6 Exercises for a Healthy Back

A mix of stretches and strengthening moves for a healthy back that can easily be done at home without any equipment.

As someone with scoliosis I know the importance of maintaining a healthy back. I’ve seen many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and natural healers. I’ve done pilates and yoga. While all of these things are great — I’ve had some awesome doctors and I love going to yoga classes. I think it’s really important to have exercises you can do at home on a daily basis to keep your back muscles strong, flexible and less prone to injury so I’ve put together a short list of my favorite moves for maintaining a healthy back. It’s a mix of stretches and strengthening moves that can easily be done at home without any equipment. If you have scoliosis, deal with back pain or just want to keep your back feeling healthy, these moves may help you!

6 Exercises for a Healthy Back

6 Exercises for a Healthy Back 

Make sure you check out the videos or explantations of each move before trying them. Proper form is essential. 🙂

Cat/Cow: This move is a yoga essential and consists of moving the spine from a rounded position (cow) to an arched one (cat). It’s a easy and gentle way to warm up the spine while increasing circulation of the spinal fluid.

Bird-Dog: This move is used to strengthen the core and improve balance.

Child’s Pose: A restorative yoga move, this is a neutral position that relaxes your spine, shoulders and neck. I really like doing a variation of child’s pose by taking my hands and upper body to both the right and left sides for a few breaths. It feels amazing to stretch out along the side-body.

Plank: Another core strengthening move, the plank is an awesome move to strengthen the core and back.

Bridge: This move is a beginner backbend and one of my favorites as it always relaxes my back. I do it in every yoga class I take, right before savasana when the instructors tells you to do anything else you need to before resting.

Supine Knee Twist: A relaxing move that stretches the back muscles and spine while opening tight shoulders.

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    1. Sarah Kite
      December 17, 2018 AT 2:10 pm

      Great post! Thank you for sharing. Some don’t realize how beneficial this can be!

    2. loise
      February 10, 2018 AT 4:24 am

      Your yoga exercise is effective to overcome from backbone pain.

    3. Greg
      December 18, 2017 AT 10:03 pm

      Perfect, so simple and easy to do anywhere.
      I am a flight paramedic and often have to sit hunched over patients in small planes for extended periods of time. This is a great set of exercises I can do anywhere I travel. Thanks.

    4. Garagegymplanner
      February 21, 2017 AT 12:23 am

      I’m the newbie to your website this really an awesome website and thanks for sharing this post with us.

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