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Let me just get directly to the point and say that Angela was right when she said that her Nut Butter Crusted Parsnip Fries (based off of Diet, Dessert, and Dog’s Almond Crusted Root Vegetable Fries) would change lives.


I experimented with the recipe last night by smothering 3 chopped parsnips with a mixture of 2 tbsp. smooth peanut butter, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, and sea salt. I spread the fries evenly on a baking stone and roasted them at 400° for 30-40 minutes.

The good news = they were awesome, just as Meghann had suggested.

The bad news, this is how many were left after I ate dinner. Opps.


Did I mention they were good?

I just recently stumbled upon Diet, Dessert and Dogs and I must say Ricki has a knack for creating delicious, healthy recipes. So far she’s two for two in my book- both the Quinoa Salad with Buckwheat and Cranberries and parsnip fries were recipes from her blog and like I’ve mentioned, they were amazing.

The main reason I was excited about her blog is that many of her recipes are gluten free and I’m trying to cut back on my gluten intake to see if that might be the reason for the frequent stomach pains and BAD gas (sorry Isaac) that I get. I recently found this article about 10 gluten sensitivity symptoms and it struck a cord with me because I experience many of the symptoms.

I’ve talked with several people who are already following a G-Free diet and sing the praises. I have been recording what I eat to see if the changes help at all. I don’t have anything to report yet as I haven’t been completely G-Free and I’ve only been doing it for a short period, but I’ll be sure to post a follow up.

Have you ever thought you had a gluten sensitivity? Have you tried going Gluten-Free? I’d love hear about your experience!

Happy Tuesday my friends – get excited because we’re one day closer to Modern Family day. 🙂


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  1. I found out early last year I was gluten intolerant. I resisted the thought that that’s what it could possibly be, I mean I was already lactose, casein, and egg intolerant.
    But, I was in so much pain and the eczema was getting really bad, so I figured I’d bit the bullet eliminate all gluten.
    I cried. I researched.
    The NEXT DAY i felt like a new person. It took a couple months for the eczema to completely go away, but it did and hasn’t returned!
    I would never, ever, ever, even try anything with any gluten now. I know there are gluten intolerant people who occassionally have things they miss, because they can’t find a substitute. But, I would never subject myself to that kind of misery again for a bite of food!
    Hope you find the answers you’re looking for and that it all works out for you!

  2. We’ve already talked about going g-free for me, it absolutely changed my life and I would never go back. But I wanted to say that I love Ricki’s blog, too. Her blog was one of my main resources when I went on the anti-candida diet (which includes being gluten free).

  3. Morgan Blake says:

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who wasn’t 100% sure what a parsnip is:-)Those fries look amazing! Have been GF for exactly a month now. I have had a few occasions where I couldn’t pass up available pizza or cake. Overall, I would say that any IBS symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the past 20 years are almost gone. And that is enough to keep me on this plan indefinitely!

  4. So glad you liked the fries–yay! I must admit I usually clean off the baking tray myself. . .well, it’s all good for you, right? 😉

    I’ve been following a gluten free diet for just over a year (so ALL the recipes on my blog since March 2009 are GF; before that, some contained gluten and some didn’t). It has made a huge difference in my health and well being. I hadn’t considered myself gluten intolerant before, but now I’m thinking I should stay on this kind of diet indefinitely!

  5. oh man, gluten sensitivity makes me nervous! Those parsnips looks great!

  6. I have thought about going gluten-free but have recently cut back on starchy carbs and found my bloating and stomach cramps a bit better. Those fries look AMAZING!

  7. I think I’m actually dairy sensitive, I only figured it out because I started breaking out all the time when I was eating it. Needless to say I stopped consuming the dairy that’s pumped full of hormones and switched to organic goat’s milk products and my skin cleared up.

    I can have a tiny bit of dairy here and there, but I never eat it more than once a week, or in a form other than ice cream (it’s the best one going!).

    I had my allergies tested at a naturopath too, and I’m highly sensitive to egg whites, almonds and peanuts- I eat all of them still, dairy is the only one I’m willing to go without- and sugar on weekdays! hahah

  8. i had some issues earlier in the year and was tested for celiac and it was negative…i do have some of the symptoms though. interesting to think about!

    • hi sarah-you can still be highly gluten intolerant even if the tests come back negative. same thing happened with me-several blood tests all said negative. But-if I eat anything that has even been near gluten (cross contamination) I am in misery!
      Go with how you react to gluten as your guide. 😀

  9. I’ve heard so many great things about gluten free diets. I don’t have any health issues, but I have been thinking of trying it out just to see if I feel any different or have more energy.

  10. I have been blogging the last week about my gluten free diet week challenge and seriously am feeling really good. I am not sure I have a gluten intolerance because definitely don’t have IBS and other issues, however, my energy increased and I felt my hunger was much more in control. I think I may try to stay mostly gluten free for a while! Those parsnip fries look so good, I have been dying to try them.

  11. i have gluten sensitivity.. and am borderline celiac.. which means i tested high but not high enough to be technically celiac… but yea i follow a gluten-free diet 99% wheat free 100%. i FEEL amazing! i can now build muscle! i was always naturally slim but when i ate wheat/gluten i gained 50 lbs! no joke. it was all water retention/swelling/allergy reaction tho. oh and my energy is WAY better now.. as well as mood. good luck, hopefully u see some fun improvements! xox

  12. I found out that I was gluten-intolerant about a year and a half ago. I thought that I had tried a gluten-free diet before, but hadn’t done enough research to really know what foods are gluten-free. When I went 100% gluten-free my stomach felt better instantly. I also had emotional/moody issues before removing gluten from my diet. Those took more like 4-5 months to resolve. I feel like a completely better person! I don’t eat anything with gluten, but when I do accidentally get “glutenated” I feel all of those past symptoms for 2 days. Ugh! Keep up the good work and make sure you take it out completely or you won’t reap the benefits. Good luck!

  13. I made those fries last week! They were darn good!

  14. these fries look delicious! i’ve made sweet potato “fries” before, but not parsnip. i’ll have to try them.

  15. Luckily I don’t think I have any problems with gluten. I do find that if I eat too fast I get really bloated and get really bad heartburn!

  16. I have been lurking on your blog for a while, but felt like I had to comment about gluten — I went gluten free for a little over a month at the end of last year. I felt like garbage all the time, couldn’t lose any weight and had really bad reflux. I didn’t have celiac disease, but I think I have a big gluten sensitivity … even 10-15 minutes after I eat it, I start to feel terrible and bloated.

    It was really intimidating at first (going gluten-free, that is), because it seems like gluten is in EVERYTHING. You eat a pretty clean, veggie-based diet, so it might not be as bad, but you still might look into the following blogs: Gluten-free Girl, A Year of Slow Cooking and Karina’s Kitchen. All three were wonderful resources when I was off gluten! Good luck!

  17. PB-coated fries?? Heaven.

  18. HereticPrincess says:

    I highly sympathize with you about the stomach pains and gas (I also get really bad diarrhea, nasty tasting burps and nausea) but it is most likely due to a medication I am taking. Good luck with everything, keep up posted and I hope you feel better!

  19. Dying to make these! Anything that has the words “life changing” in the title immediately catches my attention!

  20. I thought that I had a gluten sensitive problem, but it was too difficult to not eat gluten-filled goodies. I have come to the conclusion that I consumed too much liquid and didn’t chew thouroughly enough for my stomach problems (which were very similar to that of gluten sensitive sypmtoms). I hope that you can solve your stomach problems soon!

    • HereticPrincess says:

      Thanks so much! I have an appt with a GP on June 21st (I did have one in May but I balked at going) so we’ll see what they have to say! 🙂


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