Flowers in My Hair? A Wedding Update

This weekend has been quite lazy. Isaac and I both slept in this morning and although I’ve been in workout clothes all day I didn’t get in a real workout. I did walk about 20 minutes this morning and completed some of my PT exercises so I think I’ll count it was an active rest day. 🙂

Basically I’ve been working on the computer for most of the day—getting posts lined up for next week, printing out quotes and contracts for wedding stuff, sending wedding related emails and organizing. After a day full of wedding planning, I realized that I haven’t posted a wedding update in ages (since my bachelorette party back in October). Has it really already been three months since that happened? Wow!

So let me fill you guys in on what we’ve been up to:


We finally decided that our caterer is going to be Olio, a European Market that happens to be one of our favorite spots for lunch and dinner in downtown Richmond. We’ve always loved their food and are super excited to be working with their catering team for the wedding! I’m already pumped about the proposed menu, which is full of fresh, seasonal fare and plenty of vegetarian options.


After several tastings, we decided to go with a four tiered cake from Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe. We’re certain that one layer of the cake will be their deep dish apple pie flavor (snicker doodle batter, apple filling and cream cheese frosting—it’s to-die-for). However, we’re still unsure about the other three tiers. I like the idea of doing a pie/cobbler theme and having the apple pie paired with their peach and blackberry cobbler flavors, but we’ll see! We still need to taste those.

Here’s one cake that I have fallen in love with:


We already booked our DJ for the reception and Isaac asked the music teacher at his school, Dr. E, to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour. That said, we’re still been brainstorming what songs we should have played during the ceremony, what our first dance song will be, etc.

We don’t really have “a song” and although there are plenty of songs that we both love, we’ve found that many of them aren’t first dance appropriate if you really listen to the lyrics. For instance, Each Coming Night by Iron and Wine and First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes—they’re both songs that we listened to in our early days of dating but they’re probably not the best choice for a first dance song. One option that we both like is Carries On by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

It’s a super sweet song and we’re thinking it could be one we can slow dance to and then surprise people with some fun dancing at the faster parts.

For the father/daughter dance, I really like the song Stand By Me by Ben E. King. I haven’t talked to my dad about it yet, but perhaps he and I can dance the like the people are dancing in the video. 😉 That would be a riot.

A couple other things we’ve been working on lately:

  • Collecting light blue Ball jars to use as vases for our centerpieces. I think I have around 40 now thanks to all my friends and family that found them at antique shops and yard sales.
  • Picking out attire for the guys. <– We’ve decided on khaki colored suits with either coral or blue ties. I think these will be perfect for a summer wedding.
  • Purchasing our wedding bands. I know what I want, but Isaac still needs to decide.
  • Finding an officiant. <– Yeah, we really need to get on this one!
  • Settling on a design for our invitations.  We know we’re getting them through Borrowed and Blue as part of the Perfect Wedding giveaway but haven’t picked a design just yet.
  • Getting into wedding dress shape. My knee injury has definitely put a hindrance on this but I’m not going to let it stop me. I’ve been back on track with healthy eating for the past few days and it feels awesome.
  • Deciding if we’re going to try to go tentless for the reception. <–This is something we’re still discussing with our wedding planner.

I love the looks of outdoor wedding receptions with twinkle lights and a dance floor under the stars but I’m scared to death about the weather. I’m also worried about it being too dark once the sun goes down.


  • Settling on a salon/stylist and deciding how I want my hair to be styled.

I haven’t fully decided if I want my hair up or down but I’ve been swooning over this hair style for a couple days. I never thought I’d want a flower in my hair but I absolutely love this look: the little poof in the front, the messiness, the head band and the flower. I’m sold! It might be my favorite wedding hair inspiration picture yet.



I know there’s more stuff that I’m forgetting to mention but we’re a little less than 6 months out and this is where we’re at with the planning right now… overall, I think we’re in pretty good shape.

Have any advice or tips to share on the things I’ve posted about? As always, I appreciate your thoughts! 🙂

PS – The winner of the $50 Whole Foods gift card has been announced. Click over and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see if you won.

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  1. I think Stand by Me is a great father/daughter dance song and that cake is beautiful…sounds very tasty too!

  2. Lisa Herring says:

    It looks like your planning is going amazingly well, and you have some beautiful pieces in place already!! Your cake sounds mouth-wateringly delicious! I would totally recommend going with some sort of up-do for your wedding hair, and the photo you posted is stunning! I say this because having my hair up at my wedding was one less thing to have to think about – no brushing hair out of your face for photos or curls falling by the end of the night. Good luck with the rest of your planning and enjoy every minute!!!

  3. This all sounds absolutely amazing, Brittany! I’m enjoying living vicariously through your planning. I spent much of the day on my wedding as well and still don’t have a site booked…ugh. 🙂 I really love the hairstyle you posted–so effortless and beautiful! Look forward to hearing more as your plans come together!

  4. Your wedding sounds like it will be beautiful! If you’re looking for an officiant in the Richmond area, Brian Vaughan does a great job. He officiated a friend’s wedding a few years ago and it was really a nice ceremony. We had a friend officiate our wedding…in VA, you can be sworn in at the courthouse to perform one ceremony on one specific date. There are a few steps you have to go through to make it happen, but it’s not complicated. If you want the details about the process, let me know and I’ll be happy to email you the info. Good luck with the rest of your planning!

  5. I love the picture of the outdoor wedding with the little fairy lights! My friend had a very similar looking wedding in an orchard and she opted to not go for the tent and it poured! After it stopped pouring, the reception was beautiful but everything was soaked. Maybe you could rent a tent just as a back-up? Then on the morning of the wedding day if it’s raining, or it looks like it will rain you could set it up. (On the other hand, my wedding was completely outdoors, no tent, and it was a perfect day!)

  6. Brittany! I have a friend who got kits to dye her mason jars blue if you can’t find enough blue ones! They looked great!

  7. Kate Cavanaugh says:

    Brittany! Love all the wedding updates! I wanted to let you know that that’s the exact headpiece/flower I wore on my wedding day and I loved it! The etsy seller is great and easy to work with. Can’t wait to see more updates!

  8. Sounds like everything is humming along! Your cake sounds yum and I agree with Jeanette, go with the hair up and I love that head band. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Brittany, Loved all the updates on the wedding planning. I miss our talks about all of it. Sounds like you have everything in order and you’re just in the “waiting” mode. I love everything you showed us. Hope you’re doing well.

  10. sounds like it will be BEAUTIFUL! Love that cake and sounds amazing.

  11. I love the cake look and definitely think you should put flowers in your hair!

  12. Hi! I just got married in May of 2012, and TRUST ME- get the tent! I didn’t, and my reception had to moved inside because of wind and a chill in May, in Las Vegas- who would have thunk?! Love the cake too. You’re wedding seems very similar to mine, we used clear ball jars, and went with a white, yellow and blue theme. Don’t know if yellow is part of your picture, but the yellow billy balls looked AMAZING on the guys lapels.

  13. Squeee!!! Wedding planning, wow how I miss it yet don’t miss it AT.ALL. I *love* the idea for your cake flavors and think the cobbler theme is an amazingly fantastic idea! Seriously, I think it would be a very unique idea that people will love! As for the tent, if you don’t have a back up building you can use at your venue, I highly highly highly highly suggest getting a tent or at least having one on standby which you’ll have to decide whether or not to use the day before the wedding. For starters, having one on standby will completely eliminate all stress in regards to the weather AND the lighting issue you mentioned in your post. Nowadays with all of the tent options, you can still have the beautiful and whimsical cafe lighting without the fear of having your reception ruined because of rain &/or not enough lighting for people to see where they’re going. I’m from Charleston, SC and had the same exact picture in my mind when it came to our October reception. I was thinking twinkle lights, hanging lanterns, lighting bugs, etc. etc. BUT I also knew it was hurricane season and our weather is completely unpredictable. I went back and forth about the tent, but I finally opted to rent an additional building that was on the property to have as my back up in case of rain. That’s all I ever considered…rain. My best friend had gotten married the year before on nearly the same exact day and her outdoor ceremony was GORGEOUS and the weather was sunshiney and perfectly warm, so I naturally assumed ours would be too. BIG MISTAKE. Our wedding day ended up being the coldest day of the year and once the sun went down it was absolutely FREEZING (for a South Carolinian any way). Our *ENTIRE EVENT* had been planned for outdoors, and if I hadn’t rented that back up building our guests would’ve probably all left right after cocktail hour! So, long story long, things you may have never thought of can sneak up on you when you least expect it so it’s better to be safe than sorry…especially on your wedding day! PS. Sorry for the novel!

  14. Oh! One last comment and I promise I’ll stop. Do you have a Paul Mitchell school in Richmond? They are FABULOUS and incredibly inexpensive and definitely worth checking out! They did all of my bridesmaids hair and makeup for $30 PER PERSON including me! If you don’t want to use them for your actual wedding day, you can at least make an appt with them and do a test run with that pretty hair do for like $20 or less. Keep in mind though, since they are a school it will take a little longer than normal, but it is well worth it!

  15. I think a flower in your hair would be gorgeous!

  16. Love your ideas…we have similar taste 🙂 has been a HUGE help for me in planning. Also, Pinterest…You can check out my boards if you’d like-“Lindsay Jean.” I’m planning a rustic, vintage, romantic wedding for 8-24-2013. Thanks for all of your great recipes!

    • Hey Lindsay! Thanks for sharing. I made our wedding website on weddingwire! I’d love to check out your Pinterest. Can you share a link to your profile? I tried searching but there are a lot of Lindsay Jeans on there apparently. 🙂

  17. I absolutely love the song Carries On! And what a great idea to throw in a few surprise moves. I was just at a wedding where the bride and groom did that and found it super cute! It’s all coming together and will be absolutely PERFECT no matter what you choose. 🙂

  18. Love your ideas for a rustic, vintage wedding, Lindsay! Sounds beautiful! I’m planning a beach wedding (probably on Maui!). So glad to have other brides to share ideas with here and on Pinterest. 🙂

  19. I can already tell it’s going to be AMAZING, Brittany! And having Olio cater it will be super delicious 😉

  20. Olio catering and Pearl’s too – such fabulous choices!! I know your wedding is going to be stunning!

  21. I love the flower in the hair 🙂

  22. All of your wedding ideas remind me of MY wedding. The wedding party walked down the aisle to bright eyes (among a few others), we had ball jars with bright flowers, and an outdoor reception with cafe lights like your photo.

    HINT: We were worried about rain, too, so we had the tent company put the metal frame only up for the tent. We wrapped and draped lights from the frame, like in your photo. In the event it rained, the tent co could easily throw the fabric top and sides on the frame. It never rained, so once the sun went down and the lights were turned on, you didn’t even know the frame was there. The lights just seems to twinkle in the sky. 🙂

  23. I LOVE the cake you picked and the hair. So pretty!

  24. I miss the way that your blog use to be. I would get great ideas for eating healthy and be inspired by your pictures. It seems more like a journal now and advertisement for products. It has really changed over the past year. Too bad.

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Sorry you’re not liking the direction of EBF. Do you not like the wedding planning updates or is it something else? Can you direct me to a post that you liked in the past, just so I can get more of an idea of what you mean?



  25. Hi Brittney,
    SPARKLERS are really fun for your guest instead of rice. Makes a cool nighttime picture too. Happy planning! Looks like you have it all under control.

  26. Now I just remember when my wedding day was approaching that I promise to lose some pounds but end up gaining more. Lol! But it’s okey as long as you end up loving your wedding.

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