Chocolate Chip Meringues

Today we are going to Isaac’s grandparents house for a Passover Seder. I had been trying to decide all week what food to make to bring along for the dinner. I am not Jewish, so sometimes coming up with kosher recipes off the top of my head isn’t easy so I just searched on for ideas. I settled on Chocolate Chip Meringues because they are kosher and I had almost all the ingredients. Always a plus with a Cooking Light recipe because I usually end up having a buy a ton of ingredients when I want to use one of their recipes. My meringues turned out well- they were so easy, my mixer did all the work! I actually like the batter more than the cookies, its like creamy puffs of chocolate and sugar sweetness. Isaac loved the batter as well and after I put the first batch in we had almost devoured all of the remaining batter so I decided to make another batch. I made the second batch vanilla instead of chocolate but I still kept the chocolate chips in there. I love how they turn out with the little pointy tip. I think Isaac’s family will like them, and if they don’t I will just eat them all because they are only 22 calories per cookie. 

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