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Bridal Portrait Prep – What I’m Eating

Hi friends. Sorry I left you all in the lurch for a few days — things have been crazy busy with wedding planning, work and the like. In addition, last weekend was Mother’s Day (Happy belated Mother’s Day to all my moms out there) and I took time away from the computer to hang out with the fam. It was quite lovely and a much needed break from the computer and wedding planning. I’m a pretty laid back person and I’ve been trying to be a laid back bride but the countdown is officially on (32 days!!!) and my stress level seems to be rising as the number of days until the BIG DAY dwindle…

Speaking of wedding stuff, this Wednesday (a.k.a. tomorrow) I have my bridal portraits. I’m really excited about these because they’re at our venue and I’m having my hair/make-up trial and getting a mock bouquet. It will be nice to get some of these things settled upon — like how I’m going to be wearing my hair and what my bouquet will look like. I’m also excited to wear my dress for more than 15 minutes at a fitting. It should be fun day!

In preparation for Wednesday, I’ve been trying to eat really clean and limit any extra sodium. This week I’m doing a modified version of the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down. Since I took photos of everything I ate yesterday to keep myself accountable, I figured I’d share them with you.

slimdown scramble

Meal 1: slim down scramble with 1/2 cup egg whites, 2 cups spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and Mrs. Dash garlic and herb seasoning. I’m started to love Mrs. Dash seasonings. You get lots of flavor without any salt! Right now I only have the garlic and herb flavor but I can’t wait to try some of they others. Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend?


Grapefruit for snack.

Shrimp salad

Shrimp and black bean salad with red onion, baked sweet potato chunks, radish, broccoli and pineapple balsamic vinegar for lunch. The TIU 7DSD plan doesn’t mention adding carbs to your lunch and dinner but I know my body and I’m ravenous if I don’t have some carbs so I added some sweet potato chunks to this salad.

Strawberries with lemon strawberry water

I snacked on a few berries and Lemon Strawberry infused water between lunch and dinner. The water was amazing. I always forget how much I like lemon in my water.

Salad greens veggie burger

Dinner featured a big salad, similar to what I had at lunch with sweet potato chunks (from the same baked potato), radishes, peppers, broccoli and sprouts. I had a veggie burger and balsamic sautéed kale on the side. Notice how my salad plate turned into my dinner plate and my dinner plate turned into my salad plate. I typically always use a salad plate for my dinner plate because it’s a great way to keep my portions in check, which is something I struggle with.

So there you have it, my slim down eats as of late. I’m planning to eat very similar today and I already have my salad for lunch prepped and ready in the fridge thanks to the Salad in a Jar salads I made on Sunday evening. Woot woot!


Hooray for being prepared. It really is the key to eating healthy. 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday friends.

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  1. So soon!! I would be doing the exact same thing…eating very clean the month before my wedding. However you are not depriving yourself at all which is key. Don’t want to go fainting on the big day!

  2. So exciting about your bridal portraits! I can’t believe how fast your day is approaching. I always find prepping for clean eating is the only way to be successful at it as well. I’ve been making sure to be more prepared these days for the same reason!

  3. I use the Italian blend Mrs. Dash very often and love it!

  4. Bridal portraits sound like so much fun! All your food sounds delish! I totally did the same thing before I got married…eating really clean and healthy. Got to fit into the dress, right? 🙂

  5. Good luck with the photo shoot!! I can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out 🙂

  6. Brittany, will you do a recap either before or after the wedding summarizing everything you did to get into wedding shape and letting us know how it worked/how you felt about everything? We get day or day snap shots here and there, but I’d love to hear about your “comprehensive” plan. 🙂

  7. Cortney says:

    That scramble looks delish! Veggie omlets are something I can eat anytime of day and especially love them with with a nice spring mix salad for dinner in the summer time. 🙂

    I am also a HUGE Mrs. Dash fan. I have all of them in my cabinet but my two favorites are southwest chipolte, lemon pepper and tomato,basil, garlic! Yum!

  8. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll look lovely for the picture. This just pushed me over to try the Tone It Up plan. I’d been reading about it on your blog and others and hope it will help me to drop these last 15 pounds.

  9. I’ve never heard of a bridal portrait shoot before the actual wedding day! Are you doing this so you don’t have to take as many photos on your wedding day? I’m intrigued 🙂

    • Basically they are portraits of the bride in her wedding dress taken a few weeks before the wedding. I think it’s more of a southern tradition as many brides have a portrait printed and display it at the reception on the big day. Bridal portraits were included in my photography package so I decided do them and use the day as my hair and makeup trial as well.

  10. Barefootcookingirl says:

    I know you will be a beautiful bride! Can’t wait to see some photos of the big day! 🙂

    Love your site and BTW – Mrs. Dash – I use it daily, especially on grilled meats. The southwest chipotle and the extra spice are great in chili, the onion and herb is superb on fish as well as the lemon pepper. They are all great, haven’t found one yet I don’t like.

    Congrats and hope the wedding goes off with out a hitch.


  11. That’s so smart to swap your salad plate with your meal plate! Extra veggies!

  12. Brittany your eats look seriously amazing. You have it mastered! Way to plan.

    It’s the truth: “If we fail to plan we plan to fail.”
    You go girl! xo Moni

  13. Mrs. Dash’s Southwest Chipotle is SO good! 🙂 Great job eating clean!

  14. i love the portrait idea! i’m getting married in two weeks and i’m trying to stick to some TIU guidelines as well, but it’s super hard (i live in italy, people literally throw food at you left and right, haha!) congratulations and have fun!

  15. I agree Brittany, planning really is the key to success. And may I add you’ve made healthy eating look absolutely delicious 🙂

  16. I’m sure you will look amazing in your bridal portraits! I have heard of this being done after the wedding but not before, I think its great you will get to use it to test out your hair and makeup!

  17. I love the meals that you have presented and I love the idea of the salad in a jar (it such a great idea that I am going to use it ALL the time). Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  18. Stumbled across your blog and just realized we must be getting married the same weekend? Is the wedding going to be in Richmond? That’s where I grew up but I’m now up in DC/NOVA.

  19. LOVE that shrimp salad! Glad you had fun in NYC; wish I had seen you but I know I’ll see you soon! Come back and play!
    Love the pic of you 2 love birds.

  20. your food choices look delicious… not a bride to be but am always looking for easy recipes and clean eating choices… down now to 129 lbs.

    one question… doesn’t mrs. dash have msg?

  21. Good luck with the rest of your wedding planning–we hope the portrait turned out great! So happy to see you’re among all these Mrs. Dash fans here. Want to let you all know you can go to our website for coupons each time you buy:

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