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Veg Out

Things have been a tad on the busy side here, hence my lack of posting. I’ve been witnessing first hand just how much work can be crammed into one summer course. Oh well, the course is for good cause and the great news is that I do have some delicious eats to share with you all.

First, a new rendition of Britt’s Black Bean Burger– and this one is on the spicy side!


All wrapped up in a collard blanket with a squirt of ketchup.


I sent this recipe to Jenna for her latest e-cookbook so be sure to look for it if and when you buy the e-cookbook!!

While absent, I tried Heather’s Chia Protein Oat Bran. I used designer whey chocolate protein powder and followed the recipe exactly. It was delish, although next time I think I might cut back on the additional 1 cup of water because it was a little more liquidy than I care for. But the fact of the matter is that I’m impatient and HANGRY when it comes time to eat breakfast. I’m sure if I waited the 30 minutes as Heather recommends my oat bran would have been more on the solid side (as they are in her photos!)


Oh well, they were still yummy and I ate the whole bowl.

I’ve been enjoying the tasty goodness and the quickness that zucchini noodles have to offer.


Do the grape tomatoes make it seem like the sauce is homemade? Yea…well photos are tricky. I could pull your leg and tell you the sauce was homemade, but I’m not going to lie it’s Classico…… I’m a busy girl! Same goes the the noddles below, the sauce is simply cooked yellow zucchini pieces mixed in with Classico.


And, without living in the past any longer, here are my eats for the day.

The normal chia oatmeal, oat bran combo with a little of Kashi’s Summer Berry Granola and a spoonful of Better N PB.

Lunch was a bunch of snacky items that I didn’t take a photo of but dinner is worth noting. I made a light Fro Fu’ (frozen Tofu) salad with local spring mix, grape tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, locally grown chopped japanese turnip (new to me veggie- that I really want to talk more about when I have a spare moment), and slices of pear. I also added Trader Joe’s Goddess dressing after the photo.


I made the same salad for Isaac and between bites he said, “You’ve gotten really good at making salads.” Haha… thanks mister!

Despite being rather busy today, I made it to the Vegetarian Festival here in Richmond, but to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed. Maybe because I went kind of late (2 hours prior to closing) or because I was alone and it was rediciously hot outside, butI didn’t end up staying very long. Nothing really caught my attention EXCEPT this one booth. They were one of the few booths giving away free samples so of course I was drawn over, but I was pumped when I saw that, one- they were giving out samples and coupons for Sunshine burgers (woo-hoo!) and two- they also had NUFU to sample. NUFU is made from unroasted peanuts and is soy and gluten free, and comes in two flavors-sesame ginger and herbed hickory.


I was able to sample the sesame ginger and it was totally yummy. Absolutely perfect for all those that love tofu but don’t want to overdo it with soy products. And, NUFU is made locally in Charlottesville, VA by a company called Sunergia SoyFoods. I don’t see the new NUFU listed on their website yet, but they also sell organic soy blue and feta cheeses, as well as, other regular soy tofu flavors.   check em out!

After the not so exciting veg fest I went back to studying. The exciting part is that I had some new to me tea during my study sess- Yogi Sweet Thai Delight! It was delicious! I didn’t expect anything less, as I’m pretty sure Yogi Tea is my favorite brand. I also like Tevana’s loose leaf tea and Aveda’s Comfort Tea, but Yogi is my go-to “available at the grocery store” tea. IMG_1042.JPG

Are there any other better teas out there that I’m missing out on?

Off to prepare my gift for Dad! He’s coming to visit tomorrow and I’m pumped. I love him so much.

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  1. Mmm, spicy is the way to go!!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow with Dad 🙂

  2. have a great time with dad tomorrow!

  3. jenngirl says:

    That burger looks incredible!!

    Have a great Father’s day with your dad tomorrow! 🙂

  4. I think I have tried every tea out there, and I always go back to Celestial Seasonings Blueberry…always!

    I must find NUFU – I did not know such a thing existed, and I’m totally jealous that you scored some Sunshine Burger coupons. Those are my favorite veggie burgers, but a little too pricey for my grocery budget. So, maybe I’ll just have to make your black bean burgers instead. 🙂

    Even if your chia protein oats didn’t thicken up as much you’d like, they still looked delicious to me – so chocolatey. Yum, and thanks for the shout-out.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Nofu sounds awesome! Your black bean burgers look great too – one of my favourite beans to make patties from.

  6. broccolihut says:

    Ooh! Love Sunergia foods! They make the best tofu flavors.

  7. That nut tofu sounds great! I know my local organic store sells almond tofu but I think it’s plain tofu with almonds in it or something like that, it’s not soy free anyway, as far as I know. One of my favorite tea brands is Celestial Seasonings. I love their blueberry tea and their honey vanilla chamomile. I’m working on testing my way through their selection of teas though. There’s so many good ones!

  8. That NUFU sounds good! I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for it! Your black bean burger looks so delicious – perfect for summer!!

    Have fun with your dad today 🙂

  9. those were some deliciousioso eats!

  10. Katharina says:

    Those squash noodles look so fresh and tasty!

    I went to the Veg Fest when it was deathly HOT outside. Oh man! I didn’t see the NUFU stand. 🙁 Did you get to try the Tofutti ice cream bars?

  11. I went to the Vegetarian Festival in Richmond last year and was very disappointed. Maybe they need more free samples! : )

  12. That burger looks great, I love using collards as bread! 🙂

  13. edbstratt says:

    Wow..that burger looks awesome. Def. gonna try that one out.

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