Eat Clean Stripped Challenge

Happy Wednesday friends. Today is a grand day – for one, there’s a new Modern Family on tonight (finally!) and two, I’m announcing the winners of the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook 2 giveaway (scroll down to see if you’re a winner).

Speaking of the Eat Clean Diet, I mentioned in a previous post that I was doing a 28 day challenge that involved no alcohol. The challenge is a variation of the Eat Clean Diet Stripped Plan and I’m doing it with a friend (and blogger reader) who I actually met online through an interesting chain of events.  It truly is a small world! Anyhow, we both started the plan January 1st and so far our method of holding each other accountable through a shared food and exercise log is going well.

I’ve had the Stripped book since April of this year. I read through it and tried some of the recipes but never experimented with the 4 week plan. I’ve decided to follow the Stripped guidelines but also incorporate  aspects of the nutrition plan I’ve been following from the Tone It Up girls. Both the Eat Clean principles and the TIU nutrition plan are meant to be lifestyles, not diets. And the main reason I’m doing the challenge is because the last few months of 2011 I was slacking on my “lifestyle”. I want to feed my body clean foods and step away from the packaged foods I was turning to out of convenience. I think it will also be helpful for me to follow the Stripped training plan as I haven’t been very focused on strength training  and HIIT lately, which are a big piece of toning up.

Here are the Eat-Clean Stripped principles that I’m following:

  1. Eat more! Eat 5-6 small meals each day, spaced at 2 1/2 to 3 hour intervals. <– I love to eat so I’m all about this one.
  2. Eat breakfast every day. <– Easy peasey.
  3. Make your last meal three hours before bed.
  4. Eat a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. <– I’ve had this goal for a long time so this one is pretty easy.
  5. Eat sufficient healthy fats every day. <– Chia seeds, avocado, coconut oil, nuts and nut butter. Yes please!
  6. Drink two to three liters of water every day. <– I find this harder in the winter but I’m working on it.
  7. Depend on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.
  8. Adhere to proper portion sizes. <– I tend to overeat healthy foods so I’m definitely working on this one. The book recommends using your hands as a way to estimate portion sizes. It’s working well for me so far.
  9. Eat only foods that have not been overly processed or doused in chemicals, saturated and trans fats and /or toxins.

Here’s a little sample of some of the the foods I’ve been eating:


Oats, egg whites and tea.


Protein packed salads. Love this oven baked tofu!


There is more to come – these items are just the only things I’ve had a chance to take a photo of lately. 🙂

Overall, I’m excited about the challenge and hope that it will be make me feel my best – especially since I’m going to be shopping for wedding dresses soon. AHHH…. 🙂 I’ll be sure to keep you all posted with how the challenge is going and what results I see after the 28 days.

Are you doing any January 1 / New Year induced challenges? I’d love to hear about them…

Last but not least – here are the lucky winners who will get an Eat Clean Diet cookbook of their own…. Joy and Emily. Congrats ladies. Shoot me an email (eatingbirdfood at gmail dot com) and I’ll get your cookbooks shipped out to you asap.



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  1. Hi, I haven’t been eating well (binging forever, not really exercising, feel lousy and bloated.) Any suggestions on how to start a day off right and detox my body without losing weight? Binging at night and waking up feeling like crap + not being able to really exercise (some physical issues) is horrible…please help ? Sample few days on how to “reset” the body (without losing weight?).

    • hi sarah, i frequent brittany’s awesome blog and just so happened to catch your comment! one thing I have found helpful, having struggled with a myriad of disordered eating, is to begin with consulting a physician, psychologist, health care professional or registered dietitian as a sort-of beginning for approaching healthful eating habits. take heart! because there is gracious hope and happiness for all of us when our goal is to make healthful choices when it comes to food (for me, this began with speaking honestly – which you’ve done! – and investing in my health by getting professional help – along with loving support for awesome friends family and food bloggers like brittany who’ve got beautiful lives as inspiration!)

      • Thanks for chiming in Jasper – I love your response.

        Sarah, I don’t think you necessarily need to “reset” your body with a detox. Just try to incorporate more whole, real foods (lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and lots of fruits and veggies) into your diet and limit processed foods. It’s easier to binge on processed foods and they make you feel lousy. If you feel the binging is out of control, I think Jasper’s suggestion to see a health counselor, RD, or physician is a great option. I hope this helps.

  2. I’m all about eating plans that emphasize what you should be eating…plans that encourage whole, healthy foods! This all looks good, sweet girl. Thanks for sharing your goals. I am aiming to follow a few in this challenge too!

  3. I was so excited to stumble upon this website. I’m doing the 28 day challenge too! Any suggestions on preparing the egg whites? I’m basically pinching my nose with each bite?!

    • I prepare them a few different ways – most of which you probably know about already. Hard boiled, mirco-waved in a small bowl with pepper and chili pepper flakes, in protein pancakes and scrambled with fresh veggies. I hope that helps!!

  4. I am doing the wholeliving – 21 day detox plan – So far I’m loving it!
    Congratulations on your engagement! I’m so happy for you 🙂

  5. You should check out Primal Blueprint….so interesting stuff to read…careful on your soy intake – keep it to 1 – 2 oz of organic, also fermented soy is 1000 times better for you.
    Another great and important addition to your new “lifestyle” could be raw sauerkraut – the probiotics are vital to many, many functions in the body. I just started making my own – Santa gave me the Gartopf Fermentation/Pickling Ceramic Crock Pot along with a juicer!….anyway – so “food” for thought!
    Mazeltov on your engagement!
    – Natasha

  6. I wonder, can you drink your water in the winter as part of tea? I know that caffeine dehydrates you, but maybe a caffeine-free herbal tea would count?

    I love Tosca Reno, too, and actually gave away Eat Clean Diet 2 on my blog late last year. I love the list you put together! It’s all really simple and easy things that people can incorporate daily.

  7. I also eat the TIU way! 🙂 I am JUST LIKE YOU in terms of portion sizes. I eat good all day and then at dinner, i, no fail, eat WAY too many vegetables!!!

  8. I’ve been looking for a little “challenge” just to get myself back on track now that the holidays are over. Maybe this is just what I need. I’ll have to pick up a copy of the book. Good luck!! 🙂

  9. Hi Brittany,

    I found your site via KERF. I love your philosophies. I am a former clean eating girl, turned vegan clean eating girl. I just love Tosca Reno. I am a holistic nutritionist and give all my clients a copy of her cookbook. You are doing a terrific job for yourself and inspiring other to eat clean. Good luck with your resolutions. Thanks for all your great posts.

  10. This looks like a really good eating plan. I try to eat clean and healthy and do pretty well. The two places I struggle are overeating healthy food and overindulging on the weekends. I swear I have been gaining and losing the same two pounds over and over for years!

  11. I love the idea of eating as clean as possible. The only one I would have trouble with is to stop eating 3 hours before bed. I always have to put something in my stomach about an hour before bed. Wish I could kick this but since I work out first thing (before eating) it’s what fuels me and puts me right to sleep.

  12. Just looking at the pics of the healthy food you eat makes me want to eat better! And I HAVE to try that tofu recipe soon! Will let you know when I do!

  13. Those are all pretty doable principles which is awesome! I just went to the library today and although I have other books of hers, I do not have ‘The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged’ so when I saw it on the shelf, I snagged it right away! Can’t wait to read more of what she has to say – obviously everything she says is awesome! Good luck with the plan!

  14. Drinking enough water in the winter months is so so so hard!! Once it gets cold all I want is COFFEE!

  15. love this post! love the goals! i want to choose them all and I shall begin with the drinking enough water!!!!!!!! good one for the winter!

    ps. i just LOVE the sunwarrior protein ad…so pretty…and great name too, gee , who’d a thunk it!!!?

    thanks for writing brittany! – jasper naomi

  16. I’ve started Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge. The first 10 days is a cleanse where you take fiber drinks and probiotics, and focus on eating natural, nonprocessed foods (minus dairy and alcohol). The last 14 days is still focused on eating clean, but reincorporates dairy and more complex carbs. Here’s to 2012 and living a healthier lifestyle!

  17. I am starting the Abs Diet – which, like the Eat-Clean Stripped “diet” – seems super sensible. I’m loving the recipes so far. I also started a bootcamp (and can barely move today!) in preparation for my second half marathon (May) and first full marathon (October). 2012 is going to be a good year!

  18. I have also been trying to clean up my “lifestyle” a little bit. This book sounds like a great guide. I look forward to hearing how the rest of your challenge goes. How do you plan and eat so well while working? I find it hard when I am working in the office, to bring such healthy, clean food because a lot of times something needs to be prepared.

    • Hi Mattie,

      I usually do a lot of the prep work for my lunches and snacks over the weekend or in the evenings for the next day. For instance I might make a batch of quinoa, beans, and/or brown rice, chop veggies and boil eggs for the week. I also don’t mind eating left overs. This makes it super easy to throw meals together during the week. I’ll do a post on this topic soon. 🙂

  19. The ‘diet’ sounds just like what they recommend for the LiveFit trainer which I am doing…Tosca and Jamie Eason are the best 🙂 It’s nice to get a diet that is not extreme or unhealthy!

      • I do like it! I am just in the first week so its SO early on to tell but I am feeling the burn after all my weight sessions and am definitely sore. The routines are easy to follow and not overwhelming. I am not sticking to the program completely because I am doing some cardio now and shouldn’t in Phase 1…oops!

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