Remember my March Madness Challenge? Well, let’s just say that it didn’t go so well… I had great intentions, but I didn’t make my goals a priority and I ended up falling off the wagon early on. I could make a ton of excuses as to why I didn’t follow through, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk, right?

So last night I was having post vacation blues. I ate everything and anything I wanted while in CA and enjoyed all the deliciousness to it’s fullest, but now back from La La Vacation mode, I’ve realized that I’ve been slacking on my healthy eating for quite a while now (not just vacation and the March Madness Challenge) and my clothes are getting tighter. It’s not a big deal but I wanted my 25th year to be my fittest yet and so far I’ve done nothing to make that happen. I tweeted about my post vacation feelings last night and Jacquie mentioned that she’d be up for getting back on track with me by doing a 10 day challenge. I also spoke to Isaac’s mom (an IIN Grad) because I knew she was doing a “cleanse” of sorts given to her from her acupuncturist. With a good support system (Isaac and the two lovely ladies mentioned previously) to hold me accountable, I decided that I’d start the challenge!

So what’s this challenge involve? Well, it’s definitely not a diet – those don’t work for me. I get stressed out being restricted and it becomes unproductive. This is more of a guide/plan that focuses on eating more whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Limited processed foods, white sugar, white flour. And no dairy or meat.

I’m also drinking a spicy lemonade of sorts recommended by Isaac’s mom’s acupuncturist for a spring cleanse. It helps with detoxification and also keeps hunger at bay.


Although it may look like I had beer for breakfast, the mixture actually contains water, lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

I got my day started with a 20 minute yogadownload video (instant relaxation!!) and consumed the lemonade and some grapes throughout the morning. Around lunch time I was quite hungry and came home for a big salad.


Post lunch I had another glass of lemonade, more grapes and banana.

And for dinner I roasted up some veggies using my standard roasting threesome – a little canola oil, sea salt, and ground pepper.


Alongside the veggies I served up a burger topped with avocado, salsa, and a lettuce bun. (Can you tell that I’m still in California mode?)


This dinner was awesome. And oh man…. the sweet potatoes were the sweetest sweet potatoes I’ve had in a long time. They tasted like I had put sugar on them. This proves my hypotheses that organic produce really does taste better.

To finish off a day of healthy eats I had a small treat- cinnamon puffins with almond milk.


I know this isn’t exactly the epitome of healthy eating but I enjoyed my little mug and I didn’t go back for seconds. That’s an achievement in of itself considering cereal is an easy thing for me to overdo it with.

So that’s that. I’m committed to the challenge this time around and hope that it will help jump start my healthy eating. As always, I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on how this challenge progresses. And, if you have any tips please feel free to share. I’m all ears.

Also, I have a TON of stuff I’ve been meaning to talk about on this little blog of mine but haven’t got around to it yet. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have more time to write the posts I’ve been itching to share. And who knows, perhaps there will even be a giveaway in the near future!!

Have a lovely night my friends!

– Brittany

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  1. I, too, have let my weight-loss/fitness goals fall by the wayside recently. Sounds like we have some similar plans (I want to be in tip-top shape for my 25th birthday as well). Best of luck with your goals! It looks like you’re off to a nutritious and clean start.

    Congrats on eating just one bowl of puffins! Cereal is a slippery slope for me, I usually can’t stop at one bowl either.

  2. I loved it when I could afford organic produce- I actually enjoyed looking for different and often fruits and vegetables at different times of the year, and their imperfections just seemed more natural. Shame they cost so much ;( I hate that sluggish feeling after holidays and celebrations, but spring is such a great time to turn it around! I wondered- a trap I used to fall in was to eat lightly during the day and, in relative terms,more heavily in the evenings, and it seemed to stop me changing shape- so I made my breakfast and lunch a little more substantial, and dinner slightly lighter… it might not work for you, or be appealing but it seemed to for me- for example, I find things like grapes are quite high in sugar and nothing else, so don’t fill me up, whereas taking a couple of nuts can make me feel so much more satiated? Btw, thank you sooo much for the Rachel Bilson photo- she has been one of my favourite celebrities for many a year! Hope the back to work blues for both Isaac and yourself aren’t too bad!

  3. Sweet potatoes definitely come in handy when you’re trying to “get back on track” because they just taste SO good….sometimes I almost feel guilty eating them 😛

    And that drink looks super refreshing! I’ve been meaning to try the lemon + cayenne combo in water, but wasn’t sure if it really had a cleansing ability. Have you noticed any difference from drinking it?

    • Hey Gracie. I like the lemon and cayenne water because it keeps me from getting hungry but I haven’t drank it enough to see any detoxification benefits from it. I’ll definitely let you know once I’ve experimented more.

      Hope that helps.

  4. I feel you on the vacation blues. I went away at the beginning of February and then again at the end of March and felt like I was in a funk for a while. It is always nice to take some time and asses what is important and jump right back on track. Sometimes it is the small victories (like eating one bowl of cereal) that mean the most. Have a great week!

  5. I definitely know what you mean about needing to detox! Sometimes it’s a trip or sometimes it’s just a month of lots of social events, but I always know when I’ve reached that point of, “Ugh, I don’t even WANT anymore treats” and just want to switch over to basic whole, healthy foods. I am sure you’ll feel back to normal soon. Good luck with your challenge!!

  6. That’s so funny you say that about the sweet potato bc I picked one up at Whole Foods sunday and could have sworn that it was quite possibly the best sweet tater I had ever had, so sweet and yummy! Post vacation “recovery” is always the blues, but I got faith in ya and sounds like you have a great plan to get back into the swing of things 🙂

  7. Girl, I’ve been feeling the same way lately. Not that I think I’m completely off track, but I just feel like I’ve been kind of overdoing it on the sweets and extra little bites. It’s not like I am worried about gaining weight, I’m just not feeling my 100% best. I am totally on board with you on this challenge and you are off to a WONDERFUL start!

    I have been eating cereal for dessert so much lately. I love it! But you are right, it’s so easy to go back for 2nd’s or even 3rd’s! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  8. Coming back from vacations is always really hard for me. I have the blues and am used to eating what I want, too. Sometimes I even get like that on the weekends. I think puffins are a perfect treat!

  9. So much to say…words can’t express!

    Glad you had such a FABULOUS vacation for starters. Also, can’t wait to hear the “topics” you’d like to discuss 😉 I see some fun posts coming!

    Last but not least (and certainly not all that will be said on this topic) – I want, no make that need, to join you on your challenge with Jacquie! She’s great, by the way! Anywho…as the wedding draws nearer I’m realizing that the “Agency 15” I put on during my former job are not going to fly off by themselves. I’m in it to win it with you…the healthy way!

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