Hot Yoga and Cupcakes = Perfect Saturday

I woke up this morning with nothing really planned, which was nice considering we have some busy weekends ahead. We’re going to a wedding in Boston next weekend and then I’m going to FitBloggin’ the following weekend! I’m super pumped about both.

After hanging out at the house for a while, making breakfast (a protein pancake topped with PB2 mixed with cottage cheese), I got ready and headed to a hot yoga class at Hot House Yoga. I’ve been going to classes there regularly for a few weeks now and I love it!

hot house yoga Richmond

I know some people are going to think I’m crazy, but I don’t really like Bikram yoga. I’ve done it multiple times, with different instructors but it just seems too rigid for me – I actually call it drill sergeant yoga. With that said,  I love the hot yoga classes at Hot House. Both of the classes they offer have more of the “yoga” vibe I’m used to, if that makes sense. One is sort of similar to Bikram – you do a distinct and therapeutic sequence of postures as well as breathing exercises, however they don’t use the 26 pose Bikram sequence and overall the class is less boot camp, more soothing. They also offer a hot vinyasa class. This one is my favorite – it’s just like a normal vinyasa class with continuous movement that allows you to flow from each posture. It’s also taught with a therapeutic sequence to the postures, however the continuous movement makes the style more aerobic and challenging. I always come out of the classes at Hot House feeling like a million bucks. They’re definitely challenging but also amazingly relaxing. Oh and Hot House Yoga is pretty awesome because they provide you with a towel for your yoga mat, a towel to wipe away sweat and hot showers with shampoo, conditioner and body wash + towels for this as well. The whole place is always super clean and I love the fact that the studio has cork floors. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the studio, staff and teachers.

After yoga I swung by DSW to look for a new pair of shoes to go with my dress for next weekend’s wedding. I found a cute pair and then headed to get some much needed lunch.

whole foods

The Whole Foods salad bar is always a good choice. I did my normal routine = filled the bottom of the container with greens and topped it with a bunch of different veggies/salads including a curried tofu salad, wheat berries, peas, broccoli, hearts of palm, zucchini and tomatoes. And a Gingerberry Kombucha on the side. It was delicious and kept me full until snack time at Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe.

We’re in the process of picking who will be making our wedding cake and today we had a tasting at Pearl’s, a well-known bakery in Richmond. The moment we walked in I started kicking myself for not bringing my camera. The shop was adorable and the cupcakes were definitely picture worthy. Unfortunately I was a bad blogger so this instagram photo will have to do.

Pearl's Cupcakes

Best part about wedding planning = cake tastings. 😉

Pearl’s was amazing and let us try five different flavors of our choice. There are so many unique flavors to choose from, it was a real challenge to narrow it down, but we picked:

  • Carrot Cake – Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Campfire – Graham cracker bottom with chocolate-chocolate chip cake, topped with a layer of marshmallow whip and a final topping of chocolate ganâche
  • Deep Dish Apple – Snicker doodle batter, apple filling and cream cheese frosting
  • Oatmeal Crisp – Grandma’s old fashioned oatmeal cake. One version had a honey buttercream and the other had a cinnamon sugar buttercream.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – Chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream

I’m not at all exaggerating when I say that each one was incredible – super moist, flavorful, sweet and delicious. I’m not even a big cupcake person (I’ve always loved ice cream more than cake) but I think Pearl’s may have converted me.

Although we liked all of the flavors we tasted, the one we liked the best was the Deep Dish Apple. I’ve always loved apple pie and this cupcake was to-die-for! If we do go with Pearl’s for our cake, I think we’ll pick a couple different flavors. I’m kind of leaning towards the idea of doing “pie/cobbler” flavors for the cake with the Deep Dish Apple and a Blackberry or Peach Cobbler flavor. I think that would a fun theme for a summer wedding.

So after the cupcake eating I probably should have gone for a run or something. Luckily Sadly, it was storming out so I couldn’t. I actually came home and worked on addressing these little guys…

save the dates

Ahhhh… save the dates are going out soon – this means it’s official!!!!

Alright, time for me to go clean up my mess of a kitchen and do some laundry. Have a lovely weekend friends.

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  1. Hot vinyasa is absolutely my favorite type of yoga. And I’m with you on Bikram! Too rigid, too slow, and if the studio is carpeted, too stinky 🙂

  2. I agree to everything you said about hot house!! I also feel the same about bikram and I fell in love with hot house immediately! Also- yum, pearls!

  3. I totally agree with you about Bikram yoga – it feels like torture to me! I’ve been wanting to try a hot vinyasa class – sounds awesome. Those cupcakes look delicious

  4. Cupcakes sound amazing! And sure you’d done yoga, you deserved a cup cake!

  5. The photo on your Save the Date cards is adorable!

  6. I have a free coupon for the hot yoga place in my city, so I think I’m going to try it for the first time within the next week or two. I’m looking forward to it!

  7. I just started going to hot yoga as well! My studio does not follow the Bikram sequence and as a result it is much more relaxed. I really enjoy it. Your salad looks great and I’m such a kombucha junkie. I need to learn how to make my own because it is so expensive!

  8. I love the title, anytime I visit my parents my mom and I go to Bikram’s and then get cupcakes from our favorite bakery (right next to Bikram’s by us) after class.

    It also totally makes sense when you say Bikram’s has less of a “yoga” vibe. To be honest, I’m not very into yoga (I really try to be, but it’s just not my thing), but I LOVE Bikram’s.

  9. those cup cakes looks so good! I saw you post them on instagram haha love the pic on your save the date cards 🙂 too cute!

  10. Absolutely love how yoga but I’ve only done it once. I just got a groupon for 8 classes though so I’m gonna be doing that very very soon! Can’t wait. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my gosh. Your save the dates are so cute!

  12. We chose Pearl’s to make cupcakes for our wedding in May! We served three flavors but the Deep Dish Apple pie was the fan favorite. So delicious!

  13. Someone was just telling me about Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe the other day! Now I have to try it (adding to next weekend’s “to do” list!). Thank you for the pics.

    I’m so excited to have found a blogger in the RIC! And also happy to hear about your experience at Hot House Yoga. I’ve been to a class before (not HHY) and really liked it but didn’t want to get into Bikram despite the praise it gets. I like heated yoga where I can still get my flow on, yet have that totally cleansed feeling when I leave.

  14. Also love that save the date! So glad to hear the Pearl’s tasting went well — we too are eager to taste with them and are glad to know you think it’s a good one!

    Mary & Tim

  15. Those cupcakes sound amazing! I hope you have fun in my home city of Boston next weekend – just a warning though, we drive a LOT differently up here!!

  16. Working on my Save the Dates for my summer wedding too…exciting! 🙂

  17. I usually feel so stressed out after most hot yoga classes… maybe it’s because many of them do follow the Bikram sequence and style somewhat. I need to find myself a studio like yours, especially if they offer showers and shampoo! That’s usually the only thing keeping me from hitting up yoga (hot or not) in the morning before work or class!

    Unrelated- cake tasting seems like it was so much fun! Mike and I aren’t really cake people (I know, most people think that we are complete weirdos) so we opted for ice cream from a local, organic artisan ice cream shop for our wedding. We’re going to have a little ice cream cake for ceremonial cutting purposes, and other than that a few different seasonal flavors that guests can choose from. Buuuuut after reading your post I’m thinking maybe we should do a few cake tastings just because 🙂 Happy planning! 🙂

  18. Hey… I’ve been reading for a while, but first time commenter! I grew up in Richmond, but moved to Va Beach after college… I’m SO glad you discovered Hot House!! My husband grew up with the Yax family (the owners) and they are seriously the best people ever:) They also have a studio here if you ever make it down this way for any reason. I have been practicing about 3 years now and can’t even describe the good it has done for me… keep it up!! I really enjoy the blog… it’s fun to read one from my home town:)

  19. WOW, looks amazing 🙂 Love your blog

  20. I’m super duper slow in reading this… but… we share the same wedding date!!!!!!!!! BTW you are SO incredibly blessed to have won such an incredible dream wedding package!!!!!! can’t wait to read more 🙂

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