Black eyed peas Tomatoes and greens (vegan)

I’m sure everyone has heard that Brittany Murphy passed away. So sad, as she was only 32! Of course, the one role everyone remembers her in was the new girl who gets a makeover and is suddenly cool in Clueless staring Alicia Silverstone. (I was like, so totally into this movie when it came out, btw!) So, if you’re like me you’ve started to wonder- whatever happened to Alicia? We haven’t seen her on the big screen lately. Well, perhaps it’s because she’s been busy writing a diet book, promoting veganism, and… creating eco-friendly cosmetic, nail and bath accessories. Who knew?

Yup, and although I have yet to read The Kind Diet, I did purchase one of her Eco-Tools:Earth Friendly Beauty bags from Target the other day.


Honestly, I didn’t go into Target looking specifically for a make-up bag, but per the usual, I ended up buying way more than the few items I went in for! Plus the simplistic design and size of the bag caught my attention. It wasn’t too pricey, it’s eco-friendly – I was sold!


See how roomy this bag is? I adore all the space. Previously I was using a small Burt’s Bee’s bag (Love BB as well), but it was getting so full that it wouldn’t zip up anymore. I couldn’t bear to downsize so I upgraded!!


And, I LOVE this little compartment- perfect for brushes, eyeliner pencils, tweezers, etc.


So now you know what’s in my magic bag…. if you have any questions, just let me know.

I took a break from the food today, mainly because I’m still eating the left over Black Eyed Peas with Tomatoes and Greens and that would be kind of boring!

Happy 4 days til Christmas!!



Go Potty

by on December 19, 2009

We went sledding today!!! But before we could leave we needed to get Olive to do her business. So a good portion of my morning was spent doing this:

Sorry it’s not a very exciting video, but seconds after I stopped recording she tinkled. I guess she’s camera shy. :)

We hit up a local park that has decent hills for a little sledding action.


And, getting our picture on snow covered park benches was necessary.


When I say we went sledding what i really mean is that we had a blast flying down the hill on tire inter tubes. :) It was fun and we ended up doing quite a bit of snow trudging to get back to the top of the hill each time. I happily counted that as my cardio for the day. :)

I was starving after all the snow fun so once home I heated up some left over Black Eyed Peas with Tomatoes and Greens and made 1/2 of a grilled cheese to go along with it.


The flavor of the black eyed pea dish was even better the second time around- so delicious!

The rest of the day was spent being lazy. Although, I did vacuum the house, lift weights for about 10 minutes and do the Exercise Tv Incredible abs video that Meghann referenced a few days ago. I couldn’t do the Whittle My Middle moves at home because I don’t have a stability ball so I thought the video would be a good substitute. It didn’t disappoint, I have a feeling my abs will be sore tomorrow! I also drank lots of tea and hot water and ate lots of snacks. Let’s just say it’s not good to be snowed in with all these holiday goodies laying around (especially the baked goods from Isaac’s students)! Last but not least, I caught up on my blog reading. My google reader is now below 100, which is the lowest it’s been in over a year!! Hooray to that.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. I’m suppose to go to my family’s Christmas party but I don’t know if the weather is going to cooperate with my plans. We shall see.



Bean Belly

December 18, 2009

Despite skipping the gym, I was still a bit rushed this morning. I ended up making banana oats on the stove top and packaging them in a small container- they were still luke warm when I arrived to work so no mircowaving was needed. I topped my standard banana oatmeal/oatbran combo with a spoonful of […]

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