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Egg in a Heart

February is a fun month around these parts because we have lots to celebrate.

The festivities started yesterday for Isaac’s 28th birthday! Cupcakes were involved.


I was going to go all out and make these Ginger Cupcakes but time got away from me and I ended up grabbing a box of cake mix from the store at 8:30PM on Tuesday night. I felt guilty but at least it was an organic mix, right?

I made up for using boxed mix for the cupcakes by waking up early to make Isaac’s favorite breakfast – Egg in a Hole! I’d actually never had this little gem before meeting Isaac (I guess my Dad taught me the microwave egg in a bowl thing instead), however it’s such a great idea. “Grilled” bread with a cooked egg in the middle! Typically the hole in the middle of the bread is a circle that you cut out with a shot glass/round cookie cutter but I decided to make a heart version. <– Perfect for my sweetheart on this b-day. 🙂

egg in a heart.jpg

Egg in a Heart
Egg in a Heart This breakfast is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine's Day!
Serves: 1
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 slice bread
  • 1 egg
  1. Using a heart-shaped cookie cutter or a knife, cut a heart shape out of the center of the bread.
  2. In a medium non-stick skillet over medium low heat melt butter. Place both pieces of the bread (heart stencil and cut-out heart) in the skillet. Cook about 2 minutes, or until bread is toasted on one side.
  3. Flip both pieces of bread over and add the egg to the center of the cut-out heart. Cook 2-3 minutes, or until white of egg is cooked, flip bread with egg if needed.
  4. Salt and pepper to taste. Spread heart cut-out with jam or apple butter, if desired.

After work we met up with friends at Mekong, a local Vietnamese restaurant that has the biggest beer selection of any restaurant here in Richmond. Of course Isaac loves this place!

Isaac's birthday 2012.JPG

We ate, drank, talked and ended up at home just in time to watch Modern Family. It was the perfect b-day celebration!

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  1. What a great celebration, super special and low key, my favorite way to celebrate! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy belated to Isaac! I’ve wanted to try an egg in a hole ever since I saw V for Vendetta.

  3. I saw the heart shaped egg in a hole on pinterest yesterday and I love it! I’ll have to remember and do it for my boyfriend on Valentines Day because he loves eggs for breakfast.

  4. That is absolutely adorable!!

  5. I LOVE Egg in a Hole – it is one of my favorite breakfasts! I usually shred a little bit of cheese over the top, and sprinkle with cajun seasoning, or salt and fresh herbs depending on what I have on hand. So yummy. The heart idea is super cute – I might have to make that for my husband and I as a Valentines Day breakfast 🙂

  6. Knot Hole Eggs or Eggs in a Hole (basket) are Toly’s favorite breakfast too!! Happy Birthday to Isaac! Hope you both enjoyed a wonderful day together. 🙂

  7. I’ve never actually tried egg in a hole, but this weekend will be the time to start!!!

  8. My now hubby tried to make me an egg in a hole early on in our relationship. The poor guy failed, and he didn’t realize I don’t like fried eggs. Haha. Oh well, at least now he leaves the cooking to me.

  9. Adorable!!!

  10. This eggs in a hole looks so yummy and sweet. I am defiantly making it, this weekend.

  11. My mom used to make those for us all the time! But she called them eggs in a frame. It looks like you had a nice little birthday celebration!

  12. I like to do these for my husband occasionally. He loves it!

  13. you have the same counter-tops as my aunt’s house (where I live) does, I think 😀

  14. This is such a sweet way to celebrate, Britt! I love your idea of egg in a heart – definitely going to keep that one for future use. February is such a fun month for you – enjoy every moment! 🙂 Happy belated to Isaac!

  15. Happy Belated Birthday Issac! That is such a cute way to show how much you love and appreciate him on his Birthday! Love the egg in hole as a heart shape, also your advice onto getting a nice shape [mine never turns out round]! 🙂

  16. Happy bday Issac! Britt, do you happen to have that ginger cupcake recipe….?

    • Yeah, it’s linked in the post. If you click on ginger cupcakes it will take you to the recipe. 🙂

      • Oh goodness- sorry! I couldn’t see that on my Kindle.

        You know- my husband’s family calls the egg in a piece of toast thing ‘girl scout eggs’. It’s always funny to see alternative names for things. 🙂

        • No problem Leah! If you love ginger, I’m sure you’ll love those cupcakes.

          and yes… there are so many different names for this little creation. My roommate in college called them ‘pop-eyes’. I’ve also heard them called ‘egg in a nest’.

  17. My birthday is Valentines Day, and my mom used to send me heart-shaped PB and J cookies that she cut out with a cookie cutter!

  18. I love egg in a hole, but I haven’t had it in so long! What a cute Valentine’s Day idea!!

  19. Wow, looks yummy. Will try this out this Valentine’s Day.

  20. Love egg in the hole! Never thought to use cookie cutter for different shapes, but it is a cute idea.

    Happy birthday to Issac and have a great weekend to you both.

  21. absolutely adorable idea, you are clever. happy birthday to you both!!

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