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Before the farm party on Sunday Isaac and I stopped by Broad Appétit, a local event in downtown Richmond that featured signature dishes from over 50 local restaurants. The chef from each restaurant prepared a dish for review by judges, while for $3 per sample, the public was able taste the signature dishes. This year’s chef competition included a “Healthy Dish” category among the other awards categories – “To Dine For,” “To Diet For” “Ambience/Décor” and “People’s Choice.”

Broad Appetit

Along with all the restaurants there was also other vendors- including local organic farms and specialty food providers, in addition to live music.



Isaac and I waded through the crowd while perusing the options until spotting something that caught our eye.

tastebuds american bistro

Tastebuds American Bistro had something for the both of us. Isaac gobbled the Pork Loin while I sipped the chilled Melon Soup.


The soup was the perfect way to cool off and tasted so good. I loved the bites with the goat cheese.

melon soup

I’ve never experimented with chilled fruit soups before but this dish may have inspired me. 😉

Isaac couldn’t resist the fried wild mushroom risotto stuffed with gorgonzola cheese from Bisto 27.


I took one small bite just to try it. Although it was veggie friendly, it was way too rich/hot for me on a 90° day. Isaac liked it but couldn’t finish it all either.

I stuck with fruit and decided to sample the fruit salad with ricotta and a little coconut milk from Positive Vibe Cafe.


I’ve heard a ton of good things about Positive Vibe Cafe. It’s a healthy restaurant that’s mission is to “create an evolving model for training and employing people with disabilities in order that they enjoy the satisfactions of being gainfully employed and fully contributing members of our community.” I think this is an awesome goal and can’t wait for their new location inside the Library of Virginia to open later this month.

One of my favorite bites at the event was a free sample of carbonated blueberry ice cream with a blueberry tahini compote and sesame seeds. This unique little sample was created by Chef Jared Dalby.

blueberry tahini ice cream

Good things definitely come in small packages – this sweet treat melted in my mouth and surprisingly the blueberry and tahini/sesame flavors paired together quite nicely! I’m already thinking of ways to incorporate these two flavors into some of my favorite things – (ie smoothies and oatmeal)

After walking around in the heat, sweating through our shirts and eating a few mid morning snacks, Isaac and I hopped in the car and headed to our CSA’s farm party for lots more food (that was delicious and free!!).

Overall, Broad Appétit was a fun way to spend Sunday morning. And, in case you are interested – here are the winning entrees (sadly, we didn’t try any of them).

Winner of the Health Dish: Mosaic Café’s “Copper River firecracker salmon” served over grilled fennel, sweet potatoes, beets and artichokes prepared by executive chef Jordan Cregger.

Winner of Richmond Magazine’s “To Die For” signature dish award: Acacia mid-town with a soft-shell sandwich with goat-cheese-stuffed squash blossoms.

Winner of Richmond Magazine’s “To Diet For” dessert: Avenue 805’s profiteroles with sweet cream cheese and raspberry filling and topped with chocolate ganache.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award: The Bull and Bear Club’s crab-and-oyster spoonbread sliders.

Winner of the Booth Ambience Award: The culinary team from University of Richmond’s School of Continuing Studies.

Best of all, now have a laundry list of new restaurants to try in Richmond!! Does your city offer any events similar to Richmond’s Broad Appétit?

– Brittany

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  1. In GA there are two I love. the”Taste of Atlanta” and the “Taste of Marietta” festivals. Love them!!!!

  2. I love that idea of that event – sounds like a fun afternoon. Carbonated blueberry ice cream sounds like a winner, even though I hate fizzy drinks. The concept behind that cafe sounds really wonderful, too. Wish I had one around here to support.

  3. I attended this event last year but was not able to make it this year. I am so excited to hear from your post that Positive Vide Cafe will be setting up house in the Library of Virginia! Since I work in that area, it is always nice to have a new lunch spot, yay!

  4. I love cold and chilled soups – especially when they include fruit! I think Pittsburgh has a few events like this, though I’ve never been to one!

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