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Awesome Veggie Burgers: NoBull Burger Review

Thanks for all the happy wedding wishes on my last post. Isaac and I have been running around like crazy people trying to get all the last minute details done while wrapping up things with our jobs. Isaac is out of school for the summer now and as of today I’ll be off for a couple weeks too. We’re less than three days away and I’m getting so excited.

As I’m sure you all have noticed, I haven’t been posting as much as I was, say six months ago. It’s been nice to take a little bit of a break and have some extra time for wedding planning, but it’s also created quite a backlog of posts and recipes that I need to share.

That said, this post is one I’ve been meaning to share for weeks, months even, but now seems like the perfect time because grilling season is in full swing. As most of you probably know, I love my veggie burgers. I have lots of recipes for different varieties (Black Bean Burgers, Spelt Veggie Burgers, Curried Pumpkin Black Bean) I tend to make them at home most of the time but I do occasionally buy frozen, especially when I know I’m going to have a busy week ahead. They’re just so easy to heat up and toss on a salad for dinner.

grilled veggies and burgers

Previously, I always bought Amy’s and Sunshine veggie burgers. Both are organic, don’t have a ton of crazy ingredients and they taste good. They were my favorites. Until… I found out about NoBull Burger, a local company based in Charlottesville, Virginia that makes incredible veggie burgers!


grilling no bull burgers

I actually first learned about NoBull, and tried their burgers, over a year ago during a vendor demo at Whole Foods and I’ve been loving them ever since. The company was founded by a mother and her two daughters. Their signature burger recipe is based off the recipe that Crissanne (the mom) has been making for her family for years. It’s a pretty cool story and their burgers are some of the best veggie burgers on the market. I love that the primary base of the burger is made from lentils and chunks of veggies (including spinach). They’re hearty, stay together well and have a nice savory flavor. Last but not least, the ingredient lists for these burgers are short and only include real, whole foods.

Currently they have two varieties — the Original and a Savory Mushroom and Roasted Garlic flavor. I like both flavors but I think the Savory Mushroom and Roasted Garlic is my favorite. Oh and, there have been rumors (a.k.a I saw some posts on Facebook) about new vegan and gluten-free NoBull Burgers being released this summer. I can’t wait to try them!

grilling nobull burgers

Earlier this month I hosted my cousin’s bachelorette party so she was in town for the weekend. Isaac grilled up dinner for us, which included Mushroom and Savory Garlic NoBull Burgers, asparagus and veggie kabobs. Some of us served the burger on a bun while others had the burger served over salad, but everyone loved them!

grilling veggies

If you’re local to VA, DC and Baltimore you should easily be able to find NoBull Burgers. I know we sell them through Relay Foods (the online grocery store I work for) and many local stores carry them as well. If you’re not local, you can order them from the NoBull Burger website.

I’m off to finish up some wedding related tasks tonight! Hopefully I’ll be able to post once more before the wedding… if not, next time I see you, I’ll be a Mrs. Yay!

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  1. I love grilling season! These burgers look fantastic! I hope they sell them in my area!

  2. I LOVE the mushroom one (which is crazy since I’m not a huge mushroom fan in general) but I also need to try the original!

  3. These sound awesome and I can’t wait to see what the vegan ones are like!!

  4. I love NoBull burgers. Check out Kath Eats Real Food blog, she got to review one of the new flavors that will be coming out this summer last month!

  5. I’ll have to try these, looks delicious! 🙂

  6. I just recently tried these (from relay!!) and I am obsessed.

    Happy wedding weekend to you, pretty lady!!

  7. I notice that the no bull burgers include eggs as an ingredient. In what universe are eggs a vegetable?

    • Don Jhonson says:

      They have recently came out with a gluten free/vegan version. I hope chia seed is a vegetable in your universe…

  8. I’ve been meaning to try these for a while now. Must get them off Relay as I still have a gift card I need to use!

    Happy wedding day!!! Hope to see you soon after your honeymoon and you get all settled as a newlywed.

  9. A veggie burger involving roasted garlic? That sounds like an epic win! Now to start hoping fervently that their GF veggie burgers also rely on this wondrous ingredient…

    That said, happy, happy wedding day! It’ll go by at light speed, and every second will be wonderful. 🙂 Congratulations!

  10. Jessica says:

    Happy Wedding Weekend! Enjoy everything about it, and I hope that it’s everything you wanted and more!

  11. Kathryn Louise says:

    Never heard of these before, thanks for alerting me to them!

  12. Those burgers look delicious 😡 too bad I am in the wrong Washington (the State) :(.

  13. those look great! can’t wait to try!

  14. New Sundried Tomato and Spinach flavor NObull burgers are out. I found this updated information about the GLUTEN Free and Vegan variety of No Bull Burgers on the NoBull Website. ( “The sun-dried tomato and spinach flavor is our newest addition to the line of NoBull Burger products. We are very proud that this flavor is also our GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN variety of NoBull. We start with organic lentils and short grain brown rice and then add sun-dried tomatoes, onions, spinach, garbanzo flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, fava flour, potato starch, organic tomato paste and all bound together with chia seeds for added omega-3 fatty acids!”

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