Bring Your Appetite to Broad Appétit

Remember me mentioning all the foodie events going on this weekend in Richmond? Well, I wasn’t able to attend them all (probably a good thing for my waistline!) but I was able to make it Broad Appétit, a local event held in downtown Richmond that featured over 60 of Richmond’s very best chefs preparing $3 mini-dish favorites.

Isaac and I went last year but he wasn’t super excited about attending this year so I made plans to go with Stephanie and her mom. I can always count on these two ladies when it comes to foodie fun!


We arrived around lunch time and were more than ready to start trying some of the delicious dishes up for grabs.

The first thing Steph and I spotted were butter bean cakes with tomato cuke salsa from Rowland Fine Dining.

butter bean cake.JPG

The cakes were filled with lima beans, cannellini beans, red peppers, caramelized onions, feta and a secret ingredient that had a kick to it. The bean cakes were different than any other bean cake I’ve had before. I really liked the addition of the feta. It added a nice touch.


The next item that caught my eye was a vegan, grain-free tabouleh from Nile Ethiopian Restaurant.


The raw cauliflower base was mixed with parsley, olives and tomato to make a delicious tabouleh. Of course, it was served on top of injera, the spongy flatbread made from teff, a tiny grain that happens to be gluten free.

cauliflower tabouleh.JPG

I loved this dish. It was light, fresh and perfect for a warm summer day. I’m already thinking about recreating this one!

The last dish of the afternoon, which happened to be my absolute favorite was Lehja’s savory mango glazed prawns with five bean salad and beet chutney.


I was sooo impressed by this dish. The bean salad had an amazing mango flavor and the beet chutney rocked my world. It was such an interesting combination, especially coming from an Indian restaurant. After tasting this one dish, I’m so excited to plan a trip to the restaurant sometime soon. Can’t wait!

I really wanted to save room for strawberry shortcake


or this bread pudding…


but I was stuffed and decided to end with a fresh juice and a small bag of trail mix from Goatocado instead.


Goatocado is a local food truck caught my eye because they serve vegetarian/vegan friendly fare. The juice was delicious so hopefully I’ll be able to try some of their food in the near future!

fresh juice.JPG

Once we had walked around the entire event we took our Broad Appétit food babies home. I spent less than $15.00 and had an amazing lunch from some of the nicest restaurants in Richmond. Affordable and amazing food, now that’s something I can get excited about!

Other exciting news – here are the winners of this year’s Broad Appétit “To-Die-For” dishes:

  • Dish of the Year: Community Kitchen–Feedmore Smoked Pork Crostini w/ Crispy Slaw
  • Runner Up: Lehja Mango Glazed Prawns with 5 bean salad (YES!!!)
  • People’s Choice: F.W. Sullivan’s Shrimp and Grits
  • Dessert of the Year: Lehja Gulab Jamun with cumin mocha creme (wish I would have tried this one!)
  • Dessert Runner Up: Culinard Chocolate Peanut Bars with Caramel Corn
  • Healthy Dish of the Year: Comfort Roasted Veggies w Peanut Vinaigrette
  • Ambience Award: Mosaic Café and Catering

I hope you had a lovely weekend weekend as well! I’m off to get my sleepy head into bed because I have a 6:45AM gym date tomorrow for a BFL upper body workout.

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  1. Oh man, all of that looks so good! I had been planning on going but we did too much damage at the greek festival this weekend so we stayed in instead.

  2. Broad Appetit sounds like such a fun event! I love how the portions are small and only $3 so you can sample a little bit of everything! I wish my town did something like this. Awesome! 😀

  3. These food events are always a blast!!!! I love that they offered a Raw Vegan option on the menu. It’s becoming so much more “normal” to see these offerings now. 🙂

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