An Update

Hi friends. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern and sent well wishes after my mention of a very tragic event happening to one of my family members. I’m sure many of you all are wondering what exactly happened so I wanted to provide an update. One of my youngest cousins, who is in the first photo on my About Me page, unintentionally overdosed on prescription medications on Friday night and passed away this morning. It’s a very sad time for my whole family and since I’m a big ball of emotions and might be absent for a couple days I thought I’d request some guest posts. The lovely Gillian contacted me and sent over a great post right away (I seriously don’t know how she put it together so quickly). I think she has super powers. 🙂 Look for her post on detoxing tomorrow morning.

Until then…. go tell someone close to you that you love them.

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  1. What a tragic and heartbreaking story. I am so sorry for you and your family’s loss. I know I am not alone in expressing what a wondrous website you have—you uplift so many people. Do take care of yourself—we will miss you and look forward to your return!!!

  2. Hello, I just stumbled on your blog, and am so sorry to have come by at such a sad time. I love your blog and will visit often, and hope you take good care. My thoughts are with you and your family during this VERY difficult time!!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss — it’s tragic and I hate that you and your family are feeling so much pain. I hope you know how many people are thinking of you and your cousin.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. You and your family are in my thoughts. Please take all the time that you need…

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost young family members too, and it makes no sense does it. This is when faith comes in. You have to believe you will be with them again someday. I hope you can find some comfort in that

  6. So sorry for you britt!!! Let me know if you need any more posts and I can send one over. Thinking of you <3

  7. Brittany, that is a tragic loss that no family should have to endure.
    My heart reaches out to your in this time.
    Take good care.

  8. I am so, so sorry, Brittany. You and your family are in my prayers. I’ve been following your tweets and thinking of you for the past few days… Take care of yourself over the next few days x

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