Boston and an Unplugged Wedding

Our weekend in Boston was a blast! We enjoyed hanging out in the city, eating delicious food and celebrating the marriage of two friends.

The hotel we stayed at was in Back Bay, right in front of Copley Plaza. Soon after we settled into our room on Friday morning we noticed a farmers market was set up outside on the plaza. Of course we had to check it out.

Farmers Market Copley Plaza

All the produce was beautiful. I purchased two apples and Isaac bought three homemade cookies. Typical.

IMG 7917

It was gorgeous day so after buying a few things from the market, we took advantage of the nice weather and explored Back Bay. We did some shopping on Newbury St. and had lunch at a cute little sushi place called Snappy Sushi.

I had the Snappy’s Triple lunch special with tuna, salmon, avocado, and cucumber wrapped in a soy sheet, served with mixed greens and seaweed salad. Everything was super fresh!

Snappy Sushi

The best part, which I didn’t realize until our sushi arrived, was that they only use brown rice at Snappy Sushi! Definitely got a little excited when I realized that. 😉

IMG 7925

I couldn’t get enough of the seaweed salad. So good.

Farmers Market at Copley Plaza

Isaac had the Boston Lobster Roll – avocado, cucumber, and green leaf rolled together, and dressed with chopped lobster meat mixed with red onion and flying fish roe in wasabi-butter sauce. I had a bite and it was pretty amazing.

After lunch Isaac met up with some guy friends who were in town for the wedding and I went on a little journey to meet up Sarah. She showed me around South End, including a cute little cafe called South End Buttery. It looked as though they had delicious food but we just ordered iced teas to sip while we chatted.


I asked one of the bellmen at my hotel if he could take a picture of us. He said yes but then insisted that we take one with the hotel sign… so here’s what we got.

Sarah and I Copley Plaza

I’ll take it!

Friday evening we went to a cocktail party “toast” for the bride and groom at The Forum. The party was just drinks and dessert, but I hadn’t eaten dinner so I ordered a grilled shrimp salad.

It was a little awkward eating a salad in the corner of the party but I’m so happy I did because it was one of tastiest salads I’ve ever eaten. It was a jicama, avocado and mango salad topped with grilled shrimp and chimichurri dressing. I was impressed. I’m already thinking about recreating it at home soon!

The Forum Salad

After a late night celebrating on Friday, we slept in a bit on Saturday morning. I coaxed Isaac into walking about a mile with me to a nearby Whole Foods. I wanted something healthy for breakfast, plus I like to visit Whole Foods in the all the cities I visit. They’re all a little bit different and it’s fun to see what local products they carry. We just hung out the rest of the day – the guys went to a few bars and the girls got ready for the wedding.

The wedding was one of most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to! It was at the Tower Hill Botanical Garden in Boylston, MA. The ceremony was untraditional, creative, heartfelt and had a vegetable theme that I absolutely adored.  Both the bride and groom are writers so their vows were amazing – I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the garden during that part of the evening. The reception was just as gorgeous and the food, which was served family-style, was incredible – everyone at the table commented on the fact that it was the best wedding food ever. Pretzel bread, artisan pizzas, butternut squash risotto and a huge platter of roasted veggies – enough said!

I don’t have any photos to share from the evening because the bride and groom requested for guests not to take photos with their phones or bring cameras. I have never been to a wedding with this request before so it felt different but it was also kind of nice. I’m not 100% sure why the bride and groom made this request. There were a few famous people in attendance so perhaps that was a reasoning behind it, but I’ve seen the idea of having an unplugged wedding on several of the wedding forums/websites lately.

I think it would make me pretty sad to look out at the crowd on my wedding day and see that half of the people in attendance were looking at their phones or busily fiddling with cameras. I love technology/social media but I still think it’s important to put those things aside during special moments such as a wedding. Plus, there are some benefits of only having your professional photographer take photos at the wedding. For one, the bride and groom won’t be tagged in bad quality cell-phone photos on Facebook and the photographer’s shots won’t be ruined by flashes from other cameras or a sea of guests trying to snap photos. Then again, I can see the other side of things because I enjoy taking photos at weddings – it’s nice to have my own photos to remember the event. Isaac and I talked a little about the idea of having an unplugged wedding but haven’t fully decided what we’re going to do.

What do you all think? Have you ever been to a unplugged wedding? What about a wedding that embraced technology in a fun way – for instance, having guest use an app like Appy Couple?

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  1. Ah you were right by my house, I go to that Farmer’s market often! Glad you had a wonderful time in my wonderful city. The wedding sounded amazing, the gardens are gorgeous <3

  2. I’m a professional wedding photographer, and I love unplugged or semi-unplugged weddings. Totally unplugged weddings seem somewhat rare, but it is more common to have an officiant request that guests take no photos during the ceremony. At least that way, you’ll know everyone’s eyes and ears and hearts are focused on your vows and the ceremony. 🙂 I understand when brides and grooms have reservations, but if you find the right photographer for you, they’ll put you at ease. We have two photographers and shoot some formal-style photos, but we do mostly photojournalistic-type photos. We get a preview (of around 40!) images up on Facebook the next day, so the bride and groom don’t have to wait. If you find photographers like that, you’ll feel free to ask your guests to leave their devices at home 😀

  3. Unplug it! Let the professionals do their job, and let everyone take in the moment! Take a step back in time! I see so many events where people are focused on photos. The key of the day is the memorable feeling that you and your guests have to share with one another months and years later.

  4. I really liked having the pictures my friends and family took at my wedding – more pictures = more moments caught, and the turn around for family pics is so much quicker!

  5. I’ve never commented on your blog before but I always read it. I’m from Mass and when I saw that you were at Tower Hill I had to comment. It’s not far from me and I work for an engineering firm and we did a job for them not too long ago. Glad you had a great time!

  6. I had the opportunity to try the Wedding SnapApp out for my wedding this summer and loved it. I completely understand why someone would not want an unplugged wedding, but I personally loved looking at all the photos my guests took the next morning.

  7. I hadn’t heard of the concept of an unplugged wedding before. Quite interesting! I think I’d only consider it if I felt for some reason that my wedding guests would go too far with technology. I was at my cousin’s wedding recently, and despite no restrictions, people were pretty minimalist with taking photos — only at appropriate times, and so on. Any wedding is pretty hypothetical and a long way off, but I think I’d like to see the candids.

  8. I never want to be intrusive on a couple’s big day which is why I never bust out my camera during the ceremony (unless other people do :). However, I have several pictures of the people that I am experiencing the wedding with that I am very happy to have and have captured pictures at a few weddings that the brides have thanked me for so I will definitely NOT be having an unplugged wedding.
    p.s. famous people at the wedding??

  9. I actually love my off guard photos that my family took almost as much as my professional pictures from my wedding. Now I am lucky I have two aunts who were fabulous photographers and their pictures were wonderful. I also had cameras on all the tables and I got some crazy shots from some people, but it shares the full story. The professional photographer wouldn’t have known how special it would be for my Uncle to be dancing with each of my aunts during our father-daughter dance since my grandfather had passed. Or would he have know the way my face would light up when certain things were said spotaneously. However, my aunts and best friends knew these and caught them. I didn’t know certain things were going to happen so there would be no way to warn the photographer.

  10. Since my fiance and I are saving money to buy a house, we don’t have a huge wedding budget, so my wedding will be the opposite. I will be encouraging people to bring their good cameras and phones to take photos — as long as they promise to share! I think it’s a little sad to have an unplugged wedding, honestly. I get where you’re coming from, it would be awful if everyone were looking at their phones during the ceremony, but that’s just bad manners!! Despite the fact that my friends are all totally tech-savvy, they are also considerate and I’m 100% certain they won’t spend my ceremony looking at their phones. But I hope they are snapping photos with them! What better honor than to have a bunch of people I love having such a great time that they want to take photos to share!? As for unflattering photos…oh well! It happens. Hopefully the most unflattering thing the cameras catch will be tears of happiness streaming down my face as I marry the man of my dreams!!

  11. I think being unplugged during the ceremony is a great idea, but I agree with previous posters about the pros of having non-professional photos. So I will probably ask for no photos during the ceremony but encourage pictures during the reception. Candids are so much fun!

  12. I know we already talked about this on our run, haha, but I do think the idea of having an unplugged wedding is cool. I know I get WAY too sucked into social media and being connected all the time. Sometimes it’s nice to live 100% in the moment!

  13. Personally, I think I would go crazy waiting 4-6 weeks for the professional photos from the photographer. I’m taking the exact opposite approach of an unplugged wedding, by encouraging everyone to take photos (with I Spy games on the tables) and setting up a joint Flicker account or something where everyone can deposit them. 🙂

  14. I love Boston! I think I know that exact Farmers Market you are talking about too because I stopped there during my last visit. Glad you had such a great weekend in Beantown and a perfect wedding. We went to one as well this weekend and had the most beautiful day for it!

  15. Sounds like you had a great time! All of that sushi looked amazing. I’ve never seen sushi wrapped in a soy sheet instead of seaweed, seems interesting ! And the lobster roll looked so so tasty. I think I find value in asking guests not to bring cell phones; it would be really annoying to see everyone texting at your wedding !!

  16. I was just talking about this with a friend the other day! I think I would want a semi-unplugged wedding. No cameras/phones at important or emotional times, like the ceremony, first dance, father/daughter dance, speeches. But during the party or in between events, bring on the fun candid pictures! An amazing photographer is one of the most important things for me and I want to look back on those awesome pictures and see people enjoying the moments and not a bunch of camera screens.

  17. Hmmm I think I’d ask or request that people don’t use their cell phones at my wedding because I know when I do get married, I’m planning to have it at my church, and I feel it’s out of respect too while in church to keep your phones away. But that’s just me.. I’m prob prefer them take pictures outside or after the ceremony.

  18. Brittany, as you know with my wedding photography and video’s were a disaster. I don’t expect you to have any kind of trouble like that, however, it is also fun to get copies of prints that friends took which were less “staged” than the professional ones. I enjoyed getting all the pictures I could because it’s not possible to take in everything during your wedding. It goes so fast, and so much is going on, you will enjoy seeing what was happening that you didn’t see. Just my opinion…..

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