80 Reasons to Exercise

80 Reasons to Exercise

Happy Fit Friday! I made this little graphic to motivate my 28 Day Transformation group this week and decided it was worth sharing here on the blog as well.

If ever you need a little motivation to get your workout in, look over this list and get inspired. I mean there’s 80 reasons to exercise listed here, at least one or two of them is liable to resonate with you. 🙂



My favorites = #2 / #7 / #11 / #17 / #34 / #55 / #65 /#73 / #79

What motivates you to exercise?


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  1. “that booty” for sure

  2. An ever better graphic would be …. could you name one reason NOT to exercise? With dry shampoo in the equation, my only excuse about messing up my hair goes out the window. 🙂 I love this list. I exercise to feel good, feel strong, be healthy and challenge myself on a daily basis. Happy Friday!

  3. Great reasons. I love the one on posture and that “glow”. Nothing like working out. And the great workout gear. Nice to have a flat stomach and wear the unforgivable gear.

    BTW Brittany, I love your white lace and light blue photo looks. They are just beautiful. You look so beautiful in these color choices.

    A pal in LA

  4. This is such a great list! For me it is about feeling better and stronger, both mentally and physically. Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you for this list! I need to start exercising more for energy and to improve productivity!

  6. I should be on the debate team, because I’m always debating with myself whether or not I should go running. My usual excuses are like “I feel too tired” or “I have to work on something” (and that ‘work on something’ is usually ‘working’ on watching the whole season of a TV show)… so most of the time, I don’t go. But I’m sure this list will always convince me to go. I’ve been looking for some good motivation, since I currently have zero. Thanks for taking the time to post this genius list! (:

  7. I love this, I have been having SUCH a hard time finding any motivation to workout recently and this list is awesome ! Thank you!

  8. I just copied this to my desktop and made it my background picture. Now I’ll see it many times a day! I need to be pushed into exercising!!

  9. Apparently, I’ve skipped over #72, as that’s NOT improving. That may be because of an old back injury. Now that I have an old back…. 😉

  10. Really motivating!!


  11. This is a great list, definitely pinning this!

  12. TheRecipeHunter says:

    A great list – and so timely for me as I try to get back into a routine! Pinned too to my fitness board!

  13. #25 – because you love to eat! So true. Great list.
    Claire xx

  14. I Love this List Brittany! In short, exercise is very efficient for a person to achieve a healthy, fit living. From the 80 reasons you have stated above, Im sure there are still more and more reasons that are not stated. Just how helpful an exercise is. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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