot and her photos are gorgeous. I’m kind of in love with her!

I’ve included a few that I downloaded from facebook so the quality isn’t as great as those you’ll see on her blog, but I had to show you all some.

engagement photo1.jpeg

I was super nervous about the photos. I scoured wedding forums for engagement photo tips – what to wear, should I get my hair and makeup done?, where in Richmond is the best place to take photos, etc. It took me weeks to pick out where we would do them and what I was going to wear. I wanted the photos to be perfect so I got my nails and hair done and had my friend Laurel, who is one of our bridesmaids, do my makeup. Laurel is a stylist in L.A. and she worked her magic on us by helping pick out our outfits, doing my makeup and coming with us on the photo shoot to help out. She’s amazing and I’m so lucky that she was back home in Richmond this week.

engagement photo2.jpeg

The funniest part about the ivory dress I wore is that I ended up borrowing it from Liz at the last minute. I saw her wear it to the VA is for blogger brunch at Stella’s and loved it. I tried to find it at the store but couldn’t so she was super sweet and let me borrow it. Thank you so much Liz – it was perfect!

engagement photo1.jpeg

We did some of our photos at Maymont. It was the place Isaac proposed to me and it has a ton of beautiful places to take photos so it just made sense. The tree in the photo above is actually the exact spot I was sitting when he proposed. You can read the full story here.

engagement photo3.jpeg

We chose to do the other part of our session at Lamplighter because it’s our favorite coffee shop to walk to on Saturday mornings. Olive hangs with us outside and we sip on their delicious coffee.

engagement photo4.jpeg

Overall, the whole experience was so fun for us. I’m no pro, but here are a few tips I have for any couples out there that are taking engagement photos soon:

  • Get inspired. I searched wedding blogs and photography websites to find engagement photos, hair styles and makeup looks that I liked. I pinned all my ideas on Pinterest and shared them with every one I was working with – Michelle, Laurel and my hairdresser. It worked out great because everything was in one place.
  • Pick clothes you feel comfortable in. You don’t want to be tugging on a shirt or pulling down a dress for every photo. This is why I ended up taking back the original dress I bought from Urban Outfitters.
  • Coordinate your outfits but don’t get too matchy-matchy.
  • Feel free to do your own hair and makeup, but I found it was less stressful for me to have someone else do those things. I used my normal hair dresser at Red Organics Salon and styling only cost $35.00 – it was definitely worth it!
  • Wear more makeup than you normally do because it looks like much less in the photos. I wanted a natural look because I don’t wear a ton of makeup normally. Looking in the mirror before the photos it looked like I had on a ton of makeup but in the photos it looks natural and lovely.
  • Relax, be yourself and have fun – at first it’s a little awkward to act natural in front of the camera, but Isaac is great at making me laugh so that helped. By the end of the session we both felt like pros.
  • Bring props – we used fun signs, flowers, scrabble pieces, a blanket, coffee and Olive as our props.
  • Pick locations that mean something to you as a couple. It makes the photos really special.
  • Get comfortable with your photographer. Have a few meetings beforehand and review the photos on their website to make sure you really like their style. We fell in love with Michelle as soon as we saw the photos on her website and once we met her in person, we knew she was the perfect fit for us.

engagement photo4.jpeg

engagement photo5.jpeg

I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. We’re definitely enjoying the beautiful weather here in VA.

All photos courtesy of Michelle Chu Photography.

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  1. Wow! Your photos are cute, it’s so natural and simple not the usual engagement photos on Facebook like Kelly said that’s so unnatural and trying to look like a fashion shoot. Well, anyways, congratulations and best wishes to both of you. 🙂

  2. I’m impressed at how natural your photos look! Being at that age where so many friends and acquaintances are getting married I feel like I’ve seen so many photos on Facebook and a lot of times the poses they put people in look so unnatural and like they are trying for a fashion shoot. I love that yours feel slightly more photojournalism style.

  3. oh my GOSH i love them. We really really really need to get to work on our engagement photos. Ooof. We keep talking about it but never doing it.. haha.

  4. Your pictures turned out so great – you look gorgeous! And little Olive is too precious.

  5. Honestly, I see some pretty cheesy engagement photos, but yours are way too cute! Very tasteful and you two both look great!!

  6. You two are the cutest couple, and those pictures are stunning!

    By the way, the Shareaholic buttons at the bottom of the post aren’t working. They aren’t working on my blog either… could it be just me? Just wanted to let you know!

  7. I truly love all of them, Britt! You look positively gorgeous and Isaac so handsome. But I think what makes the pictures really amazing is how Michelle managed to capture just how happy and in love you two are. 🙂 Your tips are fantastic, too. Beautiful!!

  8. They are so beautiful! I love the one of you guys sitting on the rocks with your backs turned and the last one is so unique! Love them all!

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