20 Minute Jump Rope Workout

Get both your cardio and bodyweight training done with this quick 20 minute jump rope workout. All you need is a jump rope and some space!

I’m really excited to share this workout with you! I’m obsessed with interval training and love workouts that combine both cardio and toning. This workout fits the bill — your heart rate gets elevated during the jump rope portion and then recovers a bit during each bodyweight exercise. I did the workout yesterday and it’s awesome.

Plus, jump roping is pretty darn fun. It takes you right back to your elementary school days… doing Double Dutch on the blacktop during recess. (Maybe that’s just me.) Speaking of, did you ever do those Jump Rope for Heart competitions in gym class? Oh my goodness, I LOVED those and always tried to get a super high number of consecutive jumps. Those physical fitness tests on the other hand, not so fun for me because I could never do a pull-up. Still can’t… I don’t want to talk about it. 😉

Girl in black workout pants and blue tank top holding a black jump rope outside.

The best part about this workout is that anyone can do it — beginners can take as many breaks as needed — and all you need is a jump rope and a little space. I did the workout in our backyard, but you could literally do it anywhere. It’s a great travel workout too! Just stuff your jump rope in the front pocket of your suitcase.

Graphic with the workout listed out and girl holding jump rope outside.

The moves are pretty self explanatory. During the 1 minute jump rope bursts feel free to switch things up. You can do criss-cross, double unders, reverse jumps, one leg jumps, etc. Have fun with it! If you try this workout, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it! 🙂

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  1. Based on a 150 pound person – you burn at least 300 cals with this workout.
    10 cals per min jump rope and about 14 cals per minute per exercise – more of you add weights to the squats and lunges.

  2. Great workout! The first round was way slower than the second round. Total took me about 25 minutes. Will definitely do it again.

  3. I love this workout because of the immediate benefits for my heart and legs. I appreciate the breaks! Thanks for an effective yet fun workout.

  4. I have been doing jumping rope exercises almost once everyday and I feel much better, more energetic and refreshed…

  5. Very fun workout! The time went by fast and I like the set up where the jump roping is split up. Got my heart rate pumping! Thanks for the workout, Brittany!

  6. This is a great workout! I did it (without the repeat) this morning; I will definitely do this again! And I’ve been reading about how jumping is good for our bones. Thank you!

  7. Ooh looks like a good one! I’m always surprised how challenging it is to jump rope for one minute- even when I can run a few miles on the weekend.

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