A Year in Review – 2010

I’ll be the first to say that 2010 wasn’t my favorite year ever. I’ve been in physical therapy for my leg since August, things have been stressful on the family front and it definitely didn’t end up being my fittest year yet as I had planned.

But… that certainly doesn’t mean it was ALL bad. I have a ton of things to be proud of and happy about! Many of them I may have already shared here on EBF, others I may have kept under wraps, but here’s 2010 at a glance…

me with camera.JPG

I turned the big 2-5 in February. <– 2.6 is coming up quickly. eek.

I got a new camera and Olive became a full-time model. πŸ™‚

Fit Bloggin’ 2010 happened- a conference for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle! I met so many great bloggers and spent some quality time with one of favorites.

Isaac and I took our first cross country trip together to visit friends in Los Angeles. We stayed in the Hollywood Hills, lovely Farmer’s Markets were explored, a completely raw meal was devoured and most exciting- celebs were spotted.

With your help, I was voted the 2nd healthiest person in Richmond, Virginia. <– Exciting times 100!!

We moved into a new house, that just so happens to have an amazing kitchen.

I ran a local 10K with a blog friend.

2010 was the best year as far as comments, traffic and overall interest for Eating Bird Food. A HUGE thank you goes out to each of you for taking time to read this little blog, for commenting or sending me emails and keeping me inspired and motivated to keep writing about healthy living! I definitely wouldn’t be here without you.

My first (and only) video blog (VLOG) was posted in May. <– quite hilarious!

Lots of delicious recipes were added to the recipe index.

I became the Online Marketing Manager at my job and started doing more social media, email marketing, web site updates and online research. <– Hooray!

Two of my best friends got married: Beano got hitched in Georgia and Britt in the Cheese State.

I attended the second annual FoodBuzz Festival in San Francisco – the best food conference out there, in my opinion. I loved my roomie, enjoyed eating my way through San Fran and reconnecting/meeting with so many amazing bloggers.

Speaking of amazing bloggers… in 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting some of my faves- Mama Pea, Catlin, MizFit, the Pure2Raw Twins, Mara, Diana, the Fitnessista, Ashley from Edible Perspective and Jessica from How Sweet it Is… the list could go on and on.

I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Counselor. <– This was a huge leap as I’ve been interested in nutrition since college, started taking nutrition courses at an ADA accredited school the summer of 09′ and finally decided this year that the holistic route was for me.

Last but not least, Olive celebrated her 2nd birthday, Isaac and I celebrated 6 years together and EBF turned 2!!

I’m probably forgetting plenty of delightful things that occurred this year, but those listed above were definitely recap worthy. Overall, I’m really excited for 2011 to begin as it’s going to be a fabulous year. And, there are plenty of fun things in store for EBF- new healthy recipes to share, plenty of topics to discuss and staying fit tips.

I can’t wait to get started on the new goals I have on the horizon for 2011- which I’ll definitely be sharing as well. πŸ™‚


What are your highlights from 2010 and goals for 2011? I’d love for you to share them in the comment section!

I’ll be back soon with more information on the dry needling I mentioned in my last post and a recipe that will bring you good luck in the New Year!

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  1. What a wonderful recap, Britt! I know it hasn’t been all roses but you have so much to be proud of and I know you are going to kick even more @$$ in 2011. πŸ™‚ And hopefully an EB-EBF reunion is in the cards, too! Love ya, girly!

  2. When you lay it all out there like this, I’d say your year has been overwhelmingly blessed. I know that you’ve been going through some pain this year and I’m so sorry, but just think how much stronger you will be in 2011. Girl, you’re going to take this year by storm! πŸ™‚ Love you hun.

  3. My highlight of the year was graduating with my Bachelors degree in education and finding a job before I even officially had my degree. I also am proud that I finally have started to find balance with eating and exercising.

    I start teaching 2 AP History courses after the break ends, and am very excited but nervous! My goal is to be the best teacher I can be, and always do my best in the classroom. I also fell off the bandwagon with my healthy lifestyle with the holidays and lack of a routine with finishing school and being on break. I want to continue my healthy lifestyle because I know that will help with mental and physical stamina in my career and life!

    Also, thanks so much Brittany for such a wonderful blog. I’ve been reading since summer, and enjoy your writing and helpful suggestions! Looking forward to a new year of awesome EBF!

  4. Looks like your highlights were pretty great. I need to read back on some of the links! Loved meeting you at Foodbuzz Fest, and seeing pictures of Olive on the blog regularly! She and Lily would be great friends.

  5. I loved reading about your highlights. 2010 wasn’t my favorite year either…but I had so many great things happen, regardless. I moved to Austin. Started a graduate program. Ryan and I planted a vegetable garden. We traveled to NYC and Boston. We fell more in love πŸ™‚ As for 2011…I want to travel more, laugh more and write, write, write! Thank you for sharing this yummy meal. I hope you have a wonderful New Years with your family and friends!

  6. Foodbuzz was definitely a highlight! So was qualifying for Boston and running my first ultramarathon.

    Unlike you, I moved from a fabulous kitchen to a TINY one, so that was kind of a bummer.

    Keep up the great work on your fabulous blog, and happy 2011!

  7. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few months, but I love the style and all your posts. It seems different in a really good way from other healthy living blogs. Keep it up!
    A highlight from 2010 was starting this blog, and in 2011, I want to actually train for a half and beat my PR!

  8. I love this recap! I had kind of a rough year too so can relate but it’s always important to look back at all of the positive things that happened too. You are clearly very goal driven and have accomplished a lot this year!

    My goals for 2011 are to get better at yoga and to majorly focus on my blog! I am trying to change the direction from just a cooking blog to more of a healthy living/lifestyle blog. Takes a lot of work!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Wonderful year you had my friend, and so many great things to come for you in 2011!!!
    I have many highlights from 2010, many of them included meeting wonderful friends like you! We still hope to make a trip up there to see your new place πŸ™‚ My business has gone through some big changes so this is one thing I am looking forward to growing in the new year.

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